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Aug 15 2018, 12:35 PM
It's that time again! As always, this post is just a heads up to let you know which characters are still shy of the necessary four posts for the month. If you do not see your character's name on the list, you are safe. If you do, don't panic. You still have until noon on the thirtieth to get your remaining posts completed. If you feel you need help reaching the required post count, please contact any of the admins and we will be happy to post with you.

Aug 4 2018, 11:06 PM


Celebrity Claim- Spencer Neville

Full Name- Cash McCord Clayton
Nicknames/Aliases- Cash
Age- 16
Date of Birth- March 28, 2001
Faction- New Mutants, Arrived June 2017
Occupation- Vigilante by night

Cash is about as laid back and chill as they come. He doesn’t let get much under his skin outside of blatant cruelty and injustice and is willing to roll with the punches except... Well, Cash is a stickler for manners. He simply believes with all his heart that people should be chivalrous and and courteous. Cash has always been highly idealistic and when people fail to live up to his simple standard he tends to initiate an intervention with his own personal touch. It usually involves a bludgeon of some kind and the results are instantaneous. You can’t be a dick if you’re busy looking for your teeth. Daring and debonair, Cash is an courageous adventurer who smacks of old school cowboy movies.

That’s not saying Cash isn’t a little shit in his own right. He’s got a playful streak a mile wide and so long as things are in good fun, he’ll find cut loose and get rowdy with the best of them. If you combine his pleasant nature with his general good looks, heroic intent, and smooth talking, Cash can be fairly charming. He’s always ready with a wink and a grin, but sorry ladies, he’s focusing on cleaning up the city, making it a safer place for everyone to enjoy. He’s basically just a guy who acknowledges he’s got a bit of something special that might make a bit of a difference. Maybe not a big difference overall, but that won’t stop him from doing his part.

  • Cheese burgers
  • Manners
  • Heroics
  • Fresh Air
  • A good old fashioned brawl
  • Bullies/law breakers. Your basic ill mannered dickholes
  • The taste of alcohol
  • Cash has a raw, paralyzing fear of public speaking
  • Soap that smells like things
  • Birthdays. Ya didn’t earn them gifts, son.
  • The boy can fight (well, brawl mostly with some Arnis mixed in) and he’s exceptional at it. He prefers a set of escrima sticks as weapons.
  • Stalwart - He’s just a reliable guy, relaxed and steady.
  • Light on his feet - Thanks to a lifelong love affair with gymnastics, Cash is essentially a climbing, swinging, balancing maniac.
  • More courage than common sense - his mutation has made him hilariously over confident
  • Idealistic without the sense to realize his ideals will not always be shared. Not everyone will agree with what his sense of ‘right’ is, but Cash tends to toe his line pretty strictly and without deviation.
  • Fidgety - Cash cannot sit still for the life of him. He’s someone who always needs a project, always needs a goal, always needs a mission.

Power Name- External Invulnerability
Cash is protected against any outward physical alteration to his body at a molecular level. Thanks to his remarkably durable cellular structure he is protected at the lowest possible level from physical injury directed in his direction. His skin is impervious to harm and physical damage while any sensation of pain is muted to a mere acknowledgement in his nervous system. His entire exterior (eyes included) cannot be damaged by any physical, elemental, or energy based attacks. He is essentially invulnerable from the outside.

A passive ability, Cash is invulnerable automatically and without having to engage or command his power. This enhanced durability allows him to hit and follow through with his own attacks without the fear of injuring himself. He is currently able to take a hit up to 70 tons without damage to his skin or eyes, temperatures up to 2500 degrees and low as -120 degrees fahrenheit, and energy attacks (their concussive effects are again up to 70 tons).

While externally Cash is invulnerable, internally he has the same weaknesses and limitations as any other person his age and size. Anything ingested or inhaled can affect him, anything absorbed through the skin that can enter his bloodstream can affect him. His invulnerability has not offered Cash any enhanced strength and despite being able to take a 70 ton force, he cannot return anything near that level. His strike force is that of any other human his size. And while taking a hit at that level does not cause him any physical damage or pain, he certainly cannot hold his ground against something that powerful. He will still go flying if he’s struck, his invulnerability not making him immovable.

His skin is invulnerable for the most part but there are notable exceptions. Particularly dense, sharp materials (Vibranium, Adamantium, and properly made Carbondium) can cut into his flesh, though only superficially down to perhaps the subdermal layer of skin. This proves a serious problem if he is hit hard enough to cause internal injuries, it would take specialized equipment to open him up and it would take time to cut through his skin.

Skills & Abilities-
Cash’s mother has seen some shit and was determined to make sure her precious baby boy had the skills and means to face and defeat most of your standard grade morons. He is extremely athletic which came in hand in high school sports (baseball and football) and in gymnastics (he competes) but he holds a Montana state title in Arnis. Outside of athletics, Cash had very little choice but to become competent in fire arms. His mother is an arms dealer and that came with expectations. Far more interesting and fun for him, he can throw his voice, a useless but hilarious talent that pretty much he uses to confuse and annoy people.

