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Jul 21 2017, 03:08 PM
Evo characters as cats. Go.

Senyaka cat

Legion cat

Forge cat

Noivern My Webpage
(Noivern cat beta edition, deemed too cute by Jamie)

Abra cat

Plasma cat

Sinister cat

Scarlet Spider cat
What Ben wishes he was cat

Ion cat

Faust cat

Hellfire cat

Menagerie cat
Jul 20 2017, 02:08 PM
For reference...

So between Iron Fist making a joke about "Spiderfriends" and me apparently having forgotten that old animated series actually had Firestar and Iceman in it... you three wanna do a really silly thread of the four of them fighting some really cheeseball villain next RO?

After the Symbiote arc for Spidey, and a few nightmares for the XMen, I feel like this site could use some good old "A SUPERVILLAIN COMES UP WITH A NEFARIOUS PLAN TO ROB A BANK!" kinda shenanigans to lighten things up.
Because comics are silly.
Whatchoo guys think? Open to suggestions on villains too, otherwise I'd just troll the Marvel wikis for some golden age type shenanigans.
Jun 22 2017, 03:37 PM


Celebrity Claim- Paul Wight II ("The Giant" / "The Big Show")

Full Name- Ashton Barre
Nicknames/Aliases- Ash, Bigfoot, Big Barre, Big Bear
Age- 36
Date of Birth- Jan 22nd, 1980
Faction- Brotherhood
Occupation- Co-owner/ Cook / Bartender at the Golden Wings sports bar in Hell's Kitchen

There are two sides to Ash, the face he puts on for everyone and the real guy beneath. To most, Ash is a big, jovial kinda guy, the guy making manly comments and being no stranger to liberal use of the word "bro". He's as likely to hug as handshake, and he tries to do his best to liven up the world around him. He also tends to adopt a very "protector" sort of nature towards those he cares about, doting over people like a big giant papa bear, and being overly vicious to those who threaten them. He's just as likely to get physical in a tense situation as well, and has a fairly short temper.

Beneath the smiles and machismo, Ash is severely depressed. Until he signed on with the Brotherhood, Ash was in a years-long downward spiral of alcoholism and self-loathing following the backlash from publicly being outed as a mutant. He has lost all real interest in his own life or well-being, and has no idea what to do with himself. He has no problem putting himself against impossible odds because he has no problem dying, something many of the Brotherhood might be aware of by now.

  • Pro wrestling
  • High quality beer and liquors
  • Spicy food
  • Machismo
  • Sleeping
  • Poor sportsmanship
  • Cheap beer
  • Bigots
  • Being outdone or one-upped
  • Boredom
  • Peak-human physical strength. Previously held world powerlifting records before they were stripped due to public outing as a mutant.
  • Phenomenal endurance due to years of pro wrestling experience.
  • Very quick-witted in conversation, and good at playing to a crowd or playing a part. Often catches people off guard given his size, as many would expect him to be dumb. Fits the role of a bartender extremely well.
  • Ash is naturally blunt to the point of insensitivity. He can show tact when needed, but it's just an act.
  • Ash is not "book smart", having only a high school education and not a good one at that. Outside of his specialties of cooking, alcohol, and fighting, he's pretty dull.
  • Ash has an incredibly short temper and has no problem resorting to violence to solve problems.

Power Name- Matter / Vitality Conversion
Description- Ash has the power to convert inanimate matter into energy, specifically a strange form of "liquid healing energy" that does not exist within the laws of existing science. He can do so by touching the target object with his hands, which visibly "melts" the object into a brightly-glowing bluish substance with a similar consistency to petroleum jelly or toothpaste. The substance can then be applied to any wound or directly to the skin of a wounded organic individual where it will immediately absorb into the body and heal an equivalent amount of damaged tissue in a matter of seconds. The substance also has an antibacterial immune-boosting component to it, which can clean wounds of potential infectants when directly applied, and help safely metabolize most organic toxins to reverse damage from poison.

Ash is the only one who can manipulate the substance, as it becomes inert if it ever leaves contact with his body, and it absorbs into any other living tissue it comes in contact with. He cannot heal himself with this energy (as it does not absorb into his body normally). He can, however, use the goo to cover over any open wounds he might have - while this won't heal the wound, it will serve as a sterile liquid bandage and styptic until he can receive actual medical attention. In addition, he can eat and digest the goo which, while basically flavorless, retains most nutritional value of whatever it was converted from.

