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Dec 26 2017, 10:36 PM
Erebus-15, new mutant, shy, at first, but a social butterfly at heart. She's new to the school and excited to be out on her own. She's in need of friends, enemies, frenemies, and love.
Dec 24 2017, 12:25 AM


Celebrity Claim- Rowan Blanchard

Full Name- Andrea Ann Korenic
Nicknames/Aliases- Drew, Drea
Age- 15
Date of Birth- September 13th
Faction- New Mutants-February 2017
Occupation- Student and looking for part time work

Drew grew up in a very controlling environment and is just now experiencing her first taste of freedom. For the first time she isn’t being told what to wear, what extracurriculars to do and hobbies to have. She’s giddy with excitement to try everything and reinvent herself (She even changed her name, no longer going by Andrea but Drew). At the same time she is also cautious and reserved. The more comfortable she becomes in her environment the more she will open up. By nature Drew is a social girl, she is inquisitive and imaginative, and loves to learn. Experience has made her cautious, shy, and mistrusting. All she really needs is a few friends her age and a safe place to discover who she truly is.

Drew is imaginative, patient, and hard working.She’s the person you want in your study group because she has color coded notes and doesn’t mind explaining a lesson to you repeatedly if you don’t understand something.

She can be painfully stubborn and has a nasty habit of zoning out whenever she is bored. She’ll be sitting in class, at the breakfast table, even amongst friends and grow quiet staring off into space. Those who don’t know her think she is weird, but she’s just has tendency to become lost in her own thoughts.

At first Drew comes off as cold, she holds people at an arm’s length until she decides they are trustworthy. Once she relaxes she is a kind and funny friend, but fear and social anxiety hold her back. If you are her friend she is loyal and a tad bit overprotective. She likes to spoil people, be it with affection or sweet treats and surprises. The best way to break her down is to get her excited about something she enjoys. If you earn her trust and then break it, well...she can hold a grudge.

Because Drew has so few friends she can be a bit clingy and paranoid. She worries she’ll do something to chase them away, annoy them or be a bother. With time and confidence this will improve, but she’s fifteen. Everyone wants to be accepted, especially teenagers. For this same reason she sometimes struggles with honesty. She doesn’t make up stories, but she isn’t the person you want to go to for honest feedback. She’ll never say ‘that shirt looks terrible on you’, but she will offer to go shopping with you.

She likes to try new things, to an extent. Try a new hobby? Cooking, music, games, sewing, that's all fine. Rock climbing, zip lining, or camping? Nope! Besides her physical limitations she won’t go anywhere that doesn’t have indoor plumbing.

While she doesn’t like to acknowledge it she can be a bit jumpy. She doesn’t like surprises or sudden contact. Hugs are fine, just don’t jump on her from behind. She is also sensitive about her hair. Drew loves to have her hair brushed, its soothing and she finds the repetitive motion comforting, but she doesn’t allow others to brush her hair, you can blame her mother for that quirk. Her mother is part of the reason Drew is such a perfectionist. Remember, we know she is stubborn and patient. She will spend an absurd amount of time on, well anything. If you ask her to bake a cake she will make at least 3 until she is sure it’s perfect, four if she ruins the icing. She just doesn’t want to let anyone down, besides it’s a matter of pride!

  • Greek/Roman Mythology (She hates Hera, loves Psyche, and has read the Percy Jackson series at least half a dozen times)
  • The flute (she really did enjoy it, just don’t ask her to join the school band, music is only fun on her own time)
  • Crime drama (CSI, Criminal Minds, etc)
  • Oversized hoodies
  • Sleeping to noon on Sunday
  • Sprinkles
  • People pulling or touching her hair
  • Cranberries
  • Snow/Ice (It looks pretty, from a distance, like on TV)
  • Being lost
  • Patient
  • Passionate
  • Rolling her tongue (it’s a talent!)
  • Loyal
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Too eager to please
  • Naive, Drew is book read, but not very street smart. For the same reason she can also be very gullible.

Power Name- Shadow Puppet
Long story short, Drew creates a two dimensional image on flat surfaces. To be specific she creates one image, a dark humanoid shape, that can then morph.

