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Jan 21 2018, 01:17 PM
Things had been weird for Billy lately, so much had happened between the time that he'd been attacked by ninjas and he'd watched Luca get smashed by Logan. So much going on in a short time that was bookended by violence, so weirdly the thing that Billy had been thinking about was Shanes question, he'd asked if the illusionist had ever considered hand to hand training, but this was the first time that Billy had really considered it.

Auri had offered a while ago to give him a private lesson but now he was actually taking the boy up on his offer. More then ever Billy needed the knowledge that the pretty assassin he was crushing on could provide. He had asked Auri yesterday afternoon if he could give Billy a private lesson... While before billy would have been happy to have Liv and John along, today he didn't want anyone to witness his total ineptness. He knew that he'd have his ass handed to him and he really didn't want an audience. The main thing was that Billy trusted Auri, this was a guy who had seen all of his memories, he'd told Auri everything that he might have been embarrassed about, so he didn't worry about being seen as weak by this boy. He liked Auri, and he distinctly knew this guy better then he knew most of his friends, so he tried to not worry about it.

"You know I don't know why you seem to think that we need to talk about my diet." his tone was more amused than anything else as he walked with Auri towards the gym. "Burgers are totally acceptable food." Bumping his shoulder against the Cajun boys shoulder. In the time since their after valentines date, he'd spent as much time as he could with the other boy which was not very out of the ordinary. He liked Auri so he'd already spent as much time as he could with the other guy, their schedules might not have always matched, but for the most part, Billy was happy to move things around when the assassin had time. Smiling sweetly up at Auri as they entered the gym, he explained what he thought was his goal, "so what I really want is just to learn how to defend myself. There are lots of times that my powers are just useless so I think I need to learn how to defend myself... You know, against ninjas and people who think that punching faces is okay, I really am tired of getting black eyes." making his way into the gym proper he turned to face Auri. "so where is a good place to start?"

Taking his phone out of his pocket and setting it down he headed for the mats, once more turning to face Auri and beckoning him closer with a crook of his fingers.

Auri Delavigne
Jan 1 2018, 03:58 AM
So it had been a pretty wild week for Billy.

He could nearly see the very moment that everything kind of went wild in his life, on valentines day he'd been attacked by ninja's and that started this whole weird week. He'd freaked out at his twin because it had been Tommy's fault he was attacked at all, sought refuge in the company of the one person that he felt could take him away from what had happened. Okay so he also ended up accidentally uploading all of his memories into Auri's brain but he'd felt adrift, and he really did not want to have another situation pop up that would risk his life without having the chance to kiss the cajun boy. Then he was pretty sure that he not only freaked out his mentor but accidentally came out to him via text message.

All of that was even before Liv had barged into his room completely a mess because the guy that Billy thought she had been dating kissed her. It had made him realize that maybe he didn't actually know the friends that he was closest to all that well, he supposed all he could really do was just hang in there. He offered to buy Shanes coffee today, it was not the best peace offering, but he understood that his mentor was worried. He was probably right to be concerned, but Billy kind of just wanted a few days to get his own thoughts and feelings together before actually talking things out with Shane.

Billy was precisely on time for their afternoon coffee meeting, walking in the door to the grindstone cafe right as the time changed. "Hey, have you been waiting long?" He asked the older man as he removed his sunglasses to expose what was left of the bruising on his face. His black eye was getting better, some of the bruises around his temple had already faded, and overall he looked less like he'd lost a fight and more like he'd just been in one. There was no denying that they probably had a lot to talk about, but for right now Billy was just interested in Slate's coffee order. "Come on let's order, don't forget this time it's on me."

One weird thing was that even though they once more found themselves in front of the very cute blonde barista, Billy didn't seem as odd this time around. "Know what you're getting?" Looking at the menu he wondered if he should get something different today, "Has your week felt like it was three years long too? Because I super could use a vacation, there is really not enough coffee in the world to handle this week." Crap he was nervous, even though they had agreed that they could talk to each other about things Billy was worried about it all.
Dec 22 2017, 03:12 AM
Dormez bien

Last night Billy had been so upset, between being hurt and being upset at Tommy over the whole ninja business, that he'd decided to text Auri. He wanted to get away from the school and away from Tommy so why not invite out the one person that he'd been wanting to spend more time with? Sure they hung out all the time, but hanging out with other people and also Auri was not really what he wanted. While he had been so upset, all it took was a few quickly typed messages and Billy had felt better. If he had to guess then Auri's last message from last night was just a little goodnight, but he'd popped it into google translate and for some reason sleep well had seemed so much more...

Billy didn't know what it was really, just something about their little middle of the night text exchange had very easily shifted Billy's grumpy and irritable mood. He'd crawled into bed last night with a dumb little smile on his face despite the fact that it hurt when he smiled too broadly. This morning he'd woken up with a stretch-turned-wince and remembered that he was utterly pissed at Tommy, so he got ready quickly avoiding looking at his own face for as long as he could before snatching a pair of sunglasses from Tommy's dresser. He was, for now, a man on a mission, breakfast was first and then a short pitstop before Billy was going to look for Auri between morning classes, "Hey," So eloquent, but whatever he just dangled a pair of keys in front of Auri, "I've volunteered you to drive me into the city for an appointment with the eye doctor, we have to take the crappy green car again but at least you won't have to hold my hand and help me get onto the subway when my eyes are all dilated." Steering Auri away from any classrooms he might have gone into, Billy just led his friend down to the garage where he gave a wave to one of the teachers parking their car. "I can drive down there and you can drive back!" He chirped before getting into the driver's seat, and once they were both secured in the car Billy easily made his way out to the road.

