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New Mutants Omega

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Mar 17 2018, 01:09 PM
When everyone in the school had returned from wherever it was that they had gone Tony had kept quiet about it. Few people had really looked like they had been in the mood to discuss things, so he wasn't going to pry into their affairs. Not that he wasn't curious, seeing as some of the staff and students had returned looking haggard or exhausted, but he was certain that it was only a matter of time before someone told him where they had been. Until then however, he had elected to respect the privacy and space of others.

That especially meant giving John Radigan, otherwise known as Gunslinger, plenty of space to sort things out. Whether his roommate had chosen “Gunslinger” as a name for himself or if it had been given to him as a nickname by others for his apparent penchant for weapons was anybody's guess, but if what Bobby Drake had said was true then the latter was probably a pretty accurate assumption. Truth be told, Tony had little experience with actual functioning weapons. In his experience most teenagers didn't really give them much thought unless their parents or siblings happened to be into them or were active or ex-military. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't somewhat curious to learn a bit from his roommate –if not for active learning then at least for writing purposes.

Outside of a basic introduction, during his first couple of days at Xavier's Tony had said little to the teenager with the seemingly bottomless inventory capacity. Normally he'd have been more open and talkative but in the little time he had spent near John he had noticed that the kid seemed to be somewhat tightly wound, and he had wondered if it was a result of some recent incredible stress or if the guy was simply always like that. He didn't want to come across as pushy or irritating, seeing as he'd be bunking with the guy. Being at odds with a roommate sounded like a recipe for a pretty bad time at Xavier's.

After a few days however, Tony found that he simply couldn't take it anymore. If they were going to be living in the same room he would need to know more about John: his likes, dislikes, or anything that he could do that might net him a swift punched in the face. Tony had been punched in the face before, and it sucked. He'd rather avoid it if at all possible.

So by the time Sunday night rolled around he sat quietly in their shared room, reviewing some of the drawing's he'd created in the rec room the previous day, waiting for John to return from whatever it was he was doing. With his first round of classes starting in the morning he probably didn't want to stay up too late, but if John was willing to shoot the breeze (figuratively, of course) then Tony would take advantage of it. He might be able to learn about the kid called Gunslinger and perhaps more about other people at the school.

Adjusting the angle of the table lamp, Tony squinted down at the page in his mid-sized sketchbook. Following a few moments of scrutinizing a few of the smaller details he took eraser to the paper before making some minor alterations to one of his recently drawn characters. He was putting the finishing touches on the teenage cryokinetic on the page when the door opened. Looking up, he regarded John with a nod before closing his sketchbook and stowing the pencil behind his right ear. Leaning back in the chair a bit he said, “Hey. What's happening?”

“Sorry if I've been a bit off-putting with my quietness for the last couple of days,” he said with a small shrug. “You all seemed like you were pretty worn out after you got back from whatever fieldtrip you guys were on, so I figured I'd give you some space. But that's not a good way to get to know someone, so I figured if you're up to it we could talk; learn a bit about each other and I could learn a bit more about the school.” Remaining in his seat, Tony crossed his arms as he continued, “I've heard only a little bit about you but I'd rather not just work with hearsay, so... yeah. Whatever you want to know, if anything, just ask. I mean, I'm sure they told you that I control electricity, so there's that.”

That might be a good enough start, perhaps. Get the ball rolling.
Mar 3 2018, 10:23 AM
There were suddenly a lot more people in the mansion than there were when Tony had arrived. Mr. Drake had mentioned something about most of the school being away on some kind of a field trip, and apparently they had returned sometime after his being shown around and while he was getting settled in to his dorm room. The place had seemed pretty big, but the number of people living within its walls had heavily multiplied in the span of a day, and Tony couldn't have been happier for it.

Being the kind of person who enjoyed the company of others much of the time, he was somewhat eager to meet some of the people he'd be living and learning with for the next year or so. He was in his junior year of high school and wouldn't be in the educational system forever, but he figured he would try to make the most of his remaining year and some odd months, forging new potential friendships to replace the ones he had lost and learning as much as he could about other mutants.

He'd also need to get to know his new roommate John, who he had only seen briefly the day before but hadn't really had time for a decent introduction. With him and the rest of the school having returned from what had appeared to be a pretty wild field trip he felt that allowing the kid some time to rest without badgering him was probably the best thing to do.

It didn't hurt that said mutants could provide him with inspiration for his more creative, artistic endeavors. Sometimes the best stories were inspired by real people and real events, so meeting and getting to know as many of his mutant peers and superiors as possible sounded like an absolutely wonderful idea. Creating a graphic novel was going to be hard work, but with the kind of inspiration that he would likely find in a mutant school he was bound to have no shortage of ideas. The hardest part would probably be trimming things down so that they didn't get out of hand –too many characters and story threads could become amazingly unwieldy and make for a messy plot.

But he didn't want to get ahead of himself. Before he would consider using anyone's likeness (or even simply their power for character inspiration) he would have to actually meet people first.

The problem was that he honestly had no idea where to go to do that, especially on a weekend. Boarding school of any kind was new to him, so actually living at the school was an entirely new concept to him (though it did mean that he could actually say that some teachers really did live at the school, which was amusing.) Classes wouldn't be in session on a Saturday so he wouldn't be forced to be around his peers, so he would have to find a place where some might congregate on their own.

Using his knowledge from both the tour and of the mentality of teenagers and kids in general, Tony settled on the rec room as his first stop. It was fairly early, so he figured he would hang around in there for a bit to see if anyone came through before moving on to other locations. With him he carried his phone, a small sketchbook, and a pair of mechanical pencils. Having charged up a small bit prior to leaving the room with energy drawn from one of the unused electrical outlets on the way out of his shared dorm room, he would have more than ample stores to keep his cell phone powered without fear of its battery draining from use.

Sitting down at a table, Tony pulled up the image gallery on his phone to a find a collected set of posing practice images he had once sketched and used for basic reference before he went to work. Selecting one of the more complex action poses, he flipped his sketchbook open to the twenty-third page and began quickly drawing out the guide lines. Finer details would come as the sketch progressed, though he wasn't entirely sure what he would ultimately decide to draw he knew that the inspiration would come in time.

Deep blue eyes sparking mildly with tiny veins of electricity stared intently, shifting from page to screen as he worked. Even if he remained alone he'd at least get some practice in.

Iceman and Gunslinger for the mentions, otherwise open
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