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New Mutants Beta

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Apr 2 2018, 05:07 PM
Video Title: A Mutant's Tell-All, Vlog #1
[Music: Pharrell Williams - Freedom]

[Pictured: Black screen with white text]
[Text: 2015]
[Cut to: 14 year old Baki holding his phone/camera facing him up at him.]
Baki: (loudly whispering) Can't trust a mutant, clearly, clearly I'm out to steal...And I'll get away with it too with my bright blue freakin' scales...
[Baki lifts the camera so we can see there's a clerk following behind him. Baki suddenly turns towards the clerk.]
Baki: Isn't that right sir?!
[The clerk curses and quickly ducks into another aisle while Baki laughs.]

[Cut to: 14 year old Baki standing outside his home once again holding the camera phone towards him. It's dark and the street lights are starting to come on. Chatter from inside can be heard.]
Baki: So, we've been having a bunch of noise complaints about our house and cops coming over to tell us to keep it down. I'm calling bull-hockey right now. This is how loud it is outside the front door and now we're gonna go to the sidewalk in front of our neighbors house.
[Baki walks away from his house to the sidewalk and over to the front of his neighbors, the chatter dying down to silences as he moves away.]
Baki: I don't hear any noise do you.
[Cut to a moment later: A cop car parked in front of Baki's home, red and blue lights flashing. Baki stands there, with a frustrated smile and gestures to the cop car.]
Baki: I better go show them this video before they arrest my dad for no good reason.

[Pictured: Black screen with white text]
[Text: 2016]
[Cut to: 15 year old Baki sitting in the cafeteria, eating alone, holding up four fingers, then three, two, one. Suddenly someone's half empty milk carton smashes into the side of his head. Baki calmly grabs some napkins and wipes himself down, looking unsurprised that this happened, nodding his head in quiet resignation.]
Someone: (distantly) Freak!

[Cut to: 15 year old Baki standing in a crowd, a pair of rainbow sunglasses perched on his head. All around him people are carrying rainbow gear and the pride parade can be heard.]
Baki: I freakin love PRI-!
[Baki's words are suddenly cut off by another boy pushing into frame and kissing Baki. Baki stands stunned for a moment as the boy walks away before he races after him.]
Baki: Hey, wait a minuet!

[Cut to: 15 year old Baki holding the camera phone, laughing while Jake, the boy who had kissed him in the previous clip, lets off glowing energy shots into the sky from his fists. They're in the middle of an empty, abandoned parking lot and the sun is setting behind the trees.]
Jake: (shooting energy into the air) F*** you god, ya stupid b****!
Baki: (laughing) We should probably stop, I don't want to get trouble.
Jake: Don't be a wimp Baki, no one's getting hurt, who cares! Unless you really wanna go burn down the church-
[In the distance, cop sirens sound, and the boys curse and run. Baki is laughing the entire way.]

[Cut to: 15 year old Baki sitting at his desk in his bedroom. His eyes are red from crying, his face is bruised and cut up. He sniffles, wiping his bloody nose with his arm. He opens his mouth speak but struggles to come up with the words. He growls in frustration, tugging at his own hair, before he reaches forward to grab the camera and turn it off.]

[Music: Fades on the last lyrics of 'Freedom']
[Pictured: Black screen with white text]
[Text: March 17th, 2017]

