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Nov 1 2017, 01:14 AM
Pirate and I talked about this a little back when Laura and Amara tried to go acquire roller blades only to find out there were no swords involved and I watch a lot of dumb movies while I'm on nights so what if the New Mutant girls go ahead and decide that it would be a great idea to start a roller derby team? (Yeah I know you can't just start your own team, but for the sake of fiction let's pretend we can), because the NMs haven't gone out and gotten into any trouble lately and that's just sad, so them bashing people on roller blades with codenames seems like a good place to start.

There are actually a couple leagues in NYC:

So any interest? The boys can come along to watch if they want. Tagging all the NM girls.

EDIT: And obviously they're sneaking out to do this of course... what the X-Men will never notice all the teens are out of the mansion at the same time!

Ace, Bashi, Bry, Charly, Arsenic, Jamie, Mia, Noiz
Jul 4 2017, 04:38 AM


Celebrity Claim- Rose Leslie

Full Name- Jean Elaine Grey
Nicknames/Aliases- Red, Jeannie, I’m-Too-Sexy-For-A-Codename
Age- 33 A lady never tells.
Date of Birth- May 27th, 1983
Faction- X-Men, arrived in 1997
Occupation- Teaches science at the school while she unlocks the secrets of the universe/genetics.

Jean is a creature of contradictions. She’s likes to be around people, but is slow to warm up to them. She’s intelligent, pretty, and successful, but still remembers her lack of control in her childhood and is afraid to return to those days.

Highly intelligent and organized, Jean’s perfectionist nature has made her her own worst enemy. She expects perfection from herself and at thirty-thirty you really think someone would have told her that no one is perfect, not even her. The early emergence of her powers has made her cautious with relationships and her trust. As a telepath she is also privy to surface thoughts and occasionally deeper ones. Although she’s had it hammered into her head from childhood not to abuse her powers by looking too deep, Jean hasn’t always been the best with following that rule and has been known to search deeper to find a person’s true motivations. This often leaves her disgruntled and has ruined more than one relationship. It’s also left her as a fairly blunt individual who can’t abide by liars. She has no patience for useless arguments or people who throw their weight around. She’ll respect a person when they’ve earned it and not a moment before. She often takes on the role of a mediator, she doesn’t want to listen to arguments and she isn’t a fan of chaos.

None of that is to say she isn’t a caring person. Jean enjoys mentoring those who want to learn. She’s highly loyal especially to the school. She believes in Xavier’s dream of peace between human and mutants, but has a bit of a temper. She’s no pacifist and has been known to be a bit more forceful than perhaps Xavier would like her to be. She’s killed in the past and come to terms with it. She also wouldn’t hesitate to throw herself in the line of fire for her teammates or students. She’s been jokingly referred to as a Mama Bear and she doesn’t deny it. She believes in doing the right thing and wants very much so to be the kind of person who will always do that, but she occasionally finds herself falling short such as the injudicious use of telepathy. This annoys her, she holds everyone to high expectations and she’s no exception. She has the unfortunate need to be the best at things and first with everyone as well as a jealous streak, although she tries to keep these more negative traits hidden. She has a secret funny side and while she’s no class clown and may pretend disapproval at some of her teammate’s antics, she has a sense of humor deep down.

Jean is a problem solver with no time for whiners who don’t want to find a solution. She’s almost always busy with something and works hard on any project she undertakes. Once committed she dedicates herself completely to something or someone. She’s not good at relaxing, she always feels like she should be doing something and that she has to achieve great things. The one exception to this is when she’s playing Facebook games, an addiction she tries to hide.

Not always the most tactful person, she does care about her family and people in general. She often goes out of her way to help or comfort the students. She remembers her own early struggles with her powers all too well and wants to save anyone she can from the same fate.

She hates the spotlight, especially since she can hear the thoughts of everyone watching her. She has forced herself into it for academic presentations and modeling as a young adult, but she isn’t truly at ease with it. When necessary for her to take the center stage she prepares very thoroughly, she doesn’t like to look dumb and wants to have an answer for everything. She tends to blend herself into the background at social events, she would like to be the one out dancing in the crowd, but hates the attention. She only truly lets loose around some of the longer running members of the X-Men team and at the occasional school function. The older X-Men may have been privy to other moments of familiarity, such as her pajamas emblazoned with cartoon characters or early morning Jean without her coffee or worst of all drunk Jean who thinks she can sing (she can’t).

  • Fashion
  • Ice cream, especially strawberry
  • Science
  • Action movies
  • Dancing/music
  • Being right
  • Facebook games
  • Arguments
  • Pig headedness
  • People who do less than their best
  • Rom-coms
  • Traffic
  • Gym clothes as real outfits. Nike shorts are not cool. Leggings are not pants.
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Dependable
  • Organized
  • Vain
  • Low tolerance for bull shit
  • Hard on herself
  • Jealous
  • Bossy

Power Name- Telepathy

Description- Jean’s primary power is her telepathy. She’s one of the strongest known telepaths in the world.
  • Mind reading: The most basic use of her telepathy, Jean can not only read minds, but project her own thoughts to others. With this ability she can “track” people within her range by following their thought pattern. Currently her radius is one hundred miles to read or project which can be enhanced with Cerebro. She can pick up on familiar signatures (such as the First Class or Xavier) and reach them to send thoughts as far as two hundred miles. Jean is also able to take control of another’s mind, manipulating them into doing what she wishes to include actions and making them forget something they have witnessed. She can also use the manipulation as a type of cloak, shielding herself and others from view by fooling her adversary’s brain into not processing what their eyes are telling them. She can access, change, and erase memories, however this is difficult and time consuming.
  • llusions: Once inside someone’s head, Jean has the ability to create illusions. The illusions are all completely mental in nature and can only be seen by the people she is effecting. If she has time to go searching through someone’s mind she can tailor these to the individual she is fighting however she also has some “stock” illusions in her repertoire of things that are generally scary. Her favorite is the clown snake.
  • Astral Projection: Jean has trained extensively with Charles on Astral Projection. She has never actually engaged on a true battle on the Astral field, but knows how to project, manipulate the environment, and has had some practice skirmishes with her mentor.
  • Psi Bolts: Another mental projection technique, Jean can overload an enemy’s mental pathways with her bolts. They have no physical shape, but can cause pain and in a weak mind, death.
  • Psi Shield: Jean has a natural resistance to other telepath’s attacks. She’s not unstoppable, but it would take a stronger mutant with a stronger will to defeat her in her own mind. Jean can extend this shield to others within her line of sight, currently three to five other individuals depending on the strength of the attacking telepath.
  • Empathy: Jean isn’t a true empath, but she tends to pick up on people’s moods if she delves into their minds or pays attention to their surface thoughts. She can not manipulate or control people’s emotions.
  • Telepathic link: Jean has never had cause to construct such a link, but should she choose she has the ability to form a bond. This would allow the other party to send thoughts to her more easily as well as negate the effects of distance. With such a bond they would be able to contact each other anywhere, anytime and it would be almost impossible to keep secrets with the overflow of thoughts from one to the other.

