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Aug 5 2018, 03:47 PM


Celebrity Claim-Sean O'Donnell

Full Name- Trent Atherton
Nicknames/Aliases- Nothing of note.
Age- 15
Date of Birth- April 6th, 2002
Faction- New Mutants, arrived May 2017
Occupation- Student

Personality- Although his isolation has dulled his people skills a little and necessitates some time for the boy to readjust, Trent has always generally been a quiet, easy-going and kind teenager. He can be shy when he's around people he's unfamiliar with, but he's not averse to talking. He simply takes a bit longer than most people to open up to others, and in most cases he'll just wait for others to take the first step instead of taking it himself. He's quite curious and inquisitive, though, and may even approach complete strangers if there's something about them that captures his interest. He can be unexpectedly bold in situations like this, casually ignoring such concepts as 'personal space' and 'common courtesy' in order to satisfy his curiosity.

Having spent several years living outside of society, Trent is behind both academically and when it comes to things like pop culture and technology. That he grew up rather sheltered before that doesn't help the latter two either, nor does the fact that Trent isn't all that smart. Trent is also quite naïve and gullible. He's rather quick to believe what others tell him simply based on the assumption that they've experienced more of the world than he has. There are definitely limits, he isn't just going to accept any old thing as the truth, but if it's plausible enough he will generally accept it. Though he's not all that intelligent, Trent is at least aware that he's not, which only makes him more likely to assume that others know better.

Trent can also come across as a bit quirky. A clear example of this is his tendency to talk to plants and how he acts as if they're talking back (they don't). It's kind of like how many pet owners talk to their pets or even treat them like their kids, except in Trent's case the plants are just kind of... there. He's not even sensible enough to keep from doing it around others, because his dimwitted nature also comes with a lack of shame to match. Beyond this, Trent's years of living alone have turned him just a bit socially awkward, which can lead him to approach situations differently than regular folks would. He can be rather unpredictable in his actions/reactions because of this, but all in all remains a mostly harmless boy.

  • Being outdoors, especially during Spring and early Autumn when weather conditions are typically ideal for him. Bonus points if it's raining.
  • Plants. He'll talk to them and pretend they talk back, even though they don't.
  • Gadgets. He'll generally have little idea what they do, and they seem contrary to who/what he is, but they intrigue him. Sorry in advance for breaking your whatever it was.
  • Anything that glows, sparkles or glitters. Seriously, it can keep him entertained for hours on end.
  • Mud. It's messy, but it's the fun kind of messy.
  • School. Trent is weak academically, not to mention years behind his peers, and it frustrates him.
  • Winter. It's the most awful time of the year. It ruins Christmas with its ice and snow.
  • Being cooped up inside. It just feels wholly unnatural to him. Unless it's freezing, he'll even sleep outside.
  • People eating in his presence. Trent remembers vaguely what food tastes like, and it makes him jealous.
  • Animals. Trent doesn't register as human to most them, and the amount of respect animals generally show towards plant life isn't a lot.
  • Big cities. So many building, so much concrete, so little vegetation.
  • Learning about all the horrible things, from worms to fungi to what have you, that affect plants but not humans. He'd just rather not. Ignorance is bliss, and he's very blissful.
  • Trustworthy. Loyal to the core, Trent would never even consider betraying those who have earned his trust.
  • Optimistic. Trent likes to keep a positive outlook on life and believe that everything will turn out okay. Even though a lot of the time, logically, he probably shouldn't.
  • Enthusiastic. Though arguably not always sure of what he's getting himself into, Trent will throw himself at things with full gusto.
  • Kinda stupid. He isn't book smart, he isn't street smart, he's just not smart in general.
  • Impressionable. Naive little Trent doesn't have a lot of experience in life, and coupled with being a bit of a dumb-dumb leaves him easily influenced by others.
  • No attention span. He's never had the need to discipline himself when it comes to things like school work (or really, any activity) and is horribly unfocused.

Power Name- Plant Physiology
Description- Trent's body is almost entirely made up out of plant matter, and it's because of this that, aside from his still humanoid appearance, his overall physiology is far more similar to that of vascular plants than it is to that of a regular human. He possesses almost no internal organs, and the few he still has such as his brain and lungs are smaller and either more limited or different in their functionality, since his body does not have the same needs normal bodies do. He no longer has a heart, the transport of water and nutrients taken care of by the transport tissue called xylem; his lungs function differently in that they take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, a function that most cells of his body can fulfill as well; and he only has a short digestive tract that can take in water and some nutrients, but fails to process most types of food that human digestive systems have no problem with. Trent is an autotroph, and gains the energy he needs through photosynthesis just like plants do, requiring sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and various nutrients (minerals like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium) in order to stay healthy.

