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Celebrity Claim- Emun Elliott

Full Name- Nathan Alexander Adler
Nicknames/Aliases- Nate
Age- 28
Date of Birth- April 19, 1989
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Private Investigator

Personality- Nate (as he is generally called by those who get to know him) is a patient, collected, and thoughtful individual who likes to weigh his options using facts rather than acting entirely on emotion. That isn't to say that he can't be emotional or even irrational, but he tends to try his best to avoid relying on feelings to make judgment calls or decisions whenever possible.

When engaging with someone Nate tends to let the others do most of the talking, speaking up when necessary and adding his two-cents when it's relevant or appropriate. This serves him well as a private investigator, as he prefers to allow his clients do the talking so that he can listen to not only the words they're speaking but also other important biological indicators such as heart rate. He will chime in when necessary or when seeking elaboration, but otherwise he's perfectly content with some conversations being one sided.

Despite these facts, Nate isn't a complete stick in the mud. From time to time he enjoys mingling with others and getting to know people, though these instances may seem few and far between compared to many others. Suffice it to say that Nate is rather introverted, but he has valid reasons for being so -mostly because he sometimes has a bit of a temper. It takes a lot to really get under his skin, but if one manages to do so then he sometimes has to fight hard to keep his anger in check.

  • Horror movies (he thinks that many of them are unintentionally funny due to the often questionable decisions on the parts of the protagonists)
  • Food (his metabolism demands it)
  • Red meat, white meat, and everything in between
  • Classical music and other tunes without distracting lyrics (not that he dislikes lyrics, but he prefers to hear the tunes themselves)
  • The scent of rain on a warm sidewalk (or the scent of rain in general)
  • People who can crack a good joke (he's not the best at making them himself)
  • Skittles
  • Candy in general, really
  • Beer (despite its effects being mostly wasted on him)
  • Camera flashes (he has his reasons)
  • Bleach (it's really offensive to the olfactory senses)
  • Rap or hip hop music
  • High pitched noises
  • Unrestrained body odor
  • Being caught in the rain without an umbrella
  • Liars, racists, rapists, or basically any criminal element
  • Independent (he gets by well on his own, but isn't averse to working with others)
  • Intelligent (this is necessary in his line of work)
  • Listening (he's a great listener)
  • Sometimes overthinks things
  • His tendency to keep his words to himself can make him come across as standoffish
  • When provoked his temper can be quite awful, and he could say or do things he might regret

Power Name- Lycanthropy
Description- Having once thought that he was a type of animal shifting mutant, Nate is actually of a supernatural persuasion. Rather than transforming into a four legged animal, he actually shifts into a bipedal hybrid human-wolf monster.

In other words, Nathan is an actual werewolf.

Nate's senses and abilities are beyond that of a baseline human:

Auditory Senses: Nate's auditory senses are powerful enough that he can hear most loud movement, voices, or general clatter up to about a half mile away. These senses are more potent when outside of the city (structures and noise pollution tend to reduce its effectiveness) and he can pick up on sounds up to three miles away in less crowded towns or even up to five miles away if he's in a nice open area such as a field. In order to make sense of any of what his auditory senses pick up he actually needs to listen and focus on what he's trying to hear. Simply hearing a conversation from half a mile away will do him no good if he doesn't actually focus and listen.

Sense of Smell: Nate's sense of smell is powerful, and he can pick up on scents up to one hundred feet away with relative ease. Getting closer to the source of specific scents allows him to better pinpoint them and follow them, while sniffing something directly would effectively allow him to follow a trail.

Visual Senses: Nate's eyesight is spectacular, and he can clearly read words on a sign or notice minor details up to sixty feet away.

Strength and Agility: Nate's stronger, faster, and more agile than the average (or even above average) human while in human form, but hardly has super strength or speed. His standing military press caps out at 250lbs and his standard bench press at 600; more than someone his size should typically be capable of moving.

Werewolf Form: Nate can shift into a werewolf form virtually at will, greatly enhancing his senses and abilities; growing significantly stronger on the night of a full moon.

Senses: Nate's auditory, olfactory, and visual senses are effectively doubled in power when he's in werewolf form and further enhanced during a full moon.

Strength and Agility: Nate's physical strength while in werewolf form increases greatly, allowing him to easily lift and throw up to 1,500lbs, and up to a ton during a full moon. Likewise he is much faster as a werewolf, reaching sprinting speeds of around 40mph, and up to 60mph during a full moon.

Healing: Nate's body can heal much faster than that of a baseline human, with most cuts and scrapes closing up within minutes and deeper gashes and wounds being fully healed in a few hours. This process is greatly sped up when in his werewolf form, where deeper wounds or broken bones can mend in minutes. His healing capabilities are slower than those of mutants possessing healing factors.

Claws: Nate can grow sharp, durable claws about one inch in length while in his werewolf form. These can cut through thinner layers of common steel with relative ease, rend wood, flesh, and clothing with little effort, and could be effective for climbing should the surface be suitable (he cannot easily pierce stone or brick.) These claws are breakable but doing so isn't easy. Adamantium could easily cut through them, as can some other durable metals, but otherwise they are as durable as stone. If damaged or severed, the claws can be regrown in about a minute.

With focus and practice Nate may eventually learn to create/grow his claws (achieving a partial werewolf shift) while in his human form.

Limits- Nate's enhanced abilities, while a wonderful gift even in human form, can sometimes cause problems. All of these problems are exacerbated when he's in werewolf form.

Auditory Senses: Being able to hear so well means that he has to focus on what he's listening to or risk it being drowned out in the cacophony of city noises.

Sense of Smell: Being able to smell so acutely means that strong odors can be distracting or annoying.

Visual Senses: Being able to see as well as he can means that he strongly dislikes extremely bright lights. Lights that would normally cause a baseline human to squint would likely require Nate to look away entirely.

Weaknesses: Nate has a natural allergy to silver, and it can cause him some serious problems or even kill him. If it gets under his skin in small amounts (such as a silver needle or an earring) it will dampen his senses and abilities and prevent him from shifting into his werewolf form. If larger quantities of silver (such as a bullet or a blade) were to enter his body he would not only lose his abilities while it's inside but also become physically ill; if not removed this could potentially become fatal.

During a full moon Nate's shift into werewolf form comes at the risk of losing control far more easily, and said night is more likely to see him shifting more readily than normal. It's because of this that he tends to retreat to a safe room with a heavily reinforced door locked with a timer and set to open in the morning. The walls of said room are incredibly sturdy to withstand his strength and his claws. Use of something small like a silver earring could allow him to move about more easily on the night of a full moon if necessary, as it prevents him from changing.

Skills & Abilities- Nate has a knack for piecing together puzzles and solving cases given enough clues to work with. Even without his heightened senses he is a competent detective (some cases rely more on brains than they do physical senses.) His ability to hold an expression well gives him an edge when trying to bluff his way through something, which can be helpful when asking questions or playing poker.

