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Charles Xavier


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Apr 17 2017, 05:52 PM
Charles had rolled out to the dock, as he seldom did when his mind was plagued with a great man worries and uncertainties. He always had worry, it was his nature with some many young ones under his care. So many adults who used to be young ones under his care. And a world who wanted to kill them all because genetic evolution decided to throw them all head long into uncharted territory.

Genetics was such a fickle thing. Altering a species slowly over time in order for that species to thrive and survive in its environment. Humanity had altered dramatically over the span of a thousands upon thousands of years. Each alteration designed to help humanity survive its environment. Perhaps that was what worried Charles the most. This sudden leap in evolution of theirs. What did it mean? What was the universe preparing them to survive?

A chill rolled down his spine, which always gave Charles pause. His spine did not work, so when that chill came he knew. Something was coming. He had gotten that chill once before, well over a decade ago. Several months later Magneto revealed the existence of mutants to the world in a garish display of raw power. His friend had forced Charles' hand. Forced him to send his first class to face the threat that was Charles' very best friend. He had held two kinds of hope that day. Hope that his students were ready, and hope that Erik would see the error in his belief. One wish was granted, the other was not.

Charles rested his hand on the controls to his chair, and stared out across the still waters. Thinking more on what it all could mean, and where they all were headed. For a moment, a slight grin crossed his lips, though he quickly replaced it with that ever present stoic Charles Xavier expression, just as the boots of Scott Summers echoed onto the docks. His head turning slightly to peer behind him as Scott approached.

"Do you feel that Scott? The uncertainty in the air. Or is it just my old bones reacting to the change in season?" Charles said, turning his attention back towards the lake. "I doubt it's my old bones."

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