[Cut to: Baki is sitting outside on the steps of an old building in Mutant Town wearing casual, cold weather clothes, holding his phone in front of him.]
Baki: So I really didn't have anything big planned for this first vlog... I guess I should introduce myself first? Hi, I'm Baki, and I'm a very normal teenage boy...Clearly!
[Pause for effect]
Baki: But no, really, I dunno, with all the craziness going on I just felt that we all could use some positive perspective. You know, like actually getting to know someone, instead of assuming all the hateful stereotypes. So, for this, thing, this vlog I guess, I'm going to take you with me, as much as I can and just show you, the audience, what life is like for me. Call it a personal autobiography, a tell-all, whatever, any of that could work. (waves his hand in dismissal) The idea is that I show you the other side of the fence. Soooo, let's see what we can get into.
[There's a small shuffle as Baki puts the phone in his breast pocket, which has a hole for the camera. The footage speeds up as Baki beginnings walking.]
Baki: (voice over) I really, really didn't know what exactly I wanted to do today. I was kind of new to town so I just wanted to see what was actually open to a mutant like me. Back home, at least when I left, there were none of these 'no mutants allowed' signs.
[The screen pauses to show one of those signs in the window of a bodega with a bing before speeding off again.]
Baki: (voice over) You don't have to go very far out of Mutant Town to start running into them. Mutant Town, for those outside of New York City, by the way is a small neighborhood in Manhattan that mutants have made their home. Don't believe the rumors, most of the folks there are completely cool. Just don't be a jerk and you'll be fine.
[Quick cut to a map with an arrow pointing to the little neighborhood of Mutant Town with another bing.]
Baki: (voice over) Luckily I did find one place that was willing to serve me lunch all the way in the heart of Chinatown.
[The arrow on the map moves to the where the diner was with yet another bing.]
Baki: (voice over) I had to walk almost five miles to find it, but if I had know where I was going, it would have only been two. So lesson learned and guys the walk was totally worth it, the food was amazing.
[Footage slows as Baki enters a small Chinese diner, the line is spotted with a couple of other visible mutants. Baki gets to the front of the line and orders. Money is exchanged and of course the faces are blurred out or not visible at all.]
[Cut to Baki sitting at bench at a near by park, he's sitting sideways so he can face the camera also sitting on the bench.]
Baki: (open the bag of food) Ya know it's kind of awkward eating and talking to a camera, but I figured, I bought the food with you guys might as well start eating with you and end this day on a good note. Before someone comes and ruins it. So, (opens the Styrofoam box and plastic fork packaging before digging into the food) holy shit this really good. (covers his mouth as he swallows) Mmm, okay, okay, I'm gonna leave it hear. Not gonna gross you out with mastication. This is a good note to leave on and I guess I will see you on the next one. Buh-bye! (waves at the camera)
[Video cuts]
Mar 27 2018, 11:27 AM
It was surprising just how hot they could make the danger room, apparently dangerously high. However at the moment it was just over a hundred degrees, comfortable for someone like Baki but probably a nightmare for anybody who actually liked the current weather. Baki wasn't here for his own enjoyment though, no, as much as he'd like to stretch out and sunbath, he had other plans. Baki was finally prepared to take this laser breath thing to the next level.

Or he was going to try at least. Control was key, if he could just close his mouth midway through the shot maybe he get off more than one, maybe he wouldn't collapse right away unless near a heat source. He just wanted to get it under control and not be a dang glass canon. He didn't want to be scared of this new power. Well, relatively new, he had, had it for a little over a month but really hadn't practiced. Not really...Sure he had used it a couple times while they were stuck in the Savage Land but that was more out of necessity than attempting to really get a hold of it.

So here he was, standing in front of three stationary targets about ten feet away. He had asked for monsters because he just couldn't bring himself to shoot anything that looked human and well, normal wooden targets would just get blown away.

Alright, deep breath, and reach back, draw it forward. He mentally walked himself through the cycle while widening his stance. On ground, the beam didn't have as much kick to it as it did in water, but it was just enough that he was learning that a wider stance, just like in fighting with his fists, would keep his aim steady. Opening his mouth he could feel the burning sensation as heat built and built before suddenly releasing.

The white-blue beam struck the middle target and before he could totally destroy it he attempted to close his mouth and stop. It was harder than expected, like his jaw was locked open and the effort made it tremble and ache. But with a snap of teeth he got it shut, kind of. Almost as soon as his mouth closed, it opened again, beam turned downward and scorching the ground.

It felt almost like vomiting, all heat and burning the inside of his throat. In the end he was once more left cold and coughing. He reached up to rub his sore throat, staring at the steaming black mark at his feet, "Shit..."
Feb 22 2018, 08:22 PM
Despite all the problems with this strange place, Baki was kind of enjoy himself. Or rather he was reveling in the weather. The heat was just perfect and the amount of sun this place got was fantastic. Sure it wasn't like home, it wasn't like any of the beaches, and had a ton more animal to worry about when it came to going just about anywhere. But that didn't mean it wasn't beautiful, or even relaxing at times.

At least it was for him. Because at that very moment he had found the perfect sun bathing rock next to the lake that surrounded the island. In fact he had found a little section of beach next to the perfect blue waters. He absolutely loved it and for a moment he could forget that they were in fact all trapped in this place filled to the brim with monsters, dinosaurs, and people who would like to eat them.

