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 Slate, Shane Adler
 Posted: Nov 11 2017, 11:04 AM

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Celebrity Claim- Matt Lanter

Full Name- Shane Michael Adler
Nicknames/Aliases- Slate, Rocks
Age- 27
Date of Birth- August 4th, 1989
Faction- X-Men – Arrived at the mansion in early 2002
Occupation- Earth Science teacher for Xavier's

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Personality- Shane's personality can be described differently by different people. For some he can be charming and friendly, but for those he doesn't warm up to he can come across as judgmental and stubborn. In truth all of these adjectives can accurately describe him. Shane isn't terribly difficult to get along with as long as one understands that when he thinks he's right it's very difficult to change his mind.

Shane has a strong desire to do the right things and to protect those he cares about, and as such generally respects authority unless he vehemently disagrees with them for some reason or another. That said, when something does clash with his personal ideology he is pretty vocal about it, with his mouth sometimes outpacing his brain. Some would say that his head is as hard as the rocks he manipulates, but those people would be sorely mistaken. While it's true that he can hold fast to his own beliefs and ideas until thoroughly proven wrong, he's not entirely unwilling to admit when he's incorrect –it just might take a while.

  • Eggs. Scrambled, because any other way is just not right.
  • Steaks. Medium, because again any other way is just not right.
  • Cake. The man loves him the occasional bit of cake.
  • Minerals of various sorts.
  • Sculpting things. Odd shapes, primarily, because he doesn't have enough artistic talent for anything too complex.
  • The occasional beer, as long as it's not the cheap domestic stuff.
  • Being right.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • Romantic comedies, even if he won't admit it.
  • Sci-fi and fantasy movies and games.
  • Feeling connected to the earth.
  • Admitting when he's wrong. Sure, he'll do it, but he doesn't have to like it.
  • Wine. If he wanted to taste liquid dirt he'd just drink mud (no, he won't drink mud.)
  • Being off the ground for too long. Due to his natural connection to the earth, Shane dislikes being away from the ground for extended periods of time.
  • Bigots. Shane strongly dislikes when people use their personal/religious/political beliefs to hold others back or to put them down.
  • Swimming. Due to his mutation, getting wet tends to make him smell like a hot wet stone. He's also not particularly adept at it.
  • Methodical – When it comes to planning, Shane tends to think things through and tries to find the optimum way to reach his goals.
  • Alert – He's usually good at paying attention to his surroundings.
  • Sense of humor – He's not always a snarky, stubborn jerk. Believe it or not, Shane enjoys a good laugh now and then.
  • Hard worker – He knows when to be serious and to get things done.
  • Stubbornness – When he thinks he's right, he knows he's right.
  • Occasional belligerence – When his views are being challenged or when someone is just being a jerk, he will sometimes fire back even if it's not the smartest thing to do.
  • Being judgmental – When he forms an opinion about someone/something it's really difficult to break it, and that can sometimes color future interactions with him.

user posted image

Power Name- Geokinesis
Description- Shane has the ability to directly control natural minerals and stone within a fifty foot radius as long as he's in contact with it or the ground, via a psionic link to the earth. The most common applications of this would be creating rock or thickly compacted dirt walls that jut up from the ground or forcing a solid chunk of earth into the air to be flung as a projectile. Creating a wall or similar construct is easier because it's typically an extension of grounded earth. Creating a projectile is more difficult, requiring him to focus on a single spot and force a chunk to be launched upward from the ground, where he then must physically touch it in order to force it forward. The quick motion required to accomplish this generally makes it more trouble than it is worth, and picking up and propelling one or more readily accessible rocks tends to be a lot less tricky.

Other applications are variations on the aforementioned skills. Rock or dirt walls can be used to ensnare someone or for protection. Sharp stalagmites can be created in a manner similar to a wall, and could be used to create dangerous terrain or to puncture tires. Opening a small chasm or hole in the ground, or even causing severe damage to a drivable street would be possible as long as he's grounded. Lifting the ground beneath him, Shane can essentially create a makeshift elevator or erect a series of pillars to form a staircase. With mental effort, Shane can fine tune his constructs to have more intricate shape, but tends to only do so in low/no stress situations due to the concentration required to alter form.

Shane can also sense vibration in the ground, allowing him to feel the approach of others from any given direction. This isn't precise, but the intensity of the vibration can usually tell him how close people are or rough estimates on how many are approaching.

