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 Darkhawk, Christopher Powell
 Posted: Mar 30 2018, 08:55 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Jared Padalecki

Full Name- Christopher Powell
Age- 19
Date of Birth- April 2
Faction- New Mutants Arriving March 2017

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Personality- Chris Powell is a very angry young man. He looks at the world around him and tends to see the worst in people. Where others might look at a rough part of town and try to pick out positive things like a volunteer group trying to help vagrants Chris is trying to identify everyone that might try and take advantage of someone weaker than them. Where others see charity Chris wonders what's the catch as he assumes there’s some sort of con connected to the endeavor. It's not that he approaches life as being himself against the world though. Chris knows that there are decent people out there he just assumes that they’re in the minority based on his recent life experiences as its hard to think highly of humanity at large when your family died for being too “pro mutant”.

Besides the tragic end of his family other things have shaped Chris’ worldview and approach to life. Being the son of a police officer and an assistant district attorney Chris learned to be analytical when it comes to assessing a situation. This is something which has gradually shifted towards cynical paranoia since he’s begun using the amulet he found to transform into Darkhawk and interacting with Razor the artificial intelligence which is connected to the android body. Razor has been a constant voice in Chris’ ear since he bonded with the amulet and even more so than Chris the A.I. assumes the worst out of people and is always quick to describe worst case scenarios regarding everyone they interact with.

  • Flying
  • Razor
  • The New York skyline
  • Dirty Harry Films
  • Burgers
  • Criminals
  • Hate groups
  • Weak willed people
  • Groups of people in general
  • Crooked Cops
  • Very observant
  • Cunning opportunist
  • Approaches problems from multiple angles
  • Stubborn
  • Poor social skills
  • Extremely cynical

user posted image

Power Name- Raptor Android Body
Description- By using the alien amulet that he discovered in an abandoned amusement park Chris is able to transplant his consciousness with an artificial alien body that swaps places with his body. While transformed his human body is kept in stasis in an extra dimensional space until Chris choses to return to his normal form. Razor has explained to Chris that the android form is an adaptive multi role Raptor frame designed for tasks ranging from heavy combat to long term infiltration. Currently Chris only has access to limited functions as he is unable to sync up fully with the greater artificial intelligence that Razor is a component of, the Data Song.

As it currently stands while transformed Chris has access to a suite of enhanced abilities which include enhanced physical capabilities, senses, flight, energy blasts and shields, and a claw mounted grappling line.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Raptor frame is capable of withstanding blunt trauma and other forms of injury far in excess of what a baseline human can. Impacts that would cause mortal trauma for most are easily shrugged off by Chris while he is transformed and it would take blunt trauma comparable to a light truck hitting him at highway speed to damage the Raptor frame. While it is incredibly resilient to blunt trauma android has no extra protections against mechanisms of injury that involve cutting, piercing, or energy attacks. Also due to the artificial nature of the Raptor body what would normally be debilitating wounds from gunfire and blades are at worst an inconvenience providing Chris has enough time to have the body repair the damage.
  • Rapid Repair: By transforming back and sending the Raptor frame to null space Chris can have the artificial body repaired back to peak condition. Most repairs can be conducted within minutes while anything serious such as dismemberment will require one or more hours to repair.
  • Flight: Using retractable arm mounted wings Chris is capable of flying with incredible maneuverability and speed. In straight and level flight he can reach speeds in excess of 600 miles per hour
  • Strength: The Raptor frame is capable of bench pressing two tonnes.
  • Energy Projection: From both the amulet in its chest and its helmet visor the Raptor body is capable of firing a dark blast of concussive energy that is capable of punching through 2 inch steel plate or project a circular energy shield that can stop threats such as small arms fire up and man portable munitions.
  • Enhanced Agility/Reflexes: As Darkhawk Chris possesses enhanced agility and reaction times that are approximately ten times greater than what can be achieved by a peak human athlete.
  • Enhanced Vision: While transformed Chris can augment his vision to via telescopic magnification to be comparable to that of a bird of prey and can see in the infrared spectrum.
  • Claw Cable: The Raptor frame has a forearm mounted claw and grappling line. The three bladed claw is capable of gouging into stone when used as a melee weapon or when Chris fires it at a point he wishes to latch onto. The ultra fine cable the claw is tethered to is 100 feet in length and has a tensile strength of 1000 lbs
  • Artificial Nature: Due to the fact that it is a synthetic life form the Raptor frame is tireless and does not require food, water, or air to function.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Due to his mind being transferred into a synthetic body that is an alien amalgamation of synthetic organic material and machinery and sharing headspace with an alien artificial intelligence Chris is slightly more difficult for a telepath to deal with. This is chiefly due to his mind residing in an artificial body lacking an organic brain and the mental background noise generated by his mind interacting with Razor the A.I. His innate resistance is comparable to a non telepath being trained to resist mental invasion.
Limits- While the Raptor frame is an amazing piece of hardware it does have limitations due to the fact that it wasn’t designed with a human pilot in mind. Humanity is a recent newcomer to the universe at large and as a result Raptors and their various support mechanisms were not meant to function with a human mind in the driver seat. This has prevented Chris from accessing the various higher functions and alternate modes that would normally be available to a Raptor. The artificial nature of the Raptor is in some ways a limitation in and of itself. Unlike other individuals who can improve their physical limitations through training there is nothing that Chris can do to change the android’s capabilities without finding a way to upgrade it which appears to be impossible at this time.

