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Oct 22 2017, 10:55 PM


Celebrity Claim- Nick Bateman

Full Name- Remy LeBeau
Nicknames/Aliases- Robert Lord, Swamp Rat, Cajun
Age- 28
Date of Birth- Unknown, celebrates April 1
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Master Thief

Personality- The man is capable of seducing a snake into a basket, much less luring it out of one. Aside from the gifts that his mutation allows, the man is a natural born charmer. He sometimes uses this ability to get himself out of trouble. But often, as luck would have it, his stubborn streak and over confidence keep him in not only the frying pan but also dancing among the flames as well. Remy has a zest and respect for life and an appreciation of the simple things in life despite his desire to challenge himself in increasingly dangerous ways. Very early in life he developed the habit of referring to himself in third person, only breaking from this habit in the event of dire emotional distress or perhaps truest honesty. His primary loyalty is to himself and he'll lie, cheat and steal at the drop of a hat if he thinks it will get him what he wants.

This doesn't mean he lacks a conscience, just that his moral compass is skewed and usually points in the direction most beneficial to whatever his current goal or desire may be. He respects those who do the same and doesn't judge others mistakes as he's made quite a few of them and hasn't exactly lived his life along the straight and narrow side of the law. He grew up fighting for survival and that will always be a part of who he is. Right now, that involves helping the Brotherhood and their cause though he isn't quite sure that they are a good fit for him. He's trying it on for size but all of it involves a certain level of detachment as he'd not really all that interested in making his name as a mutant terrorist

Often he's reckless and maybe even careless. He seems to escape dire consequence by the seat of his pants. He's good with that, with simply walking away. Collateral damage is rarely a consideration for him unless it's going to cost him or come out of his tail. His saving grace just happens to be his incredible skill as usually things go his way (and more conveniently the way of the team). In the future, he may begin to second guess his attitudes but for now he's happy where he's at and in still taking on the odd jobs for hire as a thief that interest him or challenge him in some way.

Though he'd like to think he's immune to caring and being cared for, he was abandoned and carries that with him. Though he often ignores the urge, Remy craves being part of something greater than him. He likes the feeling of belonging, of family, for instance. He's a little put out by how close some people appear to be, it's unsettling and he tells himself not to trust it. He's looking for cracks in the foundation of those relationships all the while leading him to start to question the life and decisions he's made in the past. He doesn't believe in guilt or a guilty conscience, but it has a tendency to get to him on some levels. He's not ready for confession but it's got him thinking. He's not too thrilled by that, honestly. With a past like his, some things should stay buried.

In the past, he has managed to stay clear of the societal problems that exist between humans and mutants mostly by resolving whatever conflicts arrive by fighting or solving them one on one. He has a general distrust of authority and the government, both of which have been fostered by his criminal past. He has no reason to trust anything said to him or that is promised, largely because he has looked across a table and lied face to face any number of times. In the rare occasion that another person manages to get through to him, to get under his skin, he can be exceedingly loyal. In these cases, he actually may prove willing to sacrifice himself or something he thought he cared about in favor of the person he has grown to care for. It is these rare moments that LeBeau reveals the potential within him to become a hero.

  • His motorcycle/engines
  • Wind through his hair
  • Instigating bar fights
  • Card games and taking risks
  • Watching people come out of a bathroom after Wolverine's been in there
  • Being outside
  • Junk food and beer
  • Using the bathroom after Wolverine
  • Being told what to do or being forced to act
  • Cheaters (lying is more honest)
  • Being discounted as nothing but a good for nothing street kid
  • Scorpions
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent in the way it counts - Real World Smarts
  • Sense of Humor (mostly at others' expense)
  • Runs rather than face consequences
  • Cocky and acts without thinking things through
  • Selfish after years of looking after no one but himself

Power Name- Energy Absorption
Description- As mutations go, Remy isn't necessarily what you'd call a powerhouse (short of plot needs, I'm ignoring the surgery by Sinister in the 1800s that removed a portion of his brain and de-powered him). He won't be devouring any worlds today but what he can do; he does very well making him an asset in any number of situations. Gambit has the power of interkinesis, which allows him to convert potential energy into kinetic energy.

Power Name- Kinetic Adaptation

The energy he generates is not necessarily explosive in and of itself. However, this internal energy does have a hyper-kinetic boosting effect on his body’s system and offers significant increases to his agility and other physical attributes like dexterity giving him post-human agility and stamina. While he is not superhumanly fast by any means, he seems to move with an uncanny grace and speed, roughly two to three times as fast as a man in comparable health. It enables him to enjoy rooftop chases, scampers down brick buildings, tight-rope walking along fire escapes, and so forth – not perform feats that necessarily classify him as a speedster. This process is not automatic, while at rest he’s as vulnerable as any ordinary human male. These advantages continue as long as he's active and moving allowing him to fight or remain physically engaged for far longer than any ordinary man. The drawback occurs when the motion stops. After an extended bout, once he does finally slow down fatigue will set in and he'll need to recover or rest before being able to return to the battle or exert himself physically.

