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Feb 22 2018, 08:22 PM
Despite all the problems with this strange place, Baki was kind of enjoy himself. Or rather he was reveling in the weather. The heat was just perfect and the amount of sun this place got was fantastic. Sure it wasn't like home, it wasn't like any of the beaches, and had a ton more animal to worry about when it came to going just about anywhere. But that didn't mean it wasn't beautiful, or even relaxing at times.

At least it was for him. Because at that very moment he had found the perfect sun bathing rock next to the lake that surrounded the island. In fact he had found a little section of beach next to the perfect blue waters. He absolutely loved it and for a moment he could forget that they were in fact all trapped in this place filled to the brim with monsters, dinosaurs, and people who would like to eat them.

At least that's what he heard. He and his group had been lucky enough to not really run into such problems. Okay, so they had a bit of Road to El Darado-esque shenanigans. But they got away with pretty much no fighting. It was terrifying lying like that and pretending to be a god avatar to a bunch of snake people but that was about it.

Other people hadn't been so lucky and they were still missing quite a few people. He could only hope that everybody made it here alive, if not in one piece. Though with the things people described one piece was a lot to ask for.

Baki attempted to shake off the negative thoughts and focus on the silver lining. Namely just how comfy and warm this rock was. He yawned, stretched out, and then immediately flopped back down like the lazy lizard lump that he was. He would probably go swimming in the water soon but for now, he was content to just lay there and absorb all the heat possible.

Mercury, Open
Jan 24 2018, 09:49 PM
Classes had ended, studying done, and Baki was ready to relax. Thankfully the rec room was generally empty at this time as most students were at dinner either in the dining hall or student kitchen or maybe even out in the city. He knew he should be going to dinner, it had been a long day and he could use the fuel. But instead he found himself stretching out on the couch like a scaly lump on a log.

There was a whole collection of movies he could have popped in but instead he lazily decided to just flip through the channels to see what was on. So far it was looking like the same old thing. Too many variations on the same gosh dang channel and a whole lotta nothing to show for it. Honestly how many news and sports channels did this cable packages need.

Eventually he settled on the CW and watching the tail end of something called Riverdale. Not exactly his thing but it was drama enough for him. It was definitely something one of his sisters would watch, a lot of teenage drama that he was quickly getting tired of...Nope! Never mind, this was dumb and he was done with it. As much as he loved gossip, it wasn't as fun when it was taken seriously like this.

He like the Tyrion kind of gossip, thick with lots of sass and humor. He missed Game of Thrones, he wondered if he could find a rerun on HBO...Did the school tv even have HBO? He was doubting it. A little too adult for a school probably. Not that Riverdale wasn't but that was on CW, a channel that was generally touted as family friendly. HBO was more adult in general. If anything it was block by child locks to keep kids from accidentally seeing something they shouldn't.

Baki squinted at the screen as he searched and thought on it. Yeah, he probably wasn't going to find it or anything more interesting than a pg-13 rating. Eventually he settled on cartoons, something about dinosaur pals and their human friends, he wasn't really paying all that much attention to the details. It was just good mindless fun.

Jan 19 2018, 12:31 AM
Xavier's was an interesting place. Mutants of all kinds everywhere made Baki feel particularly comfortable walking around. No one was giving him weird looks or anything, no bullying of any sort. At least none directed at him. On top of the cool people, there were tons of things to do. Rec room, gym, danger room, and from what he heard a lot more stuff to do outside once the weather cleared.

But, all that said, this was still a school and Baki still had to do homework. And, instead of hiding away in his bedroom, using the internet when he should be working, he picked the library. Seemed like a good idea, quiet, resources everywhere, and the possibility to see some classmates.

First on the agenda, get caught up on reading assignments. Thankfully this teacher and his old teacher had the same idea of what to assign students to read. Except his class was freakin' slow. So after dumping his stuff at one of the tables, he grabbed a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird from the shelves before plopping down in the chair. He got his notebook and pencil out, prepared to take more notes than he usually would. Mostly because he wasn't entirely sure what he was expected to pay attention to.

With a sigh he settled in to read and hopefully catch up on five long, boring chapters from chapter fifteen to twenty.

