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 Heaven Under Siege, Feb 22nd 2:00 PM [Closed]
Iron Fist
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 09:43 AM

"Now is not the time to bicker about my leaving." Danny said as he took up a position next to Yu-Ti. Several ninja came rushing in, attempting to over run their position and gain access to the Garden entrance. Danny, Yu-Ti, and every other monk in K'un-Lun knew that The Hand could never be allowed to gain entrance.

With a hammer fisted strike to the ground, Danny sent out a loud and large shock wave that rippled through the stone work. The monks were prepared for the strike, hopping in the air just before Danny struck. The Hand, were not so expecting. The wave jostled them from their feet and popped them up in the air. Danny Rand rushed forward, his Iron Fist caught the first ninja hard in the gut. Sending him shooting forward like a rocket. Danny glanced over his shoulder at Yu-Ti. "We're out numbered. You know what you need to do." Danny said, spinning on his heel and round house kicking a ninja, Danny's other hand brought up the katana that he had retrieved from a downed ninja and entered into a sword fight with two other Hand. Blade and Iron Fist blocking blow after blow as Danny looked for his opening. "Yes, I suppose I do." Yu-Ti said after an open palm strike crumpled a Ninja to the ground. Yu-Ti nodded and two Monks rushed off towards the palace, leaving Yu-Ti to hope he had not waited to long.

Raizo's spinning feint brought his hooked weapon across Spider-man's chest. A cocky grin crossed Raizo's face as he landed in that crouched low position that Spider-man would recognize as the position he normally landed in. The blind fired web line sailing over top. Raizo moved to get back into close quarter combat only to see Spidey take back to ranged tactics. Raizo's brow furrowing as it was back to a high speed game of dodge ball.

Both Raizo and Spider-man knew they had to change tactics. What Raizo had not counted on was Spider-man's science mind. Calculating probabilities and choosing which shuriken Raizo was going to go for next as the Ninja set to a bit of distraction play while he formulated his next plan of attack. Raizo landed just as he web line came his perception pinging in mid air. With nothing to alter his momentum or direction, Raizo had only one choice. He chucked his hooked weapon out into the path of the web line and spun the chair around to further entangle it. Bracing his feet Raizo pulled with one hand. He knew he could not match Spidey's strength, though he did not want to. His other hand threw one of those ninja smoke bombs. Creating an opaque haze around him.

Gorgon had power. His petrifying gaze had assisted in his rise to the top of The Hand, but his skill with the Katana had also provided him the leverage he needed to get to the top. What Gorgon failed to learn, every time, was that he often times relied to heavily on his petrifying gaze. He quite enjoyed freezing an attacker in place mid attack. Seeing the twisted anger and determination on their face. If only Gorgon had learned to rely more heavily on his skill with Katana than on his mutation.

All it ever took was a glance from Gorgon. He was good enough and skilled enough that a quick glance was all that was ever needed. Not needing to stare intently at his target. Once his power hit they were done for.

The monk that was rushing in knew what Gorgon was doing. He also knew why The Hand was here. He would give his life freely to prevent that. They all would. His name was Pin Pin Poula and he was prepared to die. Though petrified death did not come for him.

Gorgon made a step to guard his side and shifted his head to case a moments glance. He had done this many times. Striking out with his sword to keep the enemy at bay, which gave him the opening he needed to glance and resume his attack. He had seen his blunted strikes having an affect on Slate. Though he did not know it was just natural instinctive reaction to being struck and not a reaction from the blunted attack actually causing pain.

As Gorgon shifted his gaze, Slate swooped in, blocking his gaze with the reflective sheen from Gorgon's own blade. Gorgon's eyes went wide as he stumbled back. Turning to glare at Slate once more only the petrifying effect had already started to creep over his face. "This is not don...." His words stifled as his form petrified. Pin Pin came to a halt and nodded to Slate. "We cannot let them gain entrance into the Garden." The monk simply said, as he darted off for more fighting.

Was Maki as accurate as Hawkeye? No, few people were, though she still had a deadly precise aim and enough skill behind it to make her a terrible foe to fight with. Clint threw her blade back at her, Maki rolled to dodge the weapon and brought her fan up to bat the arrow away. The archer was not playing it seemed as both the knife throw and arrow was not aimed in spots designed to casually wound. Maki sneered, throwing two knives with rapid succession while moving to close the distance. Her fan coming up to protect her torso she moved.