His unique physiology makes Trent far stronger and hardier than any normal human, capable of lifting up to 1 tonne and handling blunt force trauma up to roughly half a tonne without suffering damage. Because of the aforementioned lack of organs, as well as missing a skeleton and vascular system (meaning he doesn't bleed), and possessing an underdeveloped central nervous system, any damage that Trent does suffer is likely to be less severe, or at least less limiting to his ability to function, though he does not possess a healing factor and recovers at the same rate that regular ol' humans would. He is, however, immune to nearly all types of toxin, drugs and diseases that would affect normal humans, though on the flip side he is vulnerable to certain diseases and chemicals that, while harmless to humans, negatively impact plant life. Because the cells of his body do not produce fatigue toxins, Trent does not physically tire, the only limitation on how long he can keep going placed upon him by the abundance of sunlight and how recently he's had the chance to take in water and nutrients. While he requires less of it than your average person, Trent does still require sleep.

Trent's body continuously produces a toxin high on cardiac glycosides, which can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, reduced or irregular heart rate, and may be fatal in sufficient quantities. While the toxin is most dangerous when directly ingested, exposure to it through the skin can also have negative effects such as feeling lightheaded, minor inflammation of the skin, stomach cramps and nausea, and is just as dangerous as ingestion in sufficient quantities. This toxin can be found in equal quantities throughout most of the cells in his body, existing in especially high concentrations in his sap. While he can secrete his toxin in limited quantities through his skin, Trent is currently unaware of this, making the only direct risk of exposure through his saliva (or what passes for saliva, anyway). A very real risk as well, considering Trent doesn't actually know that he's toxic.

Limits- Without regular access to sufficient sunlight, water and nutrients, Trent will deteriorate rather quickly. Trent will weaken after a day without sufficient sunlight or water, and will start to visually decay soon after. When this occurs his usual vibrant green color will turn brown instead, his skin turning hard and dry, while his body in general emaciates greatly. To avoid this, he ideally needs at least a few hours of sun and a couple of liters of water daily. He can subsist on less, but he'll be plagued by lethargy and generally useless if he does.

Another downside of Trent's unique physiology stems from his more limited cerebral functions and a mostly lacklustre central nervous system. He has no sense of smell or taste, and his tactile perception is limited compared to regular people. Both his sight and hearing are mostly up to human standards, though the former isn't great and Trent should probably have his eyes tested so he can get glasses or corrective lenses.

Although he doesn't perceive temperatures all that well, another weakness Trent suffers from is the inability to deal with temperature extremes, since he doesn't have the same human ability to regulate his own body temperature. He manages okay in the heat as long as the humidity is high enough, but dry heat will lead to dehydration far more quickly than normal unless he has a source of water to replenish himself, and he is entirely unsuited for freezing temperatures.

Because his physiology is so different from that of regular humans and mutants, conventional medical treatments and even most forms of mutant healing are generally ineffective on Trent. Injuries he sustains aren't necessarily untreatable, but it would take knowledge that goes beyond just human anatomy and a likely unconventional approach to help him.

Since he is so very plant-like, Trent would also be any skilled plant manipulator's bitch, without any hopes of overcoming his disadvantage. Going up against an arborkinetic, chlorokinetic or however you want to label them, would be a monumental mistake. It would be like sending a man made of steel or one possessing a metal skeleton up against someone who controls magnetism, and who would be dumb enough to do that?

Power Name- Plant Mimicry
Description- Trent possesses the ability to alter his body to a limited degree to take on certain characteristics from other plants. Most importantly this allows Trent to grow roots from his hands or feet, through which he can take in the nutrients he needs should he be without means to take them in orally. Though of course he can also just dig his hands into the dirt, or shovel dirt into his mouth for a similar effect.