On her own her range for her mind reading is approximately one hundred miles. She must be within line of sight for her psi bolts or illusions. She may be able to telepathically cloak herself from view, but she can not fool machines or cameras. Jean’s telepathy is strong enough that she must actively shield to filter out surface thoughts, she has grown used to the constant outpouring, but occasionally still slips up and answers thoughts rather than spoken words. This is worse when she’s tired. Illusions and Astral projections both require intense concentration to maintain. Any time she manipulates minds she must take care to avoid permanent damage, in her hands her power can be a scalpel or a battering ram and it’s probably best not to attempt complicated maneuvers on the battle field.

Power Name- Telekinesis

Description- As if evolution hadn’t done her enough favors, Jean’s secondary mutation is telekinesis or in layman’s terms she can move things with her mind. She currently can lift up to five tons, however her real strength is fine control. She has no issues using her telekinesis simply to move pens and papers around and she does quite frequently when she’s at home.
  • Flight: Jean can lift and propel herself through the air at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. She can stay aloft as long as she can keep concentration, but typically flies solo as she can only carry with her what she can physically carry without telekinesis.
  • Telekinetic barriers: Functioning like a telekinetic deflection Jean can create telekinetic barriers within forty feet of herself. These barriers only work against physical threats such as brute strength or objects thrown or fired at her. She has a range of fifty feet and must be within line of sight to create a shield.

Jean has a weight limit (five tons) but even that is the maximum weight she can lift, currently she can keep her max weight under control for five to ten minutes. While flying she has no anatomical mutation to allow her to breathe thinner or air or thinner bone structure to let her stay up longer. She depends solely on her concentration and telekinesis to stay aloft, however her weight max is much more limited while flying and is reduced to herself and what she is capable of physically carrying. Her barriers typically can last while she’s paying attention, but in a battle can be worn down by sheer force. She is also limited to creating either a dome with a seven foot radius by eight foot height or a solid wall that can range up to fifteen feet long by ten feet high.

Skills & Abilities-
  • Jean went through all the same training as the rest of the First Class. She’s a capable hand to hand fighter and tactician. Although capable of leading she’s often content to step back and allow the likes of Cyclops and Wolverine that dubious honor. Unfortunately she’s a bit of a backseat driver, offering them unasked for advice telepathically and out loud.
  • She’s a skilled pilot.
  • She briefly considered a career in fashion design and can sew well, she still sketches her designs and makes herself clothes.
  • She speaks some French, because fashion and Japanese, because too many of the X-Men do and she wants to know what they’re talking about.
  • She has two bachelors because she’s an overachiever, one in genetics and one in psychology which she got in an attempt to work out dealing with the kids (it didn’t help). She also has a master’s and doctorate in genetics.

Height- Five feet, nine inches
Weight- 121
Eye Colour- Green
Hair Colour- Red
Appearance- The most striking thing at first look is Jean’s hair, dark red usually long and loose. In the field or at work she wears it in a bun or braid, but at home its free either in its natural waves or straightened. Pale skin and green eyes complete the redhead look. She’s tall with a willowy frame. She could probably stand to put on another five to ten pounds, but hasn’t.

In day to day life she goes light on the makeup, except for trademark bright red lipstick which she wears simply because she can. It’s usually paired with natural colors. For dressy occasions or on days when she’s cranky or needs a little extra oomph she goes for greens. In highschool she had a purple eyeshadow phase, but has mostly grown out of that. Along with the funky lipstick colors. Fingernails are usually professional, either a French manicure or light pink gel. Toe nails never match, since no one at work sees them she goes for bright colors and experimental patterns. When working she tends to dress professionally although she prefers dark bold colors. Of course in the lab she wears her lab coat, because it makes her feel sciencey. She’s not one for lounging about in yoga pants or shudder, leggings. Even on her off time she’s usually in sundresses or at the very least jeans.


Jean doesn’t carry any gear with her, but has trained to use Cerebro.

No black leather suits for Jean’s costume, she has given the suit a bit more pizzazz than that. She has given up on the green dress she wore as a teenager and moved to black pants, dark shirt, and a black and green jacket, with the X-Men belt. She has a half gold mask, because it really wouldn’t do for Dr. Grey the geneticist to be known as a super hero. Reference: LINK

Additional Information-
Jean can’t cook to save her life. She manages to burn or undercook everything. She loves good food though, if you cook for her you’ll probably be her best friend.

She’s probably the only person in the world to still have a Farmville. She checks her cows and crops religiously every day.

She was given the codename Marvel Girl as a teenager and for lack of something better still uses it. After all, “Mind Reader” or “Lifts Stuff” or “Lady Brain” sound even worse.

Hometown- Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

Immediate Family-
John Grey-Father
Elaine Grey-Mother
Sara Grey-older sister

Jean has been estranged from her parents and sister since she went to Xavier’s. They exchange Christmas cards and the occasional phone call, but haven’t seen each other since Jean’s graduation with her Bachelor’s degree.


The rest of the First Class are her closest friends, brothers, and in highschool occasional crushes.