Limits- Shane must be in contact with whatever he intends to manipulate, or at least share a logical connection to it. If he was to break through a section of brick wall to a building then the ground leading to it must be made of something he can work with as well, otherwise he'd need to make direct contact with the wall itself; if the floor was coated in metal, for instance, it would sever his connection unless he made direct contact.

While Shane can cause a reasonable amount of terrain alteration or devastation on a small scale should he choose to do so, he can only manipulate so much at once. Toppling a skyscraper, for instance, would require him to connect with portions of the structure or the foundation -even if the entire building was made of bricks he wouldn't be able to manipulate the entire structure at once.

Finally, while performing geokinetic manipulation, Shane can not assimilate minerals to create armor.

Power Name- Adaptive Armor Layer
Description- Shane's mutation allows him to create a thick epidermal layer of armor that takes on properties of a mineral that he touches. The denser the material the stronger his defense and physical strength become. Along with this comes an alteration of his physical appearance, with the armor layer taking on the properties of the mineral to which he's adapted.

In an armored form Shane's physical defenses greatly improve, as the mineral layer can absorb a lot of impact damage. This doesn't render him invincible, but it could allow him to withstand traditional gunfire and take a lot of physical abuse. High caliber weapons, explosives, and adamantium will still be able to damage or otherwise pierce his armor layer.

While armored, Shane's physical strength is greatly augmented, allowing him to move/lift up to 25 tons. Speed is not greatly enhanced, but endurance grows to accommodate the increase in strength.

Limits- Shane can only assimilate minerals. While this does include some incredibly dense material (diamond, for example, should he get his hands on it) it excludes all processed metals, wood, pearl (as it is made organically), and so forth. If he's deprived of actual minerals to touch and assimilate, he can not become armored.

Shane can't perform geokinetic manipulation while in an armored form. While ground vibrations may still be felt, he would be unable to create/break/or otherwise alter the terrain unless he reverts to normal first.

Skills & Abilities- Shane has a strong knowledge of geology as a result of research done following the manifestation of his abilities, and has earned a bachelor's degree through NYU. He is also skilled at hand-to-hand combat as a result of training under various tutors in the mansion. He's also quite skilled at rock climbing because of his ability to alter the surface to create hand/foot holds.

user posted image

Height- 5'10" in a normal state, and 6'0" when armored due to its overall thickness
Weight- 185lbs in a normal state, and varying when armored due to the varying density of minerals used
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- On a normal day, Shane doesn't particularly stand out in a crowd. Standing at a modest 5'10" and having a solid yet lean build, he isn't particularly intimidating either. His wardrobe consists of mostly casual to "business casual" clothing, with t-shirts, button down shirts, jeans, shorts, and athletic wear -nothing particularly snazzy.

All of this changes when he "rocks out," almost instantly gaining a couple of inches of height and a noticeably thicker build due to the mineral layer that forms on his entire body, even altering/covering his eyes and hair. The finer details of his armor can vary slightly depending upon the mineral used in its creation but in general it appears mostly smooth over his body. The color of this new layer varies depending on the color of the stone he draws from. Despite making him look like a sort of stone golem, he can see just as well as he can in his fully human form. Unfortunately, due to the increase in his size when armored, he tends to stretch out or possibly rip some of his clothing, which is why he's sometimes prone to wearing loose fitting garb.

Gear- Shane always carries various rocks in one of his pockets, knowing that if he needed to protect himself he could always touch one to create armor based on its makeup. To that end, his uniform is designed to accommodate his need for flexible material and ready access to various stones. The uniform itself is a sleeveless getup created from unstable molecules, with stones affixed on the inside so that they're constantly in contact with his body in case he needs them to create armor.

Aside from his uniform, he also has a simple tank top and compression shorts created from unstable molecules to wear under his normal clothing in case it doesn't survive his shifting.

Additional Information- Likely surprising no one, Shane has a rather large collection of various minerals, gemstones, and other rocks. While he's not prone to showing off said collection, he can be a bit protective of it and generally notices when pieces have been moved.

Shane also likes to keep abreast of the news both local and national (sometimes international, depending upon how serious it is), and will sometimes get lost reading article after article trying to discern the most accurate and least biased information.

Hometown- Fort Worth, Texas
Immediate Family-
David Allan Adler (father)
Jessica Mona Adler (mother)
Others- He has a mutant cousin named Nathan (Nate) who is about the same age but didn't attend Xavier's -they only occasionally talk. Naturally, he has befriended some of the people from Xavier's.

