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Aug 3 2018, 05:51 AM
Julian had not made an effort to make anything of his birthday. Seventeen was a boring, meaningless age. At sixteen you were allowed to get your driver's license, at eighteen you were allowed to vote among other things, but seventeen sort of sat between the two like the awkward middle child no one really cared about. If Laura decided she wanted to do something he'd be up for it, but he wasn't sure if X-23 knew how to birthday, or if she felt he even deserved any kind of special treatment even if she did, considering he'd up and left for a whole month instead of just the few days he'd told her he'd be gone. He didn't regret doing it, considering how helpful it had been to train with Exodus, but he also got why people wouldn't be too happy with him. Aside from Laura though, Julian didn't really care all that much what people thought.

The birthday card that was slid under his door escaped Julian's notice at first. He'd been texting with his mom, who wanted to make sure his birthday was going well, telling him how she wished he could have come home to celebrate. It was a far cry from how she'd responded when he told her that there'd been a gas leak at the school and he'd lost most of his possessions, his car included, but then Elizabeth Keller was never one to stay mad for long. Having raised Julian for the first sixteen years of his life, she'd probably just learned to cope with the frustration that came with being around him. Besides, the only losses had been material ones, and much like her son, the wealth Elizabeth Keller was accustomed to meant that any problem that could be fixed by throwing money at it wasn't a problem at all.

When he finally did notice the card, Julian slipped off his bed and walked over to pick it up, already having a good idea who would have bothered with a gesture like this. He did wonder briefly why she hadn't just given it to him herself, but didn't linger on that thought for long. He'd avoided her since he had come back, not sure how to talk to her after finding out what had happened to Neena, so he reckoned she was mad at him. If not for that, then probably for the fact that he'd been gone for a month prior to that, especially if she knew where he'd been. Her reaction to Mack, the way those two had fought back in the Savage Land, had made it pretty clear Liv had no tolerance for that.

Opening the envelope and pulling out the card pretty much confirmed Julian's suspicions, his brow quirking up as he read what she'd written on the inside. "Over quaffed?" he let out in annoyance. That was uncalled for. Just because she didn't seem to care too much about that bird's nest atop her head didn't mean she had to insult people who did make an effort. The rest? He hadn't exactly expected the card to say those things, but it was right in line with what he'd assumed the reason was for her to not give him the card directly.

Of course she'd see it like that. Unlike Julian, Liv had been at the school for years and was so drunk on the Xavier's Kool Aid that she wouldn't be able to see what he did as anything but betrayal. Never mind that she knew how much he'd been struggling, that he just hadn't gotten anywhere with Jean - something even Julian would admit wasn't just because of her - and that he was desperate to do something about the state his telekinesis had been in since their stay in Sinister's Lab. To her, Exodus was probably just another member of the terrorist organisation, that he'd helped Julian and Ruby survive for days in the Savage Land didn't matter. That without the Brotherhood as a whole the lot of them would probably have died in that damn laboratory apparently didn't make a lick of difference either. They were the bad guys, and anyone associating with them in any way was a traitor. There was no other explanation he could come up with to explain that particular choice of adjective. He wondered if she'd even considered that if the X-Men hadn't so consistently failed to do anything for them, that if in the eight months he'd been there Julian had been given any reason to have even a sliver of faith in the X-Men he wouldn't have gone looking elsewhere. Probably not. Maybe outside of seeming so smart because she was good at solving math problems, Ion was just too stupid to figure anything out and he'd simply failed to notice until now. That would certainly explain why she was even still staying at the place that had left her baby sister dead and the rest of her siblings scattered.