Limits- As mentioned, Ash cannot heal himself using this power. While he can hear organic poisons, he cannot heal synthetic chemical poisons or most forms of disease, however he can heal certain symptoms if they are some form of direct physical damage - for example, he could heal a skin rash or regrow dead tissue from gangrene or frostbite. Finally, while he can even heal most brain damage and theoretically save someone from brain death, the victim will mostly likely still have some form of memory loss or other side effects. Once a target has begun full clinical cell death, the body will not absorb the healing goo anymore and cannot be further healed - he can't bring back the truly dead.
The increase in muscle mass is also limited, as anything more than adding half-again to his muscle mass will start causing irreparable damage to his body from straining its physical limits.

Organic matter converts into energy quickly and easily, but inorganic matter is much less efficient, about 1/3rd efficiency in both time and the amount created. The mass of an apple would create an equivalent amount of healing energy (which would be enough to heal any surface injury), while it would take a cinderblock or large brick to create the same amount and could take over 30 seconds to fully convert. He also cannot convert any organic or inorganic matter still connected to a living body, for reasons Ash himself doesn't understand. He could melt steel, but not if it was a cybernetic arm attached to a person. This power can be used to melt any known nonliving material with the exception of Marvel Metals - such as Adamantium, Vibranium, or Felix Metal.

Attempting to regrow major sections of a body, such as fully severed limbs, is impossible for him to on his own without killing the patient. The subject would need to be heavily sedated and hooked up to an active blood transfusion, as the process is excruciatingly painful and dangerous due to it regrowing nerve endings and blood vessels from the point of injury on out. Attempting to heal someone with an amputated leg without such medical care would result in them bleeding out before the process completed, or suffering a stroke or seizure from the sudden violent nerve input and excessive pain.

Power Name- Perfect Metabolism
Description- Ash's stomach and metabolism are enhanced far beyond that of a human. He can go nearly a full month without water and up to three months without food. His stomach acid is replaced with an unknown form of bacterial acid that works similarly to his matter-conversion power, capable of breaking down any substance it can - basically anything but the Marvel Metals such as Adamantium, Vibranium, or Felix Metal. This causes all of the nutritional value of the food or drink to be fully digestible, while removing most contaminants that would be harmful to his body.

He also has a greatly enhanced immune system, making him extremely resistant to poison and disease. Poisons normally lethal to humans at most make him temporarily sickened or nauseous.

Limits- While he can digest anything, he still has to be able to physically eat it, and he has an otherwise normal human mouth, throat, and sense of taste. He can't chew bricks or metal, and swallowing sharp chunks of metal would shred his throat. Likewise, while his body is protected from his own unique stomach acid, any other form of acid would burn him as much as any other human.

This power is a highly enhanced metabolism and immune system, not magical immunities or a healing factor. Extremely high doses of poison can overload him, and it is entirely possible for someone to create cocktails of poisons or diseases tailored to his physiology that could affect him normally. The additional downside, one Ash finds most disappointing, is that he is nearly immune to the effects of alcohol without chugging massive amounts of it - not to the hilarious extent of people with full healing factors, however.

Skills & Abilities- Ash is proficient in traditional amateur and competitive wrestling styles, as well as the more showy professional wrestling styles. He also has a black belt in traditional Judo on top of that. He also has passing experience with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Russian sambo, and even sumo wrestling, though these are more "tried it once, didn't stick with it" hobbies than serious training.
Between his sheer size and strength alongside this training, he is a very dangerous hand-to-hand combatant. His specialty with grappling and holds can give him enough time to use his powers to disable an enemy's weapons or armor.

Height- 6'10"
Weight- ~400lbs
Eye Colour- Hazel
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- Ash is a big man who can best be described as "scruffy". He shaves once a week at best, doesn't shower quite as much as he should, and tends to dress based on whatever was the first thing he found getting out of bed - usually "jeans and a tshirt" to varying degrees. Any jacket or bulky clothing he wears only makes him that much more broad at a glance. He also has slight stretch marks over most major muscle areas such as biceps and calves, due to the more frequent use of the muscle-boosting effects of his powers since working with the Brotherhood.

He has little regard for his personal appearance outside work, leading to most casual observers seeing him as an intimidating monster of a man. He also has no problem using this to his advantage - he's quick to loom over people if he doesn't like them, and is more than happy to let other members of the Brotherhood use him for the "big muscly guy" threat factor.

