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May 17 2018, 02:41 PM
Garbed in his X-Men uniform and standing roughly thirty yards away from the rubble of the school, Shane regarded it with a frown. Construction crews were rapidly working toward rebuilding and possibly remodeling their home, but the geokinetic couldn't help but to feel a slight lurch in his heart and stomach whenever he saw it. Damage to the mansion wasn't new. The X-Men had their share of enemies and with the place being a school for mutant teenagers there were bound to be accidents. A broken out wall here or there, a few shattered windows, or even an obliterated bedroom door were things that the staff and students had almost come to expect as inevitable and they were prepared for such eventualities as a result. Losing the entire school in an explosion was something that had come completely out of left field and they hadn't really been prepared. Things were proceeding apace, of course, but that didn't bring Shane much comfort. Despite being able to assume an incredibly durable stone form he felt more vulnerable than ever.

That's why he needed to train as hard and as efficiently as possible. When he heard that Roberto and Calvin had returned to New York he saw the latter's return as a great opportunity. Cal's use of geokinetic skills during their lengthy stay in the Savage Land had been genuinely impressive, even if the power mimic didn't have his power in full. Sometimes being limited pushed a person to being creative, and that's something that Shane himself sometimes struggled with. He had ideas, of course, and he was creative in the use of his powers to a degree, but there were some things that he simply couldn't accomplish in the way that Mimic could. That's what he wanted to hone, and he hoped that Cal was willing to assist him and possibly develop a few new tricks of his own. While the guy didn't necessarily need geokinesis, it probably couldn't hurt to have further developed skills with it in case he did need it.

With the Brood and other threats abound having any bit of an edge was absolutely vital to survival.

Shane had reached out to Cal hoping for the best but bracing himself for the possibility of being turned down. In his pitch he had informed the young man of what had happened with the Brood and to the school, and the threat that the invasive aliens posed to the world as a whole and expressed the desire to train with someone who might be able to teach him some new tricks. Rather than relying primarily on his alternative form he would like to be able to improve on all aspects of his geokinetic skills. While he may have had a natural edge over Cal by having his power in full rather than in half that didn't mean that he was an absolute master of manipulating the earth. There was always room for improvement.

Standing with his arms crossed, Shane turned away from the in-progress mansion as he felt the subtle vibrations caused by approaching footsteps. "Hey, it's been a while," Shane said, offering the younger man a nod. "I hope life's been treating you well. Better than when we were stuck you-know-where, anyway." The greeting and well-wishing were genuine. Some may have had problems with Calvin Rankin, but Shane didn't. Nobody was perfect, but in his mind the guy had proven himself in the Savage Land on more than one occasion, so he was okay by him.

"Thanks for coming," he added, uncrossing his arms and assuming a more casual stance. "If you've got any questions about anything I told you just let me know and I'll answer the best that I can. I mean I'm sure you saw Jean's press conference and the... reply. All of that is why I've asked you out here. If we're going to be able to stand up to the Brood we're going to need to be at our absolute best." That should have spoken for itself, but there were times when even the obvious needed stating. "When we were in the Savage Land I saw you use my own power –which I've had since I was twelve– in ways that I'd never even imagined, like map-making and small but incredible things like that. I'd like to learn more; get some new ideas. And in return I'd gladly teach you anything you'd like to know."

Falling silent for a moment to allow Cal a chance to consider his proposal, Shane wondered briefly what limits he might encounter by being unable to use a power at its peak. Was Cal able to assume a full mineral state by assimilating something, or would his body only produce a durable armor shell and augment his physical capabilities like it used to for him? What was his range? These were things that he hadn't really questioned too much while in the Savage Land, because Cal had also possessed Piotr's powers, giving him a better form than geokinetic armoring.

"So what do you say? Is this something you wanna do?"

He hoped that Cal would indulge him; he had an idea that he hadn't strongly considered trying before and would like to put it to use despite it not requiring another person to fully test.
May 10 2018, 03:28 PM
Following the attack of the Brood things had gone a little bit topsy turvy for a while. Getting used to his new temporary surroundings was difficult, but after a few days he was starting to find a modicum of equilibrium. Resting easy wouldn't happen until he knew that the Brood were no longer a valid threat, of course, but he had managed to find a bit more sleep than he had before, at the very least. Finding ways to be productive without having to worry at all about conducting classes had proven to be more difficult than he would have liked, but he was managing.

Managing enough.

