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Feb 21 2018, 11:52 PM
“Oooooh, you frickin’ shmendrik! WHOSE PACK IS THAT?!”

If it belonged to one of these Brotherhoodlums, so help her God, that little twerp would never hear the end of this. Like there wasn’t enough tension in the air already, Kitty was sure those assholes were just looking for a reason to pick a fight. Well, she refused to give them one. At least… not as long as the kids were around. If only everyone had such common sense.

Whoever it belonged to, though, whether friend or foe, everything they had left in this godforsaken jungle had just been scattered to the wind. And now there was an irate little Jewish girl tearing across the clearing to give the culprit a good what for. Even before the volume, though, he seemed to have known she was coming; he snatched up a strap in his mouth and made his getaway into the underbrush, hoping to squirrel away and paw through his new treasure in peace.

Unfortunately, that bag was still open. As the infuriating dragon started urgently draggin’, he spilled more and more of its contents out onto the ground. On the plus side, it left a nice little trail to where he disappeared into the foliage. On the other, well, if he ended up starting a war here, that was little consolation.

“What is WRONG with you?!” Kitty chided as she hunted through the bushes. This would be so much easier if she phased, but then she wouldn’t be able to save any of this person’s belongings. So hard way it was, which did nothing to improve her mood.

“I swear to God, they’re gonna vote you off the island for this!”

[Guari Vincent, Alex Goya, Spider-man, open]
Feb 14 2018, 01:32 PM
There was one simple fact that every mansion resident soon came to understand: there was no good way into the city.

Actually… scratch that. They could teleport in a flash! Speed through the air! Run the distance in the blink of an eye! Well, some of them could, anyway: Roan, Sam, or Tommy. All Kitty Pryde could do was none of these things. Even if her powers offered her an impressive freedom of movement (and plenty of shortcuts), it did absolutely nothing to increase her actual long-distance speed.

So instead, the girl had to pick her poison. She could drive her little electric go-mobile, risking gridlocked traffic on the way and nowhere to park when she got there, or she could take the tried and true but crowded and sloooow path and ride the train. At least the latter did give her a freedom of focus, though. She could occupy her time with other things. And today, she still had work to do, so today, that’s where she went.

And she already regretted it.

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait!” It didn’t. For whatever reason, her MetroCard hadn’t automatically replenished. She’d had to wait in line to add funds instead and now the train was departing without her. Well, just because she refused to skip the turnstile without paying did NOT mean she’d accept narrowly missing her ride after paying.

If Kitty couldn’t walk through those doors, then she’d just walk through them.

The girl did have to catch herself as the train lurched forward, grabbing at the nearest rail and praying she didn’t spill her coffee. She also had to return the dirty look she got from a couple girls in the corner, clearly unhappy she’d just openly used her powers. Ugh. As far as Kitty was concerned, if they didn’t want public displays, they shouldn’t have gone out in public.

Luckily, at the opposite end was all it took to improve her mood: a familiar face. It didn’t even matter that she didn’t actually know the kid all that well. Everyone at Xavier’s was family.

Besides, now he was stuck with her.

“Hey! Ben! Mind if I keep you company?” The boy received her brightest grin as she just slid in beside him anyway. Between taking off her scarf and fishing out her tablet, Kitty was clearly making herself comfortable already, too. “How you doing?” she asked. Where you off to today?”

[Scarlet Spider | closed]
Feb 12 2018, 07:29 PM
“Betsy Braddock.” That name fell from her lips with a sense of awe. “You totally get me.”

Had she surprised any other American girl with the promise of fish for breakfast, the woman would surely have gotten the opposite reaction. But Kitty Pryde had only grown up in America the first time. The second… well, she was gonna say Japan, but technically the second was all in her head. At times, she wondered why Ogun had even bothered with such mundane memories as a quiet breakfast. Maybe it made the lie easier to sell. But knowing the memories weren’t real had never been enough to stop her nostalgic cravings.

But honestly, she was just excited to get out of the house. She’d quickly grown fond of these monthly outings with Betsy. After Kitty’s initial false invitation to breakfast, she had tried to make it up to her new boss with a genuine one. Betsy had followed it up with an offer of her own some weeks later, and they’d just decided to make it a regular thing.

Admittedly, the restaurants chosen tended to fall more in Kitty’s price range than the CEO billionaire’s (a fact the girl greatly appreciated), but good food didn’t have to come with a steep price tag for those who knew where to look. Besides, just because the venues weren’t designed for socialites didn’t make this any less of an event. Betsy was still a classy lady, so brunch with Betsy was still a classy affair. As usual, Kitty had made certain to dress for the occasion.