Her beagle, Darwin. He’s the dumbest dog in the world, but she adores him and constantly is making excuse for him chewing up shoes, furniture, eating food, and generally making a nuisance of himself.

The rest of the X-Men are her family, even the ones who get on her nerves.


In her early years Jean Grey lived a charmed life. She was the younger child to a successful couple, living out the American dream in suburbia. She had an older sister she adored and loving parents. She was popular with her classmates, a straight A student, a gifted athlete, she had it all and likely it would have continued that way if not for her mutation. When Jean was just thirteen years old her best friend was hit by a car and the trauma of the event caused her powers to activate early. A telepathic bond formed between Jean and Annie, making Jean live through her friend’s terrifying final moments.

Jean withdrew after that. She could hear voices all the time now, the thoughts of the people around her practically assaulting her mind. Junior was hard enough without the thoughts of her peers, teachers, and parents coming at her unstoppably all the time. Add that to the trauma of Annie’s death and Jean went from one of the most popular girls in her grade to one of the outcasts, the freaks.
She became depressed and her parents began trying to find a solution. Medications and therapists all failed, but in 1997 at the age of 14 one Professor Charles Xavier got in touch with them. Jean was a mutant, a telepath of no small talent. Her parents were dumbstruck and all too happy to hand her over to him to attend his school. They still loved their daughter, but they didn’t know what to do with her and Jean was all too happy to go. As far as she was concerned they had spent the last year pushing her off onto other people, not wanting to deal with her. They were embarrassed to have a daughter with “issues”, comparing her to Sara who had never had any problems and even if they never voiced these thoughts Jean heard them and resented them.

Xavier placed mental blocks around the majority of Jean’s powers, leaving her with a very limited amount of telepathy to work with. Without the constant deluge of other’s thoughts she was able to take on an active role with her new teammates, becoming something of the team mother, keeping the boys in line. She desperately wanted to be one of the team and not the girl, the outsider. To this end she often bossed the boys around, insisting they come do this or that with her whether it was sneaking into the city, power training, or movie nights. She strove to keep up with them, mastering the same fighting, piloting, and strategizing techniques they learned. Her perfectionist nature drove her to work to master the telepathy Xavier left her with and demand he remove the blocks. He was more cautious and when her telekinesis developed the telepathy took a bit of a backseat as she learned to control this new power.

When she was eighteen she joined her four teammates in the fight against Magneto. Convinced this would not be the last encounter with him she talked Xavier into removing the remaining mental blocks. She spent several years honing her control of her telepathy. She was determined not to let her power get the best of her, she was the one in control, not it.

While working on the telepathy she pursued a stint in modeling in New York, however always knowing what everyone thought of her had an almost crippling effect. She considered going into design, but between people’s critique of her body while modeling and her clothes while designing she dismissed the idea. She claims it’s because it was impractical, but that’s truly only part of the issue. She turned to genetics instead, she had always been good at science and here she dealt in facts. If she was right she could prove it, if she was wrong the data would tell. Opinions were meaningless, which meant even if her classmates thought badly of her at least it was because she was right and they were wrong, not because she was too fat or her dress was ugly or she was a prude who wouldn’t sleep with designers to get to model their clothes. Although she enjoys her field, one of her secret regrets is that she didn’t continue in the fashion world.

By then she had achieved marginal control of her telepathy and moved to Massachusetts to attend MIT and study genetics. After graduation with her bachelor’s and thoroughly bored with normalcy Jean returned to Xavier’s and continued studying for her doctorate while also teaching the next generation of students. This was her purpose, this was how she would make her mark.
Presently she works her genetics magic in the lab Xavier constructed for her in the subbasement while also teaching highschool courses. In addition to being a member of the Gold Team she has made herself available over the years to students for individual power training, particularly the telepaths and telekinetics.

Player Name- Rider
Age 23
How Can We Contact- PM me for my Skype!
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us? Magic
Other Characters- X-23, Mistral

Role Play Sample-
Lay it on me.
Apr 19 2017, 07:18 PM


Celebrity Claim- AnnaSophia Robb

Full Name- Kaylee Vanessa Mardis
Nicknames/Aliases- Kay, Hurricane Kaylee
Age- 22
Date of Birth- September 2nd
Faction- X-Men
Occupation- Nurse & Tutor/Mentor/Superhero/Free Loader at Xavier’s

Kaylee is mostly a cheerful individual. She’s bubbly, bounces back, and likes to have a good time. She’s prone to waving off unpleasant facts and ignoring her problems, which usually comes back to bite her. She tends to jump to conclusions and then rush into things without always thinking it through. She means well, but she’s not the quiet, thoughtful type.

She’s loyal and once you’re her friend she’ll fight tooth or nail for you. She loves her family and is willing to distribute beat downs to anyone talking smack about them. She is a people person and she enjoys being around others, but tends to only have a few very close friends. She’s always ready to drop what she’s doing to give advice or go help someone take care of their problems. She has a maternal protective streak around her friends or kids in general. She’s always been confident, sometimes overly so, and is secure in her own skin. She has her down days and knows she’s not perfect but overall, she doesn’t hang around angsty. Unfortunately even though she gives great advice, she doesn’t always follow it herself.

She carries herself with a lot of bravado which has led to plenty of arguments and fights. She’s also fairly sarcastic (some would say sassy). She’s been raised to be polite with yes and no sir/ma’ams, but that doesn’t mean she always uses those manners. She isn’t just brave, she’s dauntless, if she’s scared she isn’t going to show it, she’s going to laugh it off with a snarky comment and fight head on. She’s also stubborn and if she thinks she’s right she isn’t going to change her mind.

Spending time at Xavier’s taught Kaylee to work in a team as well as lead one. She’s comfortable taking the lead and is naturally a little bossy, but can take orders and play well with others. If she thinks those orders are stupid or if they go against her ethics, she’s not going to follow them. Likewise rules are nice, but she’s not above bending them some if there’s no harm to it, especially small ones. She’s always been a little bit of a troublemaker, breaking small rules here, causing a little chaos there, but she’s never gotten herself into serious trouble. She has good instincts and usually follows her gut, even if she isn’t exactly sure what’s going on.