History- Shane grew up as the only child of David and Jessica Adler in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. His was not an atypical childhood by most accounts, as he made the usual childhood friends, went to school, and did what a normal kid would do. That was until an incident that occurred when he was twelve changed everything.

During a field day in middle school his class was participating in a game of tug-of-war, Shane and his friends found their competitive natures getting the better of them. After a decently lengthy stalemate, the group found itself being pulled ever closer to the "loser's line." Not being one to give up, Shane put his all into it, pulling with all of the strength that his twelve-year-old self could muster, planting his right foot firmly on the ground. It was in that moment of competition induced stress that the ground on which he and his friends were standing shifted greatly, the dirt and grass being spontaneously pushed away, forming a modest crater into which his entire team stumbled. The hole wasn't deep, but its sudden formation rattled everyone. At the time few knew or realized what had really happened, and though Shane was well aware that he was at the center of the crater's formation it hadn't immediately dawned on him that he had caused it.

The incident hadn't gone unnoticed. Over the following few days some of his close friends seemed more distant, and no one would really talk to him about what had happened. It wasn't until a week later that the next incident would occur, cementing the truth in his head once and for all. A boy named Roy -a known figurehead of menace at the school- and a group of his cronies confronted Shane after school one day, cornering him as he exited the building. Roy tossed out a few accusations regarding the incident during the field day, and while Shane denied having done anything the boys began shoving him and calling him names. At the peak of the encounter Roy shoved Shane hard enough that he fell to the ground. Despite this, Shane continued to protest leading Roy to throw a punch. A punch that saw the boy's hand broken. Moments before the fist could make contact with his face, Shane had moved to block the punch, his hand brushing against the bricks of the building. Roy's knuckles had crashed against the shale that Shane had unknowingly drawn from during this stressful moment.

The other kids ran as Roy wailed in agony, and rightfully so, because when Shane's head finally stopped spinning from everything that was happening he realized that he was covered from head to toe in stone, his clothing stretched to the limits. Naturally, he did what anyone would do in such a situation -he ran.

When his parents learned what had happened their reactions were a bit mixed. While neither of them were particularly anti-mutant, they had never really considered that their son would be one. They weren't angry with him, because after some discussion they fully believed that he hadn't intentionally hurt Roy, but the fact that it had happened at all brought about a new problem. Word of what happened would spread quickly, and Shane would definitely be targeted because he was undeniably a mutant.

For a few weeks Shane was kept out of school. Questions were asked of course, but his parents did their best to keep people at bay. It was a few weeks later that they received an unannounced visitor who brought with him an offer to take Shane away from Fort Worth and to help him. This visitor spoke of a special school in New York, where young mutants could go to learn about their "gifts" in a safe environment. At first he was reluctant to go, feeling that he shouldn't have to leave the state in order to get a handle on what was happening to him, but upon the insistence of his parents he relented. A few days later he departed for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

At first Shane was a bit standoffish, not allowing himself to get too close to anybody at the school until he felt that he could trust both them and the establishment. For the most part he wasn't rude, but generally kept to himself during the first month. Once he was content that the staff at Xavier's and the other students were truly there to help him, he began to open up and start talking more. There were some people he'd come to like and others who rubbed him the wrong way, as had been the case at his old school. He was neither an outcast nor a social butterfly, but he was known for being a bit hardheaded which was an unfair assessment in his opinion -but it wasn't his problem that they were wrong.

Over the next few years Shane learned to control his earth-based powers and took to heavily studying geology in order to learn even more about the minerals he could manipulate and mimic. After graduating from high school Shane enrolled in NYU, where he ultimately earned a Bachelor's in Science for geology, before becoming an Earth Science teacher for Xavier's.

user posted image

Player Name- Zel
Age 36
How Can We Contact- PM
Time Zone- Central US
How did you find us? Pete ultimately led me here
Other Characters- Nope

Role Play Sample-

"No," he said, his brow sternly set and his jaw tightening, conveying his disapproval through body language in case his tone didn't make it obvious. "That's not how you treat another student."

Classes had been dismissed for the day, so there was ample time for him to get some sort of explanation for what he'd witnessed in his classroom. Shane's eyes met the boy's, refusing to break away despite the kid's obvious desire to stand firm in his belief that he'd been in the right. "But she did it first," came the inevitable protest. "She telekinetically ripped my report to shreds!"