Though Remy is granted no psionic boosts to his mind through his mutation, his inter-kinetic ability has a disrupting effect on psionics and creates a kinetic aura that makes it difficult for even the most powerful of telepaths to read his thoughts. In some cases, he is able to mask his presence aiding him greatly when a target for theft happens to be a psionic. Gambit is able to amplify this distortion further by holding a charged card near his head. Unconscious, Remy’s body maintains this sort of shielding.

Power Name- Kinetic Charge
The process generated by his cells creates an ongoing reaction through as this inter-kinetics rushes through the entire uniform surface of what he touches. Therefore he can affect the entire object, not simply the area he contacts directly by touch. The amount of time it takes for him to complete a charge varies and is in direct relation to the mass and volume of the object. For instance, one of his trademark playing cards is fully charged in under a second, but it can take ten seconds or longer to charge a two-foot thick slab of steel or a bank's vault door. This energy exchange is always active in his body and though it may not appear so, it only causes unstable kinetic activity.

Gambit requires physical contact with an object in order to achieve the kinetic effects that result from his body’s energy conversion. He cannot affect organic molecules or living tissues. His inter-kinetic force stirs molecules into volatile and unstable activity, making anything charged by his power explosive. Often, he can time this disruption so that it seems to explode on impact (the increase is in the speed of movement in the molecules and they can't compensate or recover so they go boom rather generate actual concussive energy) thereby destroying the charged object and creating a burst of concussive-like force that varies depending on the mass of the object.

The resulting effect is similar to that of a concussion grenade or small explosive. The force of the explosion is determined by a couple of factors; how long he charges the object and the object’s initial mass. For instance, in the comics, Remy once blew off a rival’s head with a spit toothpick. Typically, however, one charged playing card tossed toward an opponent will act much like a flash grenade, a diversion. Two or three would knock a few grown humans off their feet. A handful of cards tossed at a moving vehicle can upend the sucker and send it airborne. He can take out a fully operational Sentinel robot in a similar fashion with a series of throws aimed at specific joints like the neck, shoulder sockets, knees, etc. He can fine tune this ability to unlock a safe’s gears or place a flat hand on the door, count to ten and blast the thing to smithereens allowing him to walk right in. He cannot, however, or wouldn’t want to, try to blast a hole in a mountain in the same way that others can use their abilities to punch holes in granite. It isn’t that he can’t but rather doing so would be a waste of time and energy. It isn’t how he operates.

Limits- Aside from some of the limitations mentioned above, Remy doesn’t like to have to resort to deadly force and so most of the time he’ll use his abilities as diversion or warnings. With his powers, while he'd like everyone to believe otherwise, he does occasionally lose control (see Julian’s death). He likes to think of himself as untouchable but that is hardly realistic. He can be wounded, shot, injured and even killed like an ordinary human being. He continually writes checks that his body can't cash. He likes to think it's part of what makes him, him.

He can be reckless and cocky, seemingly cavalier in the face of danger. Some people would call him foolish for taking the chances he does but Remy is the kind of man to live by his own code. Live or die, it will be on his terms and no one else's. Outside of the benefits his mutation offers, he's well aware that there are men and women out there who may be able to take him out. All the more reason for him to do what he has to do to survive.

Skills & Abilities- Skilled pilot, mechanic, pickpocket, master thief, hand to hand fighter and combatant, acrobat, womanizer, and card player. In one or two cases he's actually as good as, if not better than, he says or thinks he is. While not necessarily a "skill" in the traditional sense, Remy almost always has an escape clause built into any deal he makes. Because of that he has friends and hidden places that he can run to when things get heavy. In keeping with this, he has a few bank accounts here and there in various identities that he's used over the years, the most prominent one is a guy he knew back in the day, Robert Lord.

Height- 6’4”
Weight- 189
Eye Colour- Black sclera with red irises
Hair Colour- Brown with reddish highlights if he gets too much sun

Appearance- Remy is a good looking man, albeit a little rough around the edges. Much of the time he looks like he's just climbed out of bed or might be in need of a bath. He likes life a bit messy and his looks reflect that with brown hair that gets a little long from time to time and a face that almost always has a bit of stubble on it. He's tall, strong and athletic at six foot four with abs that could cut glass. He dresses in a way that calls to mind the swamp rat that he is, a little sleazy and a lot of sexy - though much of that comes from his personality and attitude. It's there in the way he moves too. He's the kind of man that seems to take life in stride and the kind of guy who has just or is about to either rob you or seduce you. Often it's difficult to tell until he's long gone.

