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Training the Untrainable?

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Feb 22 2018, 11:15 AM
Anytime between Day 9 and 15 is your safest best for threads outside of the group you were part of for your initial plot. To facilitate threading outside of those limits and avoid confusion, here's a list of estimated times of arrival. Take note that most groups, unless they were particularly close or had a way to travel more quickly, had 2 or 3 days taken into account to actually get to the centre. The lands aren't just savage, they're big.

Big Land just didn't have the same ring to it.

Day 1:
Group 3 (Mimic, Forge).

Day 2:
Group 3 (X-23, Hellfire).

Day 3:
Group 10 (Slate, Ion, Pride).
Group 12 (Mercury, Erebus, Mo'o, Blink).

Day 4:
Group 5 (Alex Goya, Marvel Girl, Hawkeye, Warpath).

Day 5:
Group 1 (Exodus, Senyaka, Plasma, Scion).
Group 8 (Chrome, Thistle, Wiccan, Sunspot).
Group 4 (Beast, Cyclops, Wallflower, Abra).

Day 6:
No one, the welcoming committee had a day off.

Day 7:
Group 2 (Magma, Shadowcat, Spider-man).

Day 8:
Group 6 (Kingtide, Notion, Rat, Nightmare, Guari Vincent).

Day 9:
Group 7 (Glitch, Phantom, Arsenic).
Group 9 (Boom Boom, Firestar, Honeybear, Gunslinger).
Feb 15 2018, 05:16 PM
Time to play favourites again, y'all!

Please to be voting for your favourite canon character of the month. The winner will be announced on March 1st!

Feb 15 2018, 03:59 PM
Here's your candidates for this month's Thread of the Month!

A Promise Kept
Broke In
Getting Up to Speed
Hotel California
Oh, It's You.
There Is No Safety Net On This One
Who Was I?

As always, suggestions for these are welcome. Just send them to me through PM, Skype or the Facebooks.

If we overlooked anything good, we're sorry. But remember...

Feb 1 2018, 12:20 PM

And the award for character most likely to do the biggest dumbs goes to Slate!


Sorry, wrong card.

Slate was chosen by you as your favourite original character of the month January! Played by one of our newest members, the lovely Zel, the geokinetic earth science teacher (it's playing to his strengths, okay) has made quite the impact on the board. He's fought ninja, his own insecurities, went on an excursion to Nebraska that in no way will have terrible repercussions, decided having himself blown up was a good idea, then finally got himself trapped in the Savage Land. There's no rest for the wicked, they say, but apparently a good guy like Shane won't get a moment to breathe either.


Nobody is member of the month this time around. Good, that saves me the effort of having to come up with yet another blurb about some--

--sorry, what?

Oh, NoBody is member of the month? That makes more sense.


Joining us two and a half months ago, Nobody writes both our youngest played character, twelve year old Alex Goya, and our most Godzilla-like character, Baki Kaleo, also known as Mo'o. Always willing to thread with a variety of people and showing enthusiasm is a major part of this game and Nobody delivers in a big way. We're happy to have you with us, NoBody, please to be keeping up the great work you've been doing!


They say you can't teach an old David new tricks... wait no, that's not how the saying goes. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Sorry, but look at the guy's hair, it's an easy mistake to make with a shaggy 'do like that.


Slate did actually manage to teach Legion a new trick, or at the very least help him better figure out a trick he already knew. Certain... choices were made during this training exercise, whether they're good ones or bad ones you can find out by reading the Training the Untrainable?
Jan 1 2018, 01:08 AM

Clearly wanting to reward him for nearly getting his twin brother killed, our character of the month is everyone's favourite speedster, the oh so cleverly named Speed! Far superior to his smelly old uncle, Pietro, Tommy is written by the one and only Andi, the only bird known to man who usually manages to use a keyboard to string together coherent sentences. Brash, arrogant, and never one to think before he acts, Thomas Shepherd is a never ending source of entertainment for anyone lucky enough to get to thread with the silver-topped ball of energy and sass. Now that the family is more or less complete, we look forward to what's to come next!


Known to trudge nine days through five feet of snow, uphill both ways, just so he can write posts for us, this month's member of the month is Adam! Joining us all the way back in April, everyone's favourite lumberjack (sorry, what's that? He's electrifying? That's scary, thanks for sharing) has given us the noble-yet-scary Exodus since the start, as well as being responsible for everyone's favourite Spider-Clone with everyone's least favourite sense of fashion, Kaine. Keep up the good work Adam, we're thrilled to have you with us and are looking forward to what you've got in store for us in the coming year!


As part of a series taking place at the museum where a mysterious gem turned everything very strange for the group of people picking the absolute worst night for a lock-in, our winner for thread of the month was MUS - Getting Prehistoric, based on a plot proposed to the admins by the wonderful Bashi. Not just content with just keeping things figurative, this particular lot of characters literally got boned when the exhibits in the Natural History Museum's Hall of Fossils came to life and turned against them

As part of a larger series, those who missed out can catch up on the other parts of this lovely storyline here:
Night At the Museum
Bad Remy! Go To Your Room
Getting Wild
Getting Sunk
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