While most of the time Kaylee meanders along, marching to the beat of her own drummer, when she’s in her zone and given responsibility she does well and is meticulous. She likes to excel at everything she does and has a competitive nature. She’s good at thinking on her feet or in her words “winging it”, but it capable of planning and following through when necessary. She tends to be over-imaginative, always coming up with grand plans or crazy scenarios. This also occasionally leads to ruminating about actual serious business, such as the fact that any kid she’s likely to have will probably be a mutant. She likes her mutation, but she’s seen the difficulties it can bring. For someone as family oriented as her, this has created some quiet discontent.

  • Bad movies and old TV shows
  • Football and throwing football parties (which might just mean her eating buffalo chicken dip and watching sports all day)
  • Baking. And eating baked goods.
  • Hanging out in her pajamas all day
  • Teaching others
  • Adventure and excitement
  • Artsy movies, she doesn’t get them.
  • Vegetables, some nurse she is.
  • Drama
  • Quitters/Laziness
  • Losing
  • Boredom
  • Loyalty
  • Tenacity
  • Connects well with other people
  • Impatient
  • Holds grudges
  • Can be a bit of an airhead at times.

Power Name- Aerokinesis

Description- At its most basic level Kaylee’s power is the ability to manipulate air and wind via the manipulation of the molecules making up the air. When in top form she can manipulate winds up to 180 miles per hour, the intensity of a severe hurricane. This allows her to cause substantial damage, bringing down small buildings and lifting cars or creating missiles out of objects. This means it’s completely within her ability to throw down people, bring down doors, and throw small objects around.

Kaylee can also use her power in more creative ways. She can create mini deadspaces by sucking the air out an area of approximately ten feet by ten feet, effectively suffocating anyone in her vortex. She can also create air streams to “fly” although it’s more like ice skating on currents she manipulates. Kaylee also can use wind to spy on people by carrying their conversations to her if they’re within fifty feet of her.

Another useful facet is the ability to create compressed pockets of air and then rapidly expand them creating small explosive effects. With proper concentration she's been able to break glass (and bones) and cave in doors. While she's capable of summoning winds more powerful, this requires less energy and is honestly more surprising and controllable in small spaces.

Limits- Manipulating air requires concentration. If she’s distracted or in a fight trying not to die her effectiveness decreases. Flying especially takes a lot of concentration. If she’s trapped in her own deadzone there’s nothing to manipulate and she’s useless. She’s susceptible to all the usual means of harm. Kaylee can only keep up her top speeds for five minutes at a time, but that’s usually all she needs.

Kaylee also doesn’t have any particular resistance to the air herself. She can be knocked around by it if she isn’t controlling it away from her, though typically she funnels her currents around her and her allies. She also isn’t built to go particularly high, her eyes can’t handle it (hence her goggles with her costume), but also her body isn’t equipped for cold. Her flying is usually strictly low leveled, with a max height of 7000 feet in terms of her body handling it. On the other hand maintaining enough control to keep her aloft safely means she typically cruises much lower. She’ll still go splat if she falls and doesn’t catch herself.

Skills & Abilities-
  • She’s a Southerner, her father and uncle taught her to shoot and safely handle firearms at a young age on fishing and hunting trips. She thinks hunting and fishing is boring, but went for the time spent with her family. She owns a rifle and a handgun. Just in case.
  • She’s a nurse, so has medical knowledge, but works in labor and delivery so good luck with that gunshot wound or heart attack, but she can totally deliver your baby or stop your postpartum hemorrhage!
  • Thanks to all the years of X-Training she knows how to fight and handle herself in stressful situations. She has basic tactical knowledge.

Height- 5’3”
Weight- 124
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Blonde

To her complete dismay, Kaylee is a short girl. She makes up for it with a lot of bravado and carrying herself like she’s about six feet tall. Intensive physical training has made her strong and muscular, even if she’s small. Even before she had a mutation to blame her hair always looked a little crazy with frizz that wouldn’t be tamed and parts falling out of braids. Periodically she cuts it short, complains she can’t do anything with it, grows it out, complains that it’s annoying, and the cycle starts over again.

Her choices in clothing range from jeans and plaid shirts (that girl loves plaid shirt, she currently has fourteen in different colors) to t-shirts to dresses. Despite her tomboy attitude she loves sparkly makeup. She also sports a lot of Auburn University gear, which was her alma mater, but also to needle her parents who are University of Alabama fans. Shoes tends to be Converse or cowboy boots. She’s not above sitting around in pajamas or sweats all day if she’s staying home. She also loves to get dressed up. She got herself invited to a few formals at school just for the opportunity to wear ball gowns.

She has two tattoos, one an arrow on her right wrist pointing forward to her hand and the other a stylized swirling pattern that represents wind on her left shoulder. Her belly button and ears are pierced, usually with hoops unless she's in training or a fight.

Gear- She has a set of purple and silver goggles because they look really cool and to protect her eyes from damage in high speed winds. They match her uniform, black with purple and silver accents. Teenage Kaylee thought it was cool, adult Kaylee still secretly thinks it’s cool.

Additional Information-
She owns a beat up old green pick up truck which she dubbed Scarlett after Scarlett O’Hara. She plays country music obnoxiously loud, singing off key, while bopping around in it, getting some strange looks from New Yorkers.

She makes terrible choices when it comes to dating. In highschool she had to be different and dated humans outside the school, it never worked out. In college the guys she ended up with always turned out to be jerks. Once again, great advice, doesn’t follow it. She’s a hopeless romantic, but convinced she’s going to end up an old forever alone cat lady.

She loves to read, anything and everything from really bad romance novels to Westerns to fantasy to classics. Her parents had a rule, one book a week and Kaylee happily embraced it.