Nate's enhanced senses give him an edge in investigation. Improved hearing, sense of smell, and sight allow him to pick up on details that many others could easily miss.

He is also a fairly good cook and loves to try new recipes; his enhanced senses require him to dial back the seasonings for his own portions however.

Height- 5'11" in human form / 6'8" in werewolf form
Weight- 190lbs in human form / 340lbs in werewolf form
Eye Colour- Brown (with goldish eyeshine under bright light; especially in the dark)
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- Nate is well built, as he likes to keep in shape, but he doesn't particularly stand out amongst others. His expressions can sometimes be difficult to read, as he tends to convey his emotions more through words or lack thereof than he does through facial expressions (but that doesn't mean he never smiles; he likes to smile when there's something worth smiling about.)

Standing at a slightly above average five feet and eleven inches, the brown haired and brown eyed man might not appear out of the ordinary. He carries himself well but not enough to come across as being over confident. His wardrobe varies, with clothing ranging from business casual (for when he's at his office), to casual t-shirts and jeans, and down to athletic clothing. As for colors he tends to choose garments of varying colors: blacks, whites, grays, blues, reds, greens, he's not terribly picky.

In his werewolf form Nate takes on the appearance of a bipedal creature strongly resembling a hybrid of a wolf and a human, adding about one hundred and fifty pounds to his much taller frame. The fur he sprouts is dark brown (almost black unless appropriate light is shined upon it in the dark) and his eyes become a lighter shade of brown, glowing gold in the dark or when light is shined upon them. Because of his change in size he typically tries to remove his shirt before shifting so that he doesn't destroy it, but tends to wear looser fitting pants that basically become long shorts when he shifts.

Gear- Nate typically moves about unarmed, but usually wears a set of dog-tags around his neck bearing the name "Nathan Gibson" (his grandfather on his mother's side, for whom he was named.)

Additional Information- Nate fears losing control and hurting those he cares about, which is part of the reason he's content with being introverted. While he has his shifting and his temper under control, the full moon presents possible problems in that regard.

It's for these reasons that Nate doesn't stay in close contact with his immediate family (who understands why) and hasn't really visited his cousin Shane at Xavier's but once or twice. He's also thus far neglected to tell his cousin that he's not actually a mutant.

Hometown- Shreveport, Louisiana. Currently resides in Brooklyn, New York as of January 2017.
Immediate Family-
Randall Brenden Adler (father)
Joyce Lynn Adler (maiden name Gibson) (mother)
Others- Shane Adler (Slate of the X-Men) is his cousin.

History- Nathan Adler spent most of his young life living in the areas of North Texas and Louisiana, but spent his more formative years in the latter. Being an only child his primary source of interaction came from other kids at school or from extended family during reunions and the occasional weekend gathering. This wasn't much of a bother, because even as a child Nate tended to be a boy who either only spoke when he felt it necessary or when he truly opened up to someone.

Because his family lived a mere three miles from that of his uncle David, aunt Jess, and cousin Shane, the families would meet at various halfway points or simply drive the full distance to spend time with each other. It was during one of those visits that Nate came to learn that Shane was a mutant (something that apparently wasn't wholly uncommon in the family line) and that he would be leaving for a special school in New York. Initially he was confused, because while Shane had apparently exhibited obvious displays of mutant powers Nate had been experiencing some oddities of his own.

It had started out with small things, like realizing that he seemed to be naturally faster than most of the others kids (a gap that seemed to widen as puberty approached) and stronger than he rightfully should have been for his age and size. He couldn't exactly pinpoint when he started noticing that smells were growing sharper, sounds more irritating, and his vision drastically improved, but when his parents realized that something was happening to their son they decided to hold a family meeting to discuss it. After witnessing their reaction to the news that his cousin was a mutant, Nate had no real issues with telling his parents what he was experiencing, and they seemed fairly quick to accept it. In fact they seemed unusually calm about it, as though they had expected it. His mother in particular.

Things progressed smoothly enough for a while, with Nate coming to grips with his apparently improving senses and physical capabilities, finding and creating various ways to test them all. Apart from his increased strength, which some of his peers seemed to notice during P.E. classes, he had more or less managed to keep the changes to his senses under wraps. On a night not long after his thirteenth birthday however things took a drastic turn. A full moon marked the night that his body had undergone its first involuntary transformation into what he would have at the time described as a mindless monster. The family had been out on a camping trip at the time, and it was shortly after the moon had risen that night that he found himself doubled over in pain as his bones and flesh forcibly reshaped themselves, growing longer, making him taller, larger, and distinctly more canine-ish. Nate might have gone completely insane had his parents not thrust a small silver pin into his forearm, forcing him to revert to normal. Confused and terrified he looked to both his mom and dad and demanded an explanation.

Joyce then told him the truth: he wasn't actually a mutant like he had thought and had been allowed to believe for a period of time, but was actually a werewolf. Lycanthropy, she explained, was a phenomenon that had existed in her family's line before. She explained that she hadn't truly believed what she had been told by her parents or grandparents until Nate had revealed what had been happening to him, at which point she realized that he was showing all of the signs of being a werewolf. That was why they had planned the camping trip: so that if he changed on the full moon they could try to get a handle on it using a werewolf's known weakness with far less risk of him causing harm to the population of Shreveport.

The following months went by in a blur, with Nate spending much of his time trying to learn how to keep himself from becoming a mindless monster and using a silver earring placed in his left lobe when the pull of the werewolf seemed to be to much to manage.

Over time and through the help of his parents Nate learned to not only control the shifts but to eventually access his werewolf form at will. This wasn't easy. There were times when his temper (which flared a bit more often than he would have liked to admit when he was a teenager) put him at risk of involuntarily shifting, but with time, practice, and patience he learned how to keep his anger mostly under control. With time and experience came faster shifting which, while still physically painful, was far less debilitating.

Nate avoided athletic programs in school and managed to fly under the radar by mostly keeping to himself or carrying around a small silver stud earring that he could use to pierce his skin to help fight back against potential involuntary shifting. The fact that he was more likely to experience an involuntary shift at night and under a full moon meant that he was generally safe unless his stress levels rose rapidly.

As he grew older Nate took an interest in law enforcement, but realized that having to keep the beast inside in check and the potential for shifting in incredibly tense situations meant that joining a police force outright might be problematic, and so he explored the proper channels to become a private investigator instead. As a P.I. he had significantly less stress and could still put his natural skills to use for the sake of his clients. It was through this career path that he began seeking other ways to aid humanity from the shadows, becoming something of a street level vigilante that saw to it that people who needed to be scared straight (or possibly worse) were dealt with; the fear of being located in the future by scent alone and then left with the threat of being torn apart was usually enough to deter small time thugs, at least.

In the beginning of 2017 Nate moved to Brooklyn and resumed his work as both a P. I. and as a nighttime vigilante, sticking as much to the shadows as possible to avoid detection.

