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May 2 2018, 11:42 PM
The threat of the Brood was more insidious than many fully realised. The aliens were extremely durable possessing hides that could stop most blades and small arms fire which made them very difficult to kill. Their mouths were filled with fangs and they possessed tendrilled claws and stingers that can tear apart innocent victims and were driven by a sadistic desire to inflict pain and misery upon all creatures. Those were the obvious threats that even the most foolish could easily point out. There was another threat that that they posed, subversive infection. This was a threat that the mutant refugees hidden away in the French alps were about to be faced with.

The mountaintop structure had become a haven for those who were either too young or lacked the disposition to wage war against the corrupt regime of Genosha and it also served as safe harbour for their kin who had shouldered the burden of freedom fighters. This meant that there was a flow of bodies to and from the hidden sanctum. Unbeknownst to those who were currently dwelling within the stone walls this evening the infection of the Brood had taken root.

One of the guerillas from Genosha had been evacuated to the monastery for medical treatment after being found injured in the aftermath of what appeared to be a violent skirmish with a group of genoshan magistrates. The poor soul that was found appeared to be the only survivor and his body appeared to be riddled with bullet wounds which necessitated his transport for medical treatment. Little did they know that the comrade had been left alive intentionally, not by Magistrates but by the real enemy which had befallen his group in the jungle, the Brood. The alien monsters weren’t mindless in their quest to gather strong genetic fodder for reproduction or meat for their insatiable hunger. These were creatures that travelled from regions of space far beyond the ken of humanity, they could be patient and set plans into motion.

A small number of Sleazoids had been sent to do reconnaissance in Genosha. Through the memories stolen from those they had infected they knew that Genosha had a sizable mutant population and this was something which required further investigation. As the creatures investigated the island nation they stumbled across the battle between the mutant guerillas and a unit of Magistrates. Being the opportunists that they were they butchered all present save for for the one survivor that they left injured. The Brood had in their possession one of their Queen’s eggs in case an opportunity such as this presented itself. A chance to infiltrate their prey’s ranks by implanting an embryo in a host that would be lead them to the others. Their plan was successful though they had no idea how successful it would be until the first time their implanted sibling managed to temporarily supplant the host’s consciousness.

He was in a hidden sanctuary far away from Genosha and surrounded by many viable host bodies. The Brood knew that this was another location that they needed to harvest and when they launched their ships their infiltrator put their plan into action. As the ships drew close the maturing Brood assumed control of its host and moved throughout the monastery. First he found his way to the back up genset which was waiting to rumble to life at the first sign of a power failure. Assuming a deformed hybrid form that intermingled Brood with host the saboteur unsheathed talons that could cleave into steel and cut the cables switching mechanism that would allow for backup power to be supplied to the enclave’s defences. Following that primary generator which supplied power was quickly disabled by a few live wires being ripped from their housings and jammed into the electronics which controlled the generator frying the controls beyond repair. Leaving his handiwork behind him the Brood shifted again to the face of his host and left the generator room as the generators spinning drive shaft began accelerating faster and faster until its mechanical components would soon fly apart at the seems.

With his sabotage of the critical infrastructure complete he moved on to the portion of the monastery which had been set aside as a security room to monitor the various technological defences that Toad had installed. The room was occupied by one of the refugees that had become part of the rudimentary security team which had been created as they tried to turn the old crusader sanctum into a home. The fellow on duty was a young cyberpath well suited to monitoring the data flow from the various devices installed. Unfortunately for him he was distracted by the endless font of information that ebbed to and fro within his mind and didn’t notice his assailant until a hand like steel grabbed him by the scalp and smashed his face into the console before him repeatedly until his skull was rendered down to pulp. It was then that the main generator finally tore itself apart and the monastery found itself in darkness.

Bennet du Paris had been catching up on the intercepted intelligence that Hardwire had sent his way regarding what little was known about the Brood which Marvel Girl had spoken about in her public address. There was next to nothing available and if it hadn’t been for Cortez’s encounter with the creatures in Salem Center Bennet would have wondered if the leader of the X-Men had gone mad. He had just closed one document and was preparing to move on to the next when he heard a titanic crash from within the bowels of the the monastery and the lights went out. When backup power failed to engage he made his way towards the door to his pitch black room and looked out into the hallway only finding the most basic backup emergency lighting and various denizens of his wing shouting that something was wrong.

Knowing that this shouldn’t have happened. Bennet teleported down to the generator room only to find it filled with smoke, the smell of burned plastic, shattered machinery, and many cursing Genoshans trying to figure out what the hell happened. He was about to ask them what he could do to help when all of them were taken off their feet by a series of explosions that rocked the very foundations of their home. Again Bennet teleported, this time to the roof where he saw carnage that defied belief as strange alien machines were bombarding his home as monstrous beasts descended from the guts of the ships to begin tearing their way inside.

