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Aug 3 2018, 10:10 AM

Warpath 5/16, 6:11 pm - Speaking as someone who has faith in the system and who believes that our country couldn't possibly do something like this:

Warpath 5/16 6:11 pm - I need a goddamn drink.

Jul 3 2018, 11:44 PM
Well, that had been A Day.

Nevermind how she had to explain to her mother that her taxi was caught in a traffic accident near Mutant Town due to the chaos that had occurred. Nevermind that she was now aware that aliens existed and were somehow WORSE than Xenomorphs in every conceivable way. Nevermind that she blew both of her eardrums out, and had to have a giant mutant teenager heal her with some sort of magic healing goop that he made out of goddamn gummi bears. But on top of that all, she'd learned that the X-Men had not ended up as gone as she thought they were.

Having previously tried to visit the X-Mansion, she'd found it gone and nobody in Salem Center having a solid answer as to what happened to it. Knowing none of the information, she made the best guess as to what could have happened. That being "something so terrible that Professor Xavier had needed to mind-wipe an entire town". She didn't even know if he was capable of such a thing, but frankly, logic was not on her mind right then. Barely a month out from learning of her father's death, she still hadn't quite come fully to terms with it. Marlee had always been an empathic person, and this was the dark side of it.

But of all the people she was glad to see, Warpath was high on the list. Marlee and Jim had been A Thing in high school, and even though they'd broken up by the time she left the school, the giant Apache was easily one of her two closest friends at the school back then - the other being Bianca, the girl whose powers practically mirrored her own. Even when she'd opted out of the school after graduating, she'd kept in touch with the two while she was in the police academy, and even on the beat. Never in any official capacity, that would go against her own morals... but she'd be lying if she said she never suggested Xavier's to any mutant kids heading for a life of crime.

After a phone call to check in, they'd agreed to meet and catch up on things, she was right out the door. But... walking, this time. For some strange reason, she wasn't feeling up to taking public transportation today! She was more than in shape for a brisk jog from Brooklyn to the Baccarat, however, leaving her to stroll into the place in a long grey coat covering the workout clothes beneath. After spotting her target in the lobby, though... all smiles. "Jesus tap-dancing christ, how did you get taller?"
And hugs would soon ensue.

(Tagging Epione for the mention)
May 23 2018, 03:26 PM
Out of a decade or so of studying esoteric energies and supernatural forces around the world, there was none Marlee believed to be more powerful than Nostalgia. Why else, after not being back in New York for less than a week, had she been desperate to take a trip up to Westchester. As she'd walked around town, it was though nothing had changed since her high school years back at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The Grindstone's coffee was still lovely, Harry's still didn't hassle her for ordering the most plain and allergy-safe burger imaginable, and the air just smelled like everything was going to be alright.

But yet, something felt wrong. A profound unease had bothered Marlee ever since stepping off the bus in town. With her inborn connection to the natural life force of the surrounding area, large amounts of death always made her feel strange. It wasn't something she could accurately see like life itself, it was more subtle. More indistinct.

She found herself wandering towards the road that led up to Xavier's, but couldn't shake the dread on her mind as she walked. At the corner, though, she heard a rumor between two of the people passing by while walking their dogs: "I heard they demolished that old school off that way." They'd never have known the truth, of course. Nobody in Salem Center remembered what had happened that night, thanks to a little help from some Men In Black. A further feeling of dread and death came over the life-seer, and her pace quickened as she started down Graymalkin Lane.

She didn't get far, though. She only got far enough to see where the school should have been over a hill, before it all hit her from the side. The cataclysmic amount of death that happened during the Brood attack had sharply affected the ambient life energies of the area, and Marlee's powers didn't let her in on the fine details. Only that hundreds of lives had been lost here... not whose, not why. Not that the lives were those of the Brood, and not students or teachers, not the lives of a place she called home for some of the most important years of her life.

Marlee started back down the street before her worry could progress to nausea, because the thoughts her mind had gone to were ones she wasn't prepared to deal with. Not now, not ever. Something terrible had happened here, and she was worried that she'd never know what. She was already losing it over her father's death, she didn't want to try and cope with any others.
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