Maybe Julian should have cared more, but he just didn't. If Liv wanted to be like this then it was her loss; Julian sure as hell wouldn't be losing a second of sleep over it. His only concern was what it would mean for him and Laura, because while Liv didn't really factor into their relationship, there was such a thing as sisters before misters, but he'd cross that particular bridge when he got to it. For now he'd just burn this one, crumpling the card Liv had left for him and tossing it into the trash. For over sixteen years Julian had been fine without her, and thinking back on the past eight months he couldn't immediately think of a moment where he wouldn't have ended up just fine without her involvement. They had a decent enough run of being friends, but Julian wasn't going to change and if Liv had issues with that, then they were just done. The only Myles who Julian was going to miss was his buddy and former roommate Stan. Liv was just going to be That Awkward Situation Waiting to Happen from now on, which made the most sensible thing to do just not being around her anymore. He was confident she'd help facilitate that.

Returning to his bed, Julian grabbed his phone and flopped back down on it, rolling onto his back and firing up WhatsApp to send a quick text to Kingtide to update her on the latest development at Drama High.

guess who just found out that I trained with Exodus and got their panties in a twist

you get to guess once

Jules was pretty sure she wasn't going to need any more than that.
Jul 22 2018, 11:02 AM
Sat by himself at a small table in the Bouchon Bakery & Cafe, Julian's attention was squarely fixed on his phone, his gaze only occasionally shifting towards the entrance to the small restaurant to see if his partner in crime for the day was there yet. Pretty much all of the other New Mutants were off on a trip to England with Braddock and a bunch of other staff members, but Julian had opted out of going. Whether he'd actually be allowed after leaving the hotel and being gone for a full month was not something he took into consideration, that way it was his choice and he could feel content in that, even if it did make the hotel even more boring. There were only a few other New Mutants who hadn't gone to England, and none of them were people Julian hung out with, so he'd just looked elsewhere.

Unlike many others from Xavier's, Julian still kept in touch with Kingtide after she'd jumped ship and joined the Brotherhood. Did he think it was the right thing to do? No, of course not. He had only limited interaction with Brotherhood members, but aside from a few exceptions like Exodus and Samara, Julian was pretty sure they all had more than a few screws in their heads that needed tightening. But he could also understand why she'd done it, with everything she had gone through, and considering that the one thing that seemed to define the adults at Xavier's more than anything being their spectacular incompetence and inability to ever keep any of them safe. The Brotherhood hardly seemed like the kind of place for someone Mack's age, but unlike some people Julian wasn't going to judge her, much less get into a slap fight with her over it. Even if this was a mistake, it was Mack's mistake to make and Julian was going to continue being her friend while she figured herself out, and be there for her when she inevitably returned.

When Mack finally arrived, Julian slipped his phone into his pocket and got up on his feet to greet her with a hug before sitting down again and gesturing for his friend to do the same. "I hope you're hungry," he told her once they'd settled in. "You should eat at least, because it's going to be a long, long day. You're going to need all of your strength." Julian did not have any specific plans, but considering they were at a mall and he had yet to replace most of the stuff he'd lost when the school was blown up, it was safe to assume that they'd be out there for a while. The mall hadn't been his first choice, not when it came to hanging out with Mack, but the idea that they could ask their teleporter friend to send them to one of the better surfing spots in the world had been dismissed quickly when Jules realised that he'd need to replace his surfboard first, and he wasn't sure if Mack still had hers either.

"I'm going to need a lot of clothes," Julian shared with Mack then as he picked up the brunch menu to look it over. "And things." Not very specific, but then Jules didn't have any specific needs, not when what he needed was basically everything. Maybe he'd even see about getting some supplies that would come in handy when Amara and he finally got everything together for their trip to Nova Roma, though Julian wasn't sure what exactly they'd need down there. It was probably better to leave that sort of thing to Amara, because when it came to her home Julian assumed she actually knew what she was doing for once. Not that his friend was stupid, she was just... a bit out of her element.

"I can pay for whatever you might want too," Julian offered his friend. The concept of money was not something that he had a solid grasp on, at least not in the way that a lot of people did. Being the son of a billionaire investor, money was just something that had always been there for him to spend, and frugality was not something he was familiar with. "You know, if you need your... whatevers." Julian gestured to Mack from across the table. Having a girlfriend one might expect him to have gained a better grasp on what girls liked, but saying Laura wasn't your typical girl was an understatement. He didn't think Mack would be into like... Disney Princess themed murder weapons or whatever, though now that he thought about it, that wouldn't surprise him all that much either.
May 1 2018, 12:41 PM
Julian Keller was not happy.