He is also capable of doing such things as growing thorns or shape his fingers into sharp, wooden talons for offensive purposes, harden his skin to resemble bark to increase his strength and durability to roughly twice their normal levels (so, capable of lifting 2 tonnes and resisting about 1 tonne of force). Other applications of this ability would include creating toxins more potent than his own, such as Hemlock or Oleander and secrete it from his skin, or change his skin to mimic such lovely plants like nettles or poison ivy, which are not fun (and in some cases even excruciatingly horrible) to touch.

Trent can also grow flowers and leaves, which can help him camouflage himself, though obviously it would require a suitable environment. Looking like a pretty shrubbery in the middle of a concrete jungle isn't going to help him hide. Trent can mask his scent this way as well, smelling like whatever plant he mimics to hide his (already clearly inhuman) scent.

Limits- Trent is not a full fledged shapeshifter, and aside from limited changes to his colouration, texture and hardness, shaping his fingertips into talons or growing roots, foliage or flowers, he can't change how he looks. He is also incapable of animating anything he creates, despite it technically being an extension of his body, so he won't be shooting thorns or whipping about vines like he's a freaking Bulbasaur.

Mimicking aspects of other plant life does not work like a magical rolodex, and Trent actually needs to have some degree of knowledge of a plant to be able to mimic any of its characteristics. Theoretical knowledge can work, if it's simple enough for Trent to comprehend, but considering the boy is a bit simple himself, hands-on experience with plants is preferable.

Skills & Abilities- Trent has a fair amount of botanical knowledge from his time living out in the wild, but beyond that he has no real discernible skills or abilities.

Height- 5'9''
Weight- 160 lbs
Eye Colour- Dark green sclera with bright green irises
Hair Colour- Green

Appearance- There is no mistaking Trent for anything other than a mutant. The chlorophylls contained in his body's cells give him a fresh, green appearance, with veins similar to what you'd see on many kinds of leaves lining his skin. The skin itself is smooth, with a rubbery texture, and entirely devoid of hair. The hair he does seem to have atop his head is not actually hair, because while similar in its appearance it's actually is made out of lignin and water like the rest of his body, and more akin to grass. He doesn't style it in the traditional sense because hair products and grass don't mix well. It's instead subject to Trent's whim and usually kept short and simple. His eyes are unusual as well, with his sclera a dark green, bordering on black, with bright green irises standing out in stark contrast.

Since his body depends on being exposed to sunlight, Trent covers up as little as he can get away with. Were it up to him, he'd just forego clothing entirely for maximum exposure, but he understands that this is not generally acceptable. He rarely wears more than a tank top and shorts and tends not to wear footwear of any kind. The only exception to this is when it's freezing, because then he'll pile on as many layers as possible in an attempt to stave off the cold, considering he's far more susceptible to it than regular people are.

Gear- N/A

Additional Information-

He will literally eat dirt. It's nutritious, you should try it.

Hometown- Pollock, Louisiana
Immediate Family-
Travis and Maribelle Atherton (parents, estranged)
Cody Atherton (younger brother, estranged)
Others- N/A

History- Trent Atherton hails from Pollock, Louisiana, a small town with less than 500 inhabitants where everyone seems to know everyone, and nothing ever stays hidden for long. The eldest son of Travis and Maribelle Atherton, Trent had a completely unremarkable childhood, fitting for a rather unremarkable child. He floundered in school on weekdays, played sports poorly on Saturdays, and attended church with his parents and little brother on Sundays. Everything pointed towards Trent being yet another one of Pollock's youth who'd fail to accomplish much in life, remaining in the town he grew up in until he was old and gray because he lacked the necessary intellect or skills to make enough of himself to move elsewhere.

But as it turned out, there was something remarkable about Trent after all. An early bloomer, Trent was hit in the face by puberty a few weeks before his eleventh birthday, and it hit him hard. Having felt a bit sick the entire morning before church, his unease increasing throughout the sermon, Trent collapsed as he and his family made their way back towards their car afterwards. In front of his horrified parents and baby brother, Trent's entire body went through a rapid and incredibly painful transformation as every cell of his body was altered, transforming the boy from flesh and blood to something more akin to a plant. The entire process took less than thirty seconds from start to finish, but to Trent it felt like an eternity passed before he could breath again, opening his eyes again to find his mom and dad looking down at him as if the devil himself had just crawled straight up through the pavement from the depths of Hell.