Hometown- Notasulga, Alabama

Immediate Family-
Jacob Mardis-40-father
Lee Ann Mardis-40-mother
Brad Mardis-brother-19-currently serving in the Marine Corps
Ashley Mardis-sister-17
Gage Mardis-brother-16

She spent the years 2009-2012 and then half of 2015 at Xavier’s so is familiar with many of the residents, she went to school with the likes of Menagerie, Hellfire, Mirage, Mimic, Shadowcat, Firestar, Spark, and Savage. The X-Men are as much her family at her biological one.

She has several cousins on her mother’s side she’s close to, they know she’s a mutant, as does her mom’s brother, Uncle Bryan who was her partner in crime as a kid.
Kaylee was a surprise, unplanned baby born while her parents were in their senior year of high school. It wasn’t really an earth shattering event in small town Alabama, but it was life changing for them. With help from her grandparents, her parents were able to finish high school. They got married shortly after and with the goal of achieving a better life from themselves and their daughter started working, her mother as a nurse’s assistant and her father in an autobody shop while they pooled money for Lee Ann to take classes at a community college. Little by little the credits added up until she was able to become a nurse. They started the whole process of saving over again, until Jacob was able to buy partial ownership in the shop.

Of course, Kaylee didn’t realize the struggle her family went through when she was that young. They had a decent house and food on the table and she was happy to run around outside with the neighborhood kids and her cousins while her grandmothers took turns watching her. Her childhood was fairly unremarkable, other than the world shaking she received when her parents had a baby when she was three, a little brother who she tried to sell to the circus.

Most of her early upbringing was fairly uneventful. She went to school where she was a fairly average student. She played sports with the boys in the neighborhood and went to church on Sundays. Her uncle was a graduate of the nearby college, Auburn University, and frequently took her to football and baseball games to her mother’s dismay. They take their college football seriously in the Mardis-Ward family (like most of the state) and her parents were fans of the rival school, the University of Alabama. She was definitely the family problem children, getting into brawls, pulling pranks, nothing ever too bad or problematic, but enough that if something was happening she was usually involved.

In middle school, the former owner of the autobody shop passed it entirely off to Jacob. This enabled them to move out of Notasulga and into Auburn right before Kaylee started eighth grade, a decision made because Jacob and Lee Ann wanted the kids to go to a better school district. The move was not well received by Kaylee. Her family, although doing well financially, was poorer than a lot of the kids. She didn’t get along with her new classmates and got into a few significant fights over them, especially in on her younger siblings’ behalf. Insults were traded, including white trash. She also didn’t hit it off with the clique of popular girls in her class, resulting in a feud that would last as long as Kaylee was in Auburn and include them “stealing” her first boyfriend at the end of freshmen year.

Right around the spring of freshmen year, Gage and Ashley became the target of a few local highschool bullies. Brad and Kaylee went after them and in the fight, Kaylee’s mutation manifested. No one quite knew what had happened and the bullies were too embarrassed to tell anyone that they had gotten beaten by a girl and a middle school kid, but Kaylee knew it was something, especially since by then the “mutant problem” was a hot topic of conversation.

Kaylee told her parents, more excited than freaked out, and they made her promise to keep it quiet. They were worried about their oldest, their problem child. They knew the world wasn’t very generous towards mutants and she was rambunctious, more likely to shout from the roof to the world that she was a mutant and proud than she was to be careful and discreet about it. Hoping it was a one time thing, her parents decided to just say nothing about it and hope it would blow over. The world doesn’t work like that though and in a tornado hit Notasulga. Kaylee decided to play the hero and went out to try to stop it. It didn’t end well. Part of the town got ripped up, she passed out, and to top it off, she made the local headlines. Xavier’s got in touch with her then offering her a place at the school.

Her parents decided it would be the safest place for her and so off she went almost immediately. Kaylee thrived there, people didn’t care that she was from the backwoods, they didn’t know her history, and most of them were from way more messed up backgrounds than her anyway. The teachers pushed her to work harder physically (Wolverine) and mentally (everyone else) and for once she actually listened. She had never exactly been lazy, her parents cracked the whip too much for that, but she had never tried as hard as she could. Under Xavier she began to push herself, to keep up with the others and to prove to them that she was X-Man material, because what kid doesn’t want to be a super hero? She got along well enough with most of her classmates, nursing brief crushes on both Wolverine and Cyclops during her years at school (well the caliber of material for crushes on a teacher was higher there than your average school).

She graduated with better grades than she had ever had and good ACT scores. She went back to Auburn for college, but spent summers and parts of her other breaks back at Xavier’s training with the Blue Team and helping out with the kids who didn’t have anywhere to go. As she had done in high school she often took other students home with her, after all with four of her own kids, Lee Ann never minded having a couple of their friends running around the house, even if they had fangs or tails or shot electricity out of their eyeballs. She became a bit of a local celebrity at home, people had heard about her stunt with the tornado and then disappearance and despite the college bringing in so many people, Auburn really still is a small town. Most of her highschool enemies went on to the university so she hadn’t quite escaped them, but having been out in the world at least she had realized there was more to life than high school drama. A few of them tried to cause trouble over mutants, Auburn has it’s fanatics like anywhere else, but most people ignored it or took up for Kaylee. December of 2014 saw her back at Xavier’s when her power changed to include her accidentally blowing things up. After an explosive (literally) argument with a roommate, Kaylee took a semester off to head back to Xavier’s to sort out the newest part of her power: the ability to create pressurized areas of explosions, returning to Alabama the next August to finish her degree.

When she graduated with a degree in nursing, Kaylee headed back to Westchester in early October. She had heard about the Purifier attacks and was worried about her second family. She got a job at a local hospital as a Labor and Delivery nurse, but since she only works three days a week there, spends the rest of her time helping out with the students of all ages whether it’s power control, tutoring, or mentoring, but is available to help in the infirmary if Merry needs it. Granted, she has a strict, “If insides are on the outsides, I leave” policy. She also received a promotion, joining the Gold Team which she takes more seriously than she takes most things in life

Player Name- Rider
Age Still 22
How Can We Contact- PM
Time Zone- Eastern
How did you find us? I got in Ace’s van that said Free Ice Cream and ended up here.
Other Characters- X-23

Role Play Sample-
Mar 18 2017, 06:02 PM
X-23~Laura Kinney~15~New Mutants

Recently escaped from Weapon X, Laura is learning about the great, wide world. She keeps herself busy with sketchy fighting rings, occasional do good acts (that usually leave bodies behind), and eating whatever she can get her hands on.