Of course that seemed to be a given, considering anger was a near constant state of mind for the young mutant, but it was different this time. More than anything, Julian was just extremely discontent with damn near everything at the moment. To put it plainly, the world sucked, and he felt like there was nothing he could do about it. The Brood had attacked not only the school that they had been evacuated from but the place they'd been taken to be safe as well, and they'd won. Sure, they'd fended off their attack, but that didn't feel like a victory. The school had been destroyed, and everything that Julian owned along with it. His clothes, his gadgets, his car, there was just nothing left. It seemed frivolous to worry about material things at a time like this, but growing up rich and spoiled meant that Julian was used to having a lot of nice things and didn't deal well with them being taken away from him. Besides, it wasn't like he was just discontent with that, it was more like salt being rubbed into an open wound. The place he'd considered home for the past six months of his life was gone, once again people he knew had gotten hurt, and it wasn't even over yet. They were still out there, no doubt plotting how to add mutants and their widely varied mutant abilities to their collection.

And throughout all of it, Julian had just felt mostly useless. He had plenty of power at his disposal, but never got anywhere near having a grasp on how to actually use it properly. Jean did her best, even Julian couldn't deny her that even though he never openly gave her credit for anything, but they were just too different. Jean wielded her powers with finesse, whereas Julian wielded his own like a blunt instrument. It was like a skilled surgeon wielding a scalpel versus a brute wielding a massive greatsword. Both were bladed instruments, but knowledge of using a scalpel didn't automatically help you teach the brute with the greatsword how to wield their weapon in the same delicate manner. If he wanted to get better, Julian needed to find someone wielding a comparable power to his own. He had considered the option before, but with everything that had happened he realised properly that he'd just been sitting on his hands when he should have gotten up and done something already. Fortunately Julian now actually had the means to do so, whereas before he'd pretty much been grasping at straws.

Laying on his bed in the room he shared with Stan and two losers he didn't even want to acknowledge, Julian's bright green eyes peered at his phone. His old one had suffered his wrath when Laura had gone missing, but he'd since replaced it, and the contact information from his demolished phone had been salvageable. That included the number of a man he'd met while they were stranded in the Savage Land, a man whom he had looked for before after seeing him on the television during the Presidential Inauguration.


Julian wasn't sure if the man was actually wanting to hear from a sixteen your old kid with major issues, but then he had been the one to give him the means to contact him while they were in the Savage Land. That was pretty much an open invitation as far as Jules was concerned, and if "Hey, I need to suck less at telekinesis" wasn't a good enough reason to reach out to the man, what was? And so after some deliberation, Julian finally tapped the button to call the Frenchman and brought the phone to his ear.

"Hey Exodus, it's Julian," he spoke up when Exodus answered his phone. "Scion," he added, not sure how Exodus was on the whole mutant versus human name, and deciding to just give him both. After that, Jules just cut right to the chase. "I was wondering if we could meet up somewhere. I'm not sure how much you've seen or heard, but things have gotten pretty damn bleak." Jean had given a press conference concerning the Brood the other day, but Julian wasn't going to assume Exodus was the type to watch TV. When it came to mutant affairs though, he did sort of guess that the man would know what was happening, and the leader of the X-Men talking on TV seemed like something the Brotherhood would be interested in. "I need to be better," he went on, swallowing the "and somewhere that's not here" that almost followed. He was sure someone like Exodus wouldn't care that a sixteen year old was feeling resentful towards the way life had been recently, let alone details like how he thought his roommates sucked. Like, he was confident he could convince Exodus that Roan was a lame potato, but that hardly seemed relevant to the situation.