But when one lived in a city as big as his and had a mutant cousin living not too far away one was bound to be discovered sooner or later.

Player Name- Zel
Age 36
How Can We Contact- We're already in regular contact
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? Scrying
Other Characters- Shane Adler (Slate), and Anthony Carter (Impulse)

Role Play Sample-

As he stepped into the dark room the stale scents of old, dried up alcohol spills and discarded cigarette butts did their best to try to mask the odor he was looking for, and the man scrunched his nose as his one corner of his mouth turned up in disgust. If Nate hadn't absolutely needed to investigate the poorly ventilated space he wouldn't have set foot in it at all. However his client had been adamant that if he was going to find what he was looking for he'd find it in the disheveled mess ready for condemnation that was once a perfectly habitable apartment space.

Apart from the various sounds he could hear seeping in through the poor weather sealing of the windows there was not but stillness in the dark living room. No bugs skittered about, no mice chewed on discarded bits of food, and there were certainly no heartbeats or breathing to be heard. Reaching out with a gloved hand, Nate flicked on the nearby light switch to be greeted by nothing but continued darkness. It was unsurprising that the electricity had been cut by the power company, seeing as the people who had been occupying the space were probably long gone.

He could see well enough in the dark, but Nate would have preferred the assistance of the extra lighting. It was probably for the best however, because if someone from the outside were to see light coming from what was probably assumed to be an abandoned apartment they might get suspicious. Nate would simply rely on his natural senses to find what he was looking for.

Or not, if that happened to be the case.

Filtering out the stale odors was next to impossible, but as the man stepped slowly through the living room, taking great care to step over the broken bottles and whatever that putrid puddle of something that looked like it could have once been food had been he tried his best to pinpoint the scent of the man he sought. His client, a woman in her early twenties who looked perpetually defeated at an age far too young to look as old as she had, was concerned that her boyfriend was involved in some dangerous dealings with some very dangerous people, so had hired him to tail him to see what he got himself into.

The trail had gone cold very quickly with what little information the woman had originally shared, but after having convinced her to allow him into their own apartment to look for any clues that might provide him with some insight he had managed to catch a scent. While the woman had been in another room Nate had picked up a worn t-shirt that had found its way to the floor and had taken in its odor (yeah, it was pretty bad), committing it to memory as best as he could. That and a first name that his client had eventually managed to provide to him after perusing old text messages sent by her boyfriend had led him to a rundown apartment complex in Queens, where he hoped things wouldn't get ugly.

Things were ugly, but not in the way Nate had feared. Being met with violence had been his chief concern, but running into a trash heap of an apartment was still not pretty.

The scent trail led him to the bedroom, where on the soiled mattress his eyes immediately spied a sheet of paper violently ripped from a notebook. It stood out among the mess because it was probably the cleanest thing on the bed. Reaching down Nate plucked the note off of the sheets and as he read the words scrawled onto it his eyes narrowed.

It was a list of names, with parenthetical notes jotted down beside each one, listing whatever drug they might have been seeking to buy and likely how much they'd be charged. These were small time dealers, with most of the drugs listed being marijuana of a type and/or ecstacy. There was one that caught his eyes and stood out however: "Kick."

He'd heard the name before on the street but had never encountered it himself, nor had he heard much about it apart from what little information his cousin had provided to him toward the end of January. Something about making mutants completely flip their shit and sending them on a super powered rampage.

So the guy was involved with drug dealers who might manage to find their way in over their heads. Fantastic.

Back in his modest office, Nate slid the sheet of notebook paper across his desk and nodded toward it as he sat back in his chair. "That's what I found," he said, his eyes locking on the woman as she peered down and read the scribblings, studying the subtle changes in her expressions as she did. The woman's eyes narrowed as she seemed to recognize maybe one or two of the names, but when she reached the entry for "Kick" she became clearly puzzled.

"The hell is Kick?"

For the briefest of moments Nate remained silent. Partly to see if the woman had anything else to say or ask, and partly to give himself time to figure out exactly what he should share. The more she knew the worse things could possibly be for her. If her boyfriend was getting involved with some dangerous people then knowledge of what he was dealing with might put her at risk should she become a target. "It's dangerous," he said simply, and offered not but a shrug when she shot him a befuddled expression. "I think the less you know about it the better. Suffice it to say that it's bad news."

"Are you going to be able to find him?" the woman asked, a quivering in her tone betraying a hint of fear. Fear that he wouldn't? Fear that he would? It was unclear.

Leaning forward, Nate plucked the paper off of the desk and, as his eyes scanned the list of names, said, "I might. This list right here could provide a lot of information about the guy's he's involved with." For a moment he paused. "Or very little,, if the clients here don't know much. Either way it's a start. I figure I'll look some of these people up and see if I can't learn what I can about their suppliers." Casting the woman a glance, offering a light shrug, he added, "Might lead me to him. Might not."

"What makes you think these people'll tell you anything?

At that question, one corner of Nate's mouth rose slightly. Sitting back in his chair once more, he crossed his arms and said, "If they know anything, I'll get it. I can be pretty persuasive."

When a man was cornered by a nearly seven foot tall wolf monster words usually flowed from their mouths with ease. Sometimes accompanied by the unfortunate stench of urine.
Feb 18 2018, 12:17 PM


Celebrity Claim-Alex Lange

Full Name- Anthony Bryson Carter
Nicknames/Aliases- Tony, Ant (he dislikes this)
Age- 17
Date of Birth- March 1, 2000
Faction- New Mutants – March 2017
Occupation- Student... he doesn't really want a job yet

Personality- Anthony believes himself to be an intelligent, down-to-earth, and rather likable individual who is easy enough to get along with. Others have been known to call him a conceited jerk who needs a healthy dose of humility and would rather him simply go away. Their loss, really, because Tony prefers the company of those who can keep up (or rather put up) with him.

Tony isn't actually a jerk, but rather enjoys attention and to make his presence known whenever possible. Conversely, when he lands in some kind of trouble he will usually make every effort to deflect whatever attention he can and isn't entirely against throwing someone else under a bus (unless they legitimately weren't involved; he's not cruel.)

There are times when the boy simply gets impatient. Despite his good grades classes tend to bore him and his thoughts will often drift off during lectures. This doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't paying attention, but it is simply a reaction to the lack of stimulation.

Though Tony hasn't fully felt the effects of mutant oppression he is aware of it, and strongly dislikes that his kind is being met with such rampant opposition. To him Xavier's is a good model of how things could be for mutants.

Despite his shortcomings, Tony isn't completely unlikable. He'll chill with people he likes, crack jokes, and generally goof off when it's called for; or sometimes even uncalled for. He'll stand up for the little guy and those he likes.

