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Jun 6 2018, 10:32 AM

Info: 16 Year old Hawaiian / Maori student at Xavier's He has only been there a short time. He has 2 siblings that still live in Hawaii and it is unknown if they are Mutants at this time. He is friendly and out going and usually sees the good in others.

Friends: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Jun 3 2018, 08:32 PM


Celebrity Claim- Dayvid Thomas

Full Name- Ori Anoa’i
Nicknames/Aliases- Surfer Boy, Akua.
Age- 16
Date of Birth- 10/10
Faction- New Mutants Arrived Xaviers March 2017
Occupation- Student

Personality- You need a best friend a guy who will stand by you through everything, a man willing to do anything to help you smile when your down or go along with your crazy ideas. Ori is the guy who will raid the kitchen at midnight to get your favorite food after you had a bad day. He is the guy who will go talk to your crush and find out if they even like you. Loyalty to those he is close to Ori will do anything for his friends and those he is close to.

He is also more then that Ori is the epitome of the laid back surfer kid born in the Islands. Not one to easily get worked up he is always trying to remind others of the great things in the world even during the darkest times. Corny jokes and a prankster he will do all he can to fight back the darkness to always shine the light. Though he battles with some inner demons and struggles with ADHD and anxiety he hides these behind his friendly boyish smile. He has this way of putting others at easy and they open up but never realize that he keeps a lot of himself close to the vest.

In the end really Ori is a good guy who looks out for others and always willing to do what he can.

  • Surfing (it's one of the most peaceful things you can do)
  • The Ocean
  • Being outdoors
  • Jokes
  • Hanging out with his friends
  • Small Places
  • Winter Time (Hate the cold and the water freezes)
  • Darkness (Not a fear but more the fact that he needs light for his powers.)
  • Bigots
  • That crusty dried spit people get in the corner of their mouth, so gross.
    At least three things your character is exceptional at or their positive attributes (ie sense of humor, a creative mind, independent, cunning)
  • Sympathetic to others
  • Good Under Pressure
  • Creative
    At least three things your character could probably work on or physical issues(ie fear or public speaking, stubborn, graceless, asthmatic, naive, tends to be a bully, afraid of the dark)
  • Very Trusting
  • Suffers from ADHD so can be distracted yeah he should take his meds but you know...
  • Though he looks out for others sometimes he gets lost in his own thoughts and doesn't always like to share his own feelings.

Power Name- Photokinetic Constructs
Photokinetic Constructs: Ori can take photonic light particles and shape them into solid light constructs. He has been able to create simple items that he can use such as. Simple Weapons, staffs, clubs, swords, daggers, axs, whips, and chains. He can also construct shields of various shapes and sizes.

Limits- The limits of Ori’s constructs varies based on a few aspects including the Thickness, His willpower, and the general durability. A standard basis for this would be for every inch of thickness for his constructs they have the same durability as that of ½ inch of Hardened Steel. When he creates edged weapons that are as sharp as a well maintained blade.

Tendrils: He can create up to 4 tendrils similar to an Octopuses tentacles. They can grab objects, lift, intangle, grapple, or hold them.

Limits-Ori is limited in the tendrils he can create and maintain currently he can create and maintain 4 tendrils 3 inches in circumference and can be stretched to 6 feet in length. These Tendrils have a durability of a 1 ½ inch thick steel rebar.

Armour: Ori can cover his body in a layer of solid light that acts as a form of armour it protects him for martial weapons, and physical attacks he can also withstand most energy attacks for a short period of time.

Limits- The armour Ori Creates can withstand kinetic force equal to a 5 Kilotons, He can withstand Energy of similar wavelengths. The armour also mutes the effects of fire he can still feel the heat but it is significantly lessened.

Floating Disk: Creating a disk that he can stand on Ori has been able to attain very limited flight.

Limits- Currently he can fly up to 1000 feet and averages a speed of 20 miles an hour

Strength: While Armoured or using his Tendrils Ori has been able to lift up to 2.5 tons but this does weaken his constructs.

Limits-Basic limitations for all of his constructs. They are susceptible to sonic vibrations these can weaken and shatter many of his constructs based of the frequency used. Ori is also unable to create light at this time so he must have an outside light source so darkness and dim light effects his constructs.

Skills & Abilities-
Ori is a man full if surprises, he has a love for cooking that he learned from spending time with his Grandmother, he also learned to play the Ukulele from her and lives to play when he needs to relax.

He was also trained by his father to use a tewhatewha, a staff measuring 1.5 meters long with an ad like end though taught more on ceremonial use then actual combat.

In recent years Ori has started to learn martial arts specifically TaeKwondo to help his confidence.

Height- 5’9
Weight- 165
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black

Appearance- Ori has a thin athletic build agile and quick he moves with an easy, graceful manner. Like most Pacific Islanders he has dark tan skin a wide flat nose and piercing brown eyes with his lopsided boyish smile this all seems to give him a young look, even with the thick black wavy hair that he usually keeps pulled back into a tight islanders style people still think he looks a little younger then he is.