"I walked home with Dill and returned in time to overhear Atticus saying to Aunty, " favor of Southern womanhood as much as anybody, but not for preserving polite fiction at the expense of human life," a pronouncement that made me suspect they had been fussing again."

Barely to page 39 Baki rolled his eyes, getting a feeling that's exactly what was going to happen. Because that's how people were, particularly toward minorities. The fiction was more comfortable than the reality and this was almost painful to read with how plainly the writing was on the wall for Atticus's poor defendant. But it was a classic and part of the curriculum, so he had to.

Maybe it would get better further in and he wouldn't be bored to tears. He hoped, he really hoped, cause he still had to catch up with everyone else.


[Ooc: Let me know if you want me to edit anything]
Jan 17 2018, 06:09 PM
Baki had gotten a text from Noivern about the mentor/mentee thing and while he had known about it, he hadn't thought to take advantage of it. There was only so many times he could say he was 'new' before it wore thin but in this case it was true. Before coming here his "mentors" if you could call them that were all family. His parents, his aunts and uncles. People who he had known for a really long time, his whole life. To call on someone he barely knew felt weird.

But it wasn't like he could go to his dad with this. He didn't want to give the man a heart attack thousands of miles away. His best bet was to talk to Drake and see what he had to say about it.

So instead of meeting up at any place off campus, he opted for the safety of his mentor's room. Again, weird choice, but these were weird times and he didn't want to talk about this in public. And Drake had suggested it, so it couldn't have been that strange to have a student visit the staff quarters. Least he hoped so, last thing he wanted to do was get in trouble.

Not after what happened to Luca. He still felt sick thinking about it, that coupled with the confusion over how almost none of the others on Beta Squad seemed all that phased or at least sympathetic to their teammate's pain, did not make for good feelings. He didn't want to feel scared about this place when he had literally just gotten here. But it felt like there were landmines everywhere.

So his hope was set on Drake setting things straight or at least clarifying things enough for him to wrap his head around. There had to be more to all of this than what he was seeing. Some reason as to why it felt like many of the students were more willing to accept such violence from someone they supposedly should trust.

Taking another glance at his phone to make sure he got the right room number, he knocked on the door and waited for an answer. He hated this nervous feeling. Last time he had seen Drake the guy had been really nice, totally cool, and his texts were about the same. He shouldn't be feeling nervous but, he reasoned, it was probably because he was still figuring things out. 'New Guy syndrome' or whatever, he was out of his depth and he needed help before he made a mistake that made everything worse.

[Ooc: Let me know if you need me to edit anything.]
Jan 16 2018, 05:04 PM
There were a lot of things Baki missed about Hawaii. The shops, the food, and his family of course. But if there was one thing his body missed the most is the the terrain. Maui was a big island whose center was a lush mountain side forest. The land wasn't as rough as other places sure. But his favorite feature was the challenge of climbing some of the tougher walls of rock. Since the island was born from a volcano, much of the rock was still soft, porous and light. It didn't allow much weight for too long. You had to be careful and move quickly.

When he found out that he could make the same thing happen in what the school deemed the Danger Room, well the temptation to get back into it was too great not to go for it. It took him a bit to find someone to do it for him, since he wasn't allowed access to the controls, but thankfully Cypher was willing to help him out. Or at least set up the program and let him have at it.

Standing before the rocky wall, Baki took in the different possibilities. The cliff side was unfamiliar to him, surrounded by unfamiliar terrain on all sides but he wasn't scared by it. It was exciting to get back into something he's been missing for weeks. He almost wished he had taken on more lap around the island's forest before he left. He almost worried that his claws might have gone soft.

Almost...The first dig into the rock face felt good, solid and he almost hesitated to feel it out some more but the given under his feet warned him he was wasting time. He kept going, claws on his hands and feet acting as better tools than any climbing pick could. His tail was of some help too, keeping him balanced when he had to make a small hop from one hand hold to the next. He was making good time and feeling rather confident, all things considered.

He got half way up before coming across a spot that felt more solid. Or at least solid enough for him to pause and look around. He was just above the treeline now, a vast ocean of green stretched out before him, the warm air revitalizing him. For a moment he forgot that this was all a simulation and thought he was really there. However they got this place to work, it was amazing, light years a head of any clunky vr.

He turned back to the task at hand and hoisted himself up further. Half way there with nowhere to go but up.

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