  • Electronics
  • Video games
  • Fried food (especially chicken)
  • Chocolate
  • Conductive metals
  • Smartphones
  • Smart people
  • Books
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Staying active
  • Morons
  • Bigots
  • Peanut butter
  • Movies with terrible editing or flow
  • Country, rap, or gospel music
  • Homework (school work should stay in the classroom)
  • Spiders (those shifty little monsters)
  • Sweet potatoes (they're trying to be both a potato and a yam but are failing at both)
  • Water (he has mild hydrophobia due to the nature of his powers)
  • Intelligent (he makes excellent grades and isn't a total doofus)
  • Independent (he likes to make his own decisions)
  • Promptness (he doesn't like to procrastinate when something needs to be done and tries his best to always arrive on time to appointments/obligations)
  • Snarky (he doesn't always know when to reel things in)
  • Independent (making his own decisions isn't always great when part of a team)
  • Impatient (things should be happening now) with both people and events
  • He doesn't always take things as seriously as he should (this is entirely situational, as he will see legitimately dire circumstances for what they are and treat them as such)

Power Name- Electrokinesis
Description- Tony is capable of storing, discharging, and controlling electricity and manipulating currents. This allows him to either act as a human battery (charging and powering electrical devices without external power sources), direct power to and away from machines (powering, overloading, or shutting them down), and to discharge electricity from his body through his nerve endings (including but not limited to fingertips, eyes, spinal column, and any other nerves through which electrical impulses flow.) Discharges can be made by touch (which is optional), or by firing it like a form of lighting.

Tony can sense, direct, and divert electrical currents, but can also absorb the electricity and store it for later use. The result of this is that Tony is nearly immune to the negative effects that electricity might have on a person.

Limits- Tony must be within twenty feet of an object to maintain control of the electrical currents powering it or to supply it with power of his own. Absorption of power requires closer proximity of about ten feet, but becomes far more effective when touching the object or the current directly.

Discharging electricity directly from his body requires Tony to have at least some reserves stored, so he will have to have charged himself to a degree in order to use electrical attacks offensively or to charge devices. Controlling external sources and drawing from them is still fully possible without a store of power, but personal discharge requires it.

While water will not cause Tony to overload or to short out, it does hinder his ability to fully control discharges. Keeping his powers under control while submerged is difficult, which could lead to others getting hurt should his concentration be broken in such a situation. As a result Tony generally prefers to remain dry whenever possible.

Tony's near immunity to the negative effects of electricity has limits. While he can ward off most forms of discharge and absorb much of what might be sent his way, his nervous system could become overloaded if he took in an extreme amount of power. When this happens his body will reflexively and violently discharge all non-essential power (which could seriously hurt those around him) and render him unconscious due to system shock.

Though Tony can sense the natural energy produced in the body of another person he cannot directly control it or absorb it from them. If they are within his range he would simply be able to sense that they are there if he was paying attention.

Power Name- Electric physiology
Description- As an alternative to discharging electricity, Tony can temporarily reduce his body's molecules to electrical energy and travel through conductive materials. This would allow him to travel through power lines, conductive wiring, or even across a conductive surface.

The effect does not extend to his clothing or possessions, nor will it extend to other people. The only exception would be should he possess clothing or gear made of unstable molecules it would convert with him.

While in such a state Tony does not need to breathe (for obvious reasons) but can still hear and sense others around him.

Limits- Tony's body is broken down to electricity, meaning that it would be dangerous for others to touch and would be devastating to anyone who might be in the water should he assume an electrical form. In order to effectively travel through wiring or other conductive objects Tony would need to have direct access (via touch) to them prior to altering his makeup so that he could easily control his trajectory.

This state can be maintained for only a few minutes at his current skill level unless he's actively passing through something conductive, but should be more than sufficient for quick travel purposes. Changing himself into electricity would not cause wounds to heal; the state of his body from the moment of transformation is essentially stored in his DNA and is restored upon reverting to normal. While this may allow him to stave off blood loss from a serious open wound temporarily he would still require medical treatment.

Apart from personal limitations, Tony could effectively become trapped while in his electrical form. Should someone surround him or whatever he's passing through with something completely non-conductive it could disrupt his ability to escape, leaving him trapped and unable to leave and reform. Devices designed to disrupt electricity such as an EMP would force a painful reversion to his normal form.

Skills & Abilities- Tony is an above average artist and a decent writer for his age. He's also in pretty decent shape due to his athletic background in previous schools. He can drive. Otherwise he's just a teenager, give him a break.

Height- 5'11”
Weight- 165 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue (sometimes more vibrant depending upon ability usage)
Hair Colour- Blond

Appearance- Tony is a blond male of just above-average height with a solid build from a history of athletics. He's attractive enough but not to the point of completely standing out among his peers. Tony tends to prefer casual clothing whenever possible, but is not averse to dressing up for specific occasions.

Perhaps what is most striking about Tony is his eyes. While at first glance they may appear as a typical blue, if the boy has been using his powers they will change depending upon how much. The color of his irises will always be blue, but if he has been discharging or absorbing (especially the latter) electricity recently they may become brighter and more vibrant in color. If he keeps on one might notice tiny bits of electricity traveling in brief spurts in his irises, giving his eyes a distinct but subtle and undulating glow. The effect remains active if he has any excess electricity stored within him and will only stop if it is discharged or dissipates naturally over the course of several hours without use. This means that his being a mutant would be somewhat obvious unless he were to wear sunglasses or contacts designed to hide it.

Gear- Tony likes to carry a multi-tool (knife, screwdriver, etc.) in case the need for something arises. He can commonly be seen carrying around a mechanical pencil and a notepad to jot down or sketch things that come to him. He will often carry around sunglasses as well, even indoors, in case he needs to mask the electrical energies coursing through his irises.

Additional Information- Tony has aspirations of becoming a graphic novelist, but sometimes has an overload of ideas and may have trouble settling on any one thing –being in a school of mutants might be spectacular inspiration.

Hometown- New Haven, Connecticut
Immediate Family- Richard Allan Carter (father, 39), Margaret Lynn Carter (mother, 37), Benjamin Rudolph Carter (brother, adopted, 15)
Others- Maxwell Dylan Carter (uncle, 30)

History- Anthony Bryson Carter, the youngest and only child born to Richard and Margaret Carter (Benjamin was adopted three years after Tony was conceived after the boy's parents were killed by unknown attackers), spent much of his life growing up in New Haven, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. His parents were well off but not grotesquely wealthy, though that didn't stop Tony from developing a comfortable level of confidence in his family's way of life. He and his adopted brother were by no means spoiled but they weren't left wanting.

In his early teen years Tony began to grow into his looks and gained a level of popularity in school due to this and in joining various athletic teams (most notably football and soccer.) While he didn't personally need the accolades of victory he enjoyed the attention that came with it and strove to push his teammates to it as much as possible. Though not a “leader” in a sense, he tried his best to be a source of good morale for his teams with varying results.