Height- 6’
Weight- 190
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Light brown

Tall and broad shouldered and fit, Cash is a boy who has a well developed musculature and isn’t afraid to use it. He stands at six feet tall, with defined, angular features in a chiseled face. Sleepy, smokey blue eyes, sharp and intelligent, are set beneath long eyelashes and his charming smile is nearly always present, or at least not too far away. His dark hair is straight and usually styled in that casual mess that teenage boys are so fond of.Given that he is a roughneck, Cash tends to wear durable, simple clothing. Jeans and plain t-shirts, flannels, and boots. He usually has an old worn ball cap that he wears if he’s outside.

When he’s out as The Ward, Cash shamelessly caters to his demographic. He dresses in full old school western garb, from the boots and spurs to the duster, the hat, and the bandana he wears up over his face to protect his identity. All of his western gear is black, except his bandana which is bright red.
Trained to use escrima sticks, Cash occasionally prefers a bit of distance and pulls out his bolt action 30-30 rifle. He is also the proud owner of Purdy, a twelve year old American quarter horse that is his best girl.

Additional Information-
Cash has a crippling fear of public speaking. One on one or in a small group he’s just fine but that boy cannot get a word out if he’s expected to address a group of people.

Hometown- Big Timber, MT - population 1,641
Immediate Family-
Father - Beau Clayton (human), 55 YO - Commercial Truck Driver
Mother - Bonnie Clayton (human), 48 YO - Federally-licensed firearms dealer and security consultant
Younger Sister - Cynthia (mutant - fabric manipulation), 13
Friends - Jake & Delaney Donovan (18 & 19, neighbors and mutants from Big Timber)
Enemies - Cash is an enemy to all who have their dang heads up their asses.

There was nothing special about Big Timber, Montana. With less than two thousand people sprawled over ninety miles, you could leave the small center of town and never even find half of the homesteads tucked away in the rolling hills. It was in one extremely fortified, simple but comfortable house that the Clayton family lived and loved and thrived. They were unusual from the get go, Bonnie Clayton basically having an extensive armory in her home that went above and beyond any civilian rifle cabinet. The sprawling home was the safest place in Montana, its security the best on the commercial market and when Beau left his wife and child behind for work, it was with the confidence that they would be safe.

And they were. For years, there was no excitement, just the day to day living. Cash was an active kid that seemed to enjoy getting into everything. His mother had to find some means of tiring him out and sports seemed to be the ticket. He found one of his favorite past times, however, when he was seven and his mother took him to go and pick up Cyn from gymnastics. The gym was full of things to climb, jump off of, swing from, and tumble over. It was like heaven and Bonnie signed him up that day.

The sleepy town was small enough and isolated enough that ‘new’ and ‘modern’ weren’t really things in Big Timber. They still had phone booths, and hitching posts on most streets and were not open to change. That included change in their genetics. Mutants were unacceptable and unwelcome and when the very first one popped up in their town the family was met with hostility and unkindness. Bonnie was not willing to put up with it and marched over with Cash and Cyn and introduced the kids to their new neighbors under the supervision of a very relieved mother. Just like that, Cash had two best friends with superpowers and for a nine year old, that was basically the greatest thing in the world.

While the relatively well-respected Claytons did not feel the lashback by the more vocal town folk, it was evident that their neighbors were under pressure to move on. It certainly wasn’t everyone, and it wasn’t all the time, but the pressure only grew as the ‘mutant problem’ didn’t go away. The anger at people who dared exist was bound to boil over and it finally did when Cash was twelve. He was over with the Donovan kids, throwing a football with Jake while Delaney and Cyn were sat on the porch painting their toes when a pickup pulled up off the road and right up onto the lawn. Cash could smell the booze from where he stood and there was a clatter of empty cans as drunk idiots poured out from the bed of the truck.

The rifle-toting, beer-guzzling roughnecks headed toward the girls on the porch, Delaney being physically mutated and the obvious target for drunken ire. One of the men pointed his rifle toward the girl with the halo of light over her head and Cash didn’t even think. He stepped in front of the rifle and planted himself there. At that age Cash wasn’t particularly large or intimidating and he was prodded with the barrel and instructed to move.

He was terrified but Cash refused and stayed between his friends, family, and danger.

In truth, the man didn’t mean to shoot. The intruders were just drunk and stupid and his finger slipped. The rifle recoiled, everyone jumped at the ear-splitting bang, and Cash stood there gaping at the smoking end of the barrel still pointing at his chest. Fluff from his jacket was floating in the air, there was a hole in his shirt, and the bullet was crumpled at his feet.

“Shit, he’s one of ‘em!” The next shot was intentional. And the next. And the next. And the next. It seemed once one person fired, the whole sloppy drunken lot of them took it as some sort of cue. Cash dove back toward the porch and did his best to blanket Delaney and Cynthia from the peppering of rifle rounds. It could have been worse. It could have been far worse. Someone could have been killed but other than his jacket, everyone was fine and Jake was glaring at the roughnecks as they slowly turned to stone. It wouldn’t be permanent, but at least they weren’t shooting at them anymore.

