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Training the Untrainable?

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Jan 16 2018, 04:56 PM
During the liberation of the mutants of Genosha, Rat had liberated a few weapons from the guards he had tackled. Those arseholes had some pretty neat weapons and he had returned to the Brotherhood Base with a gun, a couple of batons and an electro whip. Then came the issue of what to do with them. The gun was pretty obvious, he handed that straight over to the others, assuming that they would have some use for it. Or maybe Toad could turn it into something else. Either way, he didn't want it.

With that out of the way he considered the other weapons. The electro whip looked cool and did some damage. The batons were strong, and simple to use. Although one was rather... damaged. During the liberation Rat had gotten a little enthusiastic with it and may have done more damage than he had expected to with some of the guards. Both were good, but he could only chose one to keep and learn to use. While there was no rule stating that, he felt it would be a good idea for him to focus on learning to use one instead of trying to learn to use both and possibly confusing himself.

The gym was empty when he arrived, which was a relief. Rat had no intention of embarrassing himself in front of the others as he practiced. They already saw him as a dumb kid and he didn't want to add to that. He figured it would take a long time for them to even consider him a member of the group and not some weird tag a long kid who did the cleaning, but it was worth a shot. If he could be useful he would. As he was alone, he considered switching the dampener off and being unnoticeable while he practiced, but eventually chose not to be. He liked being noticeable again. For now anyway. Once the novelty wore off he would likely spend more time with the dampener off.

He tried the whip first, assuring himself that he could use it, he had seen Indiana Jones plenty of times and figured he just had to copy what Harrison Ford did. Surely it couldn't be that hard. It was and he swore a few times when the whip hit his arm.

"Ow. Ow. Fucking bastard thing." he grumbled as he made sure there was nothing weird happening to his arm where it been hit. It stung quite a bit but there was nothing serious, just a bruise forming. Rat dropped the whip onto a nearby bench with a scowl. "Yeah? Well fuck you too. I'll hand you over to someone who'll take you to pieces." He grumbled and then turned to the baton.

Out of all the weapons he had stolen this one seemed like the better idea. It was light, easier to handle, portable and probably simpler to use. It was a club, therefore you clubbed people with it. Which could work well with his powers. Sneak up behind someone, smack them over the head and no one would see. They might think the person had just collapsed. He gripped it tightly and swung it a few times. It felt fine.

There were a few dummies around the gym, Rat headed over to one, imagining it was one of those guards, or maybe one of those tossers who had helped put the whole mutant slavery thing into action, someone who deserved having their head caved in anyway. As soon as he was close enough, he raised the baton and hit the dummy as hard as he could across the head. It made a satisfying noise as the baton collided with the padded thing.

"Hey that felt good." Rat said to himself. It had felt great. He hit the dummy again, and again. It looked like he had found his weapon.
Jan 7 2018, 05:21 PM
Dominik Ratcz had never been a good person to go to for advice. Over the years he had given his oldest son many questionable pieces of advice including; don't do your best, just do enough to get by. if you get into a fight, go for the throat or try to rip an ear off. If you can glue something back together, no one will notice it was broken in the first place. Sleep isn't necessary as long as you can have coffee. If the government doesn't want you to have it, its probably good. There were various other little bits and pieces but the only one that actually seemed to be useful to Rat was; when in doubt, watch Wayne's World.

Wayne's World was one of those films that Rat had enjoyed since he was little. Even before he understood most of what was happening he had been a fan and he sometimes found that it helped when making decisions. Mainly because it took his mind off the problem and made him laugh. And it did give him some advice like how if you blow chunks and she comes back, she's your but if she runs, it was not meant to be and never to trust well dressed men named Benjamin and that you might not be able to kill Keith Richards with conventional weapons. It was all good to know. Maybe.

As he hadn't brought much with him when he left home, he was thankful to find it on Netflix. How he loved Netflix. Mankind's greatest creation. Never mind the wheel or electricity or medicine. Netflix was the one thing that made the human race worthwhile. If you wanted to watch Netflix at two in the morning, it was there for you. It never judged your film or tv choices or criticised you for watching the same thing over and over.

That night, something was keeping him awake and it wasn't the various.. noises he could hear coming from the other rooms. No, what was bothering him was that he was concerned about his general lack of useable skill when it came to missions. The others guys had things like super strength or could crawl along ceilings like Xenomorphs or could control fire and stuff. Whereas he? He could make himself unnoticeable. Granted that wasn't bad but it was... all he could do. He didn't know anything. He couldn't fight or pick locks or hack into computers.

It made him wonder if he had made the right choice. He wanted to help other mutants, but what if he ended up doing more harm than good? So, unsure of himself, Rat had decided to try and see if Wayne and Garth might have some useful advice for him. You never know, stranger things had happened.
Dec 7 2017, 05:42 PM
Rat was not opposed to the idea of earning his keep with the Brotherhood. There was, however, a problem in that unlike some of the others he couldn't hold down a job. He was still only fifteen and also no one could see him. He supposed that he could 'earn' money by stealing but that was going to be a last resort. Stealing was wrong and even on those times he had swiped things, he had tried to leave money behind to cover what he had taken. There was one thing he could do. Cleaning. The others were often busy with their jobs, or training and cleaning could easily be forgotten about.