Leaning back against the desk, resting his palms along its edge, Shane expelled a sharp breath through his nose. It wasn't that he didn't believe the kid, but he hadn't seen anything of the sort. All he had to go on was what had happened in the last ten minutes, and what he had witnessed was a blatant abuse of power. "And you respond by melting her textbook and part of her desk," he said, clearly a statement rather than a question. "Did anyone ever tell you that two wrongs don't make a right? Because two wrongs super don't make a right." Especially not in this case. Not only did they have to replace a student's textbook, but they'd need a new desk as well.

"I was only teaching her a lesson," the kid said with an audacity that elicited the quirk of Shane's eyebrow. "I want her to see that there are consequences for her actions."

Oh. That wouldn't do. While Shane fully agreed that some actions had and deserved certain consequences, there were proper channels and improper channels. This kid would learn that his own actions had consequences. "If we all took such matters into our own hands," he began, fighting hard against the urge to completely verbally lay waste to his student, "where would we end up?"

For a few moments Shane was met with glorious silence, and as his eyes bore into the kid he could practically feel the boy's desire to look away and see the light of realization flicker on for a brief moment. At that point he knew he'd broken through. Shane knew well that if every negative action was met with an equally negative action that the world would ultimately descend into chaos. "I guess we'd just keep attacking each other," the kid said, losing both the bite in his tone and his ability to maintain eye contact. "But what are you going to do about it?"

Okay, so he'd thought there was a breakthrough. "First," he said, his jaw remaining somewhat tight, "I'm going to have to place you in detention for for melting her book and part of the desk -consequences for your actions. Second, I'm going to talk to her to find out why she destroyed your report. She's not going to be off the hook for this either."

"But that's not fair!" the kid shot back, seemingly forgetting that he himself acknowledged that consequences existed.

"What's not fair?" Shane retorted, raising his palm and making a face showing his clear confusion. "You said yourself that actions have consequences -you're expecting to be exempt? Well you're not, and neither is she. So run along -I'll be sending for her shortly."

Without a word the kid left, clearly seething and probably a little confused as to why he was in trouble. Sighing heavily, Shane pushed off of his desk and made for the door himself. Before he could or would discipline the other student -the one he hadn't witnessed abusing her powers- he'd have to ask his colleagues if they'd seen anything themselves. He wasn't going to go in blind, assuming he had been told the absolute truth.
Charles Xavier
 Posted: Nov 12 2017, 12:31 PM

::This is a wonderful opportunity for you... Do not take it for granite!::


Before you get started, don't forget to take care of your:

Face Claim | Power Claim | Who's Who | Room Assignment
 Posted: Dec 25 2017, 06:31 PM

Power Name- Full Rock Form / Geokinetic Consciousness

Description- Over the years, Shane's geokinetic skills and assimilation abilities have slowly linked, and the process of assimilating rocks and minerals has become more thorough. Where assimilating a mineral had once created a thick armor shell, the process has gradually evolved and now consumes his entire body, making him fully rock/mineral through and through while still providing the added bulk of his previously armored form. Despite no longer possessing flesh or standard organs, Shane is fully functional in his rock form but no longer suffers from physical fatigue, hunger, thirst, or the need for oxygen. Though while his body may not tire out like it used to he is still able to be controlled by a skilled telekinetic and his mind/consciousness remains the same as ever and is still readily susceptible to telepathic influence –telekinetic and telepathic control would still work on him the same as it would in his human form.

Durability and survival capabilities are exponentially improved in rock/mineral form. While his body can still be damaged and pierced by the same threats as his prior armored state, he no longer bleeds when that happens. The mineral that makes up his body might be separated from his form, but his geokinetic link to the mineral that was a part of him can draw it back for repair if he's given the freedom to consciously recall it. Even if he's completely smashed to rubble, his consciousness could pull the pieces back together given a few moments to do so. Shane's strength remains dramatically increased while in a rock/mineral form, though his upward limits have not changed to an incredible degree and he remains capable of lifting roughly up to 25 tons.

Limits- While controlling the mineral that makes up his body and being able to recall missing pieces is a form of geokinesis, Shane still remains unable to manipulate anything apart from himself while in rock/mineral form. All of his power is being applied to controlling himself in that sense.

If Shane is blown apart or smashed to pieces he could be prevented from fully reforming should the pieces be kept forcefully separated. While even the dust of the rubble could be recalled, if it's intentionally blocked he would have a difficult time reforming.

Unless otherwise stated. Please only post once between Storyteller posts. If you feel that your character should go more than once between Storyteller posts please PM staff to discuss.
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