Resisting the desire to simply launch himself at the beasts Bennet disappeared from the roof and reappeared in his room scrambling to find the satellite enabled phone that Elle and Mort had provided him with to inform his brothers and sisters in arms that the Brood were invading the monastery and that any assistance that they could provide was to meet him at the library. It was a brief call even as he had to speak over the screams that were echoing throughout the stone halls but it was quickly delivered and Bennet shouldered the warhammer he had kept since the adventure in the Savage Land and made made his way to the great iron doors of the library where he began directing the children and infirm inside to try and take shelter from the fighting as he attempted to rally those who could fight amidst the chaos.

Fortunately the Brotherhood soon arrived and after after a quick conversation with Toad it was decided that Nightmare, Sabretooth, Senyaka, Rat, and Kingtide were the ones who would be aiding him as the others had to respond to an attack on Genosha. As the team heading for Genosha departed Bennet turned to those who remained and informed them of the current situation,

“The Brood are here in force and they’ve found a way to bring down our power and defenses,” he said his face grim in the shadows cast by the battery operated emergency lights in the hall, “They’re assaulting us with strange flying machines and descending upon the grounds in a never ending swarm. I will take to the air and try to disable their machines while the rest of you will need to halt their advance by any means necessary while getting the civilians here to the library. Here we will have a chance at keeping these monsters at bay while we figure out the best way to evacuate them.” He turned to Creed and Suvik. “The two of you have experience in fighting in enclosed spaces I leave stopping the alien vanguard and rallying any Genoshan’s capable of fighting to the two of you. If you can coordinate with any of the others already fighting they can help you use the hidden corridors and passages to your advantage.” He turned to the others and continued, “Rat, Samara, and Mackenzie either help Creed and Suvik with stopping the Brood directly or fortify and defend this position.”

Bennet knew that he wasn’t officially a leader within the Brotherhood but this was his home and he had experience in surviving sieges so he had no issue giving what he thought to be rational directions to his peers. “If any of you have any suggestions or alternatives speak up now otherwise I am needed to help clear the sky.”

Next plot post will be on 5/5/2018. Please only make one post between plot posts per character.
Apr 22 2018, 11:56 AM
Today Bennet du Paris was quite happy as Hardwire had finally come to visit his mountaintop home in the alps. The old fortress like monastery was a bustling hive of activity that never truly rested or ceased what with the refugee population that they had smuggled out of Genosha now residing within and as Bennet led Elle throughout the hallways and secret corridors on a whirlwind tour the lively nature of the stone structure was evident.

Old scribe rooms had been converted to classrooms for children and adults to further their educations while other rooms were converted and modernised to serve a variety of purposes to make the accommodations as pleasant as possible for the new residents with areas to relax and socialise being mixed in with more practical rooms being used to house the equipment and technology that Toad had installed with Bennet’s help to power and defend the the monastery. In a way it was like a strange amalgamation of Station M and Mutant Town in a medieval structure, a cross between a practical installation and a much larger community in a piece of living history.

Bennet was leading Elle through one of the main corridors pointing out the various changes that Mort had made possible with his technical skills when he held out a hand and stopped Elle before she could step in front of a tapestry. A group of wildly laughing children came tearing out from a concealed passage. Having sensed them coming Bennet reached out and grabbed two of the ring leaders by the back of their shirts and lifted them up to eye level. All the while making sure that he wasn’t causing them any undue discomfort.

“Running is fine children but perhaps you shouldn’t come spilling out of the hidden passages like that,” he said with his mouth quirked up into a genial smile as the rest of the children came to a sudden halt around him and Elle, “I could tell your were coming but someone else might have been bowled over and we wouldn’t want that to happen.” Many heads began nodding as children covered in scales or feathers, faces with glowing eyes, or children with no obvious signs of mutation offered their apologies and promised to be more considerate. “Alright then, if you all can remember your promise then perhaps I’ll see if we can have an outing to one of the forested areas at the base of the mountain sometime when the weather is pleasant.”

With that said he set the two children he had gently collared on the ground and the lot of them scurried off with howls of laughter following them. “As you can see Elle the monastery is a lively place. Any chance I could convince you and Mort to leave Station M and take up residence here?” he asked Elle with a hint of his own laughter creeping into his voice, “You’d have to get used to the children and teenagers but I’m sure it would be less of a headache than sharing accommodations with Creed and the others.” He knew that her answer was most likely going to be no but it never hurt to ask.
Mar 27 2018, 01:11 PM
As he walked through the halls of Station M Bennet was certain that the individual he had come to visit already knew that he was there unless she was currently sleeping. It was very difficult to surprise Hardwire in the confines of Station M as she was more or less connected to the surveillance system. Though she most likely knew that he was approaching the door to her quarters which she shared with Mortimer she most likely wasn’t aware that he was carrying a large box of fine swiss chocolate that he was bringing her as a gift.