One thing that he had wanted to do from the start but hadn't only because he had been in no kind of mental or emotional state to properly do so was to personally thank Wanda and Pietro for their aid in fending off the Brood. Had Clint not relayed his message there was a chance that the fight could have gone differently. It might be hard to imagine two people making a big difference during a full on invasion of one's home, but if the Brood that they had taken down been allowed to roam free then they might have hurt someone else. That's how he chose to view it anyway.

The Scarlet Witch had given Shane her number and told him to call anytime they needed the help of her or Quicksilver, so he wouldn't have to go through Clint in order to reach them. Not that he'd think of inviting Wanda and Pietro to a party without inviting Clint –that would just be rude. Despite recent awkwardness, things were apparently more or less back to normal between him and the archer, and for that Shane was grateful. Rejecting his advances hadn't completely obliterated their growing friendship.

Outside of the desire to thank the twins for their aid, Shane still had a nagging feeling whenever Pietro came to mind. Billy and Tommy were twins much like Wanda and Pietro, and neither of the teens knew who their biological parents were. The fact that both of the speedsters looked so much alike had been eating at him since he had first met Wanda's brother. Even if they weren't related, Shane could have easily mistaken Pietro for Tommy's father –and Billy's by extension.

So in an effort to take care of two birds simultaneously –thanking the twins and introducing them to the other twins– Shane had invited Wanda and Pietro to the Baccarat Hotel. If the younger siblings were indisposed or didn't care to show their faces then at least Shane could spend some time with the older pair. They could enjoy a nice dinner, visit the bar with the drinks with ingredients he still couldn't properly identify, spend some time out on the TERRACE; anything to keep his mind moving and to help him to move forward.

Awaiting the arrival of one or both of the twins in the hotel's lobby, Shane paced slowly back and forth in a small area, wondering if the secondary part of his plan was the right thing to do. Perhaps he should simply be up front about it, telling Wanda and Pietro that he knew a pair of twins who went to Xavier's who were suspiciously... like them. That seemed like the best, most honest idea, really. But would Pietro even want to show up if he thought he might be meeting someone who could possibly, maybe be his son that had been adopted by someone else?

But if he really was Tommy and Billy's father then wouldn't it be best that the twins know about him?

He wasn't sure, but as Wanda approached Shane put on his best smile and said, "Hey Wanda, I'm glad you could make it. Is your brother going to be by? I was hoping to spend some time with you guys this evening –to thank you two for your help the other day. It's not every day that we face an apocalyptic threat."

"Well, I guess that usually happens once every few weeks," he said, with a nervous chuckle.

Speed and Wiccan for the mentions and....?
May 8 2018, 11:02 AM
The sub basement had survived the destruction of the mansion, which was something of a miracle. All of the underground facilities that the X-Men needed were intact and functional, which meant that the Danger Room and the medical facilities were in good working order. Meaning that if anyone got hurt during a little bit of extra intense training they could be patched up nicely.

None of the Beta squad were really healers, and while the team had a rather unusual mix of powers and skill levels Shane was more determined than ever to bring out the best of what might be hiding in each and every one of them. Some of the squad members were already good (if not great) in a dust-up, but some of the others needed a little bit of a push. Recent events had brought out some of their fighting spirit by necessity, and while he was well aware that everyone was still hurting in some way from the simultaneous Brood assaults he knew that they couldn't rest on their laurels. Not that he assumed that was what everyone had been doing since then.

With classes canceled for the time being Shane saw no reason not to call a squad gathering in the morning. Whether or not everyone showed up remained to be seen, but he hoped that the teens would take things seriously considering the circumstances. They needed to be prepared for anything, and he had every intention of making sure that the kids in his care could effectively assist each other if it became necessary.

Standing on top of a single story building constructed by the Danger Room in full uniform, Shane clasped his hands together behind his back awaiting the arrival of his squad of New Mutants. The simulation that he had in mind would not be an easy one to tackle, and it would take the combined effort of the group to overcome the trial. Safety measures were in place, of course, because he didn't want the kids to get seriously injured or worse, but that didn't mean that things were going to be a breeze either.

Not against the unstoppable.

Upon entering the Danger Room the New Mutants of the Beta squad would emerge from what appeared to be a coffee shop across the way, stepping out onto the sidewalk of what appeared to be a nondescript area of the city. Apart from the lack of vehicle traffic there were pedestrians about, walking here or there without paying any of the simulation's participants any heed. Another peculiar thing of note was a four story structure situated at the southern end of the street, bringing an abrupt end to the road. The scene stretched on for a little over a mile in the opposite direction, with the coffee shop situated right in the center.

