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Feb 22 2018, 08:22 PM
Alex was bored, somehow with all the crazy stuff that had been going on he was bored. They had been here for ten days. Ten days of trudging through wilderness and dealing the incredible and insane wild life that inhabited this place. He had even almost been eaten by a plant. A plant of all things! And felt like every had come to an absolute stand still and it sucked.

Everybody else seemed to have something to do. Guard duty, hunting, gathering, all that survival stuff. But he had been told the moment they got to the island to stay put and not get in the way. He was once again a little kid to be babysat, not a mutant capable in his own right. Hell, he was sure he probably had more survival skill than some of the teens that had shown up. At least he liked nature to some capacity, a few of them were not big fans.

In any case, it was starting to get dark and to alleviate some of the boredom, he pulled the little pack of cards he kept in his back pocket. The carton was slight squished and rather worn from the last ten days of running around the jungle, but the cards inside were still fine. Well, mostly fine, they weren't water proof so a few had gotten stuck together and had to be carefully pull apart, leaving a couple cards with chipped and worn faces and backs. But other than that they were still usable.

Using a rock with a flat enough surface by the campfire as a table, Alex shuffled the cards and began practicing three card monte. It was a game he had learned from Gambit and it was something that he started doing for fun and profit. Okay, mostly for profit but it was honestly fun because there was something enjoyable even about moving the cards correct. The motion from hand to table, the subtle shift of laying one card over the other. But of course it was not as fun as it would be if he had someone to play with.

Maybe someone would like to join in? He didn't even care if they bet with actual things, it could be pebbles and it'd still be fun.
Dec 28 2017, 03:29 PM
There were a lot of things a kid like Alex could get up to on a Saturday. A lot of things that weren't risky or tempting fate at all. A lot of things that nobody would mind him doing. Going to the park, going to the library, even sneaking into a museum. Anything more wholesome than what he was currently doing. Which was handing his squirrels nuts and then watching them throw them at people from different elevations.

To him it was hilarious, the height of entertainment. It didn't get old, watching various people react to the ridiculousness of being beaned by several peanuts in a row. Some folks shrugged it off and kept walking, grumbling about bad luck. Others however, reacted more violently, attempting to captured or attack the skittering rodents.

Like the three rough looking teens he was watching right now. One of them looked about ready to explode, but seemed to lack the ability to do so. All the better for him. He was taking Seamus's words to heart, only messing with humans from now on. Well, as best as he could tell anyway. Sometimes it was hard to tell from just looks alone, especially outside of Mutant Town.

Maybe he should have stayed in Mutant Town. Seemed like his muffled snickering caught the groups attention and with no other indication the angry one laid the blame squarely on him. "You! This is your doing isn't it!" Angry pointed an accusing finger at him and unwilling to get caught, Alex ran.

The chase didn't last long before the three bigger boys caught him by the back of his hoodie, dragging him over and hoisting him up against a brick wall. "Let go of me ya big bully!" Alex squirmed and struggled of course, hoping his shouting would garner some attention, some help. "You're a little mutant freak aren't ya! You think that was funny, messin with us!"

"Well, I mean yeah, but no need to get your panties in a twist. It was just peanuts!" Apparently that defense didn't fly with them, the leader shouting, "Shut your god damn hole freak! Gonna teach you a lesson your freak mama should've taught you a long time ago."

As the bully raised his fist to strike a blow, Alex had his squirrels attack. The three teens shouted in surprise, struggling to pull the critters off of them. To add a cherry on top, Alex bit the hand of the bully holding him.

(Andi, pick any character you want, let me know if you want me to edit anything.)

Dec 9 2017, 12:27 PM
Central Park was like a state park all compacted into a much smaller space. There were people everywhere and food vendors clustered near the entryways and points of interest. But once one stepped away from the main paths, stepped deeper in to the trees there were all sorts of spots one could claim for themselves. Alex, who had been given a chance to run off on his own, had found a hidden spot near small creek. During this time of year most folks avoided the icy water. So it was the perfect place to enjoy his stolen goodies.

Not that he actually stole them. Rather he had his creations steal them. The vendors and customers of those vendors never saw him. Only feathers and fur before food mysteriously disappeared from their hands. And since it was still morning most folks were too sleepy to think to question it. Only frustrated that their food was stolen. The only thing Alex did buy with money was the hot coco he was currently sipping. So technically he was more like a little crime boss than a little thief.

Today, despite the cold, was a really good day. Sun was out, it was slowly starting to warm up, and, best of all, he had enough food now to actually use his powers. And not just in a limited survival sense but create a miniature army of critters. Squirrels, birds, even tiny griffins, all at his disposal and since he no longer felt fear in using his powers he was using it much more in the presence of people. Kind of. It was all slight of hand, so they never really saw it happening.

All they ever saw were animal oddities. Apparently he still needed to work on the design of things. His creations were functional, but had a cartoonish quality about them. They weren't perfect recreations of animals yet. However, with all this practice he was sure he would get there.

Alex took a big bite of the bagel with cream cheese his crow stole, grinning as he closed his eyes and connected with the bird's sight. With this he could see the park from a literal bird's eye-view. It was awesome and probably the best way to spend one's morning.

Nov 15 2017, 02:36 PM
Pinchot State Forest, just south of Scranton, PA

There as been someone living in the wood for a couple of weeks now and the rangers are getting antsy about it. It started out simply enough that they had thought it might be a coyote moving into the area. A particularly fearless one that would raid campsites for food when no one was looking or they were sleeping. A cause for concern of course. Having a wild animal approach human sites with no fear could lead to bites or people feeding it which could get it used to being hand fed, and that was a whole other can of worms. Point being was for those first few months, they were keeping an eye out for a coyote when really it was a person.

Cause then they were finding old campfires where they shouldn't have been, yet no sign of a tent or other camping equipment. Then campers were remarking on how some of the animals seemed to be watching them, creepily following them. And then there were the animals that people couldn't identify. Strange birds that a group of bird watchers spent several hours arguing over. Squirrels with weird fur patterns or just a few animals that sounded like a fairy-tail.

The hiker who saw a rabbit size griffon, of all things, swore up and down that they were not high or drunk. They really did see a blue griffon sitting on a trail which ran off when he tried to approach. The man remarked, "I've seen enough horror not to follow it."

So the rangers were nervous that they were either seeing, a)mutant activity in the park, b)the animals themselves were starting to have mutant genes, or c)because Pinchot is a "working park" the drilling might have cracked something and it was getting in the air, giving everyone hallucinations. Option A seemed like the most likely culprit.

It's now the end of the month, they still haven't found the intruder, and worse yet, they've started to cross into state game lands. Whoever this was, mutant or not, they were putting themselves in danger of getting shot.

Not that Alex would know anything about that. He's been awful proud of himself getting this far on his own. Leaving Hepburn was hard but after that, getting rides from people was easy, that or sneaking on to trucks when people weren't looking. He made it all the way to Scranton no problem and all it took was hitching a ride on a truck to make his way to the park. And the park was huge, lots of trees, lots of animals. A few campfires here and a few dead rabbits there wouldn't be that bad.

And then stealing some food from campers. And then experimenting with his powers when he was alone.

Okay, so he had made himself rather comfortable in the park and was acting like he owned the place. But no one could really blame him. Here, no one knew he existed, no one knew who he was. He was a shadow, a spooky event. There was a lot of power, he was finding, in being anonymous.
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