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Aug 23 2017, 12:52 PM
Howdy-hey, y'all. I was playing with an idea I thought I'd share with you! It is derived from this experience I had last year in New York. My homie works at the Museum of Natural History and took us on an after hours tour after the museum closed down. There are eight floors to the museum, the bottom four being open to the public and the top four designated for offices, classrooms, labs, storage and more (Neil DeGrasse Tyson's office is here! Hnnnngg Nerdgasm.) We were able to explore these floors (and the roof), and the hallways throughout were filled with file cabinets as far as you can see filled with samples of every kind tiny critter (flatworm, butterfly, centipede, fly, whatever) You name it, they were storing it. Not to mention the crazy catacombs of pottery and artifacts that didn't make the main displays of the floors below and were catalogued there as well. It was immense and old and super interesting, and it seemed like there was far more in there that had accumulated over the years than anyone could possibly have a complete knowledge of.

So this got me thinking...

It'd be a blast to explore the possibilities of the museum for both the X-men (through a class field trip to the museum that goes wrong) to the brotherhood (possibly seeking some valuable/powerful item stored at the museum), with the added element of danger of the residents of the museum coming to life. Yes, giant dino skeletons, wooly mammoths, sabre tooth tigers and shizz live and comin' at ya. I was playing with the idea of Selene Gallio being the architect of their animation due to her power set and the fact that her ancient ass could be looking for something old and dusty at the museum.

This idea is still in its infancy but I'd love to hear some feedback or ideas you might have! I think it'd be a fun way to get everyone together and kickin butts.

Jul 18 2017, 12:25 AM


Celebrity Claim- Alicia Vikander

Full Name- Charlotte Aviela Page
Nicknames/Aliases- Notion, Charlie, Chuck, Chuckles
Age- 25
Date of Birth- 9th of September
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- New to town and open to opportunity, but mostly subsisting off coercion and extortion for the time being.

Charlie’s personality is the product of her work for most of her adult life. Having been both in the Israeli Defense Force and Mossad (Israeli Intelligence), she has developed vision of the big picture and the long game, and is constantly playing it to suit her hand. She is a very calculated and deliberate person you can depend on, and her word carries its weight. That being said, she has been burned by others who she assumed to be part of her own team enough times to have developed a healthy weariness. Being in the game of wooing others into doing what she wants, she isn’t one to be easily persuaded by flattery or adulation. Charlie isn’t afraid to hurt someone (physically, psychologically, monetarily, etc.) if it suits her needs. It’s not that she lacks remorse for their suffering, it’s that in some way or another she rationalizes that they deserved it or aren’t too much worse off for it. For years she fought wars for people not looking out for her interest, or risked her life for people who treated her as a disposable pawn. Now that she was free as a civilian, Charlie is free to live her life by her own rules and profit from her own work.

The woman isn’t all business, and even during her service often brandished her wicked sense of humor and piercing wit. The nature of her abilities make her a bit of a head turner and draw people toward her like a moth to flame, so she has grown to become very extroverted. Charlie is the type of person you can drop into a room full of strangers and still feel at home. Her social confidence, flexibility, and fluidity are things that made her successful as an intelligence operative and serve her just as well now. She doesn’t have much of a cruel streak (if it doesn’t serve a specific purpose, that is) but isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. As a child she often lacked money for things people in other places around the world would call basic, so it doesn’t break her heart in the least to extort money from the ostentatiously wealthy.

Now that she is no longer working for her country or government, she is free to pursue her own agenda. Her fresh start in the states gives her the freedom of putting whatever came before behind her and crafting a new persona. She is excited to taste everything that life in this new country and big city have to offer to her. There is so much excess, especially in the lives of New York’s wealthy socialites. The idea of sinking her teeth into the scene and their coffers gives Charlie almost child-like giddiness. If she can logically justify a deed, no matter how irresponsible or terrible it might seem from another perspective, she won’t lose sleep over it. Misdeeds for the greater good or betterment of the cause were understandable, but senseless or causeless ones left a bad taste in her mouth. Charlie is just sure enough of herself that this line of thinking could get her into trouble should she come across someone who could blur the distinction.