Bennet knew that his spending time away from Station M in general was for the best as it kept him and certain members of the Brotherhood from trying to murder each other on a regular basis and he was very much needed at the monastery as those residing within needed a powerful guardian in case they were discovered by a group that would do them harm. Yet he couldn’t help but feel that things could have been different regarding what had happened with Elliot being assaulted by bigots and then detained by the X-Men. The red skinned mutant understood that in spite of his phenomenal powers that he couldn’t be everywhere or protect his friends from every hardship but there was a lingering sense of guilt that he couldn’t escape.

He knew that if he had been better integrated with the rest of the Brotherhood there was a chance that things could have happened differently regarding what had happened in the lead up to the disastrous excursion to the Savage Land which could have meant that he could have been present at Station M when everything happened with Elliot being injured. He knew that running these what ifs through his mind was a pointless venture. Even if he had been spending his time at Station M he most likely still would have gone to the Savage Land and still ended up questioning his decisions.

Setting his self doubt aside as he found himself outside of Elle’s quarters and could tell with his sixth sense that she was on the other side. Reaching out he knocked on the door.
Jan 21 2018, 07:37 PM
While the mission to Genosha had been fraught with danger and excitement it was a pleasant change for Bennet to now be dealing with the drudgery and complications that came from housing the individuals liberated from the camp. Toad and a few of the other members of the Brotherhood had been a great help in regards to installing power and other bits of modern infrastructure on top of helping him patch up the damage that had been done from his earlier encounter with Ava. Too many walls had holes made in them that day and it had led to many cold draft nights for Bennet and his visiting helpers until they had been patched.

Now though with the structural damage dealt with and the structure now graced with modern heating, electricity, telecommunications, and enough surprises that would make the ancient structure a daunting target should anyone be foolish enough to attack it even while Bennet was away it made for a strange yet comforting home for the many people that filled its many rooms.

The red skinned mutant was currently taking time to direct a few of the younger residents in putting the final touches on organizing the old library. Putting away books that others had been able to acquire and setting up an assortment of electronic devices that would allow the denizens of the monastery to study, research, and simply relax. Seeing these youths moving about and casually using their powers to work together was enough to take the edge off the old pain that came from remembering what had been done to the holy brothers in this room. Seeing the room transformed once again into a sanctuary for learning and knowledge was enough to push that painful memory to the back of his mind.

“Now take this crate of books and start placing them on that shelf in the back with the other history texts,” Bennet said as he passed a large wooden crate to a young girl whose slight frame belied her impressive strength. “Do not worry about the exact order your placing them in as someone else will take the time later to organize everything.” He smiled as the girl ran off with the large crate held over her head as other teens followed after her. Yes, this old musty pile of stones was definitely starting to feel like a home again and Bennet was going to do everything in his power to make sure that it became and remained a sanctuary for those who took shelter there.
Nov 27 2017, 07:28 PM
It was a beautiful day in French Alps with a clear blue sky and surprisingly gentle winds. It made for a picturesque scene high up on Mont Blanc as Bennet du Paris returned home to the monastery he had hidden in for years. Blink had been kind enough to deliver him to the nearest village so that he could purchase supplies before making his way up the mountain. Normally he would have flown but he he wanted the time to think and plan that travelling on foot would allow him. This meant that with his sword and duffle on his back with his arms carrying a sizable wooden crate filled with canned food and dried goods the red skinned mutant was hiking up the old weather beaten trail to his home.

As he walked he began considering what he could do to update at least a portion of the grounds to better convert the old fortress like structure to serve as a potential sanctuary for those who could one day need it. The first thoughts that came to mind were how to add power and running water before moving on to basic equipment for communicating with the outside world. Those three things would be difficult to implement but not impossible especially if Toad would be willing to donate some of his time to make the monastery habitable by people that were more dependant on the comforts of the modern world.

As he walked and outlined the work that would need to be done the monastery came into sight and as Bennet came closer he noticed something which surprised him. There appeared to be vehicles parked near the entrance covered in some sort of camo netting and there were no recent tracks in the snow meaning that they had been here for some time. As he stood there examining what lay before him bright flashes of light and loud cracks filled the air as automatic fire rained down on him from the various glassless windows.

The bullets failed to pierce his skin but rapidly splintered his crate of supplies and filled his clothing with holes. Apparently a bothersome infestation had taken route while he had been away. With a scowl he dropped the remains of his supplies, threw his belongings aside and drew his sword before taking to the air and launching himself towards one of the windows. He intended to have this sorted out very quickly.

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