The Ninja Danny had punched earlier skipped past, like a stone skipping across water. Maki paid it no attention as she raced in. Not wanting to get into a fight of dueling blade throwing. She was as equally skilled and precise in hand to hand as she was with her aim. She was betting that an archer would not be. With a kunai knife in one hand and that Fan in the other. Maki set to work. Swiping with the fan at eye level, her foot coming up for kick towards Clint's kidney, the Kunai staged to strike at any return strike. A grin on her face as if she was having a helluva good time.

Shadowcat's return strike only swiped through air as the Pale Flower did indeed burst away reforming out of weapon reach and grinning at Kitty's verbal assault. "Your death will be the first step." Pale Flower was the chatty sort. A simple enough thing to do when you can just burst at a moments notice. She also liked to play games with her opponents. Stab at them with more than her Katana.

With Tanto and Katana in hand, Pale Flower sat her feet and flicked her Tanto hand out. Hurling the small blade at Kitty's midsection. Immediately bursting into cherry blossoms and following the thrown weapon. Hoping Kitty would not expect someone to throw a Tanto. Though it was designed as a misdirection. The Katana reformed and took a swipe at Kitty, as Shirohana's hand gripped the thrown Tanto and swiped with it as well. Though this time, The Pale Flower did not sail past Kitty. She stayed. Engulfing her in cherry blossoms, swirling around and taking pot shot swipes at odd angles while using a cloud of vision obscuring flower petals to try and keep Kitty from seeing where she was striking from.

From the top of the Palace the sound of a large gong being struck rang out.
 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 12:33 AM

She was swallowed in a storm of pink. The cherry blossoms churned around her, blinding her to the greater fight beyond. And like bursts of lightning came Shirohana’s blades, there and gone in a deadly flash. It was a delicate dance of death, practiced and mesmerizing and ultimately inescapable.

Well… for most.

“Really?” Kitty deadpanned. Each pierce of the blade, the very petals themselves met no resistance, passing through the ghost of a girl as if she wasn’t even there. Once again, she found herself cursing their missed opportunity. If they’d had the chance to discover the reason for Pale Flower’s time in New York, she could have prepared. She could have been ready for this. Instead, Shadowcat was caught again in a fight where any victory here would be slow and hard won. And as much as she would have liked to, Kitty unfortunately didn’t have the time to hand this woman’s her ass.

Ultimately the two untouchables were just too closely matched for any easy victory. Luckily, the X-Man had at least one strength her opponent lacked: her team. The explosion in their last encounter had proven effective, and Hawkguy’s bomb arrows looked like they packed an even higher yield -- a fitting punishment for a murderous maniac. And she was betting as a ranged fighter, she could help with his current close-quarters predicament… if she could close the distance in time. But that wasn’t even the big problem. In order to ask him, she’d have to let the bitch buzzing around her hear the entire plan, costing them once again the element of surprise.

So she went a different direction.

Literally. “I don’t have time for your nonsense.” Shadowcat turned hot on her heels and phased into nearest building. No way Pale Flower wouldn’t follow, but the trip through here would surely slow the woman better than the open air. It would slow her more than it did Kitty, at least. Hopefully, she’d earn enough breathing room to get the message out over comms. But just in case, her message came encoded, designed for an audience of one. And it came just moments before she burst back into the open, right near the one person who would understand.

“Yo, Araneae. I need a Ringer in three... two... one... now!”

[Spider-man, Slate, Hawkeye, Iron Fist]
 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 02:29 PM

Thrusting the sword in front of Gorgon had been a spectacular gamble. Some mutants were gifted with a sort of immunity to their own powers, and he had feared that the man with the petrifying glare would be no different. He had been prepared to defend himself and to fight back should the attempt fail to do anything other than spare the charging monk a grisly fate of death by petrification. As Gorgon stumbled, turning toward geokinetic, Shane studied the man's face as the flesh around his eyes began to convert to limestone much like his victims. For a brief moment, as the man spoke, Shane had assumed that the effect would reverse, with his immunity kicking in to protect him. No such thing happened. With moments the deadly effects of the Gorgon's glare had overtaken the man completely.

If he had functioning lungs Shane might have exhaled a sigh of relief.