Shane smiled when he saw the students who had elected to participate in the simulation. "Thanks for coming," he said, regarding the group with a curt nod. "Now I know that things have sucked ass lately, for lack of more eloquent phrasing, and that we haven't been able to have regular training sessions like I'd like to thanks to various things getting in the way–" the Savage Land, the Brood, and other insanity had usually put a damper in any kind of solid schedule he would have liked to make "–but I want to change that."

Looking from one New Mutant to the next he continued, "I know you're not all fond of team building stuff, but recent circumstances have shown us that sticking together and supporting each other is vital to our survival. So this will be a simulation that requires teamwork."

Turning his attention toward the apartment building, Shane held out a hand in its direction. "That apartment building currently has thirty people inside. They're on various floors and in various locations. They're oblivious to what's coming and will need your help to evacuate." Returning his hand to its original position behind his back, he raised the other hand toward the ongoing street. "Because when that reaches the building it will be reduced to rubble."

At the end of the street a massive figure materialized, though it may have been difficult to see at such a distance away. With a nod toward the figure in question, a translucent image appeared on the street before the squad along with statistics popping up beside the towering man:

NAME: Cain Marko
ALIAS: Juggernaut
HEIGHT: 9'5”
WEIGHT: 1,900 lbs

-Nigh invulnerable
-Nigh unstoppable momentum
-Vast physical strength and stamina

"Your job," Shane said after allowing the squad to view the threat they'd be facing before the image and stats vanished, "will be to make sure that the inhabitants of the apartment building as well as any of these pedestrians along the way are safe from Juggernaut. Once he begins running he won't stop. Use everything you have to buy some time and to save the civilians. Work together –slow him down and find the civilians and get them to safety. Your goal isn't to take down your foe, but to save others from him. He should reach the apartment building in roughly nine minutes, so you'll need to work fast."

And before anyone could utter a word of protest a shutter door slammed down over the coffee shop entrance and in the distance Juggernaut began his unstoppable charge toward the apartment building at the other end of the street; the pedestrians were none the wiser.


Shane made a mental note to thank Colossus for the basis and the idea of the simulation.

(OOC: Participation is not mandatory, naturally, but I'd like to allow a reasonable amount of time for Beta squad members to post... so the next advancement post will probably be on Sunday, May 13th. Posts should remain limited to once per round as per normal Storytelling procedure. Each round will constitute three minutes of Juggernaut's nine minute advance. Have fun and be creative to save the people! Show the other squads what you're made of!)

Boom Boom Gentle Glitch Magma Mo'o Plasma Wiccan X-23

Colossus for the mention!
May 1 2018, 11:05 AM
The stark white room accented with dark and light wood tones and a splash of red was very nice, and Shane was beyond grateful for having a place to stay while they figured out their next move. The Prestige Suite was perfectly suited for a well-to-do businessman who needed privacy and the necessary facilities to get some work done and/or entertain guests. In all honesty it was better than his room (or more accurately personal apartment space) had been at Xavier's.

He hated it.

It wasn't that he actually disliked the room itself, the decorations, or the truly spectacular view from his 46th story window overlooking part of Manhattan. He hated that it was necessary. Hated that he and the X-Men and the students they had sworn to protect had lost everything in the Brood invasion. Clothing, personal possessions, and above all their sense of security.

Well, not everything. They still had each other. There was something to say for that.

For the better part of the morning Shane had gone out alone to pick out some new clothes to replace his old, and while he was out had stopped to collect a few rock specimens in order to start his collection anew -some purchased and some simply found while out and about. By the time he was done he had enough to wear to last for at least a few days at a time and had collected eight new unique stones. The shopping had taken a little under two hours but he had wandered for a good bit, not really wanting to sit still for too long without anything to do lest he dwell on everything that had happened, was happening, and still could happen.

Jean's press conference from the night before could potentially work in their favor, alerting the general populace to the threat of the Brood and where they were based, but it could also either backfire or do nothing at all. There were bound to be those who didn't take such a threat seriously –those who refused to believe even the simplest of facts even if said fact was injecting paralytic venom into their backs. Regardless of whether or not people believed, they had been made aware. That also meant that the Brood themselves were undoubtedly on guard. While the X-Men and the New Mutants had thwarted two separate raid parties the invading menace was still a lingering threat.

That was part of the reason that Shane was so incredibly restless. Again, he hadn't really slept but maybe two or three spotty hours since the attack.