Gear- When on missions for the Brotherhood, Ash usually wears a kevlar vest provided by the Brotherhood (likely of questionable legality), and a reinforced biker helmet made with a few minor enhancements by Toad - night vision, hands-free communication, and other basic utility features. The painting on the helmet makes it visually resemble a blue bear.
He also carries a Remington 870 shotgun on missions, one normally found under the bar counter at the Golden Wings... however he mostly uses it for intimidation factor as he has no real shooting experience to make full use of it. In combat he primarily relies on improvised melee weapons and his hand-to-hand skill.

Additional Information-
- Ash is left-handed.
- He has a hobby of making his own moonshine, and has recently branched off into making homemade mead, both of which occasionally are served at his bar as specialties.
- Brotherhood members also usually eat free at the Golden Wings, and any of them in need of side money or legal cover stories can find work there as bouncers or whatever else is needed.

Hometown- Buffalo, NY
Immediate Family- none

Tanya Davidson (Ex-wife, 29) - A fitness and medical adviser working with the WWE at the time Ash was working with the company, the two hit it off and married while on tour in Europe. She was later responsible for outing him as a mutant and divorced him right after, and they are now very estranged.
Maxwell Greenburg (Stepbrother, 30) - Ash's partner in crime if there ever was one, Max has been a supportive brother throughout Ash's adult life, and is quite happy being an Uncle. He's incredibly smart and terrifyingly good with numbers, and frequently jokes that he would have made a great accountant for a crime lord. Now co-owns the Golden Wings of Hell's Kitchen, here meaning "Max does everything involving money while Ash handles cooking and bartending". Max is aware of Ash's Brotherhood activities and despite being human himself, fully supports them.
Nadine Greenburg (Stepmother, 55) - Richard's second wife after the car accident took him out of his main line of work. Owns the original Golden Wings Sports Bar in Buffalo, a local icon. Returned to her maiden name after her husband's death.
Richard Barre (Father, Deceased) - A former carnie strongman and lesser-known professional wrestler in the 70s and 80s under the name Rick "Iron" Barre. Taken out of that line of work by a car accident that also killed his wife in 1985, he retired with a small fortune that he used to fund his second wife's sports bar venture. He died at the ripe age of 72 a few years ago, due to old age magnifying a lifetime of injuries.
Ashley Barre (Birth mother, Deceased) - Ash's birth mother, someone who never really factored into his life much, though he knows he was named after her. She died when Ash was a kid in an unfortunate car accident.

History- Born to a carnie strongman turned WWF pro wrestler Richard Barre and his wife Ashley, Ashton's life started adjacent to the wrestling ring and never went far from it. His parents took a year off from their job when he was young, but right after that the young Ash was on tour with the couple and even briefly the focus of his father's last gimmick, where he was briefly rebranded as a wildman sort of character named "Big Bear" and the young Ash as "Bear Cub".

When Ash was 5, he and his parents were involved in a car accident that killed his mother and hit his father with enough injuries to his legs to end his career, while Ash thankfully just got away mostly uninjured. His father remarried within the year after retiring from the company and returning to his old hometown of Buffalo, NY, marrying an old flame and helping her start a well-known sports bar in the city called Golden Wings. Ash grew up in an apartment above the restaurant and spent most of his teenage years planning to succeed his father in a wrestling career, aided by his stepbrother also sharing his drive. And Ash definitely inherited his father's size and strength, as well as wrestling skill, dominating the amateur wrestling scene through high school and becoming a hot commodity on the indie scene both in America and Japan. Eventually, he scored a solid professional contract with the WWE when he was only 21 - being a giant sold like mad in the early 2000s wrestling scene, after all.

After an initially silly gimmick where he was supposed to literally be Bigfoot, he won over fans and the company alike by just being damn good at selling his role. He was eventually rebranded as a legacy wrestler named Big Barre, and later renamed to Big Bear, both in honor of his father. He had a long and successful career in the ring throughout the early 2000s, earning multiple midcard and world titles over the years, and generally enjoyed a status as a big goofy babyface. His stepbrother Max rode his coattails into an onscreen Manager role for much of that time. During that time he also was involved with one of the fitness managers for the company, and they married late in 2006.

The marriage was strained at best during their travel schedule with the company, and in 2007 he took a break from wrestling to just be a family man for a bit when his contract expired. During this time he also began to train for and enter into the 2008 Summer Olympics in weightlifting, where he won gold in both events, setting world records due to his astounding strength and size (226 kg for snatch, 272 kg for clean and jerk). His wife had the idea to ride potential success in these events into a higher-paying contract, and it paid off in spades, walking back into the company in 2009 with a new multi-million-dollar contract.

