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Feb 2 2018, 10:04 PM
~ February 2017 ~

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Jan 23 2018, 01:38 AM

Meticulous | Humble | Book Nerd | Lover | Quiet Observer | Deeply Sarcastic

Profile [HERE]

Friends: Eli is nearly as loyal as they come but not one who is particularly quick in trusting others. He's quiet and though not usually reserved, is more often the wallflower at the party. He's in need of more friends but can be prickly...

Enemies: There's a reason Eli likes to stick to books and plants, not many people like a sharp tongue when its directed their way. Just being mutant and gay has created plenty of enemies all on its own but he has a personality that has a tendency to ruffle feathers and go against the grain.

Lovers: This green thumbed mutant has always been more of a lover then a fighter. He's an individual who devotes himself to a partner and not usually one who sleeps around all that frequently--some might call him a bit of a prude but he's more keen on calling himself particular. Also, a really not so minor detail, Eli's gay.
Jan 21 2018, 07:03 PM


Celebrity Claim- Jason Ralph

Full Name- Elijah Brooks
Nicknames/Aliases- Eli
Age- 30
Date of Birth- February 19th, 1987
Faction- X-men (Joined around December 15th, 2013)
Occupation- Groundskeeper/Gardner; Part Time English Teacher

Eli is a man of few tastes yet complex needs. His world begins and ends around the notion that life can be controlled and yet is in inexplicable chaos. Elijah is particular about how he goes about his day-to-day though has no real idea how his hair should be combed or how his pants should be pressed, but he’ll give a good show nonetheless. A meticulous planner and very aware that he needs everything in their designated place, Eli is not a gentleman described as flexible. His time anxiety makes him an impeccable dinner guest but he’s the sort that checks and double checks the placement of every piece of silverware and napkin, if only to make sure things are neat and orderly.

Eli did not come from any sort of money and is painfully aware how far pennies can get him and as such is incredibly intelligent and conscientious of where any of his money is invested or where it’s spent. It has given him a bit of a cushion to live by but it has also lends to a picture of stubborn scrooge. Eli has a tendency to come off as oddly humble and patient, slow to anger yet vindictive in his vengeance. He is not an individual who when forced to fight won’t do so necessarily fair and has no problem making sure he’ll be the one who ends up on top when the confrontation is over, however subtle the victory may be.

He is frugal in appearance and in how he approaches life, choosing to surround himself with books and plant life--mutants and humans have a tendency to talk back too much, though he has a soft spot for troubled youth. He has a deep love to interact with those who offer him a new outlook but who do not push him too far out of his comfort zone, cats, Eli has found, are good at this. Needless to say, living live the way Elijah tends to, can be a hard balance to maintain.

As inflexible as Mr. Brooks can be, there is an undeniable depth of genuine love and appreciation for others in his life. He may not understand half of how the human and mutant race alike function, but he is talented in the nuances of how they survive. He’s sharp witted and can read others well enough to know social nuances. Brooks is not an easy man to remain friends with but those he has managed to rope into his inner circle will find they are hard pressed to leave his sphere of influence. He is a man of deep loyalty and unshakable personal morals.

  • Order and Practicality
  • Office Supply Stores
  • Breakfast
  • Books and Literature
  • Clear cut, black and white scenarios
  • Root systems
  • Fat cats
  • Popcorn flavored Jelly Beans
  • Those that take advantage of his supposed navietity
  • Loud, arrogant people
  • Inefficiency
  • Hot Weather
  • Runny Eggs
  • Malicious acts
  • Bullies
  • Bigots
  • Sharp Witted with a Sharp tongue to match
  • Deeply Loving and Oddly Loyal
  • Creatively Cunning
  • Patient
  • Quietly Humble
  • Pragmatic
  • Controlling and Inflexible
  • Annoyingly Meticulous
  • Exceptional Grudge-holding ability
  • Penny Pincher
  • Anti-social
  • Deeply Sarcastic
  • Overthinker

Power Name- Plant Manipulation
Elijah’s grandmother used to say he had an unnatural ability with his hands in encouraging life where life shouldn’t thrive--more or less that he had an exceptional green thumb. Eli’s ability encapsulates being able to encourage, stunt, kill, and manipulate DNA within all flora (i.e. the tiniest of sprouts to the largest of old growth trees). Eli’s ability allows him to recognize whether or not there is viable living flora within his vicinity to manipulate within a 15 yard area directly around or 6 feet under him and influence their existence to his limited will.

Eli’s ability is not godly or magic, he cannot create life where there is none but he can force growth to happen in seeds, direct flora to flower, and redirect sickness in plants. Currently his ability has been able to encourage a seedling to grow the height/length of a rather tall person, 6’7, but only two or three at any one given time. Eli can manipulate plant life to twist, turn, curl, wrap, etc in a numerous amount of shapes and forms but they need to be connected with their root system, otherwise if he does not have direct contact with the plant, the plant will perish or cease to respond.