The monk he had saved regarded him with a nod, and stated simply that the Hand could not be allowed entrance to the garden before rushing off to do battle elsewhere.

Then that's where Shane would go. It was easy to deduce where he needed to go, because the Hand's forces were slowly pushing in that very direction –it stood to reason that that's where the garden was. Rushing off in that direction, the limestone X-Man did his best to take out as much of the opposition as he could along the way, aiding monks in their fight against their variously armed foes.

Reaching a point where a denser concentration of Hand and K'un-Lun monks were engaged in battle, Shane joined in the fray. A pair of ninja, both wielding nasty looking spiked maces, charged toward him, clearly hoping to knock a few chunks off of him. The first of the two swung sideways, and Shane jerked his left arm upward to catch the man's arms mid-swing causing the ninja to recoil in pain, his elbows impacting with Shane's limestone forearm. The second ninja's blow landed squarely on the right side of Shane's neck, the force creating some cracks in his limestone body but the shock of the impact causing the ninja to lose his grip on the weapon. As the cracks in Shane's form quickly resealed due to his geokinetic senses working to keep his body fully intact, he gave the second ninja a rough backhand, sending him flying backward.

A shout from one of the nearby monks caught Shane's attention, and he jerked his head to his left in time to see some sort of grenade landing in the crowd nearby. It wasn't a bad tactic. Sacrificing some of the Hand (who could later be resurrected) in order to take out a bunch of monks and clear a path to the garden. His lack of concern for the safety of the Hand ninja notwithstanding, he wasn't about to let a bunch of monks be brutally murdered. Dashing toward the landed explosive, Shane dove upon it and immediately shouted, “RUN!” to anyone in the vicinity.

When the device detonated Shane's limestone body and the ground took the brunt of the impact. While the explosion wasn't huge it was powerful enough to fully shatter Shane's upper body and create a bit of a crater in the floor. As the smoke cleared all that would be seen would be bits of charred rubble strewn about.

For several seconds Shane's consciousness reeled. The explosion and the subsequent destruction of most of his body had yet again been a jarring experience, and it took him a few moments to get his bearings and to feel out where he was. Rocky bits that were his eyes still managed to send signals to his mind, and with them being all over the place he only saw fragments of pieces of bits of the battle and some monks an ninja staring at what was probably his remains. Nothing made sense. But once the initial shock had worn off his natural survival instincts kicked in, tugging at the bits of rubble that had once been the X-Man Slate. Swiftly the bits tumbled and traveled back to where his body had mostly disintegrated, his mind working to draw them to where the bulk of his remains lie broken on the ground.

The rocks and dust came rolling together, fusing quickly and recreating his limestone form. When everything stopped spinning Shane stood in time to hear the crashing sound of a gong ringing out, and he looked around to see what was happening.

Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Spider-man, Shadowcat
 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 04:23 PM

Spidey's tactic had worked... to a point. Just as he was getting ready to fire off his impact webbing, Raizo obscured himself behind a smokescreen. A valid tactic, under normal circumstances, but there was one key difference in this fight. Spidey didn't actually want to fight this ninja jackass. He wasn't here to beat up every target in his way, this seemed very much like one of those 'get rid of the leader, and the rest will fall' kind of boss fights, and he'd wasted enough time being stalled by the copy-ninja here.

So while Raizo was hiding in the smoke, Spidey simply bailed. He fired off a line out of their battlefield and swung off, leaving Raizo to be someone else's problem for the moment. Instead he aimed to catch up with where he'd seen the rest of the group heading off to. Just in time for Shadowcat to pop out of a wall nearby, halfway through speaking a message only the two of them would know.

"Meow!" Spidey retorted, before grabbing one of the impact web grenades from his utility belt and throwing it right at Kitty. It wasn't as efficient as firing from his shooters, but he had a moment to aim. And so just as the cloud of deadly petals that was Shiro Hana came into range, she'd have a half-second to see a small metal canister smack into the nearest wall, before it burst out into a small cloud of sticky webbing to ensnare her. It wasn't likely to get all of the petals (or, thankfully, the phasing Shadowcat), but hopefully Shiro Hana wasn't expecting being attacked by a Spider-man.
And hopefully Raizo wouldn't mind getting ditched.

Iron Fist

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