2009 was a good year for him, but it ended in utter tragedy. His father passed away early in the year, and during a Pay-Per-View event he accidentally botched a finisher and broke a fellow wrestler's neck. It was bad, ending the man's wrestling career instantly and paralyzing him from the waist down. Feeling horribly responsible, Ash snuck into the hospital and attempted to heal him, but was discovered in the process of doing so when the medical equipment the man was hooked up to registered the irregularities of the healing process and alerted the other medics on staff. Due to the potential public backlash over one of the company's biggest talents being known as a mutant, however, the company buried the story and chalked it up to a medical miracle.

Unfortunately, Ash also came out to his wife during this time that he was gay and while he was happy about being married to her, he wasn't really attracted to her. She was angry about this deception, and for what Ash assumes was retaliation about this fact, his wife leaked the whole "mutant" incident to the media. He was very publicly revealed as a mutant in late 2009. This destroyed his career within a month, as the Olympic commission stripped him of his medals and record status, since there was no way to determine if he had a mutant power that contributed to his victory. Following this debacle he was quietly released from the company to avoid further bad PR, and ended the year in a bitter divorce to top it all off.

His step-family rushed to his rescue, however, and his stepbrother helped him start up a new branch of the family business in NYC using his amassed wrestling wealth. Ash didn't weather it all very well, and began to hide his pain behind a series of bottles. Few were even really aware of just how much he'd become bitter to the world over this, as only he knew that he'd won those medals legitimately, and all of his athletic achievements in life had been honest.

There was a ray of hope in late 2014, at one of Ash's darkest times. He stopped a vicious assault and attempted hate-motivated murder of a mutant outside his bar, killing one of the attackers in the process of defending the mutant and avoiding legal action under the ruling of acting in the man's defense. He briefly got a bit of local fame as a hero for mutants, and some time later was contacted by members of the Brotherhood to see if he was interested in doing more for the cause since he was a known mutant. The hard sell worked, and after donning a helmet made by Toad to hide his identity he began work as an on-call soldier and medic for the Brotherhood, with the Golden Wings of Hell's Kitchen becoming an in-the-city safehouse for them. The restaurant itself is well known for being mutant-friendly in the city, as well as having the most brutal hot wings in town.

Player Name- Moogle
Age 30
How Can We Contact- PM
Time Zone- US EST
How did you find us? I live here
Other Characters- Noivern, Abra, Legion, Spider-Man

Role Play Sample-
"Gimme another Jack...n'leave the bottle this time." Shouted one of the bar patrons as the Golden Wings closed in on its 4am closing time. Ash was having a good night behind the bar, or at least as good of one as he could have with his outlook on the world. One look at the man was all Ash needed to see, however... the man had been there for damn near six hours, shouting his way through a Boxing PPV at anyone trying to change the channel, and the two idiots he'd brought with him had been even worse - mostly because they were just as rude, and only half as drunk to justify it.

"Sorry bruh, I'm cutting you off. Closing time, guys. Phone's by the bathrooms, cab company's on Speed Dial 1 if you need it." Ash said offhand, returning to cleaning glasses. The man mumbled something about "stupid bigass mutie freak", but Ash was working. He wasn't going to deck a drunk customer over the kind of insults he heard every day, at least not when he was on the job. When it was finally clear that Ash had actually meant it when he said he was cut off for the night, however, the man stumbled his way out along with his two wingmen.

The seven-foot bartender barely even noticed them leave. Quite frankly, he didn't care. If he actually gave two shits about the rantings of drunk patrons, he would be swimming in shit by now. Some sounds, however, still caught his attention. Like a crashing sound out by the back door. With nobody else around, Ash grumpily walked out from behind the bar and stormed back there... just in time to see Drunk Dumbass and his two wingmen beating the everloving hell out of a guy on the ground, shouting a colorful array of mutant slurs. Ash would have just yelled at them, but then Drunk Dumbass pulled out a knife.

"Hey!" Ash threw off his apron and stormed over... only for Drunk Dumbass to shout "One mutie freak's as good as any other!" and come at him with the knife. The seven-foot mutant could have held back, he had the training to disarm him safely... but this guy had pissed him off. One giant hand caught the man by his knife-hand, the other around his neck, before Ash turned and slammed him into the brick wall of the building. There was a sickening wet thud of his skull and neck cracking, and he just went limp as Ash dropped him.