  • Krav Maga/Climbing/Exercise
  • Anything with an engine (particularly two wheeled)
  • Shopping with other people’s money
  • Shakshouka
  • Dancing (all varieties but particularly with a partner)
  • Laziness and Entitlement
  • Mayonnaise
  • People who think they’re more clever than her
  • Country music
  • Untidiness/poor hygiene
  • Methodical, calculated, and organized
  • Quick thinking and an adaptive problem solver
  • Works well collaboratively as a leader or support
  • Can be prideful at times
  • Trained/inclined to obey upper command, even though she may not fully agree
  • A little wrapped up in newfound civvie freedom

Power Name- Pheromonal Coercion
Description- Charlie has the ability to influence the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of others through release of chemical pheromones from her skin and mucous membranes. She can control the release of them from a mild (barely perceptible) to more intense concentration. At the lightest of effects, Charlie’s pheromones make the target more susceptible to suggestion, more likely to trust her, more interested in what she is doing or what she has to say. But at its stronger concentrations, Charlie can persuade someone to divulge their deepest secrets, betray their most sacred values, forfeit their most valued possessions, or submit to any of the fancies of her will. She can convince someone of facts that in their clear mind they know aren’t true but would swear are correct while under her spell. She induces a trance like but lucid state in a target, where they are not themselves but not a stumbling mess either. The execution of Charlie’s focused powers of coercion is mostly completed through verbal instruction once the target is properly intoxicated with her pheromones. The longer someone is exposed to the pheromones, the stronger of a hold she has on them. She doesn’t need to say anything to get people to gravitate toward her and open up to her, but in order for her to follow a command it must be spoken.

Though she has the ability to tone them down and lessen the concentrations she is outputting, Charlie cannot completely nullify the effect that her pheromones have on people around her. The effects of her pheromones, when inhaled at a distance, usually begin to show at a range of 5-10 meters. The inhalation of these pheromones naso-orally has a less intense effect than being exposed to them directly through Charlie's skin. Where one’s will might be a bit more pliable for Charlie at a few meters distance, she can have them wrapped around her finger with a simple touch of the hand or shoulder. Contact with Charlie’s bodily fluids, such as sweat and saliva, produces a nearly foolproof intoxicating effect. This is the most concentrated state that her pheromones exist in her form, and even for a strong willed individual is difficult to resist.

In general, one would need to be exposed to low concentrations of Charlie's pheromones for a sustained amount of time (around 20-30 minutes) to produce intoxication. For high concentrations of pheromones at a distance, one can be intoxicated in 2-5 minutes. For high concentrations and direct skin contact, the effect is often instantaneous but may take 30 seconds to take effect depending on the target. The effects of her abilities last as long as they are still being dosed with the pheromones. There is the possibility to build up a tolerance to the pheromones in low doses over a relatively short period of time, but developing a tolerance to very high doses could take months or years to adjust to. When breathed in, the pheromones have a very faint, fragrant scent that is perceived differently from person to person (some smell something like lavender, some smell something like vanilla, but it's always hard for them to put their finger on it).

Limits- The greatest limitations of Charlie’s abilities come with the distance or lack of contact between her and her target. Her ability is first noticed at a range of about ten meters, which usually is enough to draw them toward her. Past that distance she is nothing more than a pretty face. The variables that affect the limitations of her coercive abilities include the mental state, will power, training, biology, and abilities of the target. Someone with a great deal of mental fortitude or training/methods to resist the pull of her pheromones and touch may be able to fight off her powers of suggestion and persuasion. Charlie's pheromones are tuned to human/mutant biology, so her powers would not have affect on a shifter who achieves an animal or non-human form. People with healing factors/advanced metabolisms process and break down her chemical compounds faster than others, giving it a weakened effect that can be compromised further through these individuals becoming accustomed to and immune to the compounds.

When exposure to the pheromones has ceased, it takes about five minutes for a target to come out of their daze and back to their senses. If a person has prolonged, sustained contact with Charlie (at low dose exposure) they can build up a tolerance to the low dose of pheromones in about a week.

In terms of execution of her abilities, Charlie’s use of spoken directives limits her ability to convey a message to her target (given a crowded room, loud background noise, etc.) Depending on the situation, the fact that anyone within a given distance is subject to exposure means that whether she wants it or not, the population around her is intoxicated and susceptible to her suggestions. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to build relationships.