While he was sometimes boisterous and somewhat boastful on the field and with his friends, he was quiet and reserved when alone. There were times when Tony simply wanted to withdraw from his social circles so that he could pursue his “nerdier” pursuits of art, writing, and playing video games. The extreme latter could be done with a small group, but drawing and writing were things he preferred to do in relative quiet so that he could easily keep much of his work to himself due to a mild fear of ridicule. The only one with whom he would share his work freely was his brother Ben, who was generally supportive.

However one day during football practice an incident occurred that changed everything for him. Partway through practice, Tony spied an older teen shoving around an underclassman at the edge of the field and immediately left the field to confront the bully. When the antagonistic teen threatened violence against him, Tony threw off his helmet and swiftly moved to tackle the jerk. After the two connected the other boy wound up on the ground, convulsing as though he had been shot with a stun-gun. Though other players and students were afraid that the bully had succumbed to a kind of seizure (without prior precedent) Tony had felt the electrical discharge upon impact, and retreated quickly into the school gym's locker room. Upon gazing in the mirror Tony was stunned to see that while he had sustained no damage from the tackle his eye color had intensified to a degree. Knowing that something wasn't right, but not entirely certain of what that something was, Tony immediately left, skipping the rest of practice and putting off any questioning he might receive about the incident for the next day.

When he arrived at home he was met by his parents, who had received a call from the coach, demanding to know what had happened. Tony wasn't worried that he would be in trouble for defending a weaker student, but he was scared to describe what he had experienced. Surprisingly, yet fortunately, his parents were unfazed. Upon hearing what happened Richard called a family meeting in the living room, where he revealed something of a family secret: mutants weren't unheard of in their family. Richard's brother Maxwell was a mutant, and Ben had been adopted because his own parents were mutants who had been killed because they too were mutants. Whether or not Ben was a mutant was yet unknown, but Richard and Margaret had a strong feeling that he was but had simply not yet manifested. The news was enlightening but also unexpected.

Over the course of the next few weeks Tony found his popularity suddenly waning, and while the “M” word wasn't often uttered the general rumor was that he had done something to the bully, who seemed to be one of the sources of the rumors. Most students didn't seem to truly buy into the notion that he was some kind of a freak, but the suspicions were obvious, and Tony began to realize that he would have a hard time fitting in among his peers, and so Tony requested to be moved to a new school where he could make a fresh start.

As Richard and Margaret researched their options Tony remained at home learning what he could about electricity and what he might be capable of doing. That was when he learned during a visit from his uncle Max that the man had a similar set of abilities. While there were some differences to account for, Tony learned all that he could from his uncle about the fundamentals of his new power.

After finally gaining a decent amount of control over his skills (enough to safely get by without overloading nearby appliances or starting fires) Richard and Margaret discovered a school for mutant children, where they arranged for Tony to finish out his high school education among people like him.

So in March of 2017, Tony made his way to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Player Name- Zel
Age 36 and decreasing
How Can We Contact- The normal means
Time Zone- Central (US)
How did you find us? I stumbled through a hole in time and space and landed face-first on the carpeted kitchen counter of the cbox
Other Characters- Shane Adler (Slate)

Role Play Sample-

“Yeah,” the boy said with a sigh and a quick, slight roll of his eyes, “I'm listening.”

He wasn't really listening.

“Then what did I say?”

For a moment Tony froze, crossing his arms almost defensively as the Earth Science teacher stared at him with his own arms crossed almost offensively. Why he had signed up for the class was beyond him. Knowing how ignoramus rocks (or whatever they were called) formed had nothing to do with his own goals and aspirations. Now the teacher was getting onto him for something incredibly minor.

“Something something rocks are fun?” He was entirely certain that the man hadn't said anything of the sort, but in his head it sounded like something Mr. Adler might say.

Clearly unimpressed, the teacher's expression soured further, and as the man's gaze shifted toward the electrical outlet mere feet from Tony's desk, he said, “I said that you know you're not supposed to be siphoning power like you just did.” Before Tony could speak up in protest because he totally didn't do the thing, the teacher raised a hand and added, “And don't lie. I saw you do it. It's also pretty obvious when you overdo it because the lights flicker.”

Okay, that part was true. Tony may have drawn a little of electricity from the outlet when he thought his teacher wasn't paying attention. It wasn't his fault that the tingle of drawn power felt good! He knew that he needed to watch what he absorbed, but a little here and there wouldn't hurt anybody. “It wasn't me,” he said almost reflexively, knowing full well that such a claim was beyond futile.

Following a brief pause, where Mr. Adler simply stared at him with raised eyebrows, the man simply said, “Sunglasses off.”


Unable to really say anything in his defense Tony slowly removed his shades, revealing his eyes; tell-tale signs that he had indeed been drawing power from the nearby outlet. The irises, an intense blue, showed visible signs of active electrical current, symptomatic of his having recently discharged or absorbed a decent bit of power.

“Welp,” the teacher said with a shrug. “Either I'm just a little bit crazy or you super did the thing. I'm pretty willin' to bet that you super did the thing.”

Yeah. He did the thing.

With another sigh, Tony closed his eyes briefly. There wasn't much he could say or do to defend himself. He knew that siphoning power from the classroom during class was something he wasn't supposed to be doing, but with the outlet right there and with Mr. Adler being oh-so boring in his lectures there wasn't much more for him to do. He was passing the class, but for some reason he seemed to be expected to engage.

“Tomorrow you'll be front and center. No outlets. No glasses. I know that probably won't keep you from being able to absorb electricity from things nearby but at least you'll be less inclined to do it when you're right in the front.”

Ugh. Okay. Whatever. “Fiiine,” Tony said, clearly somewhat frustrated. He would just have to spend lecture time jotting down ideas or dialogue for his writing, pretending to take notes as their teacher droned on. “Can I go now?”

With a huff and a roll of his eyes, the teacher said, “Knock yourself out.” As Tony hung his sunglasses on the collar of his shirt and gathered his belongings the man added, “You're doing well in my class. I just don't want you to think you should just use your powers whenever you want. There are right times and wrong times.”

“I know,” Tony said, rising from his seat and making for the door without another word.
Jan 13 2018, 04:11 AM
Jamie's previous posted character questionnaire got me wanting to craft one with new questions! The responses to the previous were pretty enjoyable and fun, so I thought I'd ask a few different questions of our characters.


The interviewer, a dark haired middle aged man with a goatee and a hairline that appeared to be rapidly fleeing from his forehead, took a seat at a chair on the other side of the table –a slight creak of protest issuing from the seat due to the applied wight. Clearing his throat and producing a pen and a small leather bound notebook from a briefcase on the table he leaned back, the chair crying out in agony once more, before he said, “I appreciate your cooperation. I found your answers to the previous set of questions to be quite... interesting. Some of you were rather polite and thoughtful but a few were cynical or snarky.” There was a momentary pause, where the man briefly glanced at the page to which his notebook was opened. “One of the questionnaires was made into a swan and then set on fire. That was unusual. But this time I'll be asking the questions verbally for everyone. Don't worry; these are new.”