Whenever he is not transformed Chris is as vulnerable as any other baseline human meaning that if he’s injured prior to transforming there’s nothing preventing injury or death if the wound is serious enough. Also,the amulet he discovered is required to facilitate his transformation If he is separated from the amulet he will be unable to transform.

Even if Chris is transformed the Raptor frame is still subject to limitations at the best of times. As previously stated his suit tops out at being able to lift two tonnes under optimum conditions and can withstand an impact comparable to a high speed vehicle crash before sustaining injury.

Areas of actual vulnerability include mechanisms of injury that involve cutting or piercing along with energy based attacks where he has no greater resilience than a baseline human. Also as the android is artificial and includes metal content in its composition and possess both mechanical and electrical components he is vulnerable to the use of magnetism against him and a high voltage electrical shock can burn his organic components while shorting out his bodies electronics. Also, unlike most others due to the Raptors artificial nature he possesses a vulnerability to technopathic and cyberpathic attack providing his opponent is capable of either understanding or working around the alien nature of the Raptor’s design and programming.

Skills & Abilities- Chris has been practicing Gōjū-ryū karate and kendo since he was a small child and recently Razor has been providing him with instruction in an alien form of close quarters combat that is suited for the Raptor body. Also, Chris grew up in a household where his parents talked about work he has more than a passing knowledge of police procedure and the legal system what with being the son of a cop and a prosecutor.

user posted image

Height- 5’9” - 6’1” as Darkhawk
Weight- 150lbs - 180 lbs as darkhawk
Eye Colour- Brown - Unknown when transformed
Hair Colour- Brown - Unknown when transformed

Appearance- The best way to describe Chris would be to say that he’s more or less an everyman. With an athletic frame combined with his average height and brown hair it’s hard to think of any details that would cause him to stick out in someone’s memory. Though if pressed most people who try and describe him seem to mention two things: the amulet that he always wears under his shirt and his eyes. Chris has eyes that give the impression of a hawk or falcon that’s taking in everything around him and picking out anything of interest. Almost as if he’s identifying threats and targets as he decides the fastest way to deal with something if he has to. He doesn’t give off an impression of maliciousness though. It’s more a sense of a predatory animal that’s been injured in the past and refuses to let itself be placed in similar situation a second time.

His choice in clothing is practical and never strays too far from an established pattern. Cargo pants or blue jeans with t-shirts unless the weather is hot enough that not wearing shorts is a health risk. Sneakers or boots for footwear with an assortment of t-shirts, work shirts, and sweaters for tops.

When transformed Chris is noticeably taller and heavier as Darkhawk and his appearance is much more striking. A body encompassing dark blue bodysuit clings to synthetic muscle with his right forearm covered with silver metallic bracer complete with a three pronged claw. The chest is dominated by a red amulet which is mounted to the unit along with silver pauldrons while a red visored helmet with a prominent crest encases his head. The only variation for this form’s appearance is whether or not it has its retractable metal wings deployed. As for what's under the helmet, anyone who has seen the androids face, including Chris, has been horrified at the sight and has blocked it from their memory.

Gear- Chris always has the Raptor amulet he uses to transform on him

Additional Information- As stated previously Chris is an angry young man and currently that anger is directed towards criminals and anti-mutant hate groups due the circumstances surrounding his family’s horrifying death. If Chris is in a confrontation with criminals, purifiers, etc characters around him will most likely have a fight on their hands if they want to prevent Chris from crippling them or worse.

Hometown- Queens, New York
Immediate Family- Mike (Father), Grace (Mother), Jon and Jason (Brothers) all deceased
Others- N/A

History- Christopher Powell, eldest child of Michael a Grace Powell and older brother to Jon and Jason was born into happy circumstances. His parents were both loving and hard working people and they did everything within their power to make their home in Queens a loving environment for Chris. Even then it wasn’t easy growing up in a household where both of his parents were pursuing careers. His father was a member of the NYPD and his mother was an assistant district attorney both professions which required a great deal of commitment in regards to dedication and time invested. Fortunately Chris was as understanding about this as a child could be but that was to be expected when all you knew growing up was that it was normal for your parents to be doing a balancing act between home and work.