For now, Kitty just picked up the pace, heels clacking against the sidewalk as she beat Betsy to the door of Okonomi to hold it open. Man, if she wasn’t excited for this before, she certainly was once she caught a whiff from inside. It smelled divine! How had she never heard of this place?!

“Ohayou gozaimasu!” Kitty greeted their server with both a smile and a customary bow. He’d learn quickly that neither of these women were in unfamiliar territory. Before long, the two ladies were seated with a lovely view of the window and given some room to breathe while they settled in.

And the second they were alone again, Kitty leveled her brunch partner with the most disbelieving look she could muster. It was time to get down to business. “SO,” she spoke urgently. “Do we seriously need to issue a memo here? ‘If you see a ninja, tell a ninja.’ How is that not already the obvious policy?”

[Psylocke | closed]
Jan 13 2018, 12:31 AM
Her knuckles rapped the door in a steady rhythm. Steady, but soft. It was the best her shaky hands could do. But as much as she wanted to just crawl off and bury her head, this had to be done.

Returning Hana’s image inducer had been the right thing to do, indisputably. Only it wasn’t the start to rebuilding the bridge that Kitty had hoped. The two had just stared at each other across the canyon, helplessly. Fast friends overwhelmingly divided. Kitty knew she’d fucked up. She’d thrown a brick through their friendship.

But seeing firsthand the hurt she’d carved into that poor girl just left her feeling worse.

Unfortunately for Kitty, though, her apology tour was only getting started. There was at least one more to whom she owed amends -- and she still had to take her lumps. So the girl had stood there at the door to Trevor’s medical recovery room for a good few minutes, trying to work up her nerve instead of the contents of her stomach. She wasn’t sure she’d quite accomplished that in the end, but she did at least manage to announce her presence. Then, with one deep exhale to summon her courage, she turned the handle.

“Hey. Trevor.” Her words weren’t any louder than her knock, and she still had literally one foot out the door. “I… um…” She’d charted this whole conversation in her head at least a dozen times on the way down, and suddenly none of it seemed sufficient. “I wanted to make sure you got home alright.” A truth. “And... I wanted you to know I already gave it back. Her image inducer,” she added, as if that wasn’t obvious. “And I know. I know it doesn't fix things, but I just...”

Man, she couldn’t even look him in the eyes. Not when her own were threatening rain. The girl tipped her head back against the door frame, lifting her gaze to try and blink away the clouds. When she spoke next there was a quiver in her lip and a dose of fear in her voice.

“God, Trev,” she whispered. “I can’t believe I hurt her like that...”

[Hellfire | Faust for mention, Fishy! just because]
Jan 7 2018, 05:08 PM
The Tompkins Square Library didn’t belong to Mutant Town. It was simply the closest to it, so of course that’s where those mutants went. The bookish sorts that frequented the place weren’t even the type to intentionally cause trouble, but that didn’t spare them from the paranoia sweeping the city of late.

So when the library’s long-overdue renovations were cancelled, and the funds redistributed to ‘ensure the public safety in the area,’ everyone knew what that meant.

Luckily, it had taken little effort to convince an English teacher to help do something about it. Together, they gave their own library a good pruning and lugged some old tech out of storage. Yeah, hand-me-downs probably weren’t the ideal choice, but the stuff they gathered was still a massive step up from anything afforded on a public works budget. A few of the school’s financiers had been shmoozed into chipping in for the rest. They coordinated with the library staff, promised the kids food and a class-free afternoon for any who came to help, and within a week and a half, that problem had its solution.

Thus, it came do be that the two Illinois-natives were stood outside the library doors with a whole gaggle of volunteers, ready to make good on their promise. “All right, folks,” Kitty hollered to get everyone’s attention. After a free lunch at a delicious local diner, spirits were high, so she had to give it a second for the conversation to lull.

“We got a whole truck full of stuff that needs carried in,” she started. A hand reached up to give the moving truck a loud pat. “As things come in, there will be books to organize and shelve; Miss Libby is in charge there. If you’d rather help upgrade the computers, come see me.”

“But however you want to help, thank you for helping!” Kitty praised. “This will mean a lot to the people out here, so you should all be proud.”

After all, it meant a lot to her, too. And looking out at the faces of their volunteers, she couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride herself.

[Persephone, Plasma, open]
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