For example, if Eli were to manipulate the surrounding flora to rise out of the dirt around a foe (within that 15 yards directly around or 6ft under him) and aggressively wrap around their body but in the process be ripped from their root system in the foes attempt to thrash free, the plants will eventually cease to respond because they are no longer connected to their life force. Eli can stem this inevitable cease of connection/ability to manipulate by physically touching the plants in question and reestablishing its root systems before it fully dies. If Eli asks nothing more of the plants and does not have the ability to reestablish root systems during this confrontation he can hold off its demise up to 45 minutes but it must be the only thing he is concentrating on, otherwise the plant will immediately begin to wilt and perish.

Forcing the rapid growth of seedlings (like in this example) is not simple and comes at a high cost, often resulting in nosebleeds, migraines, and fatigue. It is much easier for Eli to manipulate flora that has already sprouted and formed and can take direction in their more mature forms. As far as manipulating flora however, Eli has found a recent knack for shifting the DNA within plants and is still exploring what this may mean for him in the future. Currently Eli has been able to give thornless flora thorns and vice versa while encouraging their size increase or decrease, give abstract colors to flowers and leaves, and create seedless fruits, this is a piece of his mutation that he treads very carefully around.

Eli can manipulate flora within 15 yards directly around or 6ft underneath him.

Emotional Impacts:
Elijah’s mutations, like so many mutants, are impacted immensely by his emotions. When Eli was a teenager and just beginning to witness the limitations of his mutations he often was unable to influence flora at all or found it too easy to destroy. It is easier for Eli to kill flora then it is to encourage its existence and this leaves a greatly negative impact on his emotional and mental well-being.

Sensory Blackouts:
In his attempt to manipulate flora, Eli must create a semblance of a “bond” and because of this, it is not entirely out of the ordinary for Eli to cause sensory blackouts to himself. It is easy for him to forget that he cannot control everything and has often times lost chunks of his memory to fighting what the flora around him may be physically and emotionally experiencing when he attempts manipulation at an inopportune time (i.e. if he was attempting to encourage a trees growth while it was on fire or if he’s manipulating plants and they’re being destroyed).

Cannot Create Life:
As much as he would like to flatter himself as a god amongst green things, Eli cannot create life. He cannot give life to a seed that has rot or save a tree that has died. There is a great amount of energy that is needed in encouraging live in flora and it is not something that he possess.

Power Name- Chlorokinetic Scrying
The bond Elijah creates when manipulating or encouraging flora allows him to experience a situation and place as if he were the plant. This ability has allowed him to taste, feel, smell, and hear where flora is situated. Eli does not need to be in the room or situated close to the flora he is attempting to scry from but he cannot be further then 150 yards. He must also maintain absolute concentration, otherwise he would be entirely overwhelmed by every living piece of greenery and what they are experiencing and be driven to passing out by the sensory overload.

For example, if Eli were to listen into a conversation that was happening 120 yards away from him in one of Xavier’s classrooms, he would need absolute silence in order to enter into a meditative state in order to “find” his way into the room in question. Eli would need to sift through the random flora situated outside and around the room and then be able to recognize the room through all other means outside of sight (an ability he does not yet, if ever, possess through scrying), the process is exceedingly tedious and not something that this green thumbed mutant can do at too rapid a pace.

Moreover if the flora Eli is currently scrying through is harmed or damaged or experiences violent sounds or smells--Eli experiences it all at only a slightly lesser level. His connection while scrying leaves Eli incredibly vulnerable as he is nearly immersed in another world and can be easily taken advantage of during these moments.

As far as 150 yards length, depth, and height wise.

Emotionally Impacted:
Eli cannot adequately scry through flora when he is emotionally out of control as the ability requires an immense amount of concentration. Often times there is too much information for Eli to comprehend on top of being emotionally dis-regulated and scrying cannot happen.

Sensory Blackouts:
Very similar to Eli's ability to manipulate flora, scrying can cause sensory blackouts. This often happens when he's scrying through a plant that is experiencing something intense (i.e. extremely loud noises will cause him to loose hearing for a time, if someone drenches a plant in ammonia for some reason his sense of smell will be hampered, etc).

In order to engage in scrying, Eli needs to be devoted to scyring alone and usually enters into a trance like state that leaves him and his body prone to attack. If he's too invested in something happening while he's scyring he often times won't hear an attacker until its too late.

Skills & Abilities-

Plant Biology & Horticulture Expert:
Being an individual who literally manipulates flora, Elijah has an extensive knowledge on the biology and horticulture of plant and tree life, how they grow, where they grow, when they grow, what sort of blossoms they’ll produce, etc.