He generally is not seen without his trademark brown leather trench and his retractable Bo. His field uniform of choice involves form-fitting leather pants with two buckled straps on his right thigh and another strap just above his left knee. Often throwing stars or knives are tucked into those bindings. His boots ride to his knees and when compelled he wears upper body armor that covers his chest and back. He's made a lot of enemies, so it doesn't hurt to live carefully at least in that respect. He often wears gloves that he's cut all but two fingers and the thumb out of to make charging and tossing objects more convenient. His most prominent feature, beyond his devilishly charismatic smirk, is his eyes. Black sclera with red irises they unsettle most and intrigue some. Sunglasses happen from time to time accordingly.

Gear- He carries on his person a retractable bo made of a specialized steel and titanium alloy, at least one set of playing cards, pickpocket and thieving tools, a lighter and smokes, several fake I.D.s and Passports, and various throwing stars and other concealed weapons. When he lacks cards or other objects at his disposal Remy enjoys using a Jennings Volition Repeating rifle that dates from 1850. The rifle uses hollow ball ammunition that he can then amplify with his kinetic energy. He typically does this before firing by channeling the energy through his trigger finger.

Additional Information- In spite of his swagger, Remy is a sentimental guy and prone to romantic gestures and to believe in the fantasy of love.

Hometown- New Orleans, Louisiana
Immediate Family- Birth Family Unknown; Jacques LeBeau (foster grandfather, deceased), Jean-Luc LeBeau (foster father, deceased), Rochelle LeBeau (foster grandmother, deceased), Henri LeBeau (foster brother, deceased), Mercy LeBeau (sister-in-law), Theoren Marceaux (cousin), Etienne Marceaux (cousin, deceased)

Others- Bella Donna Boudreaux (wife, estranged); Logan (unspoken best friend)

Gambit has never known the identity of his parents. He was abandoned at birth likely because of the strange affect his mutation has had on his eyes and there is no documentation regarding his birthplace or exact date of birth. Left to perish or suffer persecution on the steps of a cathedral, he was then stolen by the New Orleans chapter of the Thieves Guild in an effort to protect him for some undetermined reason. There have been persistent rumors regarding a prophecy among certain circles, but not being one to pay much attention to hearsay or spiritual matters (unless it suits him) Remy has never really put much stock in them. The guild members who took him named him Remy, often referring to him as “le diable blanc” or the white devil when they thought he couldn't hear them. It was during this time that he developed the habit of referring to himself in the third person, perhaps as a making it seem as if he wasn't bothered.

A few years later, while he was barely school-aged, the patriarch of the Guild, Jean-Luc LeBeau, developed an interest in the boy. Seeking to test his mettle on the streets, Jean placed him with Finegan’s mob in a rather Dickensian twist that would alter the boy for life. He left the relative safety and seclusion of the Guild for life on the streets. Forced to fend for himself and live by his wits and burgeoning skills set among a group of child thieves, Remy found his footing soon enough. Needless to say, the boy flourished and Remy grew up to be a skilled pickpocket. Remy tried to rob Jean-Luc LeBeau one day when he was about ten and was caught red-handed by his one-time benefactor.

Remembering the demon-eyed child and impressed by Remy's skill, LeBeau adopted the young boy into his own family and gave him his name, LeBeau. During his early teens, Remy’s mutant talent to charge inanimate objects with kinetic energy became active. At fifteen, during a fight that erupted after he was accused of cheating in a game of cards, Remy picked up a spilled deck of cards and found his still favored weapons motif of throwing charged cards. He took his opponent’s eye out in the process and was able to free himself from the altercation. Not one for formal education, Remy kept stealing and gaining skill and by eighteen he was ready to step into his role as Lebeau's heir within the Guild.

It didn't take him long to make a name for himself in all the wrong circles. He became notorious as much for his mutant talent and charm as for his criminal escapades. Adept at breaking and entering and using his mutant skills and connections to avoid detection, he would eventually come to the attention of the rival guild's patriarch. Boudreaux felt, as a believer of the so-called prophecy that Remy was rumored to be attached to, that a marriage between Remy and his own daughter could be useful to bring peace between the two guilds and benefit all concerned with an era of prosperity. The only problem with it all hinged on the two would-be betrothed as neither was keen on the idea. After all, Bella barely even gave poor Remy a smile when he was presented to her, as was custom. For himself, accordingly, Remy felt he was much too young to consider being nailed to a marriage bed for the rest of his life. He had a life to live. A life of his own making.