Any control exerted over a character will be discussed with said character’s player before it is played out. This ability is meant to be played collaboratively, and that's half the fun!

Skills & Abilities- During her time in the IDF and Mossad, Charlie has gained proficiency in the use of handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, ranged/sniper rifles, edged weapons, and hand to hand combat/Martial Arts (Krav Maga and BJJ). She is also very proficient on a motorcycle (it’s her preferred mode of transportation) and driving both civilian and military vehicles.

Charlie is fluent in English, Hebrew, Arabic, and French, and has conversational proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian. She worked as an interpreter when she first joined Israeli Intelligence, due to her proclivity for languages.

Height- 5’5”
Weight- 125 lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- Charlie is a woman of average height who seems a bit taller than she actually is due to the way she carries herself. Her posture is strong and proud, her figure muscled but petite from years of training and pushing her physical limits. She has learned to match an opponents size and strength with her own speed and agility, so a lithe but dense form is the result. Charlie has olive skill, chocolate brown eyes and brown hair flecked with seasonal highlights from summer sun. Full lips and expressive brows have been trained to give away only what she wants to be seen, though they’re often in the formation of a cheeky grin. Charlie carries herself confidently but methodically, with every movement and accent serving its purpose.

In terms of dress, Charlie is done with the days of combat gear and office-chic and is now exploring more exciting options. She loves to wear dresses (especially since it’s easy to concealed carry an arm on your thigh with those flowy waistlines) and somewhat bazaar, eclectic pieces. But when it comes down to business time, you can’t beat an all black, form fitting tactical suit. She’s a sucker for utility pockets and all the fun doo-dads that go inside them. The brown eyed woman is also a big fan of giant sunglasses and large hats, mostly due to the fact that they cover half her face which makes it hard to see what she’s up to.

Strip her down and Charlie’s past seven years of active duty show like a map on her body. The bullet would that went through and through just above her collar bone left a thick pair of scars that she often keeps covered with a scarf or other adornment. It isn’t because she’s insecure about the mark, but there are only so many times you can hear the line, “A girl as pretty as you shouldn’t be messing around with stuff like that,” before you choose to do something about it. She has a smattering of scars dotting the rest of her form from burns, grazes, and nicks, but as the time passes they are slowly fading along with the lifestyle she led to earn them in the first place.

Gear- Charlie seldom leaves home without her Jericho 941 semi-auto handgun, two magazines of extra ammo, and a small blade concealed around her ankle. She also invested in a KTM Duke 690 motorcycle when she arrived to NYC as well as a matte black full-face helmet and a black armored motorcycle jacket. She always wears a small simple golden necklace charm stamped with the Hebrew character for the first letter of her mother’s name.

Additional Information- Charlie left Israel for the states to have a fresh start and the possibility of meeting up with the only living family she knows of (her father). She is letting loose and reveling in her civilian lack of duties/rules. She has been extorting an Air BnB host into giving her a place to live for free and nipping cash from various sources daily in order to satiate her needs until she finds something more long term.

Hometown- Tel Aviv, Israel
Immediate Family- Sapir Gabay (mother, deceased); David Page (Father)
Others- N/A

History- Charlotte Aviela Page was the product of an unsustainable relationship. Her father, David, was a young CIA agent parading as US military, stationed in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War. Her mother, Sapir, was a local Tel Avivi who had fallen head over heels for the handsome American “soldier”. They enjoyed three blissful years together after the brief war ended, and though he told his love and their newborn daughter that he had retired to private consulting and civilian contracting, in actually David had never left the CIA. He was never supposed to have met Sapir while on assignment in Israel, and it was definitely ill advised to have started relations and eventually a family with her. But, love has its ways of making logical people do stupid things. When it came down to his career or his family, David chose the former and left the day after Charlie’s third birthday without alarm or explanation. Charlie wasn’t told much about her father, but she could hear from the tone in her mother’s voice on the rare occasions that the topic came up, he’d done a great deal of damage on his way out.