What Drew refers to as her ‘shadow’ is actually a form of energy manipulation. Light is not necessary for its manifestation, nor is it attached to her. It is always a two dimensional projection. She cannot shoot beams or raise her shadow off the ground. It can travel across any surface (even water), wrap around objects or people. This means while Drew can’t raise it into the air and toss it at people, the shadow could climb up a wall or across the ground and around a person’s leg. Most remarkable, it is capable of independent action; Drew doesn't have to direct it. This leaves her open to go about her own tasks without having to watch her creation.

When this energy is released it always take the same humanoid shape, she jokes that it looks similar to the stick figures she drew as a child, only equal to her own height and size. It can stretch and change shape (Drew can create the best shadow puppets!), but always maintains the same ‘mass’. It can travel up to 25 miles an hour, but must stay within fifteen feet of it’s castor.

It follows Drew’s directions and will if given, and always acts in her best interest. It is capable of observing its surrounding and reacting to stimuli. It does not feel pain or any physical sensations, but it can see and hear. For example, if the shadow noticed falling debri before Drew it could wrap around her and drag her away. The shadow cannot speak, but will make gestures and ‘communicate’. She sometimes feels as if her shadow is a very exotic, very quiet, pet.

One of her shadow’s more useful traits is that while it cannot speak when Drew deactivates it she will absorb the knowledge of what the shadow saw or heard. The shadow could enter a room, observe, then come back to Drew and she would know how many people are in the room, the size, etc.

The shadow can manipulate objects around it to an extent. When wrapped around an object it can squeeze and pull, just like a rope. It could wrap around a cup and then pull the cup across a table or push a button. It cannot reach out and grab things, the object has to be on a flat surface. If a telekinetic has a cup hovering in mid air the shadow can’t grab it, if it is being held in someone’s hand the shadow can travel up the body and arm to the cup.

Although the shadow can wrap around objects and people like a rope, it cannot simply be cut like one. It’s a manifestation of Drew’s on energy. The average person couldn’t pull it apart, knives or claws won’t cut it, but is not indestructible. Using her shadow is tiring, if you exhaust Drew then she can’t maintain the shadow. The stronger the force trying to fight the shadow, the quicker Drew wears out. Someone with great strength and patience could tear it apart. Attacks such as energy burst, like Cyclop’s ability, could push against it or a telekinetic. The shadow can manipulate objects up to 300lbs.

Drew does have to be conscious to use her ability, but should she suddenly lose consciousness the shadow could maintain itself for up to a minute before fading.

Limits-Drew’s gift, while entertaining, is only as useful as her imagination and Drew hasn’t had a lot of practice with her gift. It is currently more of a companion. With some training she could eventually discover ways to make her gift combative.

Even at her best, Drew’s mutation has many flaws. She is greatly limited by her environment. She needs a flat surface to bring out her shadow and for the shadow to travel on. It must stay within a fifteen foot radius of her. It can stretch up to fifteen feet in any direction, her full reach then is only 30 feet.

A human sized dark mess that moves and morphs isn’t something you see every day. It’s not exactly subtle or unnoticeable. It can blend into dark areas, but cannot go unseen. It can move silently, change shape, but not become smaller or larger.

While Drew may not need to give it full directions, allowing her to work independently of it, use of her shadow is taxing. Leisurely, as if her shadow is following her or remaining relatively stationary, she can have it out for 2 hours. For ‘exercise’ that time diminishes. In a combative situation, she can hold her shadow for about 15 minutes. With training that will increase as her own stamina does, but will never exceed an hour of active labor. After reaching her limit Drew will need to wait at least thirty minutes before calling her shadow out again.

Although she can use her shadow to observe things she won’t know what the shadow sees or hears until she has deactivated it. If she wants to hear a conversation going on behind closed doors she can send her shadow in to listen, but until the shadow comes back and she absorbs it she won’t know what was said.

Because her shadow is capable of independent action it can act against Drew’s wishes. It isn’t capable of malice or forming multistep plans, the shadow is more instinctive, but if Drew is not directing it then the shadow will act to protect her as it sees fit. While it would never intentionally work against Drew it may not make the best decisions.

Drew describes her shadow as a pet and in many ways it is. It has a muted personality, inquisitive, but cautious. It observes its surroundings and can make simple decisions. It will never be capable of deep discussion or thought, but can form opinions which don’t always align with Drew. It can disagree with her. If Drew isn’t giving the shadow direct orders, it could act against her wishes if it felt it was doing right by Drew.

Skills & Abilities- If you ask Drew she’ll say no, but she has the makings of a strategist. She is bright, patient, and thinks ahead. Ask her to play a game of chess to find out.