Though Trent looked at his parents, and his mother in particular, for help in dealing with something he didn't understand, the boy was met with nothing but contempt from both of them. Mutants were not something that the sleepy little town of Pollock had dealt with before, at least not to anyone's knowledge, and the Athertons treated their son exactly the way one would expect from the deeply ignorant. Trent was stunned, the people who had supported him his entire life turning on him as if it was nothing, but he managed to get his bearings together quickly enough to scramble away and run off before ignorance turned to violence.

Not knowing where to go, Trent fled into the Kisatchie National Forest surrounding the town of Pollock. Alone, afraid, and pretty sure that he didn't have the wits or skills to survive out there on his own, Trent quickly gave up hope and was ready to accept his fate, though he found that his newly changed body wasn't so quick to surrender itself to death. Requiring only the barest minimum to survive - sunlight and water - Trent found himself beating the odds he'd thought far too high for him to overcome, and slowly but surely discovered what his newfound form was capable of. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and Trent made a life for himself out in the wilderness. The boy who would previously have been at risk of hurting himself while camping out in the backyard was surviving without anyone's help by virtue of his mutation alone.

As time passed, Trent grew to become more feral in his nature. Initially he had avoided contact with any of the people that frequented the area, using his mutant abilities to stay hidden, but after years of making a life for himself and coming to think of his particular neck of the woods as his home and did not take kindly to those he saw as invasive. Just wanting to be left alone, Trent began attacking hikers and anyone else who ventured into what he saw as his territory, not particularly violent in his attacks but doing enough to chase them off. In the months following the first time he attacked someone, Trent developed a reputation in the area, becoming something akin to a local urban legend, with some describing him as a "notably small, messy looking Bigfoot" while others claimed that the forest was home to some kind of swamp creature. In reality he was just a scared fifteen year old, unsure of what he was or that there were others like him out there, not knowing that as rumours of his activity spread beyond just the immediate area, eventually they would come for him.

Player Name- Pete
Age Three dozen years.
How Can We Contact- thelesserevil#9393 on Discord
Time Zone- Central European
How did you find us? I had to waterboard Charly to get her to tell me about this place.
Other Characters- Scion, Iceman, Flashback, Cannonball, Mimic, Emma Frost, Chrome and Angel.

Role Play Sample-
Bright green eyes peered through the foliage at the unfamiliar faces of the people nearby. It wasn't the first time that Trent had had unwelcome visitors to his part of the forest, and it likely wouldn't be the last, but there was something different about these people. They weren't dressed like hikers, and they didn't look like they were planning to go camping in the area either. Trent had no idea what kind of outfits they were wearing, but they didn't look like no police officers he remembered either. To be fair, it had been a while since he'd last seen one of them - he'd sort of lost track how long exactly he had been out here - so maybe this was how the police dressed now. He cocked his head lightly for a moment, not sure if this was an improvement or not.

Trent himself was hidden from sight, not just by the surrounding vegetation but by the similar foliage growing from his plant-like body as well, helping him blend in almost seamlessly. This area was his home, he knew it well, and he knew how to keep himself from being noticed until he was close enough to strike - nothing serious, because Trent still remembered that killing or even hurting people was bad, but enough to send them running. He knew he could do it, he had done it many times before. In this part of the Kisatchie Forest especially, Trent was completely in his element. He was like a guerilla fighter, if guerilla fighters had no actual fighting ability and were relying solely on the advantages given to them by their genetic mutation.

Carefully moving closer, Trent discarded the leaves he'd been covered with in favour of turning his skin harder, more closely resembling the bark of the nearby trees than his usual verdant green form. He remembered the last time he'd jumped out at someone looking like this, his fingers tipped in sharp claws; the poor woman had let out a scream that had almost made Trent laugh, before dropping her backpack and making a run for it like a bear had just jumped out of the bushes. That had been a good one, not in the least because her backpack had provided him with all sorts of things to occupy his time with, even if he didn't know what half the things in there were. He'd liked the weird teabags in there best, because even if he couldn't taste anything when he put them in his mouth, he liked how they'd swell up when you got them wet. Still didn't know where the tea came from, though.

Distracted by his memories for a moment, Trent almost missed his moment, and in his rush to get the jump on these people almost tripped over his own feet as he jumped out of the bushes. Coming to a stop in front of the strangers, in a mostly graceful manner by his standards, Trent pointed his taloned right hand in their direction and snarled. When that did not achieve the desired result immediately, he took a step forward and let out a guttural "Go away!"
Aug 5 2018, 02:08 AM
Through a charity foundation called Mutants Sans Frontières (I know, très original naming) Warren provides other organizations like the Red Cross with mutant support and engages in disaster relief and humanitarian aid on its own as well. People get helped, mutants get some good PR, Warren gets a tax write off. Everyone wins!