The 5 different floral carts situated around New York City have leant to quite a learning curve for Eli in the department of business (i.e. handling and investing money, guiding and encouraging employees, profit strategies).

Height- 5’8
Weight- 160
Eye Colour- Chocolate Brown
Hair Colour- Dark Brown
Eli’s not one to draw too much attention to himself, usually dressing in muted tones and/or jeans that have seen better days. He’s recently found himself comfortable financially and could invest in a wardrobe that says “struggling professor” instead of “struggling college kid” but cannot seem to care enough to do so. He holds himself confidently but has a tendency to shrink in on himself in social situations or after long days of too much introspective thought so though he stands at 5’8, his height is often a surprise to those who aren’t paying attention because he appears much smaller. Usually his hair is in dire need of a haircut but he settles for running fingers through it or throwing a rubber band at it and calling it a day.

Eli has a number of scars that litter his body from his knuckles to his knees and down his back from growing up in a rough part of his little world and not learning to throw a punch or dip out early enough. His hands are calloused from years of yard and garden work, dirt usually clinging to the creases of his knuckles and the edges of his fingernails. His dark brown eyes are usually soft and do not often seek to make all that much eye contact but are quick to turn hard and so dark as to turn nearly black.

For the most part Eli doesn’t wear anything particularly snazzy, most of his jackets however, have individualized pockets sewn into the insides where he keeps a pocket full of organized seedlings that may help in an emergency situation (i.e. fruit bearing plants, or large thorny plants he can use offensively) and a pair of small clippers.

Additional Information-

Eli likes to press plants and often keeps a palm sized leather book close to his chest that has any number of pressed leaves, stems, roots, and flowers that he collects as he goes about his days. Currently Eli wishes to continue studying his plants in any way he can and but has found a real passion for teaching English classes.

Hometown- South Bronx, New York
Immediate Family- Abigail Brooks (Grandmother), Elizabeth Brooks(mother)
Others- (Do fat cats count?) N/A

Elijah was born in the South Bronx of New York on the 19th of February. Elijah’s parents, for lack of words, did not have all their ducks in a row. Elijah’s mother (Elizabeth) was very young when she had him, nearly 18, but was unable to keep him as she had a substance abuse problem that led to the acceleration of many of her mental health issues. Elizabeth currently resides in a mental health facility some distance from her son, who every now and again, brings flowers and sweets to. Elijah’s father has never much been in the picture as he was more enamored with his own life goals of college and career success instead of raising a child on his own, which, as it turns out impacts such chances significantly. As such, he was given to his grandmother Abigail Brooks, who has raised Elijah with an unyielding and firm but deeply loving hand.

When Eli was 11 and enrolled at a local middle school, his talent with green things emerged subtly and without much pause. It helped that Eli was a quiet child and often times played by himself during school breaks and recesses but his grandmother had a keen eye and being a mutant herself, had the wherewithal to keep tabs on the possibility of gifts rising in her grandson. There was fear there at first, of course, as Elizabeth it was speculated, was a mutant herself and had been driven “mad” by the intrusive thoughts she’d suddenly been overwhelmed with after Eli’s birth triggered her telepathy. Relief soon found Abigail however as it became clear Eli’s powers were not remotely related to his mother’s or her own small abilities, who found small gifts in being able to work with bending light. Having his grandmother to guide him in exploring ways to use his mutation, Eli flourished unhindered and became well versed in applying his mutation as well as becoming knowledgeable about how it worked and where he could apply himself.

Growing up with a supportive role-model like his grandmother however, did not save him from being a target for bullies. His personality was naturally inclined towards social awkwardness and often times his blunt side commentary led him to bloody noses and dark bruises. Eli learned how to take a punch but more importantly he learned how to avoid confrontations all together with a quick tongue and a mind keen on survival. This trait would lend itself to be quite useful later on when Elijah came out as gay and was then outed in high school as a mutant. The Bronx could not be called an "enlightened" place when it came to either topics. There were pockets of light here and there, some larger than others, but they were hard pressed to be found and Eli spent many years isolated from peers to instead focus on his talents with flora while learning to cope with the world he lived in from Abigail.

Eli graduated with excellent marks from high school but did not immediately find his way to higher education. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in investing in an education, but more that funds were tight at home and he found himself lacking any motivation to continue the endless cycle of the rinse and repeat tediousness of school work. Instead, Eli threw himself into creating a small florist cart business. He needed money and with his mutation could easily triple if not quadruple profits made from seedlings he could buy from a nursery or convenience store. He had an eye for floral arrangements and as it turned out, a decent mind for business too. It helped that Eli began night classes about a year and a half after high school at a community college for the subject and started to dip his toes ever so slightly into other subjects pertaining to floral needs and horticulture.