Julian's brow furrowed as he listened to the man on the other side of the line speak. He was willing to see him, but there was a minor detail that Jules wasn't sure how to work out. "I'm sorry, you want me to come where?" he asked incredulously. "How am I going to get to--" His voice trailed off as Exodus explained the details to him how he'd be getting to the French Alps of all places. Of course, the Brotherhood had a teleporter in their ranks who could make it happen. Julian had seen Blink on the television during the inauguration as well, it just hadn't occurred to him that she'd be an option. "Right, yeah," That was something he could work with. "Let Blink know that I'll be there in like, fifteen minutes."

He didn't need time to pack, considering everything he owned had been obliterated by space bugs, but he couldn't just run off immediately. Julian was pretty sure his reception wasn't going to be great in the Alps, and while he had no intention of letting anyone know what he was doing exactly, he wasn't going to leave without letting people know he'd be going. Or one person, at least. He sent a quick text to Laura, then grabbed what little belongings he still had and stuffed them into his bag before making his way over to the window, opening it and flying off towards his meeting point with the Brotherhood's teleporter.


After meeting with a not particularly chatty Blink in Mutant Town, Julian suddenly found himself halfway across the world. The verdant heights and snow-peaked mountains of the French Alps stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction, and right in front of him stood an old looking building that Julian assumed Exodus was staying at. Why anyone not actually a monk would stay at a place like that, Julian didn't know, but he hadn't come there to question Exodus' decisions in life. He had come there to learn from someone who hopefully understood what it was like to work with an excessive amount of telekinetic power and could pass on that experience, so this was one of the rare occasions where Julian Keller would dial back the attitude.


He'd give it a good try, at least.

"Exodus?" Julian called out as he approached the monastery's large wooden doors. "Are you here?" Probably kind of a dumb question to ask. Julian better damn well hoped he was there, or he'd just gotten himself stranded thousands of miles from home with no clue which way actual civilisation was in.
Mar 19 2018, 07:56 AM
A week. That's how long it had been since Laura had gone missing. Exactly one week ago, his girlfriend had not shown up for breakfast, and Julian had immediately grown suspicious. It wasn't anything new for Laura to head out on her own, Julian had known about that for some time and accepted it as Laura just needing to be Laura. He never worried too much because a) he knew she was more capable than any of them and b ) he really rather wouldn't give too much thought as to why she went out and didn't answer his texts until the next day. As long as he didn't ask too many questions he could just pretend she was out looking for cute animals, or eating at Waffle House because he was a snob and refused to set foot in there. Denial wasn't a healthy part of any relationship, but it had worked well enough for them so far. Missing breakfast, though? Immediate red flag. Laura would never pass on the opportunity to stuff her face with syrup-drenched pancakes.

Initially, Julian had managed to keep a relatively cool head. It was something that he had been trying to work on, to be in control of his emotions instead of letting his emotions be in control of him. The results had been... inconsistent, but at least he hadn't lost his temper immediately. But as the week went on what little control Julian had over himself had begun to crumble. Liv hadn't known where Laura had gone off to, and neither of them had been able to figure out what had happened. When the boyfriend and the roommate/best friend were clueless as to what happened, there was definitely reason for concern. Or panic, pretty much the same. After Jean, at Julian's request and subsequent repeated nudging, had tried looking for Laura using Cerebro and failed to find her, despair had begun settling in.

This had, of course, led to Julian shutting others out instead of turning to anyone for support and wallowing in the emotional whirlwind he created for himself. One that, true to form, mostly consisted of anger, directed at whatever was responsible for Laura's disappearance and whomever he blamed for not trying hard enough to find her. The target of the latter varied, but Julian mostly directed it at Jean and Logan. From a suitable distance of course, since actually confronting people came too close to confronting his personal issues and that was not how Julian Keller rolled.

