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Jul 2 2018, 01:35 PM
The New Mutants were out in force and taking London by storm. It was a warm and sunny afternoon in England’s capital city and the large group of teenagers had spent much of the day in and out of shops and eateries, splitting up and drawing back together at various points across the city. It was two o’clock and the Xavier’s students had met up once again, in search of food. Their location was Chinatown, where they moved en masse huddled in personal groups of two or three, talking amongst themselves, trying to decide if here was really where they wanted to eat or if they should go elsewhere. Organising the twenty or so young adults without a chaperone or clear leader was proving to be like herding cats but none of them were complaining yet.

The streets of London’s small Chinese enclave were coloured red and gold with paper lanterns strung from buildings on either side of Gerrard Street. There were plenty of restaurants here; the Golden Phoenix had a sign in the window that read “dim sum served daily”, Leong’s Legend displayed their menu outside, the laminated card printed with basic photographs of the lunch time deals on offer. New Loon Moon Supermarket had placed their wares outside of their main building in troughs and on tables under parasols; bitter melon, bok choy and silk squash. A large crowd of tourists passed down the street, moving like water around the island of New Mutants as they travelled, their destination still uncertain.

Scottie was at the head of the group, a ballcap on backwards to protect his neck from the atypical heat of the UK sun, a rucksack thrown over one shoulder. He looked every bit a boy from the 90s, lucky for him throwback style was fashionable in SoHo. Realising that he had wandered a head of most everyone, he stopped where he was and turned to face his fellow students, bouncing on the soles of his sneakers as he waited for them to approach. Through his ruby coloured lenses, the red of Chinatown was even richer; ordinarily seeing the world in shades of one hue bugged him, but somehow it seemed suited to this area of the city. As the group drew around, instinctively stopping right in front of him, Scottie decided it was probably best if he just took the lead on this occasion lest they all starve to death before a decision was made.

So is everyone okay with Chinese food?” He asked, his voice raised ever so slightly so that the almost twenty teenagers could each hear his question.

Across the street, leaning against the wall of another restaurant, Alfie Gladwin watched the gathered New Yorkers with a mischievous smile across his lips. He had just been bemoaning how bored he was when, as if by magic, the answer to his prayers for something interesting to happen had strolled down the street and practically into his lap. “Would you get a load of that lot?” He said with a smirk on his face and in his tone. His sudden words drew the attention of the crew of twelve or so teenagers who stood from the places where they had been sat, pulling in closer to the leader of their gang. “Look at the lizard one. Are those scales? Ew.” The girl who spoke up had a physical mutation of her own but it was pretty; silver lines and swirls glistened over her pale brown skin.

Without Alfie needing to say a word, his friends slunk away from the wall, pushing through the crowd until they had reach the group of New Mutants. Encircling the group as best they could, the British teens didn’t waste time introducing themselves. “Oh look, this one looks like a life-sized Oscar.” Came the curious but mocking suggestion of a girl with a jet black pixie cut. She wrinkled her nose at Josh and leaned in close as if to scrutinise every inch of him. “Not a good look, chick. What you need is a full coverage foundation. Or, you know, a mask. Jesus, I bet your mother just died of fright when that happened.” She continued, gesturing to his unusual skin tone, a laugh evident beneath her words.

Alfie chose this moment to make his way over. Until now he had been watching events unfold from his spot leaned up against the restaurant wall, but it wasn’t as fun when he was on the sidelines. “Well aren’t you just a freaky fucking bunch.” He said with a snigger. His eyes were on Olivia, watching the way she glowed. He hated the sight of it; her ion cloud reminded him of his aura after it had first manifested and he hadn’t been able to make it go away. He ought to have felt some sort of empathy or connection or something with the girl who could not turn off her glow but he didn’t, it just made him angry. “I bet you feel fucking stupid.” He spat his words at Liv, “I mean you glow like a bloody fairy light.” Arching an eyebrow he continued, “If I looked like you, I’d have topped myself months ago. I mean seriously, it’d be better than living with that. I’m honestly surprised these guys can stand to be seen with you.