Friends: Desperately needs some. She's slowly integrating into the New Mutants, but is still a little off with social cues.


Lovers: She not quite there yet, but please someone try to flirt with her. It will be hilarious. I promise.

-Totally has a crush on Scion

Enemies: She's good at this one, especially if your name is Sinister or you like experimenting on mutants in labs.

I'm up for just about anything with Laura. Funny stuff, serious stuff, she needs to learn how to be a person, so throw whatever you've got at me.

Kaylee Mardis~Mistral~22~X-Men

Kaylee was a New Mutant while she was in highschool, graduated college out in the real world and promptly returned back to Xavier's to take her place among the X-Men. Not always entirely serious she's always ready to get up to something whether it's kicking Purifier or Brotherhood butt or helping out the students.

She attended the school from May of 2009 to August of 2012 and then was back from January of 2014 to August of 2014.

Friends: She probably has a couple of them floating around from the old days. Hit me up if you want to plot?

Lovers: She's had bad luck in love so far in life. Open to relationships if they'll work out with our characters.

Enemies: Might have a few of those from the old days too.

Jean Grey~Marvel Girl~33~X-Men

The one, the only Marvel Girl. She's been at the school most of her life beginning as a teenager with a break for college. She can be found kicking around her genetics lab or elsewhere on campus. Please don't annoy her, she'll make you think you're a puppy and her beagle, Darwin, is your alpha dog.

Friends: Probably quite a few of the X-Men? She's been around forever, again, hit me up and let's plot our backstories.

Lovers: Well if you can handle her rifling through your thoughts you just may be potential boyfriend material.

Enemies: She's not a fan of the Brotherhood, but she really hates the Purifiers and Team Sinister.
Mar 17 2017, 10:49 AM


Celebrity Claim-Isabelle Fuhrman

Full Name- Laura Kinney
Nicknames/Aliases- X-23, she’s started to think of herself as X.
Age- 15
Date of Birth- Unknown, but once she finds out about the concept of birthdays she’ll choose October 31st to celebrate, because she likes Halloween.
Faction- Unaffiliated for now
Occupation- Escaped Assassin, Edgelord in training

Who is Laura Kinney? She isn’t sure herself. She has never been given the opportunity to discover her likes or dislikes, to decide what kind of person she would like to be. Even now she still hasn’t quite realized that her life is in her own hands.

She’s brave, unflinchingly so. Fear has been her constant companion for as long as she can remember. It’s being locked in an empty white room, knowing the person who holds your life in his hands loathes you. It’s being dropped alone in the middle of no where with a picture and a watch and knowing dozens of people are going to try to kill you, unless you kill them first. It’s knowing you have no where to return to except that white room, even when your captors have left you for dead, because you have no where else to go. She is an expert at putting on a blank face and pretending not to be afraid, to keep her head and get out alive.

Above everything else, she’s a survivor. She was never permitted to give up or show signs of weakness, so she doesn’t know any other way to be. She will run herself into the ground in pursuit of a goal. She’s intense and once she starts a project she’ll finish it, come hell or high water. She doesn’t think she needs anyone’s help and since accepting or worse inviting help would be a sign of weakness, she doesn’t. She doesn’t know how to rely on anyone or anything other than herself and the tools at her disposal.

She’s also unpredictable, sometimes because she doesn’t even know what she’s going to do next. She can be extremely methodical and carry out intricate plans when she cares to, but she’s also a loose cannon and acts without thinking. She’s a hot head with a bad temper and has no experience controlling it, except under threat of pain. Her childhood, or lack thereof, have left her unstable and untrusting.
Even with the constant killing and training, there’s a human piece of X-23 that the researchers couldn’t completely destroy. Her mother gave her the ability to show compassion and have empathy. She struggles with knowing what’s right or wrong, but she tries to do the right thing. She doesn’t want to be a monster, but deep down she knows that’s what she is and she hates herself and the researchers for making her that way. While theoretically she knows she could be better, she hasn’t found a reason to try very hard yet. She wants to be completely independent, but she also is lonely even if she denies it. She needs a mission or goal to fulfill to keep her even semi-sane. Sitting around, doing nothing is not an option for her. She doesn’t like allowing anyone to have any control over her, now that she’s free she has an independent streak a mile wide and will be contrary just for the sake of it.

She has no idea how to act in social situations with people her own age. Her reactions are generally defensive, despite being worried about sticking out. She’s developed a sarcastic streak and dark sense of humor, her way of trying to cope with her situation. She doesn’t know how to even begin to trust someone, or to trust herself around them. She feels responsible for killing her mother and is still carrying that guilt around with her. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the teenage hormones, they certainly don’t help with making her a calmer more sensible individual. Since escaping she has attempted to form a new identity for herself, someone between the girl Sarah Kinney named Laura and the assassin called X-23. It’s not working out that great so far…

  • Fairy tales-her mother read her Pinocchio, but Laura has since started reading more. She has a book she borrowed (permanently) from a library of classic fairy tales.
  • Fighting
  • Really bad pop music and really emo angsty music-this kid is never without her earbuds.
  • Freedom
  • Junk food-all of it. Salty, sweet, doesn’t matter. Really she likes food in general.
  • Movies
  • Depending on others
  • Lack of control
  • White rooms
  • Tears
  • Brussel sprouts –hiss-
  • She’s a pro at eating if that counts.
  • Cool in a crisis
  • She can survive just about anything, literally and figuratively.
  • Bad tempered
  • Impatient
  • Insecure
  • First instinct to problem solve is usually to stab it.

Power Name- Healing Factor

Description- Laura’s primary power is her passive healing factor. She heals almost any wounds at an extremely accelerated rate, practically as the injury occurs. Any tissue injury she has received thus far she has healed from, including a hail of bullets.

