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May 29 2018, 12:36 AM
Wanda was DONE. After meeting with the twins that Shane taught at the school. Had she known that the young men were going to be so disrespectful, she never would have agreed to meet them. Oh, who was she kidding. Yeah she would have. Sheer curiosity had overridden her good sense and would have under other circumstances.

When Pietro dropped her off at the apartment he told her that he wouldn't be home for a bit. The brunette could understand. She needed to get away herself. The longer she sat in that apartment and thought about the hurtful things Billy had said about her the worse she was going to feel about everything.

Her twin, knowing how she was, told her not to be alone so that she didn't do something foolish. Ah, he knew her so well. She told him that if she felt the need, she would reach out to someone but that for the moment she was okay. Just okay. She also had no plans on staying in the apartment. She needed out of the city. Heck, she needed out of the country. But, where did she want to go? That was the question.

For a moment, she sat on the couch and browsed on her tablet. Then the hurtful words Billy spoke rang in her head. That he wasn't sorry she was upset because she abandoned him at one hospital and Tommy went home then to another... and she lost it. She couldn't...

Her phone laid on the couch next to her and she texted Clint, her only real friend at that point. The text said simply, "I need you. Just walk in." as she drew her knees to her chest and sobbed. She couldn't believe that after so long she was face to face with the boys that had been stolen from her and they hated her. Of all of the cruelty in the world... that was something that cut her deeper than she had words for.

May 12 2018, 10:41 AM
The trip upstate had been a disaster and that was putting it nicely. When Clint has asked them to help it was Wanda who got to be skeptical (not about the threat itself but because Shane hadn't asked himself) but she and her twin both agreed to go to the mutant school and help out. She had enjoyed the time they spent with the X-Men however short it may have been and hoped to make friends with some of them. Perhaps her age and experience would be helpful to someone if they wanted to talk. They were more than welcome to ask Shane for her number and she would have answered.

But, there was something glaringly wrong as she rode back to Brooklyn with her friend and landlord Hawkeye. He had made it painfully obvious that he had feelings for a certain Geokinetic Science teacher but refused to act upon them. The red lady couldn't let that stand. That was not going to fly with her and Clint should have known her well enough by that point that he should have understood that she would have something to say on the topic.

And that's precisely what the little witch planned to do. She loved her archer friend and wanted more than anything to see him happy. If being with the math teacher would have made him happy then she was all for it. And that meant NOT letting him run to another man when he clearly had feelings for her friend. The ice manipulator seemed nice enough, there was no mistaking it, but something had to give. Clint needed to pull his head out of his backside and stand up for himself.

After they were clear of the demolished castle she had to say something. Keeping her mouth closed on the matter was getting her nowhere. She wanted to hear his explanation for why he kept running to help Shane but not acting on what he was feeling. "So, what do you have to say for yourself, Clint Barton? You drag me to the middle of nowhere upstate to help your not boyfriend, but you clearly have feelings for him. Care to explain, oh King of Non-Commitment?", she asked into the awkward silence that filled the cab of his old work truck. If he had expected her to play nice he didn't know her the way she thought he did. She was tired of seeing her friend walking on egg shells around a man that seemed like he was a wonderful person and she was coming to think of as a friend herself. Something had to give.
Mar 2 2018, 02:22 PM
Wanda loved being able go to her favorite coffee shops, drink coffee, and listen to whatever entertainment they had that day. Occasionally it would inspire he Balkan soul and she would find herself scratching out a poem- sometimes in English, others in Serbian. She reminded herself of the times when she was carefree and able to wax poetic about this thing or that thing. It was a time when she didn't have to worry about what was going to worry that she and Pietro needed to hide what they were because of a man who could manipulate metal thinking that his way was the cure to what ailed society and things spiraled out of control; a time when she could be an artist in her own right and right poetry and stories and not have to be mixed up in the political nonsense of the day. She might have been sitting there doing what she loved rather than what she had dedicated her life to whether or not it brought her soul any enjoyment. She could have had her Doctorate by now, could have been teaching somewhere by now...