Tending to wear loose clothing Ori is usually seen wearing t-shirts and board shorts and since moving to the mainland it's hard to find a time he isn't wearing a beanie. Ori's style and look is all surfer and that is just who he is. Before leaving home Ori was taking to an elder of his family and had his arm tattooed to remind him of who he was and where he came from.

Ori when using his powers tends to emit a silver radiant glow from around his body and his eye go completely silver.

Gear- one major thing Ori brought with him is his surfboards, yep you read that right the kid brought 10 surfboards of varying size and shape and if you ask him be ready for a 2 hour conversation about each board and its function. He also has his Ukulele that his Grandmother had carved and a few other items to remind him of home.

Additional Information- Ori has come to Xavier’s to learn better control over his powers, wanting to learn how to protect others from harm.

Hometown- Maili, Hawaii
Immediate Family- Father George Anoa’i (Maori)
Mother Susan Anoa’i (Hawaiian)
Grandmother Sinai Anoa’i (Hawaiian)
Sister Shannon Anoa’i (Hawaiian/ Maori)
Brother Sifu Anoa’i (Hawaiian/ Maori)

Others- N/A

History- Ori Anoa’i was born the middle child to George and Susan Anoa’i, George who is a religious leader and chief for his tribe and Susan a rescue pilot for the Hawaiian Ocean Rescue Force believed in raising their kids with open minds and hearts. Growing up Ori was raised with a blend of family and ethnic traditions and a worldwide view. Spending most of his days with his grandmother in the kitchen he developed his love of cooking and would raptly sit listening as his Grandmother would share stories of Hawaiian Demigods, heros, and the gods and myths themself.

That was his childhood a life spent surrounded by loving family who cared for him and raised him to respect and honor everyone in the world Islander, Main Lander, Hispanic, African, anyone and everyone had their rights and no one was better than the others. This was the basis for Ori and how he views the world. The other half of his life was spent on the beach and in the ocean that's where the love of the world was started. Ori would spend hours on the water floating and thinking planning his life or just enjoying the day.

Ori had a childhood that some would call idyllic or even sheltered but just because he was raised by a caring family doesn't mean everything was sunshine and smiles for him. Life's change and so do worlds and his changed on June 10th they had heard the storm was moving fast and the island emergency response was quick to act but not fast enough so when Ori was 13 that loving caring family changed a little and when his mother left to help rescue a overturned tour boat little did he know that would be the last time he would see her.

After her death Ori’s father seemed to pull away from his children and though he was there th fun outgoing man he was had disappeared. Ori stepped up and tried to be the heart of the family the light they had lost. Helping raise his brother and sister spending time with his grandparents and keeping the family together was all he thought of over the next 3 years. Everyone's life has those few moments that will change you, Ori had two big ones first the loss of his mother the second was the day he discovered he was a mutant.

That day there was no heroics no big life threatening events it was a normal day Ori was out surfing and as he was riding a particular nasty wave he launched in the air as his tether snapped and his board went flying he panicked and without thought produced a solid light board out of thin air and rode back to shore.Not Many people noticed but Ori was taken back and hurried home.

Once in his room he tried to recreate what had happened with a little success, only able to recreate small objects and shapes. He knew what this meant he was a mutant it was the only explanation. When his father came home that day Ori showed him what he could do and they decided the Ori would need to learn control and exactly what he could do. There where a few options but Ori had heard of Xaviers and knew that was the place he wanted to learn to train and to help.

Player Name- Dustin
Age 41
How Can We Contact- Email is my main source or PM me here.
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? Google Search
Other Characters- None

Role Play Sample-
Wow his dad had been pretty understanding about everything and that surprised Ori in the fact that George was taking everything in stride. Since the loss of his mother his father had been a little on edge and uptight, he had also been over protective of Ori and his siblings. He had kept them close to home and Ori was sure that finding out his son was a mutant would send him over the edge but instead George and hugged Ori close told him he loved him and that now was a time for him to be a hero like his mother. The two spent a long night discussing what he could do and what the options where, Ori wanted to train and learn more about who he was and what he could do.

They had all heard of the X-Men and the Brotherhood, there were Heroes all over the world but those two groups they were the ones everyone had heard of. Wanting to be someone his family his mother could be proud of that was what mattered the most.

“I think it's the right choice Dad Xaviers i mean.There I can learn so much be something that can make our ancestors proud.”
Ori looked to his father eyes searching trying to read him.

“Orimie I know you're right it's the smart choice for sure but there is so much danger involved you are still human not Akua at least not that we know of.”

George smiled at Ori and the two shared a laugh something Ori hadn't heard in a few years.

“Yeah Dad I know I am not Akua not a God but I can do something great something amazing and something mom would be proud of. “

Shaking his head at Ori’s statement he nodded in agreement the two men hugged each other knowing that this was not a goodbye but more a see you later.
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