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Apr 4 2018, 02:49 PM
David had spent more time on the phone this morning than he had in the past month combined. It started with a 4am phone call from his mother in England, about a particular form having come in with the morning post. A particular one that could not wait until normal, sane-people hours, but at the same time Gabrielle Haller knew that her son was not one to understand such concepts as regular sleeping schedules. Or sleeping at all, for that matter.

As of that day, Ruby Chen was now officially Ruby Haller. Everything had gone along with no fuss from any involved parties, and all of the stress was finally done. Sure, not quite the same kind of stress as would be caused by the school and its students and staff routinely dealing with terrorists and mythical creatures... but still, stress. Very mundane stress, but stressful nonetheless.

For this occasion, however, David had decided on a change of pace. That he needed to christen the moment by doing something "parenty". Specifically, cooking a proper meal. And so, armed with only the most basic understanding of the involved process, and with only what materials were on hand (as he had been politely asked to stay on campus for the time being by the team), the result was: cheeseburgers.

Sure, a little on the well-done side, but they were certainly EDIBLE at the very least. And even topped with a fried egg, just the way he liked them. Hopefully Ruby was much the same. With the plate held off to one side, David quickly sent a text, and waited.

Plasma Made lunch for us. Special occasion. Come down to the kitchen and see. Managed to not even set the stove on fire this time.

Feb 1 2018, 11:41 AM
Today, David had learned of just how demanding foxes could be. Having decided that since he was the only one available who they liked, the kits had spent pretty much every waking moment insisting on things from him. Playing with them. Feeding them. Generally just paying attention to him. David continued to be aware that foxes had all of the best traits of cats and dogs, but unfortunately, most of the worst too.

And while David had Mouse out to let him understand and speak with them... there was a wide range between 'understanding' and 'successfully able to get them to do what he wanted'.

David was giving himself and the kits some air, sitting on the front steps of the school with a bowl of cereal. But now that they were outside with him on the snowy lawn, he was watching them perform one of the most bizarre things he'd ever seen foxes do. Dive headfirst into the snow. The thought process of what they were doing was even more bizarre as David listened in on their minds. They were actively adjusting to things that, on the surface, their minds couldn't clearly comprehend... but were still calculating nonetheless. Wind direction? Magnetic north?
"How are you... what."

And yet, despite all rational logic and known science, after a few more tries, Harris came up with a mouse. "...I... I think a science teacher somewhere just had an aneurysm. Well played, Harry." And then Hubert and Harris begun a wonderfully dramatic play-fight over said mouse... while the mouse took the chance to escape. And Hamish just watched it go. "...nice."
Jan 24 2018, 05:38 PM
After a day of anxiety, paperwork, and fuss, it was all done. Papers signed, everything in order, all that was left was a typical amount of Legal Stuff that would take a few months. And then, Christmas. Already, David and his mother treated Ruby like family. A nice, sit-down family dinner of pepperoni lasagna, followed by watching what David considered to be the best Christmas movie of all time - Die Hard. He defended his choice adamantly, even as his mother continually pointed out that it was definitely NOT a Christmas movie, even though she'd never celebrated Christmas before. Arguing over nonsense like a normal family, rather than the sorts of family arguments Ruby was much more used to. The loud, shouty, angry ones.

Ruby had been given David's old room while she was staying at the house, much of it untouched from when he had lived there at her age. Even after his supposed death, Gabrielle Haller had refused to believe it until the end, and never changed a thing. And Ruby could tell a lot of the kind of kid David had been from it. Star Wars bedsheets, movie posters of pretty much everything in the Sci-Fi genre from the 80's and 90's, a stereo with STACKS of cassette tapes nearby, and just... so many Legos. Nothing kept in sets, just massive tubs of loosely organized legos hiding under his bed.

Now David, at least, was not worried about things to come. He rarely worried about things when they were out of his hands. He worried about Ruby in general, what with him now being legally required to do so, but he knew that somehow he'd figure it out. And worst came to worse, he'd be able to rely on his parents for advice. They were both pretty good with kids, even if one of them hadn't raised any of his own. On the other hand, well over an hour after he'd told Ruby to get to bed, he could tell she was still sitting in bed on her phone, being the bundle of nervousness and anxiety that she was. So as the clock ticked towards midnight, the bedroom light flipped back on.

"Something something curfew." He said with his usual dry tone, dressed in a t-shirt and quite possibly the only pants he owned that were sillier than his bright orange monk pants. A pair of bright blue pajama bottoms with the Hannukah Moose on them. His mother had made a joke earlier in the night, that when he was a kid he'd worn a pair like this all through Hannukah, and she'd gotten him a new pair as a joke. It had been even more of a joke when they realized he could probably almost fit into the same ones he'd worn as a kid. David was a scrawny guy.