Growing up as the child of a single mother in the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv was an adventure in itself. During her mother’s double shifts to provide enough for the duo, Charlie was left to her own devices after the school hours passed. She didn’t waste this time with unsavory shenanigans, and was by most accounts a good kid. She took her school work seriously, worked hard, and spent her free time generally staying out of trouble. She excelled in learning languages and by secondary school was fluent in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. As a young girl and well into her teens she loved dance, especially the physicality and energy of the movement. Charlie was too young to remember her father before he left, but she felt she had a good life with her mother and the home they built together in Israel and didn’t want for much.

A few weeks after her sixteenth birthday, the course of Charlie’s life took an unexpected turn. Her mother’s health had been declining, and by the time she had finally gotten around to taking the time off work to go to the doctor, the cancer had spread to various parts of her body. It wasn’t a matter of fighting it to win, it was a matter of fighting it to buy time. It took Sapir weeks to muster up the courage to tell her only daughter the news, and when she did the effect it had on Charlie was more than unexpected. The emotional stress of the news that she was burdened with was the catalyst for the activation of her mutation, and the beginning of the production of her potent chemical anomaly.

She didn’t notice it at first until she returned to school the following week. The sorrow that she was feeling seeped from her pores and affected the emotions of the people around her. Her mood was volatile and eruptive, and suddenly so were the people she came in contact with. It wasn’t until one person confronted her gruffly and was brushed off with the suggestion to “Go fuck” himself. He immediately worked at his belt, tossing it aside and making quick work of the buttons of his trousers. Horrified, Charlie pleaded for him to stop just before he could tug off his boxers. At the first utterance of the command he froze in place and, all doe-eyed and dopey, waiting eagerly for his next instruction. This was the moment of realization of the power that would change the course of her years to come. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the gift that could save her mother.

Just a few months before she left for her mandatory two year service in the Israeli Defense Force, Charlie’s mother lost her battle with cancer. She was left with no family to call her own and no one to rely on, so her fellow soldiers became her family. Two of them in particular stole resonated with her heart in a way that only family can. They were the three musketeers, Charlie and her two best friends from her squad Aviv and Tomer. Between preparedness, luck, and Charlie’s abilities they barely made it through their service, and all three pursued intelligence work after leaving the IDF. Charlie was a shoe-in for an interpreter position due to her command of languages, and quickly became at home at the Israeli Intelligence agency called Mossad. As her command over her abilities and her realization of their scope and fine-tuning came to fruition, her utilization at Mossad began to change. Charlie soon made herself invaluable as a negotiator and interrogator at the agency, but she was itching for more than closed room banter and simple manipulations. She wanted a taste of the action.

The espionage, the mystique of a cover intelligence agent. It was within her reach and too enticing to say no. A problem she hadn’t stopped to consider was how a change in her utilization at Mossad meant a change in status. In her past role as a negotiator and interrogator she was at the top of her class. As a field agent, she was more disposable than she knew. After a handful of successful missions, Charlie learned the hard way that she was a pawn in this game, not a Queen. She was sent in blind as bait in an operation that went sour. An operation that cost the lives of her two dearest friends and the only people that really mattered to her. Charlie was the only one out of a team of twelve to walk out alive, thanks entirely to her methods of persuasion. After five years of dedicating her life to her country, she was done. Israel didn’t give a damn if she was alive or dead, she was just an expendable pretty face to top brass.

Now, the young twenty something mutant sets her eyes to the states, to the last place she heard mention of her father: New York City. She wasn’t entirely sure if he was still alive, or if she even wanted to find him, but as far as she knew it the world was her oyster and it was a hell of a place to start. The government salary shekels she’d been saving up would only get her so far, but she knew quite a few people in NYC had some change to spare. Mutant-human climate aside, this city was as good a place for a fresh start as she could ask for. Charlie had given so much to so many for most of her adult life, and not hardly enough was given back. Now it’s time for her to do some of the taking.

Player Name- Bashi
Age 26
How Can We Contact- PM Please ☺
Time Zone- Pacific, bruh.
How did you find us? Marvel RPG Topsites
Other Characters- N/A

Role Play Sample-

“What do you say, darling? Should we stop in?” Charlie inquired, the warm glow of her honey brown eyes beaming down at William.

