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Jan 21 2018, 07:37 PM
While the mission to Genosha had been fraught with danger and excitement it was a pleasant change for Bennet to now be dealing with the drudgery and complications that came from housing the individuals liberated from the camp. Toad and a few of the other members of the Brotherhood had been a great help in regards to installing power and other bits of modern infrastructure on top of helping him patch up the damage that had been done from his earlier encounter with Ava. Too many walls had holes made in them that day and it had led to many cold draft nights for Bennet and his visiting helpers until they had been patched.

Now though with the structural damage dealt with and the structure now graced with modern heating, electricity, telecommunications, and enough surprises that would make the ancient structure a daunting target should anyone be foolish enough to attack it even while Bennet was away it made for a strange yet comforting home for the many people that filled its many rooms.

The red skinned mutant was currently taking time to direct a few of the younger residents in putting the final touches on organizing the old library. Putting away books that others had been able to acquire and setting up an assortment of electronic devices that would allow the denizens of the monastery to study, research, and simply relax. Seeing these youths moving about and casually using their powers to work together was enough to take the edge off the old pain that came from remembering what had been done to the holy brothers in this room. Seeing the room transformed once again into a sanctuary for learning and knowledge was enough to push that painful memory to the back of his mind.

“Now take this crate of books and start placing them on that shelf in the back with the other history texts,” Bennet said as he passed a large wooden crate to a young girl whose slight frame belied her impressive strength. “Do not worry about the exact order your placing them in as someone else will take the time later to organize everything.” He smiled as the girl ran off with the large crate held over her head as other teens followed after her. Yes, this old musty pile of stones was definitely starting to feel like a home again and Bennet was going to do everything in his power to make sure that it became and remained a sanctuary for those who took shelter there.
Nov 27 2017, 07:28 PM
It was a beautiful day in French Alps with a clear blue sky and surprisingly gentle winds. It made for a picturesque scene high up on Mont Blanc as Bennet du Paris returned home to the monastery he had hidden in for years. Blink had been kind enough to deliver him to the nearest village so that he could purchase supplies before making his way up the mountain. Normally he would have flown but he he wanted the time to think and plan that travelling on foot would allow him. This meant that with his sword and duffle on his back with his arms carrying a sizable wooden crate filled with canned food and dried goods the red skinned mutant was hiking up the old weather beaten trail to his home.

As he walked he began considering what he could do to update at least a portion of the grounds to better convert the old fortress like structure to serve as a potential sanctuary for those who could one day need it. The first thoughts that came to mind were how to add power and running water before moving on to basic equipment for communicating with the outside world. Those three things would be difficult to implement but not impossible especially if Toad would be willing to donate some of his time to make the monastery habitable by people that were more dependant on the comforts of the modern world.

As he walked and outlined the work that would need to be done the monastery came into sight and as Bennet came closer he noticed something which surprised him. There appeared to be vehicles parked near the entrance covered in some sort of camo netting and there were no recent tracks in the snow meaning that they had been here for some time. As he stood there examining what lay before him bright flashes of light and loud cracks filled the air as automatic fire rained down on him from the various glassless windows.

The bullets failed to pierce his skin but rapidly splintered his crate of supplies and filled his clothing with holes. Apparently a bothersome infestation had taken route while he had been away. With a scowl he dropped the remains of his supplies, threw his belongings aside and drew his sword before taking to the air and launching himself towards one of the windows. He intended to have this sorted out very quickly.

Nov 13 2017, 01:54 AM
He sat with his back against the wall in darkness with the ruins of his room surrounding him. Bennet du Paris was not a happy man and even with a day to try and get his temper under control he was still a volatile mess of psionic power and anger. In the aftermath of the mission to Washington Bennet’s power had been a font of destructive force that was barely held at bay by his frayed temper. The amount of raw might at his disposal from the fear and awe of the crowd pushed his reserves of psionic energy to their absolute limits and he couldn’t trust himself around the others. Without a word he’d simply vanished from among the group and reappeared in his quarters.

The room he dwelled in while still in the general living quarters was as far from the occupied rooms as possible so that he could have peace and quiet from the thoughts of others while giving everyone else a modicum of privacy. Right now though it helped to keep others out of the line of fire as his powers writhed around him. Anything made of glass and fragile shattered as he accidentally let slip a minor telekinesis pulse plunging the room into darkness. His frustration at his lack of control over what had happened and over his powers welled up inside of him and in a fit of rage he drove a fist into a concrete wall smashing a large hole in the wall opposite the door to his room as more waves and tendrils of purple energy smashed out in the darkness breaking anything that could break.

Slumping down against the wall he had half destroyed Bennet simply sat there as his body finally began simply releasing the energy in his pool of psionic power bringing his abilities back down to a more manageable level. As his powers stabilised the Frenchman thought about the situation he and the rest of the Brotherhood had found themselves in. If he was being honest what he was doing would more accurately be called brooding and he knew that Elle would make sure to tell him that to his face even if she was standing in the midst of the rubble that was all that remained of his room.

From what he could see the Brotherhood had a conflict within itself. On one side you had those like Bennet that were willing to use force in defense of others or to achieve necessary goals. He was certain that the majority of the Brotherhood were of a mind with him. Unfortunately there were those such as Suvik and Spark that either enjoyed the violence that they inflicted on others and seemed to have no compunction about restraining themselves. It was maddening for Bennet how he could hear their thoughts when they were nearby.