I'll be doing a thread related to this soon, and mean to involve the X-Men's Blue team for this. If you're Gold and set on joining that's fine, but it's primarily meant as something for the Blues to get involved in.

The mission will take place on Sunday, the 21st of May, in the Central African Republic. This is a notoriously dangerous region for relief workers in our reality, so suffice to say it's not exactly going to be a walk in the park in a universe that has superpowered mutants around to make things more problematic.

There's no limit to how many people can get involved in this, I'd just like to know who will be there going in. Signups are open until noon (Central) on August 10th, the thread itself will start that same day or on the 11th. Ace Andi Anonymoogle Bry Fishy! Hank Jeremy Kevin Mia Noiz Rider Rocki
Jul 16 2018, 09:36 AM

The votes are in, and the aerokinetic X-Man Mistral ended up on top of more than just her terrorist Brotherhoodlum boyfriend this month! Mistral is written by Rider, who also writes several other characters in Marvel Girl, Blackstar, X-23 and Rogue, none of whom have anywhere near as poor a taste in boyfriends except Laura because what the hell is she thinking dating that idiot, but she probably just doesn't know any better because she was raised to kill, not make informed choices in life. With everything she's been through, will things take a turn for the better for our young, blonde X-Man? Probably not. Here's hoping!


The second greatest honour bestowed upon this commoner, after the wonderful experience of being allowed to bring the one and only, the majestic Fabian Cortez to the plebs of Marvel Evolution so they may bask in his presence, Rodentfanatic was voted Member of the Month. This lover of rodents also writes the less remarkable of the Cortez siblings, Anne Marie, and just recently added some flatscan called Haven to the mix. We're just thrilled to have another one of those running around.

(We really are though, Rodentfanatic has been a wonderful addition to Marvel Evo, and we're thrilled to see what she does next!)


This month we left the choice of threads to nominate up to our lovely members, and as a result You Can't Take the Razorback was unanimously voted as thread of the month. That is to say, Rider was the only one to actually nominate anything from the June RO and it won by default. Congrats, Rider! You win twice this month. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? There's drama, definitely no one dies in this one, and it's in SPACE. You know everything is better when you put it in outer space. Let's try launching Fabian into it.

Ace Adam Alucard Andi Anonymoogle Bashi Breadedtimelord Benjimon Bry Charly Fishy! Hank Jamie Jeremy Kevin Mia Nobody Noiz Pirate Rider Rocki Rodentfanatic Zel
Jul 16 2018, 09:02 AM
We're just past halfway through the month, so it's time for our midway check. As always, this is nothing more than a courtesy to let those who haven't made their required 4 posts for the month yet know where they stand.

You still have until noon, July 30th (Central time) to get the rest of your posts done.

Alpha Squad

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            Safe for July
            Jun 16 2018, 02:09 AM

            Never has there been a more glorious or attractive winner of character of the month than the one and only Lord Cortez, referred to by some of his inferiors (for he has no peers) as Fabian, and sometimes insolently as Fabs. Standing as the truest example of mutant superiority, not just from a physical standpoint as Mother Nature's finest creation but in general, the incomparable Fabian Cortez, the pinnacle of perfection, is served in making sure all have the honour of basking in his presence by Rodentfanatic, who also writes Lord Cortez's sister, Anne Marie.


            Our member of the month is the one and only Noiz! Everyone's favourite Michiganian (just ahead of Eminem) has been with us since the very beginning, starting off with feisty New Mutant Boom Boom before adding the classiest Brotherhoodlum Nightmare, novice X-Man DJ and endless ray of sunshine Wither to her stable of characters over the past year and a half. A prime example of what you'd expect from an Evo member, Noiz is always willing to plot with others, and thanks to the handle she has on her various characters is always a joy to write with. Keep it up, Noiz!


            In Da Club was voted to be the thread of the month. Notion, Fenrir, Kingtide and Emma Frost infiltrate a nightclub owned by the enigmatic mutant trafficker known only as Viktor and everything pretty much just goes right to shit does not go as smoothly as anticipated when the club owner's evil minions employees turn out to have a way of dealing with mutants.

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