Eye Colour-Dark Brown
Hair Colour-Brown

When Drew looks in the mirror she doesn’t see anything special. Ordinary mousy brown hair that falls to the middle of her back. Dark brown eyes just like half the world, although she supposes they are still pretty. Round lips, her mother thought that was a good thing. Huge ears, she hates her ears, but at least their functional, right? Besides she can wear her hair down and cover her ears. The color may be boring, but her hair is nice and she enjoys brushing it, its relaxing.

She has her insecurities, but other then the occasional case of acne she can’t complain too much. Overall she is happy with her appearance, or tries to be. What she doesn’t appreciate is her limp.

An accident when she was in middle school left her with a permanent limp and a nasty scar on her left leg. Her left leg is an inch shorter than the right, the scar is darker than the rest of her skin, it’s a long crater in the calf muscle as if someone took a chunk of flesh out. While she gets around fine it pains her to run or jump or climb.

Drew’s mother cared about appearance. Growing up, Drew, or Andrea as her mother insisted upon, was always well dressed. Designer baby clothes that were probably out of her mother’s budet and cute shoes. Even when Drew was old enough to have her own sense of style it was discouraged in favor of what her mother wanted. As long as her clothes are clean, warm, and in decent shape Drew doesn’t care. She takes enough care to match and be presentable, but she likes to be comfortable and functional above all else. Forget designer and name brand, she prefers not to stand out. Her favorite outfit is a pair of comfy leggings, an oversized hoodie and a pair of supportive sneakers. Since she is almost always cold you’ll typically see her in a hoodie or jacket.

Gear- There is a lift in her shoe to ease her limp. Her phone is almost always in her hands as well.

Additional Information- Drew is loyal to a fault and so eager to be loved she’s easily influenced. Through RP I want to see her grow into a confident young woman, form healthy relationships, and hit plenty of road bumps along the way. On a random note, she never learned to swim.

Hometown- Albany NY[
Immediate Family -Mother (Grace), Father (Raymond)
Others- N/A

Grace Korenic never particularly wanted children, but having at least one was what people expected of her, a box to check for a successful life. So Grace married Raymond when she was in her late twenties and a few years later they had Andrea. The couple divorced when Drew was 3. Other then child support checks and sporadic birthday cards Drew has had almost no contact with him. She is conflicted on her feelings about him, often angry he left, longing for what she never had, and wondering why he left her behind.

Her mother was overbearing. Grace didn’t truly want a child, but now she had one and had to show everyone she had the perfect life. Andrea was nothing more than an adorable fashion accessory. Grace enjoyed showing her off, but actually caring for an infant? That wasn’t as fun. She wanted Andrea to be her doll, a silent and obedient doll. No child is silent and even the most well behaved child makes mistakes. She wasn't the warmest mother.

Andrea’s childhood was, to put it politely, restrictive. Her mother telling her how to act, think, and dress. Andrea’s favorite color was purple? No, Grace loved teal so Andrea’s favorite color had to be teal. Andrea liked playing with blocks? No, try this doll house that’s much better.

You can’t say she wasn’t provided for, Drew always had a roof over her head, clothes on her back, food in her belly. Grace paid for flute lessons and made Andrea join the school band. She expected perfection and would force Drew to stay up all hours of the night studying or forgo dinner if her graces weren’t up to par. Even in pre-K if she didn’t color inside the lines she would have to start over and do it again. Nothing was ever good enough.

Drew wasn’t a happy child, polite and well spoken yes, but not happy. She was anxious and always trying to please others. She had a difficult time making friends and tended to keep to herself. Andrea had very little self-identity outside of being her mother’s daughter.Today, at fifteen, Drew is still rather quiet and just starting to get to know herself.

Most of her childhood was uneventful, but there were moments that stood out to her. When her father promised to come to her 6th birthday (he never did show which Grace constantly reminded Andrea). When she was lost in the mall at age 8, her mother had not been happy and held her arm so tightly on the walk to the car it left a bruise. When she met Tixie in 5th grade. Tixie was her best friend that year until she moved away. When Jason discovered he was a mutant. When she discovered she was a mutant.

Jason was in her 7th grade computer class. He had been begging their teacher to let him go to the nurse because he didn't feel well, said he felt hot. That was the last thing Drew remembered before she found herself on the floor, the classroom in ruins, and the metal leg of a desk inbedded in her leg. Jason’s mutation turned him into a living flame, its manifestation injured 8 students, and closed the school for weeks.