Talks of peace between the Guilds won out and so did logic. Ultimately, Remy was keen on the idea (figuring there was no way his friend would be able to resist him, of course). He was granted a year of freedom to go out and explore the world. He traveled and began honing his skills performing freelance work for the highest bidder. In most cases he didn't ask questions, his only interest was in making a steady living and experiencing life to its fullest. He saw the world over the next year and increased his reputation to that of a world-class thief. Along the way, he met a young woman whom he taught the ways of the world in Cairo and met a grumpy old bastard with healing factor who would become a life-long friend. When the time was right, he returned home to Nawlins' and his betrothed.

He expected the wedding to change his life, but not in the way it went down. Truth be told, absence had made his heart pine for Bella Donna in unexpressed ways. He’d not only reconciled himself to the idea of marriage to one woman but decided she was the one for him. The sweetness of the wedding ceremony seemed to support this fantasy. It all came to a horrifying end during the reception after when her brother Julian attacked him and in self-defense Remy ended up killing him. Distraught and knowing that nothing would ever be the same for them; he left Bella Donna there with her kin and high-tailed it out of there. Since then, his life has been nomadic. On occasion, he has found himself in the company of friends, but mostly life is solitary for the man. Hearing of all the chaos in New York, he has ventured stateside once again. This time, he’s going to set his own rules --- and get richer in the process.

Player Name- Jason Allen
Age As Old as Pete
How Can We Contact- PM, Discord
Time Zone- EST US
How did you find us? Luck
Other Characters- NA

Role Play Sample-
"So, maybe callin' dem first wan'n such a good idea, no?" The man in the containment cell asked himself. He had not lost his mind and he knew full well that he was alone. Jean-Luc always say dat you want good conversation you jus' keep talkin' to yourself. The Cajun thief wasn't one to brag, oh, hell, he was actually, but in situations like this one there wasn't all that much to brag about. Here he was after taking a train out of New Orleans up into the peach state Georgia, catching a connector in Toccoa up to DC then stealing a car and taking it to Philadelphia. All of that so he could hole up in some cheap hotel room that didn't ask for no I.D. only to give him time to make up one special so he could stay in one that checked for them.

It was all part of his ingenious master plan. He was going to steal the rarest coins in the world. Yes, that is right folks, one Remy LeBeau under the guise of one Robert Lord was going to steal the only two uncirculated 1933 Double Eagle Golds left in existence. Back in the thirties, the US government had issued an annual series of gold coins that were highly sought by collectors. In 1932 the 1933 series was minted only they never saw the light of day. To prevent the accumulation of gold the entire batch was melted and converted back into bullion - all but forty-one coins.

The first eleven were found in the property of a former employee who'd made a swap in the accounting of them for some previous year issues so the count would be accurate. He wasn't caught until after he'd sold the other nine of the ones he'd stolen. Eight of those were confiscated by the government. Another twenty were found in a dead man's safe in the nineteen seventies and his grand-daughter was duped into returning them to the mint so the Feds could evaluate their worth and were summarily seized by the government. One missing coin ended up in the hands of King Farouk of Egypt who paid more than six and a half million dollars for it at auction making it the highest price ever paid for a single coin to date.

The final two were locked away for perpetual grace in the Smithsonian and brought out on display every once and a great while. This month just happened to be that long while. What kind of thief would he be if he didn't at least try for the suckers? It would take the best to steal them from out from under the noses of the crowds and US Government. Well, what and who was Gambit if not the very best. That's right, Logan might be the best at what he did, but Remy LeBeau, Cajun Extraordinaire, was the very best.

Indeed, mon ami.

Unfortunately, the man actually believed what people said about him being the best and yada, yada, yada. It made him cocky, too sure of himself and just what he could get himself in and out of. So here he was, locked away in this coffin of a cell, hands trapped inside some strange apparatus strapped around his waist that kept his arms bent and his hands suspended in mid-air and in front of him. There was an IV stuck into the vein in his arm that would shoot him full of tranquilizers as soon as the door opened. Needless to say, the mutant in hotel suite seventy-three wasn't able to consciously touch anything. Not after one of the nurses had complained about him trying to feel her up.