Even when his younger brothers Jon and Jason were born little changed beyond his parents instilling in Chris a sense of responsibility for his siblings. Chris was the oldest therefore he had to help out around the house and watch out for his brothers. While the arrangement was never perfect and there were moments of teenage rebellion Chris always knew that his parents cared for him and that they always worked hard to give him and his brothers every opportunity that they could. All in all life was pleasant until one day everything changed.

Chris’ father Michael ended up being drawn into something through his work in the NYPD. He did what he could to hide it from his children but to Chris it was obvious that something was wrong. Something was wrong and it was only getting worse as time went on. His father who had previously had a good working relationship with the other officers in his precinct was being isolated by many of his peers and the Powell home became the target of vandalism with the phrases like “Mutie Lover” and “Traitor to humanity” being gouged into the family car or painted on their home. His brothers were too young to understand what was happening but as there were no signs of solidarity from his brother and sister officers as the harassment escalated Chris knew that his father was in conflict with other members of the NYPD.

As time went on his parents spent a great deal of time locked in his mother’s home office speaking in hushed voices. Chris was never able to hear what they were talking about as he was usually too busy minding his brothers but he knew that it obviously had something to do with the problems they had been having. It wasn’t until he went out one night looking for his brothers when they were late coming home that he began to understand how serious things had gotten.

He found his brothers in the abandoned Wonderland amusement park that was near their home cornered by a few men that he didn’t recognise in the dark but he knew immediately that they had bad intentions. When one of the men reached for his brother Jason Chris grabbed a board and attacked the group yelling at his brothers to run. Jason and Jon took their chance to run expecting their older brother to follow them but unfortunately for Chris one teenager with a bludgeon against multiple grown men isn’t a fair fight. Chris was quickly swarmed, beaten senseless and dumped inside of a dilapidated fun house with his assailants talking about how maybe officer Powell would finally get the message.

As he struggled to his feet Chris put his hands on a dust covered table and he came into contact with something that would change his life. It appeared to be a strange crystal amulet and as soon as he touched it Chris felt a surge of energy as he changed form and became a taller armored figure. When he saw himself in one of the funhouse mirrors he thought he was dreaming but he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth as he could move without his entire body screaming in agony. Chris quickly made his way home but as soon as he was within sight of his home he changed back to his normal form and collapsed on the sidewalk quickly losing consciousness.

Days later when he came to he was in the hospital with his father waiting by his bedside. When Chris asked his dad why people were trying to send him a message his father finally confided in him. There were officers in his precinct that were harassing people because they were mutants and were sabotaging investigations into hate crimes. He and a few other officers had threatened to reveal what they were doing and now they were doing what they could to intimidate and silence everyone. The others who had been on his side had eventually given in but he hadn’t and now Chris was paying the price. Michael promised his son that he was going to settle this once and for all and that Chris just needed to focus on getting better. This conversation was the last time Chris would see his father.

A day later as he lay in his hospital bed examining the strange amulet that he had been grasping in his hand when he had been found he could hear people talking outside. When the door to the hospital room opened Chris saw Officer James Zaffar one of his father’s few remaining friends on the force. Unfortunately for Chris this wasn’t a friendly visit to check up on him, James was here to inform Chris that his family had been killed. As he simply lay there shocked Zaffar explained that it appeared to have been a home invasion and the perps had killed his family to eliminate any witnesses before ransacking the house.

Even in the shocked daze that he was in Chris could tell that Zaffar knew more than what he was letting on. Chris figured he believed that it had been the bigoted cops that his father tried to expose that had done this but he was afraid to say anything either out of fear of reprisal or to simply protect Chris from being being targeted. He promised to help Chris get the families affairs in order and try to do what he could to help the young man in anyway that he could.

For the days and weeks that followed Chris’ mind was in a haze when he left the hospital. The funerals, the well wishers, the officers telling him that they were following every lead they could and that they were going to find the bastards that did this. Chris simply nodded and tried to keep himself from falling apart. One night when he was alone he heard a voice calling his name. At first he thought the stress had finally gotten to him and he had cracked but there was a strange eerie light radiating from the strange amulet he had found that seemed to pulse whenever he heard the noise. He reached for the amulet and when he touched it there was a flash of blinding light and he was no longer in the small bedroom he had been staying in at Officer Zafar’s but seemed to be standing under a massive tree on an alien world.