Today had been no different. Julian had once again slept poorly; whenever he closed his eyes, he couldn't help but think back to the time he and Laura had spent in Sinister's lab. That's where Laura had ended up the last time she had disappeared for this long, and Julian's brain couldn't help but imagine that was exactly the sort of place she had ended up in. That, or the Facility where she had been raised, which wasn't a place Jules knew all that much about, but knowing Laura considered her time there as bad or even worse than their time in the lab was enough for his brain to conjure up the worst images. Broken, bloody, beaten, just like she had been when Sinister put her through his sadistic tests. Worse than that even, because this time she didn't have him there to offer her any support, to distract her with one of the stories from his childhood. All alone, with none of her friends there, likely uncertain if anyone would even find her this time.

With how poorly he was handling all of this, it probably would have been best had Julian just stayed in his room. He might have had to deal with Stan, but his roommate was one of the few people Julian seemed to tolerate no matter what. Maybe they could have smoked a bowl together, then Julian would have had the chance to unwind. Instead he was in the student kitchen, on the absolute opposite side of the spectrum from where relaxed was, a scowl on his face and the handle of the refrigerator door in his right hand. That was one of the more obvious and difficult to handle effects of Julian's current state of mind: things got broken. His lack of control over his telekinesis was pretty widely known around the school, but when he actually lost control it became obvious just how much of it he did possess normally. Without any of that, he was right back where he had been following his time in Sinister's lab, breaking pretty much anything he put his hands on. He'd already lost his phone, nearly pulled the door to the room he shared with Stan off its hinges, and now he couldn't even grab something from the fridge without breaking that too.

Julian was done.

In a fit of anger, Julian grabbed onto the refrigerator and ripped it from where it stood, tossing it across the student kitchen and into the wall on the other side. "Fuck!" he cried out angrily, slamming his fists down onto the nearby counter, its surface cracking under the sheer force of Julian's tactile telekinesis. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." His voice died down as he placed his arms on the broken counter and buried his face in them, letting go of a soft, quivering breath as what little had been left of his resolve to keep things even remotely together finally broke apart and the tears started flowing.

Rider, Ion for mentions
Jan 23 2018, 03:08 PM
For the first time in months, the weather in Westchester was actually acceptable. The sun was out, the temperature was at a respectable seventy degrees, and it was almost possible to pretend like winter was over, or that he was back in Beverly Hills where winter didn't suck so much. Instead of the heavy winter coat he'd been hiding under for the past few months, he had a much lighter outfit on today, complete with the special shades that Liv had worked her butt off to make. At that moment, they were tucked onto the collar of his t-shirt, between the lapels of his leather jacket. He hadn't been thrilled with them initially, but they actually looked kind of good and were functional at the same time. The choice of green lenses for his pair had been a good one, considering it was Julian's favourite colour by far and could easily sway his opinion towards favourable.

Sat down on the edge of the roof, with no concern of falling because gravity was for losers, Julian typed a quick message to Ion, telling her to get herself up to the roof because they were going flying. There was no question whether she was available or if she wanted to go flying, because what could she possibly have going on that could be more important? Flying was their thing, and since they were best friends their thing outranked other things. That was just the reality of the situation.

Before Liv would possibly even have had the opportunity to read his first text, Julian sent her another one. She had been very impatient with him the last time she'd asked him to go flying, so he saw no reason why he shouldn't just give as good as he got. He wasn't actually impatient, just being sat there on the roof basking in the sun was a perfectly fine way to spend the time. Tucking his phone away, Julian rested the palms of both hands next to him and leaned back a little, face turned towards the sun with his eyes closed and a content smile spread across his face. Ah, sunshine, how much you have been missed.

Hearing something behind him snapped Julian out of his sun worship. Turning around to find his friend standing there, he forced a dramatic sigh from his lips. "Do I need to go shave before we go?" he wondered as he got up on his feet. "Because I think I might have grown a beard while waiting. And developed the ability to actually do that properly." Still several months removed from turning seventeen, Jules had not quite mastered puberty yet, so while the facial hair was starting to become a proper thing for him, it wasn't quite there yet. Didn't mean he wouldn't crack jokes about it though. "Look at this!" Julian said excitedly, spreading his arms out and turning in place. "Isn't it the best? Of course it's probably going to be shit again tomorrow, so I figured we should take advantage of it while we can."
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