Truth is, he hadn't been trying anything of the sort. Remy knew there was a time and place for those kinds of things. He might be a thief and a crook but he was a southern gentleman too, when he wanted to be. Even if the girl did have him nearly naked. Well, she'd got his jacket off him so that counted as far as he was concerned. No, he hadn't been going for the woman's boob. He'd been going for the pack of playing cards she hadn't yet found in his jacket. Playing cards that had been uncomfortably tucked inside his shorts and playin' footsie with his manly parts for nigh on too damn long. Now, Remy liked cards as much as the next fellow, but this was becoming ridiculous. They were keeping him locked up good and tight. Shoot fire, it was almost like they didn't trust him or something.

"Why couldn't dere be a fly trapped in here wid Rem-Robert to help pass da time, give da man a bone people. Robert Lord goin' bored out of his ever-lovin' mind, non." Demon eyes weren't no better at seeing in the dark as any man, no matter what his adoring public might like to believe. Remy cursed under his breath and sighed, "Wouldn' be able to see da damn fool t'ing anyway." Come to think of it having a pesky fly buzzing around his head and not being able to swat it away would be cruel and unusual punishment. He cataloged the thought in case Gambit ever needed to set up a high-security swamp prison for unlawful officers of the law back in New Orleans.

The heavy door began to unlock and the barriers began to fall away that divided the Cajun from the rest of the world. He fully expected to see a nurse, there was this one he knew really liked him. He was already planning to work it so he could play her into setting him loose. So the smile that greeted the shape-shifting mutant terrorist from the half-blinded man in the box was brilliant, in spite of the circumstances. Actually, it was probably pretty damn funny considering the amount of swag he was throwing down while his hands were jutting out at odd angles from his body, "Ain't you a sight for sore eyes. Why don'cha come on in here an’ give Robert some sugar?" He blinked catching the blue-skinned woman's appearance now and grinning in spite of the shock because she wasn't wearing anything, "Hey dere, petite." The IV continued to pump the drugs into his system, he began to sing, "Come on an' set me free, why don'cha, babe.,.get me outta dis why don'cha babe...dey jus' keep Re-eh-me hangin' on."

He grinned, feeling the effects and feeling good about his chances with this one, "Why don' ya let poor Rem-bert outta dis contraption...den...den he gon' show you why dey be feared of 'em."
Apr 6 2017, 12:09 PM


Most people know about the Summers brothers and their convoluted, tragic past. Many assume that they are or can be stick-in-the-mud asses, and while that is true at moments, Alex is an approachable, friendly sort. He does carry a chip on his shoulder because of his lost family and the craziness that ensued at his adopted family's household in California. Since then, he's gone on to earn degrees in Geology and Geophysics and built a tiny house that he lives and works from in New Mexico.

Recently, he's been lured to NYC under the false pretense of participating in a panel discussion at a conference in his academic field. The all-expenses paid trip was too good to be true, but he still bought the bait and flew east. Since arriving he's been approached by the Brotherhood and taken under wing. He's still not sure whether or not he considers himself the type of man to make a stand. He had no idea that the invitation to come East was a setup, nor that his brother Scott is alive and so nearby.


Since arriving in NYC, Alex has begun to befriend a handful of mutants, each of whom is expanding his world view. In some cases, the inner Boy Scout is roaring to help make a change. Mostly, he's appalled by the idea of a mutant-themed Fight Club and worried for the new friends who seem to be entangled in such an unsavory business.


Alex is an intellectual, a lifelong student. His demeanor is fairly casual and his intelligence sometimes catches people off-guard. He's steadfastly middle-class and a bit white-bread, but otherwise, he makes for a good friend and once his loyalty has been earned you won't find a more reliable or capable man to have your back. He's very likely to choose his friends based on things that cross party and team lines.


Any enemies he has will be individuals who have hurt or otherwise seek to hurt him or those he cares about. He is very protective of those he feels close to or a responsibility toward. He can be stubborn, and once he's decided you can't be trusted recovering from this label can be difficult at best.


Havok has had a few girlfriends but has spent most of his time buried in his work. He's open to the possibility but has the tendency to be fairly old-fashioned and traditional in his approach to relationships. AKA he's not a playboy.


Warren is a longtime member of the X-Men and one of the school's chief financial backers. He loves adventure and the idea of living each day to the fullest. He can be as reckless as he is generous.


Warren is a vain ass at times but that doesn't mean he isn't a good guy at heart. He's maturing by the minute and trying to be a better man each and every day. This includes learning that he doesn't need to buy friendships and that his actions can matter more.


Any enemies he has will be individuals who have hurt or otherwise seek to hurt him or those he cares about. He is very protective of those he feels close to or a responsibility toward.


Warren has a reputation as a lover but much of that is because of his frequent appearance on New York's social pages. He likes to date and have fun, still waiting to be struck by the feeling that he should settle down.

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