Part of him simply wanted to put them and those like them down like he would a dangerous animal but if he chose to do that………. If he simply killed them when they hadn’t acted against the Brotherhood or for acts of cruelty that he simply suspected them of doing when they were off on their own then would he be any better than them. Simply killing them because they made him angry and his raw power dwarfed theirs was something he refused to do. Even considering it made him think of that titanic monster the Eternal Pharoah that he had held him prisoner and anything that would make Bennet like him in any way was unacceptable.

Bennet spent a great deal of time considering his options. When he had come to a decision hours had passed and it had been about a full day since the disastrous mission. The crusader knew that the status quo couldn’t continue and that something had to change. He was loathe to force a confrontation with his peers even if they set his teeth on edge and he refused to be around those who he couldn’t stand to fight side by side with. This left a strategic withdrawal as his only option. A parting of ways between himself and the others so that he could reassess if this was the road he was meant to walk.

Rooting around through the darkened ruins of his room using his sixth sense to perceive his surroundings Bennet changed out of his uniform and donned his travelling clothes. Well worn rugged clothing made for utility and not for creating a trendy fashionable appearance. His remaining clothing and the few items he was loath to part with that survived his local rampage he quickly bundled up in his duffle bag. Throwing on his greatcoat he quickly tossed his bag over a shoulder and his is sword now in it’s newly constructed scabbard soon followed. He picked up his folded uniform and considered what he wanted to do with it.

Simply leaving it felt wrong but he wasn’t sure if he should take it with him as he was uncertain if he would be returning. Deciding that he would give it to Hardwire or Toad for safe keeping if they would accept it he moved to open the door to his room which promptly fell off its hinges and into the hallway. With a long suffering sigh the red skinned mutant stepped out of the darkness and into the well lit corridor.
Aug 27 2017, 08:44 PM
With the mission in Utah fast approaching Bennet wanted to take some time and run combat drills in the Pit with any of the Brotherhood members who would be willing to subject themselves to the sadistic algorithm which governed their training ground. Exodus rather enjoyed the harsh training simulations as they gave him a chance to try and determine the limits of his varied abilities. In the field there was always the worry that failure could lead to the death of a teammate or an innocent bystander but within the hardlight domain of the Pit the worst that would occur would be a debilitating injury which various Brotherhood members could shrug off in short order or be healed by their resident medic.

Bennet looked over his shoulder at Sabretooth who so far was the only one who had decided to join him. The frenchman didn’t personally care for the feral mutant but he had to admit that if the Marauder clone of Creed was a pale copy of the original then Sabretooth might be worth keeping around provided they could keep him him from turning on them.

“If you’re going into the field with us,” Bennet said to Victor as the Pit came to life with hard light constructs forming around them, “You may as well run one of the training scenarios that I use so that I will have a measure of you.” Around the two Brotherhood members a high rise construction site set in an artificial Manhattan formed. Bennet smiled as the simulation had finished coming online. He couldn’t help but let the smile turn into a smirk as his psionic sixth sense informed him that the focal point of this exercise was plodding towards them.

“We’re starting off by fighting with one of the few things that the Pit was able to generate that was capable of giving me a challenge and depending on how malicious the computer feels it may add more threats.” As he finished speaking a large humanoid metal shape smashed through a nearby cinder block wall. It was massive standing at least ten feet tall, covered with integrated weapons, blackened armour and a tinted reinforced visor. Exodus looked back towards Creed as the machine assessed the two mutants, “This is a prototype weapon system apparently called a Mandroid. Do you want the first go at it or should I start things off?”
Jun 13 2017, 09:19 PM
It had been a while since Bennet had been at the monastery. He hadn’t looked back since he’d left to join Magneto following the murder of the holy brothers who had sheltered him but now here he was standing in the courtyard of the building he once called home. Besides the fire gutted library little had changed. The building was old centuries ago and had been dutifully maintained by the order that had watched over Exodus while he slept hidden in hidden chamber in the monastery’s crypt.

A stiff breeze blowing through the courtyard had him pulling the collar of his coat closed against brisk mountain air he also took a moment to straighten out his scarf. Hiding the extent of his abilities from outsiders had become ingrained to the point of little things like reacting to a chilly wind even if it didn’t discomfort him were automatic. So even here alone in the French Alps with a friend beside him he still pretended to feel the bite of mountain air out of sheer habit.

When he had left previously he had thought it had been for the final time but things had changed. Public opinion and the political sphere in America was a fickle thing and even those who planned on fighting against inhumanity would be wise to make preparations for dark days to come. Bennet always hoped that they would never come but he’d be a fool to not want the Brotherhood to be ready if they needed a place to go to ground and if they could set up their equipment and add whatever death traps Mortimer and Erik could design it would be hard to do better than a fortress like medieval monastery that had survived the elements for hundreds of years.

“So my friend,” Exodus said turning to Pyro, “I know that this is simply the first stop for our hunt for potential bolt holes and bases but I think my old home has merit. At the very least it’s isolated and would stand up to anything short of artillery before the structure would begin to fail.” He paused for a moment, smiling. “Though we might have to make sure that no one would have issues living in such an old building, what with it having a rather large crypt.”
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