Standing in front of him was an armored figure, the same one he had turned into that night in Wonderland. It introduced itself as Razor, a member of a group it called the Fraternity of Raptors. Razor claimed that they were agents of balance and order and that by coming into contact with the amulet they were now connected. He offered Chris the chance to make things right and to punish those who had taken his family away from him. Standing there with the strange armored figure in front of him offering him a hand in friendship Chris only hesitated for the barest of moments before taking it.

Again there was a blinding flash and Chris found himself back in his room once again transformed into the Raptor frame with Razor’s voice in the back of his head telling him that he had much to learn.

user posted image

Player Name- Adam
Age 31
How Can We Contact- PM or Skype
Time Zone- Mountain Mountain
How did you find us? Ace and Hank
Other Characters- Kaine and Exodus

Role Play Sample-
Cities were both more pleasing to the eye and more disturbing when you looked at them from above. At least Chris thought so and he had plenty of experience looking at cities from a bird’s eye perspective. Soaring through the air above nighttime Manhattan he could see amazing feats of engineering, city buildings that towered above the earth almost like spears challenging the sky a testament to how people can look at a problem and pretty much give the problem the finger as they just throw manpower and resources at it until they win.

Yet there was something about this view which always disturbed him on some level. Cities........ they always had the built up downtown cores where everything was built to orderly specifications, everything laid out to exacting detail. Everything oppressive and massive. No sign of the hodgepodge charm of older neighborhoods which had a little of everything. It was like there was no soul to these stretches of machined steel, iron, and concrete.

Then again he may just be too broody, seeing a problem or trait which isn’t even there. Even these built up areas had life to them, people going about their business and as something caught his eye he remembered that that wasn’t always a good thing. With a thought his visored helmet enhanced his sight until he could see with the clarity of a bird of prey. A young girl, most definitely a mutant with green scaled skin and tail lashing back and forth behind her was cornered in an alley with a group of toughs blocking her exit and getting ready to rush in towards her with pipes and chains. Five assailants, one potential victim who with the panicked look on her face probably wouldn’t be able to defend herself or perhaps was afraid to accidentally hurt her attackers, not a situation the airborne vigilante liked seeing.

“Time to get to work,” Chris said idly to himself as he tucked in his arms breaking into a quick dive and landed on a fire escape above the modern torch and pitchfork mob. “So are you guys rehearsing a play, doing some sort of demonstration, or trying to be all tough by ganging up on this poor girl?” They looked up at towards the sound of the strange almost mechanical voice and saw Darkhawk balancing on the rail of a fire escape landing.

“Come on Ray,” one of the thugs said nervously,” I don’t want to mess with two freaks at once.” Backing away the nervous guy looked about ready to drop his weapon of choice, a length of chain and run. The others, including the one named Ray who appeared to be the ring leader weren’t phased.

“Quiet Mick, don’t let some creep in a costume scare you,” he said as he brought his piece of pipe up in a batter’s stance. “The freaks want to push us around and get what they want just because they got powers, we ain’t putting up with that. I’ll teach the girl a lesson you guys tie up her hero.” With that said he rushed for the girl who was still standing in the back of the alley.

Diving into the four hoods who were supposed to tie him up Chris lashed out. One well placed fall from above and a chain wielder was on the ground gasping for air through broken ribs and a shattered sternum, a quick spin and and extended leg swept another off of his feet only to be grabbed by Darkhawk who slammed him to the ground while ripping his arm out of socket. A quick open palm thrust and to another nearby hood sent him flying into a row of trash cans where he lay unmoving. With most of the hooligans dealt with Chris fired his claw cable around the legs of the leader before he could reach the girl and a quick sharp pull sent the brains of this operation flying back into the legs of the final member of his posse taking him out at the knees causing him to faceplant on asphalt hard.

Everyone of the thugs was injured and their potential victim had a clear path out of the alley. Running past her potential attackers she shot Darkhawk a little smile and a thank you before rushing out of sight. Glad that the potential victim was able to make a run for it Chris turned to the leader and lifted him off the ground by his shirt. Hanging there dangling above the ground usually made the message stick better,

“Ray,” Darkhawk began, “You don’t mind if I call you Ray do you? Doesn’t really matter because you couldn’t stop me if you wanted to. If I ever even suspect you or one of your buddies of trying something like this again, “ as he spoke Chris dropped the dreg of society and with his claw cable grabbed one of their pipes, “or even thinking of it I’ll personally put each and every one of you in intensive care if your lucky.” as he finished Chris twisted the pipe into a knot without any visible strain around Ray’s neck tight enough to make it somewhat difficult to breath. “If you’re not lucky it’ll be the morgue.”

With that said Darkhawk bounded back up to the fire escape and between a few acrobatic bounds and a well time slingshot with his claw cable he was airborne again looking for another crime to prevent.
Charles Xavier
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 12:43 PM

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