Instead she sat listening to the house band that was playing and trying to put together protest about the NO MUTANTS ALLOWED signs that kept popping up all over the city, the words of her brother ringing in her ears from a few days before. When she wasn't handling Danny Rand's personally business she had herself neck deep in putting together a protest of these signs that kept people like her from shopping in certain places. It also prevented people who couldn't hide what they were from being able to patronize such businesses. Her twin was right. Something had to be done. The best thing she knew to do was to protest. And that was what they were going to do. They were going to lawfully demonstrate against the business that weren't allowing them to go inside. Her money was just as green as any humans.

Setting her pen aside she covered her face with her hands and sighed, telling herself in her native tongue that it would all be worth it in the end. Doing what she was doing was a necessary evil. She would never have any children to raise in the chaos of what was going on but there were others that were growing up in this and she saw it as her responsibility to see to it that no other children had to grow up in this way, having to be mindful of where they used their powers or how they looked. "It will all be worth it in the end", the Scarlet Gypsy told herself in Serbian. "Eventually this will be worth the heartache and trouble."

Mar 2 2018, 12:39 AM
A much needed day off. That's what Wanda was enjoying. And what did she typically do on her days off? Chat with Clint about what was going on with him over coffee. Sometimes she would even cook them lunch while they sat and talked. Sometime it would be typical American dishes that she had learned over her years in the country. Sometime she would make him dishes she learned in her childhood at the knee of her mother whom she missed dearly. Either way, he had some catching her up to do. He had told her not long before that he was supposed to be going over to the school that another tenant worked at for a date or something so she was excited to hear what had happened while he was gone, seeing as he had been there for two days.

After making a little bit of coffee for herself, as the Scarlet lady was sure that her favorite human had already made himself a pot and was a couple cupse in, she made her way across the complex to where Clint stayed. She strolled slowly, taking in the sounds of Spring in Brooklyn. As she approached his building she took in the tell tale noise of her frienfd's truck pulling into its usual spot in the parking lot. Well, if that wasn't typical when he had a busy morning she wasn't sure what was. Still she took her time strolling over to the building. It would take him a moment to get whatever he needed to take inside out of the bed so that he could take it in so she could meet him at the door and offer any assistance if he needed it.

Catching site of her companion for the morning as he walked down the hall toward his apartment she had trouble hiding her concern. He carried his gear that he had left with and looks so much worse for wear. He was, what was the term? A hot mess? Whatever the American term she was worried. It wasn't like him not to shave. "Clint? Is everything alright? Was your date with your friends so terrible that you grew a beard over night?" He looked dirty and like he hadn't been sleeping well for weeks. She had no idea what Shane had taken him to do but of he came back looking this bad, it was a story she desperately wanted to hear.

Jan 3 2018, 08:10 PM
A busy day meant that there was no way Wanda was cooking dinner for herself and Pietro that night. Running errands for her many different projects was what she had signed up for, but she also knew that eventually she was going to have to take a day off. She needed a chance to recharge and get the house in order. The apartment she and her twin shared wasn't filthy but the clutter would make even the cleanest person shutter in pain.

As she made her way down the block toward their apartment, she decided to stop and grab takeout at the little Chinese, knowing that it was her brother's go-to when they weren't eating her home cooking. Whether it was laziness or exhaustion she figured she would treat him for the night to his favorite takeout. Maybe they would even watch movies or something. While Pietro was the kind of person that lived his life in the fast lane and always had been. Wanda was more calculated in some ways, just as reckless in others. But, she understood why he was the way he was. She would be the common sense and he could be the reckless abandon.

Once she had his Chicken Chow Mein and her own Sesame Pork and Egg Drop Soup in hand, as well as egg rolls , crab rangoon and condiments (like soysauce), she was on her way home for the night. And honestly it wasn't a moment too soon. She loved her heels but her feet were numb. After dinner she might even try to get Pietro to rub the for her. Though, she was sure that it would take a miracle.

After wrestling the door open she absently called for her twin. "Pietro, I am home. Come help with my bags, please."

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