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Dec 26 2017, 02:24 PM
Beast was not an overly religious man.

Oh he knew there were plenty of things beyond his understanding, but he viewed even the 'magic' that Forge could utilize when he was an adult as more a form of science he had yet to understand. By the same token he tended to view the hellfires that Trevor could channel and empower things with as more an alternative energy source from a different dimension.

So the fact he was praying he was wrong was an odd sensation.

The sample the now deaged John Radigan had collected from the club had been a clue. Examining the drug that Backup had inadvertently consumed had lead McCoy to examine the drugs found in Roberto's room. And some of the structure of the chemical composition was frighteningly clear.

Slowly making his way into his office, Beast shut and locked the door as it was required before he could access the next part. Sliding his bookcase over on cleverly concealed tracks, he tapped in a code and put his hand to a touchpad to keep the substance contained in the hidden vault from being destroyed. As that security fell away, he spoke out "Hank McCoy. Beast," into a vocal recognition system. That disengaged the vibrational field set up to ward off attempts to phase into the vault. Spinning the mechanical tumbler, he then used a key to unlock the small vault and open it up.

It wasn't a large amount of space inside, less than a person could fit in. Which was in part to dissuade teleporters from trying, with the psychic inhibitors around the room being designed to render telekinetic and telepathic powers useless to get in that vault.

As that security rolled back, there was one final level. The last door of the narrow vault was steel surrounding a non radioactive depleted uranium core. There were no hinges. No slats or wheels. Simply a 5 ton door wedged in place. Which was a ore than secure feature by itself. It also set on pressure alarms set to alert security, with wiring set in the walls, floors, and ceiling of the mansion and on battery backups in case of loss of power. Tapping out a message that he was accessing the vault in case security got jumpy, he then pulled the door out.

Setting it aside with a grunt, he then looked in the small vault. There were various chemical and biological weapons sealed away, samples in case anyone replicated them and if McCoy needed to come up with a means of combating them. Anthrax. Smallpox. Ebola. A sample of an old Doughboy from the Second World War. Small fragments of cloned Marauders. Yet none of these were what Beast was interested in.

Tapping some keys on the side of the vault, a robotic arm got a blue vial of fluid and brought it over. Staring at it in sorry, Beast took it with a shaking paw and set it on his desk, resetting his security precautions.

Then he did a scan of the lab to ensure nothing else had escaped, and unlocked the airtight seals on his office. He felt the air rush in as it had set for negative pressure in the office, as a slight precaution in case a seal broke. Taking the vial to his work station, he let the scanners verify what he already knew.

Looking at the screen and then down at his paws, McCoy said in a tone that normally should convey profanity and rage "Oh my stars and garters." Hitting commands for recording his research, McCoy said "The mystery drug used on Backup and ingested by Sunspot has a familiar pattern. I am sorry to say, it appears as if someone has replicated and modified the formula I used to try to unlock genetic potential, resulting in my current blue and furry state." Staring at the pattern, McCoy softly said "This drug is a perversion of my research. Taking an idea of mine and twisting it into something profane and vile. Yet by the same token, it is my fault that it has been capable of being made."

Letting that thought sink in, Beast then sent that message to Jean Grey and Wolverine. He then looked down and considered how many lives his work might have destroyed by this tertiary use of his research. While logically he knew it was not his fault, in his heart he couldn't help but think that perhaps if he had done more or thought ahead, perhaps this plague would not be unleashed upon the world.
Dec 20 2017, 09:49 PM
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Oct 14 2017, 02:46 PM
Clutching the ceiling with his feet, there was a smile on McCoy's upside down self as he installed a holographic projector in the roof of the observatory. Padding around on specially installed bars that blended into the ceiling, he then moved aside and made sure the power was installed correctly.

Letting go and somersaulting around to land on his feet, his muscled legs took the impact with a grace and agility far beyond human. He managed to land as quietly as a cat despite his over 400 lbs of weight. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with the school logo on it with a pair of black sweatpants, both obviously sized up for his large frame. Grinning as he looked up he mused out loud "Excellent. Live feeds from various satellites and observatories from the world over, as well as a library of various images and our own telescope."

Tapping in a few commands, he then summoned images of various types of astronomical phenomena. The images were rendered in three dimensional detail, capable of being focused on and enhanced, moved around and examined.

Frankly it was amazing on an aesthetic level.

Some of it was McCoy had decided to focus on working on studying astrophysics, and as such needed to study astronomy for some fundamentals. And in so doing, had found that the school could have a better system in the observatory. Thus McCoy had spent a few days talking with various space agencies and observatories, as well as talking with SETI to get some information piped to the school.

All in all, he was happy with the set up. He just hoped that various students would be as well.

Sep 23 2017, 03:19 PM
Given the sheer volume of issues that McCoy had been dealing with lately, running the genetic samples that Ion had provided of herself and her siblings.

It had been a nice gesture, but McCoy already had samples on file from yearly checkups. But since those samples were new, he decided to add them to the database as one never knew what would turn up.

So he fiddled around in his office as the computers did their thing, casually completeing a few of the Rubix cubes he had students scramble in class for extra credit. It took a few minutes, and as Beast was only half heartedly working on the cubes he only got through seven of them.

Yet as the computer sent a message that it was done, Beast then pulled up the results on his computer. Frowning at the comparison, Beast looked at each individual Myles to make sure that he had the right information down.

For the data in front of him showed Olivia, Stan, and Neena as full siblings.

But Meriel had no genetic similarities on either the paternal or maternal sides of her genetics.

Given that old genetic samples were also being used and said the same thing, there was zero chance of this being some odd genetic creation slipped into the school by Sinister. So the fundamental fact was clear.

Either Merry was not related genetically to her parents, or all three of her siblings were not.

McCoy suspected the former was more likely.

But in any case, he needed to make a quick call to make sure. For he wanted answers and information, and as such dialed a number to the horse rescue ranch that Arlene Myles ran. His deep voice said as the phone was answered "Mrs. Myles. This is Doctor McCoy from the Xavier School. I beleive we have something we need to discuss as what I suspect is your actual eldest daughter as opposed to assumed eldest has questions. And brought me genetic samples of all your children."
Sep 2 2017, 10:30 PM
Beast had taken the effort to sum up some of his discoveries regarding the being Logan had dragged in named Kaine in a simple summary, but frankly there was enough questions and information that this could be a rather extensive briefing. Furthermore, it also involved the genetics of his mentee, the Scarlet Spider. Due to that nature, he had asked Ben to attend this discussion as some of it had a chance to pertain to Benjamin's own genetic code.

McCoy freely admitted the regeneration suit that Kaine possessed was remarkable. But there were possible ways to improve on it, as well as ways to attempt to examine the chemical mixture that slowed the cellular degeneration. Coming up with possible treatments for that degeneration was obviously on the plate, and McCoy suspected he might be able to eventually devise some form of treatment.

The problem was between the cloning process and the grafting of superhuman powers, there was no way to really have a control group to work an experiment on. And for some reason, Hank suspected grafting spider powers onto cloned lab rats would result in lectures from Jean about ethics.

Work out the hypotheticals about combining one cow and one octopus as a mental exercise and suddenly nobody would ever let you live it down.

As the door opened and let his guests in, Hank then smiled and said "Gentlemen. Thank you for your punctuality. We have much to discuss and possibilities to contemplate."

With that, he then started to pull up holographic displays of genetic codes, the regeneration suit, and the chemical compound that Kaine had to use to keep his degeneration at bay.
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