He headed over to the bed, and made a little shooing motion to Ruby. "Scoot." He said, before sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her. Ruby barely needed to move, though, with how little of a teenager-sized bed she actually took up. "Now, I don't know how Christmas works for sure, but I'm pretty sure there's a bit in there about how Santa doesn't come to give you gifts unless you're asleep." Of course, they'd already been over this by now. Ruby had made it quite clear that she didn't believe in Santa. On the other hand, David had countered with 'maybe you've just never met him'. Given all the fantastical things Ruby had encountered so far, like the magical nonsense in Egypt, David was willing to keep an open mind on the definition of 'possible'. "Can't sleep?"

Jan 1 2018, 03:39 PM

Another week, another teatime. "Routine is key", and all that.
David was already there with the kettle going by the time Ruby arrived, and he seemed... happier, somehow. It wasn't anything most people would pick up on unless they had some form of superhuman empathy, but Ruby probably knew the subtleties in David's actions by this point. She could tell that he seemed more calm, more upbeat, even considering what had happened lately. Something was definitely up.

"Oh, Ruby, perfect timing." He said, giving a calm smile as he saw her. A real, honest, basically like a normal person smile. CLEARLY something was up. As she headed over, he held out a small package wrapped in brown bag paper, with no labels. "We can call it a late birthday present, or a father-daughter Valentine's day present. Or whatever." Still snarky, though. Still David.

"Don't think about it too much. But I figured it's something you'd like." Inside the package was a little box, containing a relatively simple necklace, the type usually worn as meditation aids or "chakra crystals". It was a smoothed-out red crystal, mounted on a plain black leather cord. It had been something David had been practicing in the previous weeks when nobody was looking, trying to grow specific things using his new crystal armor power. While he hadn't made any progress there, it had at least given him a solid grasp of starting and stopping the power on his own terms. While he wasn't good enough with it yet to have that control in combat, it was a good starting point. And as a result, he'd had some... leftovers, one of which he'd made into this necklace. "There's an interesting story behind it too, if you'd like to hear it. But first, tea."

Though Ruby couldn't QUITE put her finger on it, there was something familiar about the necklace, once she touched it. It would give the faintest ping on her power to detect blood, but so faint that she'd only be aware of it while she actually touched it. How strange.

Dec 12 2017, 02:53 PM
'God, I already hate this place.' David muttered, as Slate led the way into the Danger Room. At Gert's suggestion, he'd talked with his father about power training, and the idea they'd come up with was for David to start with powers he wouldn't have to fight to control, and work up from there. Stress and fear apparently played a factor in telepathic control, and David was quite willing to listen to his father when it came to matters of telepathy. He was, rather, the expert on that.

Unfortunately, that was a very, VERY short list. Nearly all but Tim and Mouse fought for control to some degree, and neither of the two were particularly useful in combat. Tim's teleportation was limited to exact positions David had already been in, so it was more a "get out of a bad situation" power than any use in combat. Mouse, on the other hand, just allowed David to communicate with animals - useful, but situational at best. And as he went down the remaining list, each of their downsides put them out of David's roulette of options. Cyndi's fire power was useful, but uncontrollable and relied on David being in punching range to be any use. Jack's photosynthesis was useful for recovery, but to make use of the soldier's combat training he'd have to let up on too much control. Mother and Mystic were useful, but both were adamantly pacifistic. And the remainder were all ones David had outright sworn never to use, and he wasn't breaking that.

For a time, David was out of options, until he'd dug around in his mind for something he may have missed. And found a bedroom with a subtle background music hiding in one of the mental cells. As he let that memory free, it had begun to change his body, but it didn't fight for control either. Because whereas most of the memories David kept were painful or dominant... this was merely the happy memories he'd shared with Ruby. It was a power he'd never fully tried, but it was one that he might have a reliable teacher for.

And that's why David asked Shane to teach him. Though he was rather nonplussed about the sterile steel walls of the Danger Room. Regardless, he was dressed in his UM-inlaid X-Men uniform, and ready for whatever Shane could offer. "So... I just want to warn you, I've never... fully turned this power on. So far I've only had it on my arms. But... uh... well, here goes."

With that, David called up those memories, and the lyrics of She Sells Sanctuary began to play in his mind. The change wasn't even REMOTELY as fast as Shane's, however, but it at least started right away. As Shane watched, David's hair began to crystallize into a sort of blood-red quartz, while similar crystals began to form starting at his hands. And progressing at a speed of an inch every few seconds. It was... slow. "I... think it's... turning my hair, or... skin into this crystal. Is this how it works for you?"
This was going to take a while, but it wasn't painful, and so far all he was hallucinating as a result was quiet background music. This might just work. The only problem was he had no idea what might happen next.

Legion Factor for this thread: Sunshine/Plasma (quartz armoring)
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