Her healing factor also extends to her immune system. She rarely is ill and most poisons do not work on her. Radiation can hurt her, but she has never undergone it except to activate her mutation, therefore it is unknown what further effects it could have on her. She doesn’t plan to ever find out.

Limits- Although Laura appears to be aging normally, it’s assumed that like Wolverine, at some point her aging will slow down. She can still be killed, loss of massive amounts of blood or complete loss of vital organs could overwhelm her healing capacity. Cut her head off and she will die, but you have to get close enough for that. The same healing factor that protects her from poisons also causes most drugs to be ineffective. Alcohol doesn’t really get her drunk either, she tried.

Power Name- Enhanced Senses

Description- Secondary to her healing are her enhanced senses, particularly her sense of smell. She is a talented tracker thanks to this and other training. Her vision is enhanced giving her greater distance visuals than the average individual as is her hearing.

Limits- Although her senses are heightened they can be fooled. She also does not enjoy any enhanced strength beyond her physical conditioning. Her senses can also be used against her, she is more sensitive to loud noises and bright lights.

Power Name- Superhuman Stamina/Agility/Reflexes

Description- Much like Wolverine, Laura is physically enhanced thanks to her mutation. She can react quicker and is more agile than normal, more so even than elite athletes. Her stamina is also heightened. She can perform at peak condition for 24 hours after which fatigue begins to set in.

Limits- Laura isn't completely impervious. She's agile with better reflexes, but can not reach super human speeds. Her stamina has limits, such as the 24 hour mark and on the few occasions she had to push herself that far she had to rest after and went through about 4000 calories before she was back to normal.

Power Name- Adamantium Coated Claws

Description- Perhaps her most distinguishing feature, Laura has six bone claws, two in each hand and one in each foot. They are stronger than average bone and have been further strengthened with adamantium coating. She is able to cut through almost any natural or manmade materials with them.

Limits- Her claws will always be on the shorter side, given that they were extracted and coated with adamantium before her skeleton was finished growing. Their use is dependent upon her healing factor being active, otherwise she could bleed out from the wounds they leave behind. It causes pain when she pops them out or retract them. Flying probably isn’t in her future, metal detectors and Laura don’t get along. Her skeleton was not coated making her quicker than Wolverine, but lessening the impact of her blows and making her bones no stronger than an average person’s.

Skills & Abilities- She’s skilled at hand to hand combat and martial arts thanks to her training. She has been trained in the use of various weapons, including firearms, explosives, knives, and pole arms. Laura is fluent in Japanese thanks to her martial arts instructor and Spanish because it’s useful. She can ride a motorcycle and upon her escape promptly stole one. She’s skilled at tasks such as picking locks and has some degree of talent with computers mostly to help her get into places to take out targets. She’s a good actress, another skill taught to her by the facility. She can appear to be an innocent, even bubbly child if the occasion calls for it. She is also highly intelligent, although some people might say that Dr. Kinney must have added something to her genetic material to achieve that result… Despite her intellect her education has been spotty. She can read and write and do basic math, but has next to no knowledge about science or history (other than some military history and strategies). She also is fairly lost when it comes to pop culture, but she’s learning fast.

Height- 5’2”
Weight- 120
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- At a glance, X-23 appears to be nothing more than an average young teenager, perhaps on the short and slender side. A closer look reveals her to be completely made of muscle without an ounce of fat on her, the body type of a gymnast or someone who has been trained and pushed to their breaking point and beyond. She wears her brown hair long and loose, trying to achieve a look of innocence. That’ all well and good, until someone gets a look at her eyes, wary, hard, and suspicious.

She’s accustomed to her black bodysuit that she was made to wear, but now that she’s free, she’s had a chance to experiment some with different styles. Her preferences lean towards black jeans or oddly enough miniskirts with leggings or fish net and her black leather jacket. She’ll often pair the black pants or jacket with bright colored shirts, pinks, greens, oranges, and blues mostly. She has classic black Doc Marten boots, all the better to kick teeth in with, but has a minor obsession with flipflops which she has recently discovered. She’s only just begun to experiment with makeup and is still in the raccoon eye phase of applying eyeliner. She always wears the Weapon X dog tags that Dr. Rice threw down to her when he left her to die.

Gear- She’s stolen a motorcycle. She doesn’t need any other weapons, she’s the weapon herself. She has a fake ID claiming she’s eighteen.

Additional Information-

She’s taken to educating herself on pop culture for lack of anything better to do. She also hangs around illegal fight scenes to make money, when she isn’t stealing it. She occasionally plays vigilante, but usually leaves bodies behind. She started cutting herself with her claws shortly after they were coated in adamantium and continues the habit when she’s stressed or upset.

Hometown- Unknown Weapon X facility, somewhere in Canada
Immediate Family-
Logan/Wolverine-Genetic donor
Sarah Kinney-Mother (Deceased)
Daken-Half brother/son/step-son/genetic er something? They're related somehow, they just don't know it yet.
Megan Kinney-Laura’s cousin who she rescued in the past.
Debbie Kinney-Laura’s aunt and Megan’s mother.

History- X-23 was the twenty-third attempt at a clone of Wolverine, the unapproved female clone, developed by Dr. Sarah Kinney who was then forced to carry her to term. From birth she was treated not as a child, but as a weapon. Her bedtime stories were military strategy and history. From the time she could walk she was taught use weapons, any weapons, and to become a weapon herself. She didn’t know much outside of her white walled room, except for the brief stolen moments when her mother, Sarah Kinney, would sneak her fairy tales and hints of a life outside the facility. Her martial arts sensei was the only other person she was exposed to who treated her like a child.

When she was seven, her world got worse. Zander Rice, the head of the surgery for the project, convinced Dr. Sutter, the overall head of the project, to allow him to force X-23’s mutation to develop early. The method he chose to use was radiation poisoning. It worked: her healing factor activated and her claws came out for the first time. Shortly after, Rice extracted her claws and coated them with adamantium while they were outside her body. The entire process was conducted while she was awake and alert, no anesthesia was given and Rice taunted her throughout the process, taking out his anger towards Weapon X for killing his father on her. Around the same time, Rice tested out his newest project, X-23’s trigger scent, a smell that sends her into a berserker rage, causing her to kill her sensei.