At least that's what he heard. He and his group had been lucky enough to not really run into such problems. Okay, so they had a bit of Road to El Darado-esque shenanigans. But they got away with pretty much no fighting. It was terrifying lying like that and pretending to be a god avatar to a bunch of snake people but that was about it.

Other people hadn't been so lucky and they were still missing quite a few people. He could only hope that everybody made it here alive, if not in one piece. Though with the things people described one piece was a lot to ask for.

Baki attempted to shake off the negative thoughts and focus on the silver lining. Namely just how comfy and warm this rock was. He yawned, stretched out, and then immediately flopped back down like the lazy lizard lump that he was. He would probably go swimming in the water soon but for now, he was content to just lay there and absorb all the heat possible.

Mercury, Open
Jan 24 2018, 09:49 PM
Classes had ended, studying done, and Baki was ready to relax. Thankfully the rec room was generally empty at this time as most students were at dinner either in the dining hall or student kitchen or maybe even out in the city. He knew he should be going to dinner, it had been a long day and he could use the fuel. But instead he found himself stretching out on the couch like a scaly lump on a log.

There was a whole collection of movies he could have popped in but instead he lazily decided to just flip through the channels to see what was on. So far it was looking like the same old thing. Too many variations on the same gosh dang channel and a whole lotta nothing to show for it. Honestly how many news and sports channels did this cable packages need.

Eventually he settled on the CW and watching the tail end of something called Riverdale. Not exactly his thing but it was drama enough for him. It was definitely something one of his sisters would watch, a lot of teenage drama that he was quickly getting tired of...Nope! Never mind, this was dumb and he was done with it. As much as he loved gossip, it wasn't as fun when it was taken seriously like this.

He like the Tyrion kind of gossip, thick with lots of sass and humor. He missed Game of Thrones, he wondered if he could find a rerun on HBO...Did the school tv even have HBO? He was doubting it. A little too adult for a school probably. Not that Riverdale wasn't but that was on CW, a channel that was generally touted as family friendly. HBO was more adult in general. If anything it was block by child locks to keep kids from accidentally seeing something they shouldn't.

Baki squinted at the screen as he searched and thought on it. Yeah, he probably wasn't going to find it or anything more interesting than a pg-13 rating. Eventually he settled on cartoons, something about dinosaur pals and their human friends, he wasn't really paying all that much attention to the details. It was just good mindless fun.

Jan 19 2018, 12:31 AM
Xavier's was an interesting place. Mutants of all kinds everywhere made Baki feel particularly comfortable walking around. No one was giving him weird looks or anything, no bullying of any sort. At least none directed at him. On top of the cool people, there were tons of things to do. Rec room, gym, danger room, and from what he heard a lot more stuff to do outside once the weather cleared.

But, all that said, this was still a school and Baki still had to do homework. And, instead of hiding away in his bedroom, using the internet when he should be working, he picked the library. Seemed like a good idea, quiet, resources everywhere, and the possibility to see some classmates.

First on the agenda, get caught up on reading assignments. Thankfully this teacher and his old teacher had the same idea of what to assign students to read. Except his class was freakin' slow. So after dumping his stuff at one of the tables, he grabbed a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird from the shelves before plopping down in the chair. He got his notebook and pencil out, prepared to take more notes than he usually would. Mostly because he wasn't entirely sure what he was expected to pay attention to.

With a sigh he settled in to read and hopefully catch up on five long, boring chapters from chapter fifteen to twenty.

"I walked home with Dill and returned in time to overhear Atticus saying to Aunty, " favor of Southern womanhood as much as anybody, but not for preserving polite fiction at the expense of human life," a pronouncement that made me suspect they had been fussing again."

Barely to page 39 Baki rolled his eyes, getting a feeling that's exactly what was going to happen. Because that's how people were, particularly toward minorities. The fiction was more comfortable than the reality and this was almost painful to read with how plainly the writing was on the wall for Atticus's poor defendant. But it was a classic and part of the curriculum, so he had to.

Maybe it would get better further in and he wouldn't be bored to tears. He hoped, he really hoped, cause he still had to catch up with everyone else.


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