That day Bonnie picked up her children from a police station and that night she started training Cash how to fight back. He had been shot several times and there wasn’t a mark on him. Not a bruise. Not a scratch. Not a drop of blood. His instinct had been to protect the girls but next time he would also be able to fight back. And fight he did. That was the most severe encounter but it was far from the last. Cash was growing up with a guiding light that dictated the world needed heroes. He could be a hero. Better him than someone who might actually get hurt, someone who might not be able to get back up after they took a hit. Cash was never the instigator, never the aggressor, but he could not pass a bully by, could not ignore someone in need, and when it came down to it, he’d never met an asshole that didn’t need a swift introduction to his fist.

He trained with his mother and when he wasn’t in school, Cash was working at her security consulting firm. Most recently his mother was hired on by a small company in Brighton Beach, and Cash was brought along for heavy lifting. His first few weeks in NYC were spent adjusting to his culture shock but once he settled in, he realized this was a place he could actually do some good so Cash put on his spurs and his bandana and started sneaking out at night. It was true that he was just one man and he wasn’t going to make any world altering difference, but if he could help even one person, Cash would consider himself successful.

Player Name- Ace
Age 32
How Can We Contact- Discord- Offendreason#3455
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? I didn’t.
Other Characters- Menagerie, Ion, Hardwire, Bella Boudreaux, Backup, Raptor, Glitch, Sensate, Darkchylde, Storm, Alpha

Role Play Sample-
Cash had stayed in the hotel as long as he could but he was positively itching to get out. The last three nights he’d snuck out had been a blast and he fully expected another action packed evening of cleaning up the streets of New York. The whole city was, in his humble opinion, an overflowing trash can that simply needed a bit of maintenance, some tender love and care, to be turned right again. The invulnerable boy tugged on his boots and slipped his bandana up over his mouth, grinning ear to ear as he slipped out a loading dock behind the hotel.

The night was cool and Cash stuck to the shadows as best he could. Given that his gear of choice looked more appropriate for a rodeo than it did strolling down the sidewalks of uppercrust Manhattan, he wanted to avoid attention until necessary, until he was ready to go to work on some unsuspecting neerdowell. It didn’t take long for opportunity to present itself in the form of a shrill scream. Cash, loosed his escrima sticks and straightened his shoulders. Heroes didn’t slouch.

“Pardon me, fellas.” He’d rolled up on a half dozen mutants who had what appeared to be a plain ol’ human girl cornered against an alley wall and as he stepped out of the shadows the Montana boy tipped his hat to all of them politely. “Seems to me, the lady ain’t all that interested in entertainin’ tonight.” Cash twirled one of his sticks over the back of his hand and pointed at the mutant closest to him. “So how’s about everyone calls it a night. I’m bettin’ the last thing any of ya want right now is to be at the ass end of an ass whippin’.” He grinned behind his bandana. “But if ya want to dust up, I should warn ya.”

“I don’t pull my punches.”
Jul 31 2018, 11:10 PM
Welcome to August! The summer is just whizzing by and after 690 posts, and breaking 15K overall, we are moving the calendar forward. The date in game is now MAY 16-31 and the end of the school year is creeping closer. There are all sorts of things coming up but before the New Mutants get to enjoy their prom and putting up their books in favor of laying out at the lake and sleeping in. The school is also entirely repaired and renovated so bid farewell to the Baccarat and move your babies back into Xavier's. Room assignments can be found here.

This month's plot will be run by our beloved Pirate as Magma returns home with her friends to find Nova Roma in peril. Those involved will be gone for MAY 28 - 31 and that's definitely not enough time for anything bad to happen, right? Right?

Joining EVO in the last (30) days are the Scarlet Spider (played by Fishy), Storm (played by Ace), Pete Wisdom (played by Hank), Double-Take (played by Benji), Pixie (played by Kevin), Hindsight (played by Rex), Mirage (played by Pirate). Make sure to include all of our new comers and get all our shiny new characters involved.

Birthdays this RO include:
Everyone have an awesome month!
Jul 30 2018, 10:50 PM
For those of you who don't remember, Alice, Gert, and Luca only made it out of the Savage Land because Phantom made a deal with some spooky spirits. The SL ghosts held up their end of the bargain but Alice has not paid her dues. And her clock is running out. The Meadow is calling her, and it might not be satisfied with just one soul... JUNE 13th - 20th
Jul 1 2018, 02:10 PM
I'll keep it short and sweet this month so we can go full steam ahead with all the fun we have planned. The Brood plot is over with the threads wrapping up in the next few days. The X-Men have survived, the Sleazoids on Earth have been destroyed and everything is awesome. Right?

Charly is running this month's plot so feel free to direct any England related questions to her.

Joining EVO in the last (30) days is Wither (noiz), Akua (breadedtimelord), Surge (Groot), Anne Marie Cortez (RF), Rogue (Rider), Maelstrom (Rocki). Make sure you get these characters involved in the fun and include them in your threads.

Birthdays this rollover include:

The X-Men and their charges are STILL at the Baccarat NYC for one more RO while the mansion is finally finished. For anyone who has forgotten, here are the temporary room assignments.
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