“Don't worry. The answers you provide are completely confidential. No one will even know that you've been interviewed and everything will remain nice and anonymous. Now then,” the man said, clicking his pen and flipping to a page that was likely loaded with questions, “let's get started.”

“Oh, and feel free to help yourself to some of the cookies on the table.”

- - -

Where were you born? What do you think of your hometown?

How do you feel about your parents? What do you like or dislike about them?

How did your parents choose your name?

Are you happy with where you currently live?

Would you consider yourself book-smart, street-smart, an intellectual, intelligent, or slow-witted?

If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?

How do you cope with mistakes or failure?

Are you at all superstitious? If so, what are your major superstitions?

Are you extroverted or introverted?

How do you feel about exhibiting your emotions?

Do you like to be the center of attention, part of the background, or somewhere in between?

How is your self-confidence or sense of self-worth?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

What do you want out of life?

What is the best thing that's ever happened to you?

What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?

Who do you look up to the most? Why?

Who would you consider to be your best friend?

Who would you ask to help you out of a tight spot?

Do you see the world in black and white, or do you believe in shades of gray?

[b]Where were you born? What do you think of your hometown?[/b]

[b]How do you feel about your parents? What do you like or dislike about them?[/b]

[b]How did your parents choose your name?[/b]

[b]Are you happy with where you currently live?[/b]

[b]Would you consider yourself book-smart, street-smart, an intellectual, intelligent, or slow-witted?[/b]

[b]If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?[/b]

[b]How do you cope with mistakes or failure?[/b]

[b]Are you at all superstitious? If so, what are your major superstitions?[/b]

[b]Are you extroverted or introverted?[/b]

[b]How do you feel about exhibiting your emotions?[/b]

[b]Do you like to be the center of attention, part of the background, or somewhere in between?[/b]

[b]How is your self-confidence or sense of self-worth?[/b]

[b]What is your biggest pet peeve?[/b]

[b]What do you want out of life?[/b]

[b]What is the best thing that's ever happened to you?[/b]

[b]What is the [i]worst[/i] thing that's ever happened to you?[/b]

[b]Who do you look up to the most? Why?[/b]

[b]Who would you consider to be your best friend?[/b]

[b]Who would you ask to help you out of a tight spot?[/b]

[b]Do you see the world in black and white, or do you believe in shades of gray?[/b]
Nov 12 2017, 07:12 PM

Shane Adler :: Slate

This is Shane (or Slate if you're partial to calling people by their code names) a 27 year old geokinetic earth science teacher at Xavier's, and a member of the X-Men gold team.

Friends: As long as you're not an idiot or a jerk it shouldn't be too hard to befriend Shane. First impressions mean a lot with him, but they aren't completely set in stone.

That aside, Shane holds his friends in pretty high regard and would go to great lengths to aid them should the need arise. He tends to be a good ear even if he's bad at discussing his own personal problems (and he currently has plenty of them.)

Enemies: The Brotherhood, naturally, and bigots who think that they could or should pass laws against mutants or other minorities for the express purpose of holding them back. Apart from those very obvious foes, Shane will easily take to disliking someone if they're prone to breaking rules, causing trouble, or otherwise being annoying.

People who hurt his friends or family (or anyone else who doesn't deserve it) will easily end up on this list and have a very hard time getting back on his good side (assuming they were ever there to begin with.)

Plots: Pretty much open for anything. X-Men team related shenanigans, student/teacher interaction, Danger Room stuff, and just about anything of that sort should be fine for a start.

With recent brooding developments (pun intended) he's taken to looking for ways to distract himself from his thoughts, but will always be ready to jump back into action when needed.

Anthony Carter :: Impulse

This is Tony (or Impulse,) a 17 year old electrokinetic New Mutant student at Xavier's, and a member of the Omega Squad.

Friends: It's not hard to befriend Tony. He's naturally curious about people and would certainly love more subjects to write about and adapt into comic book characters. Beware however, because he will call you out for stupidity.

Enemies: Apart from the Brood and the jerks he ran into at the Weapon X facility, Tony doesn't have many enemies yet. That's not to say he doesn't dislike bad people, but he hasn't really run across many personally.

Plots: Tony's pretty open, honestly. He's up for some risky adventure or even something as benign as sports in the yard or in the Danger Room.

Nathan Adler :: Fenrir

This is Nate (or Fenrir,) a 27 year old werewolf. No, really. He's a werewolf and a private investigator who just happens to have a cousin in the X-Men.

Friends: Being an introvert, Nate has a hard time forming lasting friendships. His personal nature isn't the only reason however, but in his mind it helps to protect others from what he sees as a potential disaster. Knowing that he has a temper (no matter how adept he is at keeping it in check) Nate likes to keep people at a bit of a distance so that he doesn't risk hurting them (or worse) should he become riled enough to involuntarily shift into a seven foot tall furry monster-man.

Enemies: Drug dealers, lawbreakers, assholes, you name it. Nate has a pretty strong sense of justice and will rarely hesitate to put the fear of Dog into someone.

Plots: He needs these. Being a private investigator he's pretty open to stuff on the street level. X-Men are a possibility too, since his cousin Shane now knows that he's living in New York and probably mentioned it to the others (but probably hasn't told the others that Nate is actually a werewolf rather than a somewhat feral mutant with heightened abilities and senses as everyone initially believed.)
Nov 11 2017, 10:04 AM


Celebrity Claim- Matt Lanter

Full Name- Shane Michael Adler
Nicknames/Aliases- Slate, Rocks
Age- 27
Date of Birth- August 4th, 1989
Faction- X-Men – Arrived at the mansion in early 2002
Occupation- Earth Science teacher for Xavier's

Personality- Shane's personality can be described differently by different people. For some he can be charming and friendly, but for those he doesn't warm up to he can come across as judgmental and stubborn. In truth all of these adjectives can accurately describe him. Shane isn't terribly difficult to get along with as long as one understands that when he thinks he's right it's very difficult to change his mind.

Shane has a strong desire to do the right things and to protect those he cares about, and as such generally respects authority unless he vehemently disagrees with them for some reason or another. That said, when something does clash with his personal ideology he is pretty vocal about it, with his mouth sometimes outpacing his brain. Some would say that his head is as hard as the rocks he manipulates, but those people would be sorely mistaken. While it's true that he can hold fast to his own beliefs and ideas until thoroughly proven wrong, he's not entirely unwilling to admit when he's incorrect –it just might take a while.