As he spoke another of his friends, a boy with blue eyes was all up in Ruby’s space. The girl with the white hair and red eyes was a prime target for a group of bullies who had nothing better to do than make people feel as shit as they did about themselves. The boy’s aim was to unnerve the blood manipulator and he did so by quickly vanishing into a cloud of vapor and reappearing by her side, vanishing again only to materialise behind her. This activity was relentless and he’d happily keep at it all day. As he did this, another pair of teenagers, twins, stood giggling with glee at the discomfort and irritation that their group’s presence was clearly causing the Americans. “God, what losers.” One of them scoffed, her eyes fixed on Billy and Tommy. “Too right.” Her sister agreed, “Where’d you lot come from anyway? The mutant reject pile? I mean, seriously…”

Ion | X-23 | Wiccan | Akua | Gunslinger | Speed | Gentle | Elixir | Plasma
I hope I've given enough to work with. I'm CharlyPeanut#3106 on Discord or PM me if you have any questions or ideas you want to run with. Next round we'll hopefully get stuck into the confrontation. It'll be on the 6th July.

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Jul 1 2018, 04:28 AM
Back pressed up against a wall, one leg dangling from the ledge on which he sat, Alfie Gladwin pulled a drag from his cigarette. A bored, slightly angry expression flickered across his face before once again it rested on indifference. God, he hated this place with it's drab greying buildings, millions of tourists and same old, same old day to day life. He was dressed in his school uniform but Alfie hadn't been to school in over a month; whatever, it wasn't like his dad cared, in fact he was pretty sure the elder Gladwin wouldn't notice if he just disappeared entirely. It was exam period and he should have been taking his GCSE mathematics exam but instead he and his particularly large crew were hanging out at the markets in Camden. At this time of year, truant officers had a harder time discerning which kids were supposed to be in school so for most of the morning they had gone unnoticed. Thing was, Alfie took issue with people who didn't notice him; feeling disregarded set him off into one of his bad moods and when Alfie was upset, he wanted everyone else to feel the same.

Over his left shoulder, a girl with strange markings on her skin, a swirling pattern in thin silver lines, draped her arms across his body. Lara hadn't gotten the hint yet that given he had only recently broken up with his boyfriend, Alfie really wasn't interested. He would never be interested; apparently she saw that as some kind of challenge though, and it was amusing watching her pathetic attempts to win him over. So he let her lounge all over him, encouraged her every now and then with a cheeky smile only to ultimately let her down when she thought she had made progress. He welcomed the attention anyway, even if he never wanted to date her. Alfie liked Lara, she was nice and it was nice that she liked him. Finishing up his cigarette, he shoved the girl off of him making sure she wasn't in contact before a bright purple aura surrounded his entire body. As soon as the coloured light hit the cig, it broke apart into ash, the particles scattering on the breeze and disappearing into nothing. It was a tad dramatic all for the sake of one cigarette butt, but Alfie wasn't a litter bug and it was better than it being dumped into landfill.

He had meant for Lara to return when he was done, only making sure she was clear of him to save her the embarrassment of having her outfit disintegrated but the shift in position had encouraged her to stand. Looking up to where she had moved to, he watched for a moment as she chased around an unusually active paper aeroplane with another of the group, Simon, Alfie’s best friend and a mutant with the power to manipulate paper of all things. He’d always thought it was a pretty lame mutation, but then the nature of it meant that none of Simon’s attacks ever made it through his aura. It was good for causing chaos or when they were in need of a distraction but he had never hesitated to remind his friend of just what a shitty gift he had been lumped with. They were all mutants, the kids who hung out in Alfie’s crew. There were twelve of them in total, all roughly the same age though some were younger and others slightly older. They didn’t live on the same street, hadn’t attended the same schools but somehow they had ended up together through a mutual need to understand what was happening to them and to survive the harsh reality of being who they were in a world that could be hostile.

"Alfie, we're bored. What we gonna do today?" Another of the group spoke up. Agnieszka Wojciechowska’s parents were Polish but she had been born and raised in the East of London; her thick cockney accent gave that away. She spoke her parent’s tongue like a native though not that Alfie understood a word of it when she did. Her mutation was a tricksy one that made the matter manipulator wary; confusion inducement, the ability to disorient those nearby. Agnieszka might have hung out with his friends but Alfie certainly didn’t consider her one of them.

"Same as we do whenever we’re bored, Aga. Fuck some shit up."

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