He began with one of his grandmother’s decrepit wheelbarrows and what might have passed as little more than a wannabe lemonade stand, but Elijah’s work ethic, thanks in part to his grandmother, was hard and grinding. He was able to purchase his first actual vendor’s cart 8 months after he graduated high school and who’s profit soon found itself being funneled into other larger carts and more decorative and elaborate arrangements. Abigail, seeing the potential in her grandson, threw her own efforts into Eli’s project and before he really had too much say, there were employees manning 5 individual “Eli’s Pop-up Nursery” carts in different parts of New York City. At 24 Eli and his grandmother found themselves living a rather comfortable and boring life. Something Eli desperately wanted and craved for--but not at 24.

Eli rather stumbled onto the X-men while attending college courses for literature. He’d taken a break from his studies to take a drive in a random part of town he’d never had an inclination to explore. He’d found himself a grassy knoll to lay down on and found himself practicing his plant scrying. He followed certain root systems underneath him, not having a destination in mind, merely hopping from one plant to the next. He did that sometimes, to take a break from being himself. He did not know how long he spent there on the embankment using his mutation but it led him to overhear peculiar conversations about a mansion filled with mutants who may or may not have been housing the X-men.

Politics around mutants had been boiling, politics to Elijah though, always felt like they were boiling. He wasn’t much of an advocate and he did not see himself as any sort of defender of anyone but maybe his fat cats at home and himself (lord knew his grandmother didn’t need any sort of protecting). The opportunity however to further understand himself and his role within the debate of mutants and humans was one he felt would be foolish to pass up. He began working with the X-men as a groundskeeper when he was 25. At first he didn’t spend too much time on the large campus other than to make sure it continued to look well kept. Which, between hormonal teenage mutants and their often times explosive “gifts”, turned out to be a full time job. He soon began to fall in love with the school and its multifaceted inhabitants as he began to understand the school’s purpose and direction and began to follow a career path he’d never seen himself living but in his heart of hearts desired, teaching.

Currently Eli is beginning to teach his first batches of kids at the mansion while attending to the gardening needs of the campus (something he really quite enjoys). For now he's happy knowing he can help those like himself in a capacity that isn't bruising knuckles. Though, if he can get the opportunity for a lively debate on the romantic period of literature versus whatever you want to call the writing thats been published these days, he'd love to go in tooth and nail.

Player Name- Franny
Age 25
How Can We Contact- ...I should have a discord somewhere but for now PM is perfect!
Time Zone- Pacific TIme
How did you find us? Um...I may or may not have been “politely” dragged here by Pete
Other Characters- none
Role Play Sample-
The key slid into the lock neatly but protested every movement afterwards in allowing Eli to unlock his front door. He swore a few choice words and rattled the doorknob fiercely, afraid somehow the door would decide to eat his key and he’d never see the inside of his shack of an apartment again. Who would water his plants? Who would feed that ridiculous stray cat he’d become accustomed to seeing meowing pitifully on his stoop? He was spared a panic attack from the thoughts however when the lock finally clicked and he pushed into his apartment. The insides were meticulous, even if it screamed “starving student”. It was obvious everything had its place and somehow the clutter of miniature fruit trees and decorative succulents appeared organized and neat.

He shoved the door closed with a foot and immediately started towards his window where he should have been seeing brightly colored flowers and was instead seeing a blob of orange fur. “Would you, for the love of God, Buddah, and whoever the hell else listeningget off the petunias?” Eli grunted out as he opened the window and hefted the fat tomcat out of his windowsill planters with as little ceremony as possible, it was best to remind cats they weren’t gods worthy of constant reverence. At least every now and again. He continued to grumble to himself, brows furrowed and dark brown hair falling in front of his face as he plopped the feline back down on the ground.

He thought about tossing it outside again but he’d just hear the beast scratching and mewing pitifully at the door if not on the flowers again. The cat gave a little ‘mrrt’ as it sashayed away, tail held like a flag, twitching back and forth. Eli placed his hands on his hips, an indigent look happening to form on his face. “Ungrateful little shits.” He turned back to the bright pink flowers, now unhappily smooshed with pieces of their attached stems broken and twisted from being underneath the tomcats weight.

Knowing the tomcat as well as he was beginning to, Eli surmised he’d been nestled on top of them since he’d left for his morning class, 4 hours ago. He gently cradled smashed petals and twisted limbs in a calloused palm, quietly enjoying how the flowers seemed to recognize his touch and stand a little straighter. He spent a few quick moments repairing broken pieces and encouraging their growth before watering them. It was much too cold for them to be existing outside in the New York City cold...but well, weather was hard pressed to impact Eli’s ability to keep things blooming and growing year round.
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