The appearance of Drew’s mutation was slightly less dramatic. She was fifteen and miserable. School was awful, she ate lunch alone every day. Home was awful, her mother wouldn’t leave her alone, and on that night her mother was furious with her. Maybe she had received a poor grade or maybe she forgot to change the wash or make her lunch for the next day. She couldn't remember any more, some aspects of that night come to Drew so clearly and other bits are completely forgotten. Whatever the cause her mother was angry and when she was angry she was frightening. She would yell, pinch Drew, pull her hair, and shake her. Grace had grabbed her daughter’s hair and was attempting to drag her out of the bedroom. Drew was crying and she had enough. She just wanted to hide away from the world, she just wanted to get away from her mother.

Grace noticed before Andrea did. As she stood sobbing a dark mass oozed from under Grace’s fingers, like ink spilling. It tricked down Andrea’s arm to the floor behind her and grew and grew. Naturally Grace let go and Drew stepped back, the dark mass inched between them as it twisted into its natural shape, the human silhouette. It wasn't very threatening, just a dark shape lying on the floor, but knowing it came out of her teenage daughter was a bit too much for Grace. She fled the house and spent the night in a hotel.

Andrea on the other hand was fascinated. After the Jason incident she had an understandable fear of mutants, but this thing she made, that wasn’t scary, not to her. She watched her creation until it faded away and she was oddly exhausted. The next day she got up, went to school like every other day, and her mother came home. Life went on as if nothing had happened except Grace barely spoke to her daughter and didn’t lay a hand on her. Andrea for her part was thrilled with this development. She stopped going to band practice and spent every free moment practicing and learning around her mutation. She talked to her shadow and had it follow her around the house. She wasn’t as lonely with the shadow.

This carried on for about a month before Grace handed her a brochure about a school for the gifted and told her to pack her things, she was changing schools. This mutant thing just gets better and better.

It didn’t matter to Drew that mutants were living in a frightening and dangerous world. It didn't bother that she was being kicked out of the house and it certainly didn’t occur to her that her life just became a lot more complicated. All she could see was that she was being given a fresh start, she’s being freed from her mother and all her craziness.

Player Name- Trek
Age 26
How Can We Contact- PM or skype (I can PM you my skype details)
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us? RPG Directory
Other Characters- Not yet!

Role Play Sample-
If the universe was kind and Drew was a witch and Hogwarts was real and accepting international students then she would likely be a 5th year Ravenclaw, or maybe a Hufflepuff. Certainly not a Gryffindor. Not with the way her hands were shaking as she climbed out of her mother’s car. Her mother had barely spoken to her in the past month, but it still surprised Drew that she just drove off. That was the woman who would pick her daughter’s clothes for every little occasion. Surely she would have wanted to stay and ensure Drew didn't somehow embarrass her. Well that was fine, Drew didn’t want or need her breathing down her neck, but still...Okay she was nervous. Her home might have sucked, but it was all she knew. This was exciting and wonderful, but also horrifying. Maybe she could just turn around and walk to the nearest bus stop. Then what?

She looked down at the brochure in hands, ‘Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters’. She made decent grades, but gifted? Did her mother bribe someone to get her in? Gifted in what way? The brochure was rather vague in that sense and Grace Korenic didn’t bother to fill her daughter in on the details. They’re website was even worse. Maybe it wasn’t really a school, but some elaborate hoax. It would be perfect, Grace would tell everyone her brilliant daughter went off to some fancy school when really she was being sent to some kind of-what? Brothel? Mad scientist Lab? No, that’s just paranoia.

Slowly she trudged up the long driveway, dragging her suitcase behind her. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t freezing. The teen kept her head bent in a valiant attempt to avoid the wind. It crossed her mind to let her new ‘friend’ out to take a look around, but this area was too open. She was on her own.

At the steps Drew paused. This looked more like a fancy house then a school. Should she knock or just walk in and look for the front office? After standing awkwardly outside adjusting her scarf far longer than was necessary she opened the door. Unlocked, great, awesome security.

Her head poked through the doorway first, looking both ways before stepping inside. No obvious front office and no signs of life. Yeah, not creepy at all. Knowing it was rude to stand in the doorway she stepped inside and reluctantly shut the door behind. It wasn't as if she had anywhere else go. There were a few chairs by the front door, maybe she was supposed to wait?
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