  • Eggs. Scrambled, because any other way is just not right.
  • Steaks. Medium, because again any other way is just not right.
  • Cake. The man loves him the occasional bit of cake.
  • Minerals of various sorts.
  • Sculpting things. Odd shapes, primarily, because he doesn't have enough artistic talent for anything too complex.
  • The occasional beer, as long as it's not the cheap domestic stuff.
  • Being right.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • Romantic comedies, even if he won't admit it.
  • Sci-fi and fantasy movies and games.
  • Feeling connected to the earth.
  • Admitting when he's wrong. Sure, he'll do it, but he doesn't have to like it.
  • Wine. If he wanted to taste liquid dirt he'd just drink mud (no, he won't drink mud.)
  • Being off the ground for too long. Due to his natural connection to the earth, Shane dislikes being away from the ground for extended periods of time.
  • Bigots. Shane strongly dislikes when people use their personal/religious/political beliefs to hold others back or to put them down.
  • Swimming. Due to his mutation, getting wet tends to make him smell like a hot wet stone. He's also not particularly adept at it.
  • Methodical – When it comes to planning, Shane tends to think things through and tries to find the optimum way to reach his goals.
  • Alert – He's usually good at paying attention to his surroundings.
  • Sense of humor – He's not always a snarky, stubborn jerk. Believe it or not, Shane enjoys a good laugh now and then.
  • Hard worker – He knows when to be serious and to get things done.
  • Stubbornness – When he thinks he's right, he knows he's right.
  • Occasional belligerence – When his views are being challenged or when someone is just being a jerk, he will sometimes fire back even if it's not the smartest thing to do.
  • Being judgmental – When he forms an opinion about someone/something it's really difficult to break it, and that can sometimes color future interactions with him.

Power Name- Geokinesis
Description- Shane has the ability to directly control natural minerals and stone within a fifty foot radius as long as he's in contact with it or the ground, via a psionic link to the earth. The most common applications of this would be creating rock or thickly compacted dirt walls that jut up from the ground or forcing a solid chunk of earth into the air to be flung as a projectile. Creating a wall or similar construct is easier because it's typically an extension of grounded earth. Creating a projectile is more difficult, requiring him to focus on a single spot and force a chunk to be launched upward from the ground, where he then must physically touch it in order to force it forward. The quick motion required to accomplish this generally makes it more trouble than it is worth, and picking up and propelling one or more readily accessible rocks tends to be a lot less tricky.

Other applications are variations on the aforementioned skills. Rock or dirt walls can be used to ensnare someone or for protection. Sharp stalagmites can be created in a manner similar to a wall, and could be used to create dangerous terrain or to puncture tires. Opening a small chasm or hole in the ground, or even causing severe damage to a drivable street would be possible as long as he's grounded. Lifting the ground beneath him, Shane can essentially create a makeshift elevator or erect a series of pillars to form a staircase. With mental effort, Shane can fine tune his constructs to have more intricate shape, but tends to only do so in low/no stress situations due to the concentration required to alter form.

Shane can also sense vibration in the ground, allowing him to feel the approach of others from any given direction. This isn't precise, but the intensity of the vibration can usually tell him how close people are or rough estimates on how many are approaching.

Limits- Shane must be in contact with whatever he intends to manipulate, or at least share a logical connection to it. If he was to break through a section of brick wall to a building then the ground leading to it must be made of something he can work with as well, otherwise he'd need to make direct contact with the wall itself; if the floor was coated in metal, for instance, it would sever his connection unless he made direct contact.

While Shane can cause a reasonable amount of terrain alteration or devastation on a small scale should he choose to do so, he can only manipulate so much at once. Toppling a skyscraper, for instance, would require him to connect with portions of the structure or the foundation -even if the entire building was made of bricks he wouldn't be able to manipulate the entire structure at once.

Finally, while performing geokinetic manipulation, Shane can not assimilate minerals to create armor.

Power Name- Adaptive Armor Layer
Description- Shane's mutation allows him to create a thick epidermal layer of armor that takes on properties of a mineral that he touches. The denser the material the stronger his defense and physical strength become. Along with this comes an alteration of his physical appearance, with the armor layer taking on the properties of the mineral to which he's adapted.

In an armored form Shane's physical defenses greatly improve, as the mineral layer can absorb a lot of impact damage. This doesn't render him invincible, but it could allow him to withstand traditional gunfire and take a lot of physical abuse. High caliber weapons, explosives, and adamantium will still be able to damage or otherwise pierce his armor layer.

While armored, Shane's physical strength is greatly augmented, allowing him to move/lift up to 25 tons. Speed is not greatly enhanced, but endurance grows to accommodate the increase in strength.

Limits- Shane can only assimilate minerals. While this does include some incredibly dense material (diamond, for example, should he get his hands on it) it excludes all processed metals, wood, pearl (as it is made organically), and so forth. If he's deprived of actual minerals to touch and assimilate, he can not become armored.

Shane can't perform geokinetic manipulation while in an armored form. While ground vibrations may still be felt, he would be unable to create/break/or otherwise alter the terrain unless he reverts to normal first.

Skills & Abilities- Shane has a strong knowledge of geology as a result of research done following the manifestation of his abilities, and has earned a bachelor's degree through NYU. He is also skilled at hand-to-hand combat as a result of training under various tutors in the mansion. He's also quite skilled at rock climbing because of his ability to alter the surface to create hand/foot holds.

Height- 5'10" in a normal state, and 6'0" when armored due to its overall thickness
Weight- 185lbs in a normal state, and varying when armored due to the varying density of minerals used
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- On a normal day, Shane doesn't particularly stand out in a crowd. Standing at a modest 5'10" and having a solid yet lean build, he isn't particularly intimidating either. His wardrobe consists of mostly casual to "business casual" clothing, with t-shirts, button down shirts, jeans, shorts, and athletic wear -nothing particularly snazzy.

All of this changes when he "rocks out," almost instantly gaining a couple of inches of height and a noticeably thicker build due to the mineral layer that forms on his entire body, even altering/covering his eyes and hair. The finer details of his armor can vary slightly depending upon the mineral used in its creation but in general it appears mostly smooth over his body. The color of this new layer varies depending on the color of the stone he draws from. Despite making him look like a sort of stone golem, he can see just as well as he can in his fully human form. Unfortunately, due to the increase in his size when armored, he tends to stretch out or possibly rip some of his clothing, which is why he's sometimes prone to wearing loose fitting garb.

Gear- Shane always carries various rocks in one of his pockets, knowing that if he needed to protect himself he could always touch one to create armor based on its makeup. To that end, his uniform is designed to accommodate his need for flexible material and ready access to various stones. The uniform itself is a sleeveless getup created from unstable molecules, with stones affixed on the inside so that they're constantly in contact with his body in case he needs them to create armor.

Aside from his uniform, he also has a simple tank top and compression shorts created from unstable molecules to wear under his normal clothing in case it doesn't survive his shifting.

Additional Information- Likely surprising no one, Shane has a rather large collection of various minerals, gemstones, and other rocks. While he's not prone to showing off said collection, he can be a bit protective of it and generally notices when pieces have been moved.

Shane also likes to keep abreast of the news both local and national (sometimes international, depending upon how serious it is), and will sometimes get lost reading article after article trying to discern the most accurate and least biased information.