The man was a shell of his former glory, now seemingly shrinking back ever so slowly to the frail state he was as an infant. Eighty years had taken its toll on the man’s muscle and bone, with gravity being the ever-present nag on his now feeble frame. “You should have seen me when I was your age,” he’d muse every so often, the twinkle of yesteryear’s recollection in his eyes. And each time he repeated this rote phrase Charlie would reassure him with a grin and the words that sounded oh so sweet coming from her lips: “Darling, I wouldn’t change a think. You’re as handsome as ever.” His dizzied mind kept coming back to the confusing fact that he was now arm in arm with a beautiful woman.

But where did they meet? Where were they just before this… and where was it they were going again? At the reception of Charlie’s inquiry, William’s slight 5’3” frame gazed up at her and said, “Whatever you’d like, sweetheart.” The two strode arm in arm into the E 86th St Chase Bank and made their way toward the queue. Charlie’s heels clicked across the finely polished marble floors while William shuffled beside her with the youthful spirit of a much younger man. As they awaited the availability of a teller, Charlie leaned in closely to Williams ear, her voice not above a whisper. She chose her words carefully, as they were to shape this man’s reality in the moments to come. “William, darling. I’m so happy we’ve just been married, and I can’t wait to celebrate! $10,000 cash should do the trick for tonight’s festivities. Now go tell the sweet young lady and have her split it into four envelopes.”

A flicker of surprise and joy flashed across William’s face before he obediently went off to carry out his mission. Polished dentures beamed at a forty something teller as he casually explained his newlywed status and the excitement of a honeymoon shopping spree and night on the town. The teller gave Charlie a funny look before the young mutant strode up to the counter behind William, melting the judgmental grimace from the teller’s face. Where she might have written off someone without Charlie’s gift as a gold digging floosy, the teller now inexplicably wanted to both be her and be on her. It was a funny territory that Charlie, whether she intended to or not, happens to put people in, and luckily she found amusement in it.

“Hi Alice,” Charlie’s silken smooth voice teased.

The teller blushed before saying, “Hello miss… excuse me, Mrs. Keller. Now I just need to confirm with my manager because the amount...” Charlie gently clicked her tongue and softly shook her head, offering an alternative to the sweet puddle of woman before her instead. “I think it’ll be fine as is. Better hurry up, you’ve got a line starting,” she suggested, raising an eyebrow to the one person waiting in line behind her. And just like clockwork, within the passing of a few more moments, Charlie had her cash in hand and her pretend hubby in the palm of the other. They headed to the door, the further from Alice they strode the less love drunk and more puzzled her expression became.

“So, where to my love?” William asked hopefully as the pair flowed back out into the bustling street. It was here that Charlie almost felt bad, because everything leading up to this point for the man who was just a stranger to her half an hour ago was quite enjoyable. Well, other than the getting $10,000 stolen from him, but for this old miser it was a drop in the bucket. No, this part, the abandoning part, this was the part that might sting if you’re soft for that kind of stuff. Luckily for Charlie, she was anything but soft. And the juice in this case was definitely worth the squeeze.

“William my love, this is where I leave you. I am going to walk down the street there and around that corner, and you’re going to stay here and forget you every met me,” she instructed matter of factly and sweetly, like a mother explains a simple rule of life to a child. William’s smile didn’t fade, since the pheromones coursing through his blood stream kept him from feeling anything but love and adoration. But as those words echoed through his head and the distance between he and Charlie began to grow, he couldn’t bring his feet to follow her. And as she disappeared around the corner, so did his memory of her and the wedding and the lifetime of love they had spent together. He suddenly found himself blocks from where he last remembered being, brows pressed firmly together as if their meeting would tie together the clues of what, where, and how. And with each passing step his manipulator took away from him, his sense of dread grew.

For Charlie, the exchange was nearly just as forgotten. The funds she acquired in a half hour would carry her through the month, which in her book was time well spent. She fished for a small set of keys in her jacket pocket, before slipping on her helmet and swinging a leg over the side of her motorcycle. With the turn of a key and the push of a button the engine beneath her roared to life. Charlie took in a deep breath, savoring the crisp air before surveying the city before her. A massive expanse of concrete and metal, parks and people, flowing in and out of each other. There was much to see and do in this city, and she’d barely scratched the surface. Work was over, now the time to play in a great big town has come.
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