His two wingmen wisely chose to book it, and Ash wasn't about to give chase. He took one look at the downed mutant, a man with very visible catlike features, and gave a quiet grunt. "Stay put." The large mutant instead walked back inside and grabbed a handful of a half-eaten order of onion rings that had been left on a table near the door, and began converting it into blue healing energy. He pressed it against the downed man's chest, the strange energy-goop quickly healing his cuts and bruises, to the man's surprise. "Now do me a favor and wait for the cops to get here, would'ja? I need someone to let them know Drunk Dumbass here committing suicide-by-bartender was 'self-defense'..." Ash muttered, all the while figuring he was going to need to put up a "We Serve Mutants - Deal With It!" sign out front to stop this kind of thing from happening anymore.
Jun 1 2017, 12:33 AM
Welcome to the June and July overarc, "Symbiotes And Parasites"!

Don't think that just because things heavily involve the site's assorted spider-folks and some nonspecific space mold it won't involve the rest of you. The first thread is already up, taking place on the Fifth of November, with an appropriate amount of EXPLOSIONS!

- Part 1 - Gunpowder And Plot

Due to an apparent act of god, or maybe mother nature, the frontrunning Presidential Candidate Goldburg as well as many members of his party are all killed in a massive meteor impact. With no opposition, this means the other candidate, Senator Kelly, promptly wins the Presidency in the days after the tragedy. Something that many in the mutant community should be worried about, given the Senator's outspoken criticism of Mutants on the campaign trail.

As if that wasn't enough, with their fight clubs in shambles after the bad publicity of the previous month's events, and several superpowered vigilantes further stepping on their operations, New York's Russian mob has suddenly become more active. Criminal activity has made a sharp spike all across the city as these dangerous sorts try to recoup their recent losses by any means necessary, and with the police handling the panic in the city following the meteor, it'll fall to heroes to battle back the tides of Bratva crime.

Players are welcome to take on the Russians themselves for whatever reasons fit their characters, as there's more than enough gun-wielding mobsters to go around.
Updates will come over this month and the next, as well as open threads involving both of these plots, so be sure to keep your eyes open and check in with this thread, as new plot-relevant opens will be posted here as well as in the open threads listing.

And incase anyone wants to post relevant threads to either of the site plots, please start all threads reacting to or involving the overarc plot with "SYM - ". And feel free to toss a link my way so I can keep them all nicely set up here.

~ ~ ~

~ Main Threads ~

Nov 5th, Afternoon - The Beacons Are Lit! (open) - Forge has organized a Humanitarian effort to help the injured and panicked from the meteor strike.
Nov 9th, Morning - Mutant News, Tonight - The results are in - Senator Kelly is now President Kelly, elected on a campaign against mutantkind. But not all of the news is entirely bad. (Character reactions to the news should be in new threads.)
Nov 11th, Night - As Cliche As It Gets - Spider-man, riding the spike in power and confidence from the Symbiote Suit, takes on the entire remaining Russian mob presence in the city in one night. A superpowered showdown to determine the fate of organized crime in NYC. (Open to all vigilante types)

Nov 18th, morning - Rivals - Peter forces respect from JJ and Eddie Brock, the symbiote suit letting him know just what buttons to push. And maybe what punches to throw... (closed to Spidey and Venom)

Nov 18th, morning - Remember Remember, Part 1 - Eddie Brock tails Peter and witnesses him changing. What happens to him results in the end of the Black Suit, and the creation of something far worse. (closed to Spidey and Venom)

Nov 20th, afternoon - Remember Remember, Part 2 - Venom wreaks havoc on the Madison Square Gardens construction site to force Spider-man out for revenge. But this time, Spidey brought a couple friends... (closed to the tagged characters)

~ Side Threads ~

Nov 5th, afternoon - Spider Puns - Peter Parker and Ben Riley finally meet and get to know each other.
Nov 9th, after midnight - Shootout - Black Suit Spider-man gets to test out his new powers by interrupting the Assassin Queen on the job.
May 28 2017, 03:29 PM
So I figure I should probably use the whole "professional graphic designer" thing for more than words on my resume now that I have access to an art computer.
Go look at Drake's new avvie. It's pretty.

If anyone needs weird mutant stuff photoshopped onto their character for avatars and such, post here with some relevant links to images and I'll see what I can do.
Remember to tag me cause I have an amazing ability to miss things.
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