Hometown- Fort Worth, Texas
Immediate Family-
David Allan Adler (father)
Jessica Mona Adler (mother)
Others- He has a mutant cousin named Nathan (Nate) who is about the same age but didn't attend Xavier's -they only occasionally talk. Naturally, he has befriended some of the people from Xavier's.

History- Shane grew up as the only child of David and Jessica Adler in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. His was not an atypical childhood by most accounts, as he made the usual childhood friends, went to school, and did what a normal kid would do. That was until an incident that occurred when he was twelve changed everything.

During a field day in middle school his class was participating in a game of tug-of-war, Shane and his friends found their competitive natures getting the better of them. After a decently lengthy stalemate, the group found itself being pulled ever closer to the "loser's line." Not being one to give up, Shane put his all into it, pulling with all of the strength that his twelve-year-old self could muster, planting his right foot firmly on the ground. It was in that moment of competition induced stress that the ground on which he and his friends were standing shifted greatly, the dirt and grass being spontaneously pushed away, forming a modest crater into which his entire team stumbled. The hole wasn't deep, but its sudden formation rattled everyone. At the time few knew or realized what had really happened, and though Shane was well aware that he was at the center of the crater's formation it hadn't immediately dawned on him that he had caused it.

The incident hadn't gone unnoticed. Over the following few days some of his close friends seemed more distant, and no one would really talk to him about what had happened. It wasn't until a week later that the next incident would occur, cementing the truth in his head once and for all. A boy named Roy -a known figurehead of menace at the school- and a group of his cronies confronted Shane after school one day, cornering him as he exited the building. Roy tossed out a few accusations regarding the incident during the field day, and while Shane denied having done anything the boys began shoving him and calling him names. At the peak of the encounter Roy shoved Shane hard enough that he fell to the ground. Despite this, Shane continued to protest leading Roy to throw a punch. A punch that saw the boy's hand broken. Moments before the fist could make contact with his face, Shane had moved to block the punch, his hand brushing against the bricks of the building. Roy's knuckles had crashed against the shale that Shane had unknowingly drawn from during this stressful moment.

The other kids ran as Roy wailed in agony, and rightfully so, because when Shane's head finally stopped spinning from everything that was happening he realized that he was covered from head to toe in stone, his clothing stretched to the limits. Naturally, he did what anyone would do in such a situation -he ran.

When his parents learned what had happened their reactions were a bit mixed. While neither of them were particularly anti-mutant, they had never really considered that their son would be one. They weren't angry with him, because after some discussion they fully believed that he hadn't intentionally hurt Roy, but the fact that it had happened at all brought about a new problem. Word of what happened would spread quickly, and Shane would definitely be targeted because he was undeniably a mutant.

For a few weeks Shane was kept out of school. Questions were asked of course, but his parents did their best to keep people at bay. It was a few weeks later that they received an unannounced visitor who brought with him an offer to take Shane away from Fort Worth and to help him. This visitor spoke of a special school in New York, where young mutants could go to learn about their "gifts" in a safe environment. At first he was reluctant to go, feeling that he shouldn't have to leave the state in order to get a handle on what was happening to him, but upon the insistence of his parents he relented. A few days later he departed for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

At first Shane was a bit standoffish, not allowing himself to get too close to anybody at the school until he felt that he could trust both them and the establishment. For the most part he wasn't rude, but generally kept to himself during the first month. Once he was content that the staff at Xavier's and the other students were truly there to help him, he began to open up and start talking more. There were some people he'd come to like and others who rubbed him the wrong way, as had been the case at his old school. He was neither an outcast nor a social butterfly, but he was known for being a bit hardheaded which was an unfair assessment in his opinion -but it wasn't his problem that they were wrong.

Over the next few years Shane learned to control his earth-based powers and took to heavily studying geology in order to learn even more about the minerals he could manipulate and mimic. After graduating from high school Shane enrolled in NYU, where he ultimately earned a Bachelor's in Science for geology, before becoming an Earth Science teacher for Xavier's.

Player Name- Zel
Age 36
How Can We Contact- PM
Time Zone- Central US
How did you find us? Pete ultimately led me here
Other Characters- Nope

Role Play Sample-

"No," he said, his brow sternly set and his jaw tightening, conveying his disapproval through body language in case his tone didn't make it obvious. "That's not how you treat another student."

Classes had been dismissed for the day, so there was ample time for him to get some sort of explanation for what he'd witnessed in his classroom. Shane's eyes met the boy's, refusing to break away despite the kid's obvious desire to stand firm in his belief that he'd been in the right. "But she did it first," came the inevitable protest. "She telekinetically ripped my report to shreds!"

Leaning back against the desk, resting his palms along its edge, Shane expelled a sharp breath through his nose. It wasn't that he didn't believe the kid, but he hadn't seen anything of the sort. All he had to go on was what had happened in the last ten minutes, and what he had witnessed was a blatant abuse of power. "And you respond by melting her textbook and part of her desk," he said, clearly a statement rather than a question. "Did anyone ever tell you that two wrongs don't make a right? Because two wrongs super don't make a right." Especially not in this case. Not only did they have to replace a student's textbook, but they'd need a new desk as well.

"I was only teaching her a lesson," the kid said with an audacity that elicited the quirk of Shane's eyebrow. "I want her to see that there are consequences for her actions."

Oh. That wouldn't do. While Shane fully agreed that some actions had and deserved certain consequences, there were proper channels and improper channels. This kid would learn that his own actions had consequences. "If we all took such matters into our own hands," he began, fighting hard against the urge to completely verbally lay waste to his student, "where would we end up?"

For a few moments Shane was met with glorious silence, and as his eyes bore into the kid he could practically feel the boy's desire to look away and see the light of realization flicker on for a brief moment. At that point he knew he'd broken through. Shane knew well that if every negative action was met with an equally negative action that the world would ultimately descend into chaos. "I guess we'd just keep attacking each other," the kid said, losing both the bite in his tone and his ability to maintain eye contact. "But what are you going to do about it?"

Okay, so he'd thought there was a breakthrough. "First," he said, his jaw remaining somewhat tight, "I'm going to have to place you in detention for for melting her book and part of the desk -consequences for your actions. Second, I'm going to talk to her to find out why she destroyed your report. She's not going to be off the hook for this either."

"But that's not fair!" the kid shot back, seemingly forgetting that he himself acknowledged that consequences existed.

"What's not fair?" Shane retorted, raising his palm and making a face showing his clear confusion. "You said yourself that actions have consequences -you're expecting to be exempt? Well you're not, and neither is she. So run along -I'll be sending for her shortly."

Without a word the kid left, clearly seething and probably a little confused as to why he was in trouble. Sighing heavily, Shane pushed off of his desk and made for the door himself. Before he could or would discipline the other student -the one he hadn't witnessed abusing her powers- he'd have to ask his colleagues if they'd seen anything themselves. He wasn't going to go in blind, assuming he had been told the absolute truth.
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