So Rat took on a lot of the cleaning jobs. He didn't mind. Not really. Granted it wasn't the glamorous job he had hoped for when he joined but it was something. He was sort of helping. And maybe some day he would get the training he needed to go out on the frontline and help save mutant lives. He could go be a superhero or superspy then. Until then, he was just Rat the weird sort of invisible kid who cleaned the base.

The kitchen was in need of some love that day and he started at about, when he was sure no one was going to wander in looking for breakfast. There was a sign on the door saying that he was there and was cleaning in case someone came in and wondered what was happening. But so far, no one had. Not that Rat minded, he could work and listen to some music without having to keep out of someone's way.

An hour later and he had cleaned all the counter tops and had started on the washing up. That could easily pile up and it had. Once that was done he was considering organising the cupboards make them all nice and neat, mopping the floor and maybe cleaning the fridge. He was leaving that until last since he was not sure about the policy surrounding throwing out any food that was out of date. Some people could be rather strange about things like that.

That day he was in a Bob Dylan mood and was happily listening to the wise mans work while he whistled and occasionally sang along.

I aint gonna work on Maggie's farm no more
No, I aint gonna work on Maggie's farm no more
Well, I wake up every morning
Fold my hands and pray for rain
I've got a head full of ideas
That are driving me insane
Its a shame the way she makes me scrub the floor
I aint gonna work on Maggie's farm no more....

Nov 2 2017, 02:32 PM
With no one really having a use for him yet, Rat was still exploring the Brotherhood base. It was a good idea for him to familiarise himself with the place in case of an emergency or something. And he was a bit nosy at times. He couldn't help it though, this place was fascinating. There were loads of rooms, some in use, some not and quite a few places he could use to hide away if things went to shit.

Today was all about exploring the upper levels. And exploring them he was. The upper levels was where everyone lived, but there were some spaces that were probably unoccupied or had something other than crazy people in them. Or so he hoped. He wasn't expecting to find much, the lower levels were probably where all the interesting stuff like death rays or top secret battle monkeys were kept. The search was not proving very interesting, mainly living spaces or empty, dusty rooms. It looked like his explorations were going to find nothing interesting.

That was until he stumbled upon what looked a like a jungle in one of the rooms. Now that was unexpected. The room was full of plants which looked edible and not the kind of specialist plants people grew in secret. Did these guys have a secret garden where they grew their own food or something? Did they also have a room with cows in it for butchering or something? Or maybe chickens so they could also have fresh eggs? Hell, the room even had fish tanks. And those were not goldfish in them. They were much bigger and that was all Rat knew. Fish were not something that interested him. Not often anyway. They were nice to watch when they were swimming around in the tank and they were also food, which was all he knew about them.

He drifted further into the room, leaving the door open as he did so. After a minute of gazing around like an idiot he began noticing signs of someone living there. There was a bed, a seating area and even a small kitchenette. Maybe who ever lived here didn't like being around others. The kitchenette would mean that they wouldn't have to venture into the actual kitchen very often. Which he thought was a great idea. No chance of large, invisible rats stealing your food.

Realising he had wandered into someone's room and remembering that he had been warned to be careful around some of the people there, he turned to leave. Who ever lived here probably didn't like people, so he was lucky that they were unlikely to notice him being in the room. He was retreating from the room when he caught the edge of the coffee table and knocked something over.

He stopped and waited to see if the noise had drawn any attention.

Oct 18 2017, 03:15 PM
Leaving home to join a group of mutant freedom fighters had been a lot harder than Rat thought it would. He had been impatient to go so he could help them sooner. There were mutants out there who needed help and he was going to do the best he could to aid mutant kind. But once the time came to leave he found himself almost not wanting to do it. It wasn’t like he was leaving something amazing behind, he barely got on with his parents, and it wasn’t like they could see or hear him anymore. It was Layla and Scraggy that almost stopped him. They couldn’t see or hear him either, but knowing that they would be left to the care of just their parents scared him. Those two couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone look after two kids, one of which was Autistic and the other was probably on the spectrum somewhere. Or maybe Scraggy was just a weird kid. It was possible.

But he had done it. He had left. Knowing that even attempting to try and get his parents attention wouldn’t work he had left them a note on the fridge promising to contact them when he got to America. He had also left individual notes for Layla and Scraggy, explaining where he had gone and why. They had not been easy to write. He loved them, they were his little brother and sister and he was going to miss them a lot.

Now he was at the Brotherhood’s super top secret base, unpacking his stuff and essentially marking his room as his. Some of the posters from his old room were there, just waiting to be put up. His family photo's were already up, he didn't care if the other members were too cool to have family photo's. He had them and they were going on his wall. There was also a photo of him and Ruby. He really missed that weird kid. The door was marked with his codename; Rat. He had chosen to stick with using the name her preferred as his codename. And it suited him. He could sneak around anywhere, just a like a little rat.

His powers had been explained to a point. People didn't notice he was there. Although he could change that by focusing on them seeing him. That was supposed to help. It would stop people not seeing him or forgetting he was in the room. There were other things to work out about his powers. The main thing of course was some way to be seen. While some would enjoy it, and to a point Rat did, he couldn't live like that.

He had left his door ajar while he worked, a sign that he was in there. Just in case anyone wanted to pop in remind his this wasn't a game or something. He had already had that lecture but it would probably be repeated many times as he was the youngest person there. Adults always assumed kids didn't take things seriously and who was he to destroy that opinion?
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