Sometime later Shane sat alone in the bar of the Baccarat Hotel, furrowing his brow at the cocktail menu. While there were no dollar signs present, he found it a reasonable assumption that 42, 65, and 34 were prices for individual drinks.

Holy shit, was that Sidecar Royal $450?!

Seeing the numbers on the menu almost made his stomach turn. Even if Warren was openly willing to pay for everything during their stay, Shane felt genuinely bad about taking advantage of the man's hospitality. He was assured that anything he needed would be fine, but he wasn't even going to consider trying anything that cost nearly a cool half grand. That was more than his car payment.

A car that had been obliterated with the mansion. Yay for insurance.

In the end Shane had ordered “The Mile High,” and while he had no idea what “Yuzu” or “Liqueur de Violette” were, if the concoction would help him to either forget about things for a while or perhaps tire him out enough to get some real sleep he would accept it even if it tasted like rubbing alcohol smelled. After the bartender served him his drink in the most absurdly fancy glass imaginable, Shane thanked him before picking out a seat at a corner table far away from anyone else who had decided to venture into the bar ten minutes after it had opened for the evening.

After taking a small taste of the peculiarly named beverage he decided that it was good enough (it certainly wasn't bad), and that it would probably do its job. If it could make him forget about everything for at least a little while he would be fine.

Or not.

(OOC: This thread is open to adults from the school, because kids shoudln't be in the bar.)
Apr 5 2018, 03:24 PM
Everything sucked, and everything was going straight to down into the bowels of however many hells there were. Laura and Neena had been missing for over a week and while they finally had a lead, Weapon X wasn't the only problem currently staring the X-Men in the face. In fact, if the conversation with Backup from the future was to be believed then they had a much more serious problem approaching that had far more dire, actually world ending consequences. A problem that he had apparently caused by answering Amelia Bradshaw's summons to Nebraska at the start of February.

Shane didn't fully understand it, but he was feeling no small amount of guilt over what was happening. If he hadn't meddled in Broken Bow then apparently these things wouldn't have stirred. Wouldn't have hungered. Wouldn't have made Amelia and many more into their violent puppets. From the sound of things it was all simply going to escalate from there, and they absolutely needed to be ready for what was to come or they'd all suffer death or a worse fate.

The idea that he was the cause of what could potentially become the near to total extinction of mankind was no light burden to bear, and it weighed heavily on the geokinetic. Shane's only mistake had been caring about his friend enough to drop what he was doing to make an impromptu trip to the middle of nowhere, and that mistake had caused so much agony and tragedy.

And now he didn't really know how to fix it.

From the sound of it the people who were infected couldn't be returned to normal, with the change being a genetic rewrite rather than mind control. If Broken Bow was already being overtaken then what recourse did they really have? Destroying the nest was absolutely vital, and it really sounded like that meant destroying the entire town completely was probably their only option to wipe out the invading Brood.

Having left the War Room a half hour prior Shane had found himself mostly absently wandering the halls of Xavier's, pondering what to do. Beefing up security and defenses was important, but so was rest. Glancing at his watch Shane quickly ran the math in his head and realized that he was running on about twenty seven hours without sleep. Exhausted but at the same time incredibly wired, Shane wasn't entirely sure how to handle anything at that point. If the Brood attacked now he'd be a shambling useless mess. Eventually he found his way to the third floor, intent on more or less forcing himself to get some sleep. Perhaps a sleep aid might help there, or perhaps not.

Stopping outside of his room, with its missing door and broken frame, Shane cast a glance down the hall, toward Bobby's room.

Telling everyone what was going on had helped him to get his thoughts into some kind of order, but the man's head was still a muddled mess of tired emotions and confusion. While he had shared what he knew, there lingered a few incredibly heavy feelings of guilt and regret regarding a few very important things. Maybe talking to someone –being honest with and about himself– would help him. Clearing his conscience and simply talking might actually enable him to rest.

Before he really realized what he was doing his feet had dragged him over to Bobby's door and he was knocking on it. Iceman had been at the meeting in the War Room, so he at least knew what everyone else did, but of all of the people in the mansion Shane wanted to talk to him the most. While he had shared information he hadn't shared emotion –he rarely did, and it was usually bad when he didn't.

So... why not share?

When the door opened Shane couldn't even muster a smile, but managed a nod. He was simply too physically and emotionally exhausted to do much more. “Hey,” he said simply. “Can we talk for a bit? I just... I need to talk.”
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