When she was ten, after more training, Rice and Sutter began selling her assassination services to the highest bidder. She never failed a mission and it was during this period that she began cutting herself with her claws in an attempt to deal with emotions she didn’t understand. All she knew was that she was a monster, Rice call her that enough, for her to take it to heart.

Already unstable, in an attempt at retaliation against X-23 and Dr. Kinney, Rice abandoned X-23 at an AIM facility, hoping that she would die. Although the AIM troops pronounced her dead, X-23 survived and managed to escape and make her way home. It didn’t occur to her to escape, she was told to return and so she did. Immediately after Sarah discovered X-23 was cutting herself, however, X-23 was unresponsive to her questioning. Although Sarah was one of the few people who showed her any amounts of kindness, X-23 didn’t acknowledge any type of emotional attachment she might have to her

Shortly after, Dr. Kinney received word that her niece had been kidnapped and broke X-23 out to track her down and rescue her from her kidnapper. It was X-23’s first experience of killing someone for a good cause, of rescuing someone and while it didn’t register at the time later on she would hold the memory of doing something good close to her heart. It was also the first time that she experienced any amount of normal life, watching her cousin and aunt interact (although those titles were meaningless to her at the time). Sarah returned her to the facility, cutting the brief glimpse of freedom short. It did however serve to show her that there was a life outside the white room and assassination, one that perhaps she could grab hold of, if she could kill her captors.

Upon their return, Rice gave X-23 what was to be her last mission from Rice: the murder of Sutter and his family. Although she killed Dr. Sutter and his wife she let their young son go, primarily because he reminded her of Megan. Although she had no problem killing the man who had experiment X-23 revealed Rice’s betrayal to her mother, partially in hopes of a chance at taking out Dr. Rice. Sarah orchestrated their escape and gave X-23 her final mission: Kill Rice and the rest of the team and destroy projects 24-50. X-23 carried it out gladly, finding some satisfaction in killing Rice and destroying the facility. There would be no more clones, no more assassins like her. Unfortunately, her mother had been dosed with the trigger scent and when they met outside the facility to escape, X-23 turned on her mother, killing her. When she broke free of her berserker state it was too late to save Sarah, who christened the girl Laura before she died.

Left alone with only a fake ID and birth certificate, a letter, and a picture of Weapon X, X-23 had to gather it up, gather herself and run. She knew next to nothing about the situation outside, but she suspected someone would try to follow her and so she fled south, not sure where she was going or what she was going to. Going back wasn’t an option though; she could only go forward.

She made her way by stealing what she needed or by staying in the woods, hunting for her foot. As she began to venture into civilization more and more she learned about the growing tensions towards mutants. All this meant to her was more people who would try to hurt her. She also heard of the X-Men allegedly heroes and from what she could find out someone resembling Weapon X was with them. She’s started making her way in that direction although she’s unsure what she plans to do next, whether she wants to meet him or hurt him, because in her mind it’s his fault that she is what she is. She also blames him for the cruelty she suffered at Rice’s hands. On the other hand, he’s like her, maybe the only person like her and she’s getting tired of being alone.

Player Name- Rider
Age 22
How Can We Contact- PM me!
Time Zone- Eastern
Other Characters- None yet

Role Play Sample-
She couldn’t decide. She had seen Weapon X with her own eyes. She knew where he lived. Every instinct in her had screamed to go hunt him and down and… do what? X wasn’t sure. That’s why she had retreated, even if it screamed cowardice to her, back to the nearby town to plan her next move. Now that she had him there, within her grasp, she didn’t know what to do with him. Hurt him for what they had done to her? It was his fault she was like this. Maybe that wasn’t what Sarah Kinney-her mother- she had to correct herself, had had in mind. She had given her the pictures though. That was how they chose her targets.
Scowling to herself, she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets, an altogether too warm outfit for the summer day. She didn’t want anyone to see her arms though. She had made that mistake in another town when she went looking for food. Someone had seen them, wanted to take her somewhere, to help her they claimed. Probably to lock her up and throw away the key. She had learned her lesson after that though.

Back to the problem at hand. She couldn’t afford to be indecisive like this, but if she was honest with herself she would know she didn’t want to decide. Once she decided, her mission would be over, whatever the outcome and then what? Yes the mansion had appeared to be home to dozens of people, but what was she going to do? Move in? Pretend to be a normal girl? She wasn’t. Whatever Sarah Kinney had said in her letter.

Still scowling she made her way to a park, choosing a bench with a good view of the entrance and the playground. Despite the heat there were some families there with little kids running around, shrieking and screaming and whatever else it was small children did. She didn’t know. Out of habit she pulled the letter Sarah had written her out of her backpack, scanning the familiar words. She had probably memorized it by now. She had thought about tearing it up and throwing it away more than once. Her apologies came late, far too late. It was easier to be angry at her mother than to try to cope with the fact that she had killed her. She could have tried to save her before.

She re-read the letter anyway. It was tangible proof that someone had cared about her. Or said they did. X wanted to believe she had especially when she came to the end. Laura. She was still trying to decide if she wanted to use the name or not. She didn’t really need a name, no one talked to her, but it was something her mother had given to her, like the page from Pinocchio that she pulled out next, smoothing out the wrinkles, looking at the familiar picture. She had read other fairy tales since she had escaped, stolen a book of them, but that one was still her favorite. She should be fair. Sarah Kinney had had cared about her. Some what. So when she took out the last gift, a photo of Weapon X, he had her answer. Her mother hadn’t want her to kill anymore, so probably she shouldn’t try to kill him. At least not right away. She might have to, depending on what he said, but she would talk first.
Finally decided, she stood. There was no sense waiting around. She had a course of action to follow and follow it she would. She considered retrieving her bike, but that would only raise questions. A more subtle approach would be best.
Jaw set she pulled her backpack on and started walking back the way she had come.
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