They'd been driving for a few minutes before Billy pulled the car off to the side of the road just outside of Salem Center, pushing the sunglasses that he had been wearing to the top of his head, "I uh- I might have lied about needing to see the eye doctor. I just needed an excuse for us to leave campus without getting into trouble." It always seemed that there was a bit of leniency with the kids over when they skipped class and stuff like that, but right now Billy was firmly in the ask for forgiveness later instead of permission now sort of mood. With his glasses perched on the top of his head, it was easy to see the black eye he was sporting along with the light bruising on his temple that spread down to his cheekbone from when he'd been hit last night in the temple. Glancing from Auri's face into the rearview mirror he realized just how bad that he looked, so he put his sunglasses back down over his eyes, "So we have the entire rest of the day, was there anything that you really wanted to do? I don't really care what it is, I just wanted to spend time with you."

Billy realized a moment too late that there was nothing he could say to make his last comment less.... less anything. He was honest because he'd wanted to spend time with the other teen but he didn't know if it was okay for him to openly admit that he wanted to spend time with the time-displaced teen.

Auri Delavigne
Dec 19 2017, 02:58 AM
Standing outside of the subway station closest to his house Billy wondered what his friends were doing for Valentine's day. While everyone else was off doing who knows what, Billy had been asked to head home for the evening so that he could watch his younger brothers since they were still a little too young to stay home alone. Glancing down at his phone he debated texting Auri to see what the other teen was doing. too bad it was a school night or Billy might have suggested a movie... there were lots of movies that he was eager to show the time-displaced teen and he thought a movie night would have been nice.

Movement to his left drew his attention, he didn't get good cell service underground at this station so he figured he'd stay upstairs until he heard the train pulling in. Glancing at his phone Billy decided to text Tommy, maybe if his speedster twin could come grab him, then he could be home in a reasonable amount of time instead of taking the train up and then needing to call for a ride from the station to the school.

Hey Tommy are you busy?

More then anything else Billy was just ready to go home and ignore the fact that the highlight of his Valentines day was beating his younger brothers in Mario Cart. Sliding his foot across the sidewalk he tried to not be bitter over fact that Tommy still hadn't answered his text. There was no reason for it but he just kept feeling anxious, like there was something happening that he couldn't quite see.

Can you come get me? I'm feeling really anxious and could really use a lift.

Billy knew that Tommy would know where he was, there was only one subway station close to his parent's house so he had no doubt that Tommy could find him. There was the soft scrape of shoes on the sidewalk that had Billy twisting around. "holy chips" for a single second Billy was pretty sure that he was seeing things... Because he was pretty sure that there was a real-life flesh and blood ninja before him. He was going to freak out, unprepared and unarmed he was unable to do anything but dodge the first strike. "what the hell is wrong with you? What did I do to you?"

They didn't answer, the masked men that had come after him were eerily quiet just stalking forward as Billy backed up as quickly as he could. Panic easily settled in, this was like the stupid squid all over again, he was already in way over his head before he'd even gotten the chance to do or say anything. At least this time he was able to use his powers, the sudden crack of lightning that landed between him and the leader of the Ninjas was enough to have them slowing but before he could turn around and properly run away a swift strike caught him right in the temple.

It was so terribly dramatic but Billy was kind of worried about if he'd die here, the flash of a blade wielded by a man wearing a ninja getup in the middle of the city had Billy terrified. Why couldn't he just get mugged like a normal person? Was he just going to die a few blocks away from his parent's house... On Valentine's day of all freaking days?! All he could seem to hear was his own pulse thundering in his ears, he was alone and scared, suddenly wishing he'd suggested that his parents take the twins to their grandma's house so that Billy could have stayed at the mansion. The sound of another person dropping onto the sidewalk where they were was enough to have the first ninja charge and while it was hokey Billy just illusioned up a brick wall at the very last moment that the ninja ran into full force before Billy took off running as fast as he could.

His choices at the moment were fight or flight and Billy was going to choose flight every time. The only problem that he could see was that once he was out of range that handy brick wall he'd thrown up disappeared. Not that it mattered much to him since he decided he was going to just-

Billy suddenly found himself on his back on the sidewalk as he blinked up at the dark sky overhead. He'd been hit with something straight in the chest hard enough to not only stop him in his tracks but to lay him out on the concrete, for a moment all he could do was lay there gasping, trying to will the pain away by sheer determination so that he could try and get up.

Dec 3 2017, 05:03 AM
Slate Feb 5th, 7:59am
[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Idk. I guess that's okay?</p>[/doHTML]

Slate Feb 5th, 8:00am
[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">I guess I didn't realize that they were assigning mentors so soon, I just signed up... But sure 11 works okay.</p>[/doHTML]


Slate Feb 5th, 10:51am
[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">I can buy my own coffee thanks.</p>[/doHTML]
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